"I want to draw you as one of my french girls"

-Benedickte asking permission to Erlithe to draw her


Benedickte is a first year high school student from the demon huntresses academy academy “Pome de Terre” She is an appasionate and excentric artist



She is extremely extrovert and likes to analyze the people she meets to get additional inspiration for her art.

She is also can be really messy and don't use to remember where does she leaves her own things

Personal Statistics

Alignment: Neutral Good

Name:  Benedcikte Rinneman

Origin: Daemons,War,Secrets & Yuri (Daemonsfestverse)

Gender: Female

Age: 14

Classification: Human, Demon Slayer, ningeki’s user

Date of Birth: 30/07/2199

  • Zodiac/Horoscope: Cancer

Birthplace: Pixle Town

Weight: 50kg

Height: 1.58


  • Drawing
  • Old style cartoons
  • Experiment with colors
  • Stand up comedy shows
  • Gummy Bear Lamps


  • Red chilis
  • The brown color

Eye Color: Red

Hair Color: Green


  • Draw (a lot)
  • Watch old cartoons
  • Make decorations for her friends clothes
  • play shoot them up games

Values: She always tries to be a nice person and help other people unless there’s a conflict between to or more parts where she have to choose a band

Marital Status: Single

Status: Alive

Affiliation: Omega Hunters

Previous Affiliation:



Combat Statistics

Tier: 10-A | 10-C

Powers and Abilities:

  • By Herself: Enhanced senses (can perceive ningekis and

daemons whose are abstract entities), hand to hand combat, immunity to conventional disease

Attack Potency:

Athlete level (can support military level trainment and fight close to close with other girls in the same level) | Below Average level (The Art of Craft have an attack of 0) Art of Craft attacks bypass physical durability


Human level with super sonic speed when drawing | FTL combat and react for The Art of Craft’s (Can transmute a light Demon before his light blast travels more than a metter)

Lifting Strength:

Athletic human

Striking Strength:

Athlete level


Athlete level (by her own) Possibly Building level for The Art of Craft (should be comparable in ressistence to other ningekis like Erlithe’s Cherry Pie) Abstract existence and regeneration makes The Art of Craft hard to kill



Melee (by her own) tens of metters (The Art of Craft action range)

Standard Equipment:

  • Fairy Seeds: She requires of this item to can charge The Art of Craft’s powers


She have good grades as most of her classmates, she is very creative in a bunch of aspects but in fighting she just use her basic powers without many variations


All ningekis users are way more vulnerable than their ningekis and if they are killed their ningekis will pass to the other world


Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • The Art of Craft (Phase I): Benedickte’s ningeki, she can transmute different beings into cartoonish versions of themselves, her movement range is 7m
  1. You-Kar-toon: this technique requires Benedickte to first draw an animated version of her target, after TAoC can invoke ink from that drawing that transmutes the target into a version of himself similar to the drawing, TAoC has complete control over the target and all his powers are increased by 10% for 70 seconds (if the target does not have ningeki properties it will acquire them, it can work with trees, for example), after that time the target is completely erased, she can use this on only one target at a time and is touch based
  2. Drawing Case: She can save her possesed beings in a case, since they are here they won’t be destroyed even if the timt limit have passed
  3. Fakes Paradise: She creates a painting that can be camouflaged as part of the enviroment and needs to be relatively quiet to works, if someone touchs it he will be sealed into a pocket dimension that looks similar to the painting

Key: First Season Benedickte


Daemons power

The great chief demons are conceptual beings that come from a dimension that is basically a crack in the factory of reality (a realm of infinite dimensions), the BD unconsciously send part of themselves to universes of lower dimensions and these lesser demons get into reality by turning life from the area into more demons like them, when they are transmuted they proceed to be erased from all planes of existence as if they never existed, the lesser demons can also transmute other demons if they weaken it enough. The form of minor Daemons found in the "Regular" universe is not their true form, it is just a projection linked to an egg in its respective Big Boss demon nest, thanks to the fact that minor demons are immortal and can regenerate even if the reality factory is resseted,

Ningeki users

The ningeki is the soul, mind and concept of someone empowered by the essence of demons, have the same properties (the only difference is that they cannot transmute others as demons do), even their "true selfs" are protected in dimensional cracks of the reality factory and can harm and kill minor demons and other ningekis.


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