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Bell Cranel Lvl 1.png
Today for the first time... I'm going on an adventure.
~ Bell Cranel

Bell Cranel Lvl 2.png
If I don't stand up here... If I don't reach higher here... When am I ever going to do it?!
~ Bell Cranel

Bell Cranel Lvl 3.png
I have to become stronger, so that people don't have to live in fear. So that everyone... can smile without worries.
~ Bell Cranel

Bell Cranel Lvl 4.png
As long as there is someone suffering somewhere, I will never stop fighting.
~ Bell Cranel

Bell Cranel Legendary Armor.png
Limits, you say? But who decides one's limits? And based on what, exactly? You said you worked as hard as you can? Well, then maybe you just need to work a little harder. Is this really the limit of your strength, or could the you of tomorrow beat the you of today? Instead of giving in, just move forward.
~ Bell Cranel to Leo Diaz

Bell Cranel Guardian Armor.png
A man is at his most powerful when he has somebody to protect!
~ Bell Cranel to Artemis

Bell Cranel Phantom Outfit.png
But you Enyo, you will never be able to beat me. A world where people know nothing but suffering will not succeed, as long as you cannot defeat me. It will never work, it is totally impossible for you. Your desire to destroy everything, against my desire to save everyone, even if that was all I had, I still wouldn't lose!
~ Bell Cranel to Enyo


Bell Cranel is the main protagonist of Familia Myth. Although he originally became an Adventurer in hopes of getting a girl to fall in love with him, he falls head over heels for Ais Wallenstein after she saves him from a rampaging Minotaur. Vowing to one day be able to stand next to her as a peer and (hopefully) a lover, his feelings have allowed him to grow at an abnormally fast rate, catching the eye of numerous factions in and outside of Orario.

However, after losing a loved one at the hands of the very person he admired the most, he reconsidered his motives and goals for being a hero. In his adventures, he will meet new allies, enemies, and insurmountable challenges, all to become the greatest hero who will defeat the One-Eyed Black Dragon once and for all.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 9-A | 8-C, up to 8-B with Argonaut | High 8-C, up to 8-A with Argonaut | 8-B, 8-A with 5%, higher with 8%, up to Low 7-C with Fa Jin, higher with Argonaut, Unknown with Determination | 8-A to 8-A+, 7-C with 20%, High 7-C with 25%, up to 7-A with Fa Jin, higher with Argonaut, Unknown with Determination

Name: Bell Cranel, "Little Rookie" (1st Alias), "Rabbit Foot" (2nd Alias), "Betrayer" (3rd Alias), "Hero King" (4rd Alias), "The Roaring Knight", "A True Hero", "Orion", "Sword Saint" (Nickname), "Argonaut", "The One"

Origin: Familia Myth

Gender: Male

Age: 14 (First Appearance), 15 (Current)

Classification: Human, Adventurer, Hero

Powers and Abilities:

All previous abilities to a greater extent, plus:

  • Analytical Prediction (Has actively trained to improve his prediction skills)
  • Energy Projection (With Argonaut. Capable of storing energy to perform an ultimate attack)
  • Supernatural Luck (With Luck. A skill similar to divine protection, turning the odds in his favor regardless of the situation, whether in or out of combat)

All previous abilities to a greater extent, plus:

All previous abilities to a greater extent, plus:

  • Supernatural Willpower (Can endure tremendous amounts of pain while remaining conscious and fighting. Possesses an immense amount of Determination, enough to obtain a new skill with the same name)
  • Enhanced Accelerated Development (His rate of growth is even faster than before with Liaris Eternal, and continues to increase as his willpower further strengthens)
  • Skilled Hand-to-Hand Combatant (Has been training extensively his technique on hand-to-hand combat, allowing him to create his own fighting style)
  • Body Control (Able to make his heart beat explosively in time with the impact of his attacks, increasing their power and giving his body more oxygen)
  • Enhanced Senses (Has developed exceptional senses that allow him to locate small, distant objects by tracking their smell, see clearly over long distances, and track the movements of others even in pitch black conditions by feeling vibrations in the air. Is able to hear chatter from bystanders hundreds of meters away)
  • Statistics Amplification (Can significantly boost each and every one of his physical and magical traits thanks to the accumulated energy of One For All)
  • Air Manipulation (Can generate heavy wind pressure with his strikes. Able to create tornadoes)
  • Time Manipulation, Life Manipulation, Biological Manipulation, Purification (All Types), Age Manipulation, and Healing (With Re-Life. Can rewind and repair organic beings to their best hypothetical physical conditions)
  • Kinetic Energy Manipulation (With Fa Jin. Able to store kinetic energy and release it explosively)
  • Precognition (With Danger Sense. Has the ability to detect imminent threats)
  • Energy Manipulation (With Blackwhip. Can create dark tendrils of energy and control them at will)
  • Rage Power (The power of his Blackwhip is linked to his emotional state, and can be boosted through rage)
  • Danmaku (Able to unleash countless Firebolt beams and create numerous Blackwhip tendrils to overwhelm even a massive group of enemies)
  • Smoke Manipulation, Poison Gas Generation, and Sleeping Gas Generation (With Smokescreen. Able to control and generate smoke from his body. Capable of changing the properties of the smoke liberated to release a poisonous gas, or even a smoke that can induce sleep)
  • Levitation (With Float. Can suspend himself in mid-air)
  • Extrasensory Perception (With Sixth Sense. Capable of locating other living beings by reading their energy, and detect hostility and bloodlust)
  • Instinctive Reaction (Can move and keep fighting while in an unconscious state)
  • Empowerment, Awakened Power, Fate Manipulation, Immortality (Types 2 and 3), Regeneration (Low-Mid), and Self-Sustenance (Types 2 and 3) (With Determination. Passively improves every aspect of his being, and the active version is potentially able to break his limiter, astronomically increasing his power. Determination is the ultimate will to keep on living, the resolve to change fate itself, and the strength to persist even after certain death, allowing him to survive having a hole pierced through his stomach by the Floor Boss Udaeus. After defeating the creature, Bell regenerated all his injuries and endurance on his way to the surface, without eating or resting even once)

All previous abilities to a greater extent, plus:

Attack Potency:

Small Building level (Fought and killed a powerful Level 2 Minotaur, who can create sizable craters with its strikes. Capable of breaking walls with the force of his punches. His Firebolts are able to fully vaporize Goblins)

Building level (The strength of his Firebolt was compared to that of a natural lightning, and Bell is able to injure people capable of taking his Firebolt attacks. Could defeat monsters the size of buildings), up to City Block level with Argonaut (A full-charge of this skill obliterated a Level 5 Goliath in one hit)

Large Building level (Capable of pulverizing an iron pillar with a kick. Can one-shot Level 2 creatures such as Minotaurs, something that other Adventurers on this Level are unable to do), up to Multi-City Block level with Argonaut (Formed a crater several meters in size with an Argonaut-enhanced Firebolt)

City Block level (Bell has become powerful enough to battle on par with experienced Level 5 Adventurers, which are able to overpower creatures the size of castles and destroy entire buildings), Multi-City Block level with 5% (This small percentage of One For All grants him a strength equal to that of a strong Level 6 Adventurer. Fought and defeated the Level 5-6 Floor Boss Amphisbaena), higher with 8% (By pushing his body beyond the limits, Bell was able to fight the Level 6 Floor Boss Udaeus and match its sword strikes with his bare hands. Stated to have the strength of Gareth, the strongest Level 6 Adventurer), up to Small Town level with Fa Jin (Able to store and release kinetic energy for explosive bursts of power and speed, allowing him to wield "Pseudo" percentages higher than he can normally control. His Pseudo 16% was capable of defeating Udaeus), higher with Argonaut (Bell has claimed that a fully charged Argonaut would be as strong, if not stronger, than his most powerful Pseudo attacks), Unknown with Determination (His body, mind, and spirit are passively empowered by his will, granting him that extra strength when he needs it most. Bell is potentially able to remove his limiter, and become stronger and faster than anything he has shown before. It's said to be the strongest weapon in existence, above even the Gods' "omnipotent" Arcanum)

Multi-City Block level (Even as a brand-new Level 5, his strength is about on par with that of veteran Level 6 Adventurers like Allen and Hedin, due to his extremely abnormal stats) to Multi-City Block level+ (After many months of training, his stats have all reached Rank SS, making him stronger than Gareth and Mia Grand, both the strongest Level 6s in the planet), Town level with 20% (Confirmed to be just as powerful as Ottar, a Level 7 Adventurer at the peak of his power. Able to perform feats at this level. Decimated Freya Familia's Executives. Regularly hunts mythical beings like the Elden Beast), Large Town level with 25% (Created a huge crater hundreds of meters in size. Split a region in half with one mighty strike), up to Mountain level with Fa Jin (His Pseudo 40% dispersed the rain over an area of 4 kilometers in an instant. A blow at Pseudo 45% can make even Level 7 monsters to explode on contact. Able to change the weather using the air pressure of a punch. Displaced the very sky with a Pseudo 50% Vesta Slash, and fully annihilated the Level 8 Black Dragon Nidhogg. Flattened an immense mountain. Can shatter a whole volcano), higher with Argonaut, Unknown with Determination (His willpower has strengthened significantly), Can ignore durability with The Roaring (By concentrating his will into his Vesta Sword, Bell is able to break even souls) and Murasame (A blade that weakens the molecular bonds that make up materials to cut cleanly through any target and without resistance)


Subsonic (The speed of a Level 1 Adventurer is considered impossible to reach for even the most trained human without Falna. Stated that he could run faster than a cheetah)

Transonic (Appears as a blur to Level 1 Adventurers, and can somewhat keep up with Level 3s. It was stated that his speed was "nearly supersonic")

Supersonic (Level 3s are much faster than Level 2s, and Bell far surpasses the status of the average Level 3 Adventurer. Can easily dodge sound-based attacks. Able to break the sound barrier with relatively ease. Other Adventurers of his Level struggle to perform this)

Hypersonic (Comparable to Level 5 Adventurers, who are known to transcend the speed of sound), Hypersonic+ with 5% (As quick as an experienced Level 6 Adventurer), higher with 8% (Claimed to have the speed of Allen, the fastest Level 6 Adventurer, whose max speed is Mach 20. Overwhelmed Udaeus, a Level 6 Floor Boss, while his 5% had problems keeping up with it), up to High Hypersonic with Fa Jin (Capable of using a Pseudo 16%, which was said to be comparable to a Level 7 Adventurer. Adventurers on this Level can perceive the world as completely frozen while fighting), Unknown with Determination (Can potentially become faster than anything he has ever shown before)

Hypersonic+ (He is comparable to seasoned Level 6 Adventurers such as Hogni and Hedin, who should be nearly as quick as Allen) to High Hypersonic (He has reached Rank SS stats at Agility, having a top speed of Mach 25), High Hypersonic+ with 20% (Has been stated to be faster than Ottar, whose stats are at the peak a Level 7 Adventurer can possibly achieve. Able to travel across the continent in a really short timeframe), Massively Hypersonic with 25% (Faster than his 20%, to the point of having a top speed of 52,000 m/s, allowing him to blitz all Adventurers and soar through the world at blinding speeds), up to Sub-Relativistic with Fa Jin (By using a Pseudo 40%, Bell was able to travel twenty times faster than a bullet that matched his 20%, moving at Mach 1200. Claimed that he could transcend the speed of lightning by ten times using a Pseudo 50%), higher with Argonaut (Has shown to be able to use Argonaut on his feet to enhance his speed, and a full charge should be even faster than his Pseudo 50%), Unknown with Determination

Lifting Strength: Class 10 (Superior to even the most powerful human without Falna. Can wield very heavy weapons) | Class 100 (Dragged an Infant Dragon the size of a tank) | Class K (Stronger than before) | Class M (Can throw large worms tens of meters in length), higher with 5% (On par with experienced Level 6 Adventurers), even higher with 8% (Has stated to have the power of the strongest Level 6 Adventurer, Gareth, who could carry the weight of a Carrack in the past), Unknown with Determination | Class M (His strength is comparable to veterans Level 6 Adventurers, who are not that far behind from Gareth in terms of power) to higher (Way more powerful than Gareth and Mia Grand for having all his status at SS Rank), Class G with 20% (As powerful as Ottar, who was able to draw a bridge out of a lake. Flipped upside down a temple using his bare hands. Able to crush graphite the size of a stone into a diamond, which would require an overwhelming pressure of 150,000 atmospheres under his hand, or 25 kilotons of force. His strikes are even able to push creatures like the Elden Beast hundreds of meters away), higher with 25% (Hauled the body of the White Whale by himself. Possesses an unprecedented level of physical strength that could overpower even the most formidable Adventurer. Can perform the nearly impossible feat of crushing diamonds, which would require an unimaginable overpressure of 6,000,000 atmospheres, or 1,000 kilotons of force), Unknown with Determination

Striking Strength: Small Building Class | Building Class, higher with Argonaut | Large Building Class, higher with Argonaut | City Block Class, Multi-City Block Class with 5%, higher with 8%, up to Small Town Class with Fa Jin, higher with Argonaut, Unknown with Determination | Multi-City Block Class to Multi-City Block Class+, Town Class with 20%, Large Town level with 25%, up to Mountain Class with Fa Jin, higher with Argonaut, Unknown with Determination

Durability: Small Building level (Can withstand being thrown into a wall, forming a rather sizable crater) | Building level | Large Building level (Could survive being dragged across buildings) | City Block level (Can withstand attacks from Level 5 Adventurers), Multi-City Block level with 5%, higher with 8%, up to Small Town level with Fa Jin (It increments his durability to match the amount of energy used), Unknown with Determination (It was said that someone enhanced with Determination would be impossible to kill) | Multi-City Block level (His Endurance stats are particularly high because of his life-or-death training in the Dungeon) to Multi-City Block level+ (Has achieved Rank SS in Endurance, far surpassing Gareth's incredible defense), Town level with 20% (Able to withstand monumental attacks without breaking his defense similar to Ottar), Large Town level with 25% (His durability is now greater than Ottar's, making him an unyielding fortress of strength and defense), up to Mountain level with Fa Jin, Unknown with Determination

Stamina: Superhuman (Can easily shred through hordes of small monsters all at once and fire off quick flurries of Firebolts without suffering a Mind Down; being forced unconscious by a lack of Mind. Defeated a Minotaur while being heavily injured) | Superhuman (Survived multiple hours in the Dungeon fighting hundreds of monsters) | Superhuman (Bell's strong will has allowed him to survive what appeared to be certain deaths) | Superhuman (He has been shown to be able to kill monsters and travel all across the Dungeon for several weeks straight with minimal food and no rest, while keeping One For All activated at all times, and never suffering a Mind Down. Capable of travelling all the way from Dungeon Floor 37 to the surface. Determination is said to be the final will to keep living, allowing him to survive what would otherwise be fatal injuries, such as having a cavity punched through his stomach by Udaeus' bone spikes. Slowly regenerated all of his injuries and endurance on his way to the surface) | Superhuman (He has demonstrated to be able to surpass his limits while fighting and travelling all across the continent. Reached Rank SS in his Endurance stats, giving him an even bigger amount of stamina than ever before. After a long, brutal battle, he managed to kill the Nidhogg, a huge jet-black Dragon with power equal to that of Level 8)

Range: Standard melee range, Extended melee range with Equipment, Tens of meters with Firebolt | Same as before | Same as before | Standard melee range, Extended melee range with Equipment, Hundreds of meters with Firebolt, Blackwhip (Can reach the top of Orario's wall from the surface), and Smokescreen (Obscured part of the Dungeon Floor 17, which is half as large as Orario), up to Kilometers with One For All (Can create large shock waves and tornadoes with his 5% and 8%, and his Pseudo 16% is even more powerful) | Standard melee range, Extended melee range with Equipment, Kilometers with Firebolt, Blackwhip (Able to reach the peak of Babel, a massive tower several kilometers tall in the center of Orario), and Smokescreen (Obscured an entire district of Orario with smoke, and while it was raining), up to Tens of Kilometers with One For All (Stated to be able to flatten entire towns with his 20%. His Pseudo 40% dispersed the rain over an area of 4 kilometers, and has shown to be able to alter the weather itself with the shock wave a punch. His Firebolt at 25% managed to create a blast the size of a city. By pushing his body to the limits, he was able to use a Pseudo 50% Vesta Slash, dispersing the skies in a radius of 50 kilometers), Hundreds of kilometers with The Roaring (With it Bell could shatter the soul of a Dungeon, resulting in the destruction of the entirety of the structure which extend hundreds of kilometers underground. Said event send tremors across the continent. Could potentially create a new Dungeon if the same skill is performed in a land filled with lifeforce)

Standard Equipment: The Legendary Armor, an armor forged by the Goddess Hephaestus, created exclusively for Bell as a thank you for saving the Goddess and her Familia members from an assault by a gang of thieves. The armor is made out of a special alloy of Adamantite and Orichalcum with the Durandal attribute, making it almost invulnerable to impacts, cuts, corrosion, and magic attacks. Its total cost is estimated to be 600 million Valis. Bell also has access to the Guardian Armor, made by Tsubaki at 120 million Valis. While not as good as the Legendary Armor, it is still tremendously sturdy even by the standards of a first-class armor. He uses the Guardian Armor alongside his Sacred Treasure. His newest armor, the Phantom Outfit, was designed and made by Tsubaki, with the intention of being used against magical oriented opponents. She gave it to him as a gift because of the very close relationship they had developed over the past months. The Phantom Outfit was crafted out of a new material called Vibrantite, that has reflective properties against magical spells.

  • Hestia Knife: A knife crafted by the Goddess Hephaestus that grows in power as Bell does. Due to being created from Mithril and infused with Hestia's hair and blood, it is also able to conduct magic. In addition, it will only remain sharp while someone of the Hestia Familia is wielding it, becoming a useless tool even duller than a butter knife in anyone else's hands.
    • Vesta Sword: An augmented version of the Hestia Knife crafted by Hephaestus with Bell's hair and blood, the Hestia Knife, and an ingot of Udaeus' Black Sword. Its power is greater than the Hestia Knife, being able to grow alongside him, but instead of being linked to Hestia, the weapon is linked to Bell, and it doesn't lose any power even if he is not wielding it. Since the sword is a complete extension of Bell's body, he is able to utilize any of his magics and skills with it. Thanks to a special magic spell placed on the sword, Bell is able to call it back to his current location no matter where he is. This is Bell's main weapon after reaching Level 5. Its hypothetical value is 2.47 billion Valis, and in Bell's hands, it is one of the most powerful weapons in the world.
  • Pyonkichi MK: A set of light armor forged by Welf. It has a green arm shield that holds the Hestia Knife while not in use. Bell discontinued this armor set completely after his dispute with Welf, who left the Familia shortly after.
  • Salamander Wool: The Salamander Wool is a long, dark cloak imbued with the power of a Salamander, granting the wearer increased protection against fire-based attacks.
  • Hakugen: A knife forged from an Unicorn Horn, making it a high-class weapon worth ten million Valis. It is able to disperse and nullify poison. It was lost in his fight against the Floor Boss Amphisbaena.
  • Hero Outfit: A set of armor made by Bell from scraps he bought in Babel. It was made to resist impacts and provide support to his arms and legs, as well as protection to his face with a mouthguard. It has metal soles attached to his shoes that protect his feet from the impacts of his kicks. Bell first used this armor in his rampage throughout the Dungeon at Level 4, and he still wears it from time to time.
  • Sacred Treasure: A katana made by the Captain of Hephaestus Familia Tsubaki from Mithril and metals with high magic conductivity, making it able to wield and withstand Bell's magic attacks. It is also considerably light, balanced, and easy to handle. Sacred Treasure is a first-class weapon with a value of 182 million Valis.
  • Hammer Space Bag: Crafted by Fels using the Mystery skill. It allows Bell to store any kind of objects and materials in what appears to be a standard size backpack, but it is actually a dimensional compartment capable of holding a gigantic amount of objects. He has more than 9.6 billion Valis stored in the bag that he can use at any time, all the armors and weapons he isn't using at the moment, items such as a compass, a tent, a full map of the continent and one of the Dungeon, a communication device to keep in touch with his Familia and allies, along with multiple copies of the device, a high-class knife that he uses to extract magic stones from monsters, a necklace that can change the color of his hair while wearing it, multiple pairs of clothes, and much more.
  • Murasame: A knife crafted by the Smith God Svarog from a material called Vibrantite. This metal gives the blade special cutting properties, being able to weaken molecular bonds to cut cleanly through any material, even those reinforced with Durandal. While being really powerful and durable, it has poor magic conductivity, making it unable to wield Bell's magic. The knife cost Bell 411 million Valis, and due to how incredibly deep the metal was in the Dungeon, it is highly unlikely that Vibrantite materials will ever be part of commercial weapons. Given the small size of the knife, Bell always carries it on his person, no matter what other weapon he is wielding.

Intelligence: Above Average (He is a fairly skilled martial artist with a preference for knives and daggers. He has shown a great aptitude for learning and thinking on the fly, managing to parry attacks from physically superior enemies such as a strong Minotaur despite being practically helpless against one only a month prior. However, as an inexperienced teenager his judgments are often clouded by his emotional outbursts and naivety, but he has proven to be very resourceful in extreme situations) | Gifted. Genius Combatant (Wiene's death had a great effect on Bell's psyche, changing his manner to a more thoughtful, calculating, and capable one. Thanks to his extreme life-or-death training in the Dungeon, Bell has become an expert martial artist, having created his own fighting technique called Roaring Aura Sky Ripping Fist, which consists of beating the heart explosively in time with the impact of his strikes, allowing him to surpass the limits of his body. His combat abilities were stated to be genius level. He was able to develop incredible analytical skills that allowed him to perfectly analyze Kaina's movement patterns and track her location based solely on the trajectory of her curved magic shots, all this despite the fact that it was night and under heavy rain. Bell has demonstrated to be capable of convincing fearsome members of Evilus such as Kaina, Revis, and Filvis to leave that radical group and join the Hestia Familia. He also managed to convince and win over the Level 6 Amazonesses Argana and Bache, making them abandon their Familia and join his side. Is way more experienced than before thanks to his countless battles across the continent. Bell can learn complicated techniques with a few repetitions, while other skilled Adventurers could not even with years of practice. Bell has been called a superhuman prodigy on numerous occasions due to his displays. He was able to take down Evilus and arrest its leaders with minimal aid, putting an end to the radical group once and for all. In addition to his main language Koine, he is also fluent in Amazonian and Elvish, the languages of the Amazons and Elves respectively. He has showcased the impressive ability to multitask, something that is considered not humanly possible)

Weaknesses: His Argonaut skill can only be used in times of great necessity or against foes much stronger than himself. Using 100% of One For All's full power will destroy the limbs on which it is used, so Bell cannot under any circumstances use his full force until he is strong enough. Bell can be extremely reckless when it comes to saving people, but he has proven on numerous occasions that this has made him stronger. Fa Jin is only able to store kinetic energy and cannot be used to improve the user's lifting strength, and there's a limit on how much energy can be stored at a time, as it puts the user's body under immense stress. After failing in his struggle to protect Wiene, Bell doesn't feel like a true hero, which prevents him from using his Argonaut skill even at times when the conditions are met. This weakness was mitigated by the time of his battle with the Nidhogg, using a ten-second charge Argonaut to strike the creature. Despite having been on the verge of death on numerous occasions, Bell hasn't yet been able to summon the authentic power of his Determination. Roaring Aura Sky Ripping Fist requires a tremendous amount of concentration and heart control.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Fighting Style:

  • Roaring Aura Sky Ripping Fist: This combat technique developed by Bell is based on two main principles, the first is to perform strikes and deflect incoming attacks in form of water streams, either by making them with the hands, feet, or even a weapon, and the second is to make the heart beat explosively and in rhythm with the impact of the attacks, allowing Bell to overcome the limits of his body and enabling him to hit much harder than the maximum force that his body can normally exert. After improving the technique by making his heart beat even faster, his punches are now able to generate powerful shock waves that can cause injury to those attempting to deflect the blows, as demonstrated when Ottar harmed his own arm from deflecting Bell's punch. It has been stated that this technique is monstrously dangerous, made with the intention of causing total and utter devastation to the opponents. Because the heart beats much faster than it normally would, Bell's body and brain receive more oxygen as well, which sharpens his movements and senses.
    • Dance of the God of Fire and Thunder: Bell ignites both of his fists on fire with Firebolt, and then uses the Roaring Aura Sky Ripping Fist to greatly enhance the raw power of his punches. A technique so powerful that it pushes both his body and mind to the very limits, being able to overpower and defeat even Ottar using his Beastification. Has stated to be able to perform this technique with weapons that can be imbued with Firebolt.

Level 1:

  • Firebolt: A rare magic spell without a chant that shoots out a powerful bolt of flames and lightning from Bell's palm when its name is called. Its power is enhanced by One For All, and can be used alongside with other magics and skills to further increase its potency. Thanks to a rigorous mental training and a life-threatening situation, Bell is now able to summon his Firebolt without having to call its name. He is also capable of increasing his maneuverability by using this magic to propel himself.
    • Flash Fire Fist: Bell charges and concentrates the power of his Firebolt into his fist, and then unleashes an enormous blast through a mighty strike. Few people can keep standing after taking both Bell's physical and magical power.
    • Spiral Incineration Cannon: Bell channels his fire magic into both hands, then combines this energy and releases it in a single spiraling beam powerful enough to set the skies ablaze. This technique was first used against the Level 7 Monster Elden Beast, and later to overwhelm Ottar's defense.
    • Vesta Slash: Bell channels his weapon with Firebolt, and then swings it with all his strength, unleashing the combined attacks as a powerful wave of heat, light, lightning, and force with a single attack. Bell is able to use Vesta Slash with any type of blade with the exemption of his Murasame, though only his Vesta Sword and Sacred Treasure are able to withstand the power of this technique.

Level 4:

  • One For All: This absolutely unique magic gives Bell the ability to wield and utilize the crystallized energy, magic, and skills of all his reincarnations, granting him a immense boost in power. Unlike other spells, One For All doesn't require reciting any words and can be activated through the mind. This also includes every single one of the magics stored within One For All. This power was awakened due to Bell's common desire with his past lives to become a hero and save the world.
    • Re-Life: The magic of the first reincarnation. It has the power to restore a living being to a former state. With this magic, the injured will be rewound to their best physical conditions, with even the most profound changes, such as mutilations, poisons, curses, incurable diseases, birth defects, and many more, being healed. It can also be used to regrow limbs and give sight to people even if they weren't born with them, as the structure itself of the person's gene can be repaired, this includes hereditary diseases. This ability can affect any type of organic being, as Bell was able to restore a whole forest after a wildfire had consumed it. At its full power, this magic was able to heal the Black Desert, an area that was completely infertile because it was covered with the toxic remains of the Behemoth. Despite all this, Bell can't use it to heal himself. His favorite magic, as it grants him a new means to save people and bring hope.
    • Fa Jin: The skill of the fourth reincarnation. It grants the capacity to store kinetic energy from movements in his body and then release it explosively as a powerful burst of strength and speed. With this skill, he is capable of performing feats way beyond what his current Level could pull off. It has an active trigger in which Bell can begin charging kinetic energy from his movements. Fa Jin is one of his most powerful skills, and it works particularly well with the Vesta Sword, as Bell is able to store kinetic energy within the blade as he swings it, without having to put his body under immense strain.
    • Danger Sense: The skill of the seventh reincarnation. It allows the user to sense incoming threats at all times. By warning him with what Bell describes as a hard stabbing sensation in his head, he is able to avoid attacks or be alerted to danger before they can even occur, and has managed to implement it into his analytical skills to further improve his combat abilities.
    • Blackwhip: The magic of the twelfth reincarnation. It grants the ability to create dark tendrils of energy from the body and manipulate them at will. Bell can use it to capture opponents or increase his maneuverability by grabbing onto objects, or simply to move debris and civilians in danger out of the way. Blackwhip could even used to stab or slash enemies, and since it functions as an extension of his body, Bell is able to use magics like Re-Life through the tendrils.
    • Smokescreen: The magic of the fifteenth reincarnation. It allows to create huge amounts of smoke. The smoke is propagated from his body, and he can produce enough of it to cover a massive area the size of multiple city blocks. He uses this magic to cover civilians or himself from sight and put out fires. Bell has recently been shown to be able to release smoke with different types of properties, such as a poisonous gas capable of killing dozens of monsters in a matter of seconds, or a smoke with the ability to safely put people to sleep.
    • Float: The skill of the thirtieth reincarnation. It allows Bell to suspend himself in mid-air, and together with the air pressure generated by his movements, it gives him the ability to fly with almost no restrictions. It has an active trigger in which he is no longer affected by gravity. According to him, Float is one of his favorites skills, as it gives him the most freedom.

Level 5:

  • Mighty Wings: An abnormal magic obtained by reading a special magical Grimoire. It grants Bell the ability to manifest dark wings of true magic from his back, allowing to fly with total freedom. He is capable of flying and travelling at incredibly great speeds without slowing down, and move with great control in the air. Bell can also use these wings for defense and even create hurricanes. It is a no-chant magic, allowing him to wield it through his mind thanks to his previous mental training with Firebolt.

Level 2:

  • Luck: An ability that increases Bell's luck, creating scenarios in which he can turn the tables on his foes or even charge Argonaut completely in an instant should he be in a situation where he can be heroic or perform a "comeback". It's shown to be extremely powerful even in non-combat situations, allowing him to repeatedly win at roulette in a Casino without any losses while betting on just a single number, or even improve his chances of picking up a girl.

Level 3:

  • Abnormal Resistance: A development ability vital for Adventurers. It makes the user resistant to abnormal status effects like poison and paralysis. Thanks to his skill Limit Breaker, his Abnormal Resistance was upgraded to S, making Bell practically immune to any poisons and abnormal effects, such as paralysis, petrification, freezing, intense heat, sleep inducement, stats reduction, corrosive acid, and many more.

Level 4:

  • Sixth Sense: With this ability, Bell is able to detect the energy of other organic beings and locate them across extended distances without the use of his normal five senses. It also allows Bell to detect bloodlust or malicious intent within his area, being able to sense if anything particularly bad is happening across all of the country. Bell regularly uses this skill while traveling throughout the continent to find any person in trouble. It has an active trigger.

Level 5:

  • Atlantis Diving: An enhanced version of Diving. It allows Bell to breathe underwater, as well as being able to swim as good as a swordfish. His physical attacks are greatly improved while this ability is active. He likely acquired Atlantis Diving due to his brutal underwater battle against the Floor Boss Amphisbaena.

Level 1:

  • Liaris Eternal: This skill exponentially improves the speed at which Bell's power grows for as long as his will and determination remain strong and unchanged. Initially named Liaris Freese, he gained it with the desire of reaching his love interest, Ais Wallenstein. However, after Ais murdered Wiene in cold blood, this skill became sustained in Bell's immeasurable desire to become a true hero and save the whole world, making it even stronger than before.

Level 2:

  • Argonaut: This incredible skill allows Bell to charge his body with energy and perform an ultimate, awe-inspiring strike. Charging it for a few seconds will simply ramp up its potency, while charging it for much longer will greatly increase the attack's range and power, obliterating foes as powerful as a Floor Boss when given a few minutes. It can sound like a small chime or a grand bell depending on the amount of power channeled, and can be used to enhance any type of attack.

Level 4:

  • Determination: A skill born of Bell's will to keep living, his resolve to change fate, and his strength to challenge death itself. It allows Bell to remove the "limiter" of his body, mind, and soul, astronomically empowering every single aspect of his being. However, Bell hasn't yet utilized the true version of this skill, as it could only be used at a time of death. He still has the passive skill of Determination, which gives him that extra power when he needs it most and allows him to survive what would otherwise be completely fatal injuries. It also grants him regeneration and self-sustenance, which allowed him to heal his wounds suffered in the Dungeon on his way to the surface, without resting or eating even once.

Level 5:

  • Limit Breaker: An unique, passive skill that updates Bell's status in real time, allowing him to increase all his statistics in the midst of battle. However, he cannot Level up by himself using this skill. Likely acquired after breaking his limits numerous times during his rampage through the Dungeon.
  • Divine Blessing: Bell is more likely to obtain minor skills based on his acquired tastes, hobbies, or learned abilities.
    • Taste King: No matter how or what Bell cooks, the food will come out delicious.
    • Master Teacher: His students become successful in learning.

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