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My lord, please wear some clothes...
~ Reacting to seeing a naked Nobunaga
Yasuke Smile V2L1.png
Epithet Daikokuten, Obsidian Protector of the Demon King
Alignment Chaotic Good
Race Human (Formerly)


Laterality Right
Gender Male
Age 300+
Birthday Unknown
Blood Type Unknown
Personal Data
Birthplace Ancient South Sudan
Affiliation Eden Organization
Occupation Retainer
Base of Operations The Garden
Family Oda Nobunaga (Former Master)
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Brown
Height 201cm (6'5")
Weight 101kg (223 lbs)
Favorite Food Chicken Katsu
Hobby Sumo Wrestling
Weapons Three Ceremonial Nodachis

Yasuke is a temporary Counter Guardian working under the Eden Organization. Though young-looking, Yasuke has been through countless fights and wars and has fought alongside one of the most (in)famous warlords of all time, Oda Nobunaga in the turbulent and warlike times of ancient Japan.


Yasuke was an African slave speculated to have been from South Sudan. He had served Jorge Alvarez as a soldier for a good part of his life and was considered the most outstanding of all his workers. He was later on sold to an Italian Jesuit Alessandro Valignano, who took note of not only his exceptional dedication to work but his incredible height and physical strength as well. While with Alessandro Valignano, Yasuke visited parts of East Africa, East, and South-East Asia during Alessandro's missionary visits.

Yasuke would follow the man as one of the few that he took with him to the land of Japan. Pretty much as soon as his foot touched the soil of Japan became a person of interest to the entire country. The news of Yasuke's arrival and the rumors surrounding him didn't take long before they reached the ears of Oda Nobunaga. Intrigued and curious about the rumors invited the warlord Yasuke so that he could see him for himself. Oda believed Yasuke to be either a guardian demon or "Daikokuten," a god of prosperity usually represented by black statues in temples. Yasuke was bought by Oda and was initially viewed as a source of entertainment as he was a novelty, but after showing off his physical strength in a sparring match between fifteen trained soldiers and he was quickly made one of the warlord's retainers, and was enthusiastically trained to be his bodyguard. Oda just loved talking with Yasuke about his experiences as a foreigner.

During the years of 1581 and 1582, he became one of Nobunaga's closest retainers and was one of few that the warlord considered a true friend. What happened after the Honno-Ji Incident had passed is up to debate, but there is little doubt that he was apart of the events that lead up to Akechi Mitsuhide's death.


Yasuke is a muscular man of towering height with dark chocolate skin. He always carries his three swords along with him strapped to his back. Yasuke wears a white oxford shirt with a black t-shirt underneath it. He ties a floral captain's jacket around his waist. He wears formal black slacks and black leather combat boots with a black and red gauntlet on his left arm. All three of the swords he has on his person are the three Kaledescopic Stars, which are a gift from his former lord. He's been noted to have a sturdy, strapping body and a handsome face that makes him popular with the ladies.

As Daikokuten, he wears a heavy, high-density black armor and a muscular bodysuit. All armored sections feature fully-functional crimson eyes with snake-like pupils. These eyes are not as much of intimidation as much as the mask he wears; a completely black, two large horned helmet with no features or visor, appearing to have no face at all, a feature that paralyzes even Izaya in fear. In his female form, she grows in size to perfectly fit the armor. He has however pointed out that a certain part of her anatomy has never managed to go fully back to its former size since she bore the armor for the first time.


Yasuke is a loyal Servant that is very devoted to protecting and serving his master. Yasuke is a very serious individual who was usually extremely focused on the task at hand and rarely shows any emotion beyond stoicism. While he may seem cold and utterly devoid of any emotion outside of stoic indifference, he is a deeply caring and kind-hearted person, furthermore, he is on casual terms with his current master and former master. His manner of speech and demeanor when serious resemble that of an honorable Samurai. He can see through people's deceptions through their mannerisms and he isn't one to take being played for a fool lightly. There are few things that can embarrass or get Yasuke down, but in his female form, she struggles with a certain part of her anatomy. Yasuke's writing is awful, almost on par with Mordred's which causes his master to roast him about it.

Yasuke can also be very cruel under certain circumstances and doesn't mind enjoying a heated battle with a strong opponent. Because Mitsuhide refused to acknowledge him as a proper samurai, Yasuke will immediately jump into a dual or challenge. When it comes to dealing with women Yasuke is clumsy because he has no prior experience with them outside of respect towards a master or his fellow Eden members. He often goes to Gilgamesh when he is confused about such matters.

Powers and Abilities

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Master Swordswoman (Yasuke is a masterful swordsman comparable to Diarmuid and can fight with all three swords at once. He was able to hold off the entirety of the Shinsengumi and Knights of the Round table for several days while Nobunaga escaped to safety. He was also expertly trained in various ninja and military techniques.), Expert Martial Arts (Was taught the ways of the sumo and an ancient karate equivalent during his time serving Nobunaga), Weapon Mastery (Was taught how to use a rifle, long bow, nodachis and naginata when he went to Japan), Immortality (Type 1, Type 2; can survive a being blasted by Ea, Type 3; Type 4 - After dying, Servants of Eden will automatically resurrect to continue fighting after a few minutes though this can only be done three times in 24 hours), Extrasensory Perception (Can see invisible beings and detect souls. He can even see a soul's specific characteristics which allows him to identify others just by sight), Elemental Intangibility (Yasuke can turn his body into pure black lightning, gaining its speed and characteristics and making it difficult to attack him physically.), Unconventional Precognition (Yasuke was pretty much born with animal-like instincts, something that helped him survive the African savanna as a hunter and soldier well before he was enslaved by the Portuguese. These animalistic instincts were honed through his duties as Nobunaga's personal bodyguard and weapons training. It is one of the reasons that Yasuke was as exceptional of a bodyguard as he was, being able to see through his quarry's style and take advantage of it. It is historically documented that it was similar to a battle premonition and danger sense.), Can change gender at will (Provides a bonus to negotiations with both men and women and nullifies skills, abilities, and powers that target a specific gender.), Existence Erasure and Durability Negation plus Healing (His swords bypass the durability and resistances of servants with high mystery, high divinity and those of alien origins. Those who have high Divinity, high mystery, or a high alien origin have a hard time moving and maintaining their existence after being cut by one of his swords. Can ignore any defensive stat boosts with his swords. Each successful attack also heals him equivalent to the damage dealt.), Regeneration (Low-Godly, however, his regeneration powers only work on life-threatening injuring), Enhanced Senses (Was a vastly skilled hunter in life and was once able to track down a group of bandits with very little clues to go by. He can sense those who can hide their presence, like Jack the Ripper. Managed to accurately snipe Alcides and his master from twenty kilometers away.), Empowerment & Damage Boost (Yasuke's swords deal increased damage against those with high Divinity, high Mystery or of eldritch origins.), Minor Fate Manipulation (Servants with B-rank Luck or higher can change their own fates to evade inevitable outcomes such as having their hearts destroyed by Gáe Bolg), Power Bestowal (Yasuke can enhance other weapons that he already possesses or finds with the same effects of his ceremonial swords. Temporarily adding its own existence to the chosen object, making it both crystallization of Yasuke's devotion and loyalty as well as its own identity. This both buffs the weapon with all of the sword's original power, and gives it its effectiveness against high ranks in Divinity and high Existence Beyond the Domain.), Mastered Rage (Yasuke is able to channel his savage rage into combat while remaining completely calm and in control of himself. When doing this his offensive and defensive powers go up exponentially.), Statistics Amplification & Invulnerability (With each hit that Yasuke takes his body passively retaliates with a weak burst of black lightning with the same power of his swords, furthermore, all damage that he receives is significantly reduced damage from the retaliated attack, and his next attack is powered up. This can be stacked up to seven times and on the seventh stack, he can activate this Noble Phantasm's true ability which grants invulnerability against all damage and effects from skills below A+ Rank for 180 seconds by coating his body in black lightning. However, this Noble Phantasm serves as a double-edged sword as once the effect is over, all of the damage he has accumulated since its activation will erupt in a massive burst, likely to incapacitate or outright kill him due to the amount of pain and damage coursing out of him all at once. This Noble Phantasm stays active indefinitely when protecting his master from danger.), Statistics Amplification (Can use the electricity he generates to increase the power output of his Noble Phantasms), Non-Physical Interaction (Yasuke can harm ghosts), Energy Absorption (His ceremonial swords are the crystallization of Yasuke's devotion and loyalty to his former lord. These swords are most effective against beings that are either divine or eldritch. All of his ceremonial nodachis can absorb energy-based attacks [includes absorbing kinetic energy], magical attacks, and psychic attacks, basically blocking them and acting as a shield while absorbing the energy. The energy absorbed can be either kept as a store of backup power or can be fired off in a beam of any shape furthermore said beams have the same properties as his swords.), Instinctive Reaction (Avoided all of True Assassin's sneak attacks with pure instincts), Vehicular Mastery and Animal Manipulation (Can "ride" vehicles and animals with supernatural skill), Accelerated Development (Battle and training; physical stats), Magic Negation (It is said that the rifle that he used was actually a Witch Gun that he made with his knowledge of African Shamanism. Witch Guns are weapons specifically made to kill evil spirits and magical beings. He can manifest thousands of these special rifles with ease anywhere he wants thanks to the Retainer of Nobunaga.), Expert Marksmen (Yasuke was pretty talented at shooting rifles and using the bow and arrow.), Can "drift" between alternate timelines, Black Lightning Manipulation (Can generate and manipulate powerful electric bolts of black lightning that are more powerful than standard electric bolts and bypasses immunity to electrical attacks and prevents the opponent from absorbing and redirecting it. His attacks bypass armor insulation, and they, as well as their weapons, will see their movements dull for dozens of seconds if they try to block his black lightning attack. The high voltage of his black lightning causes the opponent's limbs to spasm uncontrollably, boil their blood into vapors, and will make the opponent feel like their insides were being shredded by a meat grinder. His black lightning incinerates even the densest metals into dust.), Limited Telekinesis (Can control the movements of his blade), Intuitive Aptitude (The ability to quickly evaluate and understand new concepts within a short amount of time. Ranging from learning new languages, mastering weapons and strategies, to even learning new skills that can be learned. Ever since Yasuke was a slave, he did everything in his power to be exceptional in order to survive. He quickly completed different tasks with great efficiency and remembered every order given with perfect clarity. When granted freedom as a samurai, Yasuke poured countless hours into all ways of combat and excelled at all of them before 2 years had gone.). Resistance Negation (With the Wheel of Misfortune item users can turn one random resistance of the opponent into a weakness), Limited Power Nullification (Can nullify the skills of those with Divinity or Existence Beyond the Domain the length of time a skill is nullified depends on the target's rank), The Retainer of Nobunaga Noble Phantasm draws on the first impressions of those around him to raise his parameters, it also masks his parameters and makes him seem much stronger then he is., Acausality (Types 1 and 2), and Servant Physiology Resistance to conventional weapons (can only be harmed by conceptual and magical weaponry), BFR, Space-Time Manipulation (Is unaffected by the space-time dislocation created through the use of Enuma Elish and was unhindered by the collapse of Foreigner's Reality Marble), Curse Manipulation and Corruption (Type 3; Should be capable of resisting mud of the Grail due to being an antihero), Death Manipulation (Resists the insta-death status effect), Void Manipulation (Can resist the passive void manipulation of Apoptosis), Soul Manipulation (Immune to the Exorcism Fist), Poison Manipulation (Resists the poison status effect), Power Nullification (Resists the Lock status effect), Mind Manipulation and Empathic Manipulation (Resists the confusion and trance status effect. Unaffected by Kiara's planet wide Noble Phantasm), Electricity Manipulation (Resists the paralysis status effect and electricity attacks), Fire Manipulation (Resists the burn status effect and fire attacks), Ice Manipulation (Resists the frozen status effect and ice attacks), Time Manipulation (Resists the stop and slow status effect), Petrification (Immune to the petrification status effect), Corrosion Inducement (Resists the digestion status effect), Conceptual Manipulation (Can resist Chaos, which can erase abstracts just from leaking into a universe), Transmutation (Can survive long-time exposure to Chaos and Apoptosis, which would normally transform beings into Apoptosis. Wasn't effected by Ai's Sexy Beam or the Gender Swap Wave), Light Manipulation, Holy Manipulation (Can resist holy attacks)

All previous abilities and resistances, Mind Manipulation (Can woo both men and women alike and influence their decisions through her sheer beauty)

Invulnerability (His armor is a conceptual defense that nullifies all but the strongest conceptual attacks [the attacks have to be A+ Rank to damage the armor]; the more eldritch or divine his opponent is, the more resistant it is towards their attacks.), Reactive Evolution (The armor grows resistant to anything that injures it over time. If the opponent can bypass its defenses, resistances or durability the armor will slowly gain resistance to it), Fear Manipulation (The armor has an imposing demonic aura about it and is even larger than Yasuke's 201cm frame.), Size Shifting (In order to actually fit the armor, Yasuke frows in size. However, when female, her bust size does not decrease back to its former size after reverting back to normal.), Stealth Mastery (While in darkness his become undetectable), Reactive Power Level (While in the armor Yasuke constantly grows stronger while it is nighttime), Teleportation (Can travel through shadows to travel between two points nearly instantaneously), Large Size (Type 0), and Resistance to Status Effect Inducement (The armor passively removes status effects that Yasuke is afflicted with while worn), Reality Warping (The armor can resist the Noble Phantasms of Scheherazade and Queen of Sheba), Subjective Reality (Resisted Ten Crowns EX for a few minutes before being overwhelmed)

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Noble Phantasm

The Attention-Grabbing Giant from the West: A Noble Phantasm based on Yasuke’s entire presence. Upon setting foot on Japan in 1579, Yasuke managed to catch the attention of the country’s populace. For that, hundreds flocked to see the mysterious foreigner with the black colored skin. The talk of the new arrival even reached Nobunaga’s ears and was even given an hour-long bath to see if his skin color was natural. This NP is constantly active, making Yasuke a walking beacon that attracts the attention of foes making them unconsciously drawn towards him. Because he was a curiosity to others, the NP will "create" anything to make Yasuke the center of attention. Usually, the NP plays on Yasuke's friendliness; as a result, expect a string of weird coincidences that will lead to the discovery of another Servant.

Retainer Of Nobunaga: Yasuke was the proud Swordbearer of the (in)famous Oda Nobunaga granting him the reputation of being the Demon King's Demononic bodyguard. The Retainer of Nobunaga Noble Phantasm draws on the first impressions of those around him to raise his parameters, it also masks his parameters and makes him seem much stronger then he is. He also has access to Nobunaga's Three Thousand Worlds: Three Line Formation Noble Phantasm.

The Kaleidoscopic Star: A ceremonial sword Nobunaga originally gifted this blade to Yasuke, but the foreign samurai gave the blade to Nobutada so that he may defend himself. Famous for the blade’s reflective properties, the sword was referred to as “Kaledescopic Star,” as the steel said to radiate the colors of the stars. If used right, its reflective properties will be unleashed. If one angles the blade in a specific position, then the light shining on the blade’s surface will emit a flash of bright and colorful light, temporarily blinding all those who lay their eyes upon it. This allows Yasuke to attack the opponent’s blindspots or to quickly escape. However, this can only affect those who can actually see, so this can’t blind those who don’t rely on sight. When used with the intent to kill the blade fires a beam with an infinite length that blows the concept of the enemy away, erasing their existence in the process. This is effective even those who can't be erased forcibly or by normal means or even those who don't exist in the first place. Furthermore, these ceremonial swords are the crystallization of Yasuke's devotion and loyalty to his former lord. The deal extra damage to those with high Divinity, high Mystery, and a high rank in Existence Beyond the Domain. The blades also can absorb energy-based attacks basically blocking them and acting as a shield while absorbing the energy. The energy absorbed can be either kept as a store of backup power or can be fired off in a beam of any shape furthermore said beams have the same properties as his swords. His ceremonial swords can break all magecraft close to High-Thaumaturgy, save for Reality Marbles.

Passion for the Demon King: This Noble Phantasm comes from his firey and passionate devotion towards Nobunaga that was unyielding. Each hit that he takes while protecting somebody has significantly reduced damage which he can then convert to black lightning and more damage to his next attack or stack the payback to unleash this Noble Phantasm's true power. If he chooses to stack the payback seven times his body becomes engulfed in the black lightning which has the same effects as his Devotion of the Sword Bearer Noble Phantasm but it also burns his body to nothingness, all damage that he takes while the NP is active is null and void. However, this Noble Phantasm serves as a double-edged sword as once the effect is over, all of the damage he has accumulated since its activation will erupt in a massive burst, likely to incapacitate or outright kill him due to the amount of pain and damage coursing out of him all at once. This Noble Phantasm's effects stay active indefinitely when protecting his master from danger.

Daikokuten Demon Armor: The Noble Phantasm taking the form of Yasuke’s proper samurai armor. Upon being granted the position as samurai, Nobunaga gifted the newly named Yasuke a suit of samurai armor modeled after the Japanese god of Great Darkness and Blackness who also acted as a protector of humanity, Daikokuten. The armor’s dark palette and demonic design cause it to radiate a threatening aura. To Yasuke, this was the precious proof of his bond with Nobunaga. But to the world, this is the symbol of the mysterious yet imposing bodyguard of the Demon King, ready to obliterate all those who stood in his lord’s path to unifying Japan. Upon activation, the large armor will encase Yasuke’s body, giving him full protection from all harm and status affecting magecraft below A+ Rank. When wearing the armor, the Yasuke’s Endurance & Strength parameters will increase dramatically, but at the cost of lowering his Agility parameter considerably. Because the armor is synonymous with the god of great darkness and blackness, Yasuke changes form throughout the night. At dusk, Yasuke undergoes a massive jump in power and continues to get stronger every second until midnight, at which point his power reaches its fullest potential. After midnight he gets gradually weaker until the armor shifts back into a small form. Additionally, Yasuke will physically grow in size, fully mimicking the monstrous image he upheld as Nobunaga’s protector. Since the armor is of Nobunaga’s design, the armor imparts a defensive version of Tenka Fubu - Innovation, where the more mystery or Divinity the opponent possessed, then the more resistant the armor is to their attacks. The armor also grows resistant to anything that damages it over time. If the opponent can bypass defenses or durability the armor will slowly gain resistance to it. However, the less mystery the opponent possessed, the armor will be less effective than it initially is. Due to its capabilities, the armor is rather costly mana-wise, so its best to unleash it when facing a dangerous opponent. While wearing the armor he can resist the effects of Diatrekhōn Astēr Lonkhē.

Class Skills

  • Mad Enhancement: Raises basic parameters in exchange for hindering mental capacities. In some cases, it can also seal away Personal Skills. He does not lose his reason and remains as his original intellectual self. However, he manifests an unyielding devotion towards his master to the point that he will act against his own best interest to follow their orders to the T. This skill is EX.
  • Magic Resistance: An innate ability that grants protection against magical effects. Unlike the Resistance effect that merely rejects Magical Energy, this ability cancels the spells altogether. This also applies to indirect magical attacks, such as magical hypnosis, petrification, and spatial manipulation.
  • Riding: The class skill of Rider and Saber class Servants, allowing them to ride vehicles and animals with incredible skill. Yasuke boasts a B-Rank with this skill, allowing him to ride any Phantasmal or Divine Beast, including dragons.
  • Avenger: The signature class skill of Avengers, representing the existence of one who gathers the grudges and hate of others and takes it onto themselves. Avenger converts damage and malice turned on him into magical energy, increasing his strength as well.

Personal Skills

  • Berserk (Tranquil Fury): A combination skill of Bravery and Mad Enhancement, this grants the user resistance against mental interferences such as confusion and pressure and also grants a bonus effect for close melee damage. When in use, this will cause Yasuke to fight with the strength of an uncontrollable beast that only uses its instincts.
  • Eye of the Mind (False): A natural talent that grants one a "sixth sense", allowing them to foresee immediate danger and act accordingly, with the accuracy and frequency of the predictions themselves being improved through experience. Yasuke's A-Rank in this skill means it reduces the effects of visual obstruction. In addition, since his rank in this skill is equivalent to Sasaki Kojiro's, she should theoretically be able to see through the weapon and style of his opponent even if the said weapon was rendered invisible.
  • Independent Manifestation: A skill that is usually only granted to Beast-class Servants and Grand Servant candidates, it was granted to Yasuke after he became a Counter Guardian for Eden. In addition, it grants him C Rank in this skill resistance to instant death attacks as well as attacks involving Time Manipulation, such as a time paradox.
  • Mana Burst (Lightning): A Mana Burst skill obtained due to his sword being made from a fragment of the Ame-no-Murakumo-no-Tsurugi. It allows Yasuke, with the power of SusanoO, to imbue his attacks with the power of lightning by surging mana into them, greatly increasing his attack power, range, speed, and durability. Yasuke has a D Rank in this Skill.
  • Eternal Arms Mastership: A skill that prevents degradation of fighting skills when under the effect of mental hindrance. Thanks to his A-Rank in this skill, Yasuke is able to fully utilize all of his legendary martial techniques despite the oppressive effects of his Mad Enhancement, fighting with the grace and skill of any of the Knight classes.
  • Marksmanship: A Skill representing all-around shooting techniques, which includes quick drawing and trick shooting by means of small arms. Yasuke has an E Rank in this skill.
  • Presence Detection: The ability to detect other Servants and local mana sources. Yasuke is capable of detecting anything from other Servants to water sources clear across Snowfield, over ten kilometers away with complete clarity, recognizing Hassan of Serenity nearly instantly. Yasuke instinctively knows where everything within range of this ability is by simply pushing his senses to their limits, thus preventing them from ever being caught by a surprise attack unless their foes completely leave the battlefield.
  • Battle Continuation: A skill that reflects one's will to stay on the battlefield as well as their exceptional vitality and endurance, allowing the user to fight on despite grievous wounds and escape safely even when defeated. Yasuke has an A+ rank in this skill, allowing him to fight on in the face of deadly injuries, remaining alive to briefly fight even after receiving decisively lethal wounds.

Combat Statistics

Tier: High 6-C. Higher, likely 5-B with Passion for the Demon King, and far Higher, 2-A with all of his NPs at full power and higher at Dusk, and much higher during Midnight

Attack Potency: Large Island Level+ (Yasuke single-handedly defeated the likes of Megalos on his own.) The Kaleidoscopic Star can also ignore conventional durability & resistances of those with Divinity or Eldritch origins, higher, likely Planet level with Passion for the Demon King (When Passion for the Demon King was in full swing he tanked three full-power attacks from Ea like they were nothing), at least Multiverse level+ with all of his Noble Phantasms active at once (Is capable of killing Ancient Gods from the Age of Gods and those on their level, such as Sefar. He also kept up with the Golden One)

Speed: Massively Hypersonic+ (Was able to keep Diarmuid during their match.), Hypersonic+ when wearing the Daikokuten Demon Armor

Lifting Strength: Class K (Has tugged the Eden Organization's flying fortress across the Atlantic on to shore before.)

Striking Strength: Large Island Class. (Can trade blows with Megalos.), Multiverse level+ (Using All of his NPs at their fullest potential in tandem he was able to combat Safer alongside the rest of Servants of Eden.), Higher (Managed to go toe-to-toe with the Golden One for several minutes without receiving a single scratch with his Midnight mode)

Durability: Large Island level (Tanked hits from Megalos), Higher, likely Planet level with Passion for the Demon King (Tanked a Full Power blast from Enuma Elish) and far higher, possibly Multiverse level+ (The Capable of withstanding blows from Sefar and tanked Full Power attacks from Ea. Went against the Golden One toe-to-toe at the dead of midnight without receiving a single scratch.)

Intelligence: Above Average. Yasuke is able to analyze anything about his opponents, and predict how they will act next, a feat Herakles compared to as if he was fighting against himself. His swordsmanship is also said to be near the same level as Diarmuid. Yasuke is an extremely cunning fighter to the point that even Musashi who is an exceptional swordswoman in her own right considers him a good warm-up partner. Due to being a slave at one point he never got a formal education but he can learn when taught, however, his Japanese is lacking severely.

Stamina: Very High. (He held off the entirety of the Shinsengumi and Knights of the Round table for several days while Nobunaga escaped to safety.)

Range: Extended Melee range higher with his nodachis, thousands of kilometers range with his powers and rifles


  • Can only use his Passion for the Demon King for a short amount of time as it puts an immense strain on his body, leaving him unable to move or fight afterward temporarily.
  • His teleportation ability appears to have a short channeling time, leaving him open to enemy attacks.
  • Yasuke's abilities become weaker the less Divinity, eldritch, and/or Mystery his opponents have.
  • He is a one-time Counter Guardian, thus will fade away once his mission is over.


  • Yasuke has completed 5 official missions in total: 0 D-rank, 0 C-rank, 3 B-rank, 1 A-rank, 1 S-rank.