Berserker is a Berserker-class Servant summoned for the Holy Grail War.

Berserker's True Name is Khârn the Betrayer, a member of the World Eaters Traitor Legion of Chaos Space Marines, and the greatest mortal Champion of Khorne. He currently leads his own World Eaters warband called the Butcherhorde. Second only to the World Eaters Daemon Primarch Angron in aggression and bloodlust, Khârn has lived a life of murder and betrayal, the blood spilt and skulls collected for his patron are beyond counting.


Before the Horus Heresy, Khârn was a loyal servant of the Emperor of Mankind, who warily believed that the excessive means the World Eaters employed in battle were necessary for the ultimate success of the Great Crusade. A taciturn warrior with a straightforward approach to battle, Khârn nevertheless was recognised as one of the finest combatants amongst the World Eaters, earning himself a fearsome reputation both on the battlefield and in the duelling pits.

Following the Heresy, Khârn became a devoted Khornate Berzerker, surrendering himself in whole to the Blood God's Eight-fold Path, easily enraged by others' perceived weakness, and eager to kill others for Khorne, irrespective of whether or not they were also his allies.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 6-C. Higher with Daemonic Power Armor. High 6-C with Gorechild

Name: Khârn the Betrayer, Khorne's Berserker Champion

Origin: FC/OC Holy Grail Wars

Age: 10,000 years old (As of the 41st century)

Gender: Male

Classification: Berserker-class Servant, Heroic Spirit, Grand Berserker Candidate

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Master Combatant (Has been constantly fighting for over 10,000 years being capable of easily out matching the most skilled and highly trained opponents through out the galaxy), Precognition (Can predict his opponent's actions based on his combat experience), Enhanced Senses, Rage Power and Berserk Mode, Statistics Amplification (With Khornes Boons and Power Armor), Power Nullification (With the Blood God's blessings and Authority, he can negate Magic, Psychic Powers, Reality Warping, Illusions, projectiles, and supernatural detection), Conceptual Manipulation (Gorechild is a daemonic conceptual weapon that shreds the concepts of those it harms), Soul Manipulation (Tears apart and devour's the souls of those it damages feeding them to the Blood God), Durability Negation, Immortality and Regeneration Negation (Gorechild negates the immortality of those it harms even being capable of permanently killing Greater Daemons whose true forms exist as concepts within the warp) Non-Physical Interaction (Can harm Daemons that exist as nothing more than concepts), Servant Physiology

Attack Potency: Island level (With an A+ rank in his strength parameter he is equal to Heracles who can destroy a mountain according to the narration. Has managed to deflect a weakened Excalibur, Archer's Caladbolg II after intercepting it mid-flight). Higher with Damonic Power Armor (His power armor is a boon from Khorne and is enhanced with Daemonic power enhancing his strength). Large Island level with Gorechild (As an A++ noble phantasm it should be comparable to Saber's Excalibur), Gorechild negates Durability.

Speed: Massively Hypersonic (Should be comparable in speed to Saber (Artoria) who can keep up with Gilgamesh and Lancer).

Lifting Strength: Class 25 (Should be comparable to Hercules who is superior in strength to Saber at her peak, who was able to flip a truck with the side of her blade).

Striking Strength: Island level. Higher with Damonic Power Armor. Large Island level with Gorechild.

Durability: At least Island level (Possesses A+++ rank endurance, making him far superior to Heracles), likely far higher. At least Large Island level, likely Country level, possibly higher with Daemonic Power Armor (The armor is primarily a defensive attribute that allows Kharn to survive hits that would normally instantly kill him, he should be able to easily tank an attack from the likes of Excalibur).

Stamina: High. Other Servants can fight for nearly an entire day without stopping, potentially far higher.

Range: Extended Melee Range (Kharn is 244 cm tall)

Standard Equipment: Gorechild and Damonic Power Armor

Intelligence: 10 millennia of experience in fighting a massive variety of foes throughout the Warhammer 40,000-verse, from the smallest to the largest creatures and war machines. Plus, he has the combat training and knowledge of a space marine captain. Is considered a tactical and combat genius despite his insanity.

Weaknesses: Prone to turning on his allies should they fail to keep up/disappoint him.

Notable Attacks and Techniques:

Noble Phantasms

Gorechild - Daemonic Soul Eating Axe: An ancient blood soaked battle axe wielded by the Primarch Angron. After coming into the procession of he had it twisted into a hideous daemonic weapon that tears through anything, be it flesh, bone, armor or even concepts the serrated blade will tear it apart.

Those that are unfortunate enough to be nicked by his disgusting weapon will have their very souls devoured by it to further enhance its power.

Daemonic Power Armor - Boons of the Blood God: Khârn wears a suit of daemonic power armor adorned with numerous sigils. Not only does this grant him the immense durability normally supplied by power armor, but the daemonic forces possessing his suit allow him to take even more punishment, often shrugging off hits which should have destroyed his body.

Class Skills

Mad Enhancement: As Khornes most favored Berserker and a former World Eater Kharn is filled with intense rage and insanity causing him to brutally slaughter in the name of his God. He is also more then willing to betray any of his allies should they prove useless.

Despite this insanity he is still capable of thought at least when it comes to combat, as he is a tactical genius granting him an EX ranking.

Magic Resistance: An innate ability that grants protection against magical effects. Unlike the Resistance effect that merely rejects Magical Energy, this ability cancels the spells altogether. Due to Khornes blessings so long as the Magic falls under his Authority it is negated rendering Kharn basically invulnerable to magi at an EX rank.

Personal Skills

Eye of the Mind (True): 10 millennia of experience in fighting a massive variety of foes throughout the Warhammer 40,000-verse, from the smallest to the largest creatures and war machines. Plus, he has the combat training and knowledge of a space marine captain.

Eternal Arms Mastery: Mastership of combat arts has reached the point of being said to be unrivaled in one's era. By complete merging of mind, body and technique, it is possible to make use of full fighting skills even when under the influence of any sort of mental hindrance.

Blessing from the Blood God: Khârn is the most favoured mortal servant of Khorne, and is accordingly granted protection against witchery by his patron. Because of Khorne's Authority Khârn is granted immunity to reality warping, mind control, psychic assaults, magic, etc. If it does not fall under "honorable martial combat", Khorne will prevent it, forcing Khârn's enemies to face him on an "equal" playing field. 


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