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Hith-'o-rehr, shqodh… ki'o-yivkha has-sa-tan, k'ar-yeh sho-'ehgh, mith-hal-lehkh, u-mvaq-qehsh 'eth asher, yval-leha
~ Beelzebub's final words to Adrian


Beelzebub is the main antagonist of the first arc of Until The Clock Strikes Twelve and is one of the Seven Princes of Hell. He is responsible for several events that have happened prior to the beginning of the series such as the Vietnam War.

Beelzebub is the youngest of the Seven Princes of Hell and the Sin that represents Gluttony.


Born after the fall of Man and created by Lucifer from her own energy, Beelzebub reigned as one of the Seven Princes of Hell alongside Lilith, Leviathan, Satan, Belphegor, Mammon, and Asmodeus. He was born the second youngest and considered himself the most loyal out of all his siblings. However, he was an odd child, fascinated with the world around him.

Long after, the Holy War broke out and Beelzebub was forced by their brother Satanachia into a long war against Heaven. Fearing for the worst of his kind, Beelzebub surged to the front lines, decimating scores of Angels in his sight. At one point, Beelzebub engaged the Seraph Ramiel. Their battle surged across the arm of the Circinus Galaxy in the span of a few minutes. Starr systems were destroyed as the lower arm was beginning to lose its light. In the end, Beelzebub defeated the Seraph Ramiel but was forced to retreat when the Seraph Anael descended from Heaven in order to assist her comrade in battle.

During the war, Beelzebub fell in love with a Demon by the name of Ekra. The two consummated their love in secret away from his older siblings, especially Satan, who at the time viewed emotions such as love as a weakness. She comforted him over the loss of his troops and the two discussed the point of the war. Ultimately finding it useless, Beelzebub promised her that he would try and create a bridge to discuss matters and end the War peacefully. When Sephira's creations, the Gods became involved in the War on the side of Heaven, the Canaanite Pantheon and Greco-Roman Pantheon assisted the Angels during the battle of Alpha Centauri. Beelzebub watched in horror as Ekra was slaughtered in front of Beelzebub, impaled by a number of light spears before her head was ripped off her body and mounted on a pike. Beelzebub snapped. His mind broke and he went on a killing spree. It was on that day that Zeus and Mot knew true terror as Beelzebub completely decimated their armies in his rage.

In Beelzebub's final battle, he attempted to take down the Archangel Raphael, only to be defeated. Everyone assumed him dead, even Satan, however, Beelzebub survived. Spending the next several years recovering, Beelzebub received word that his mother and his eldest sister had disappeared. Attempting to find out what happened, Beelzebub learned from Satan that their mother had been killed at the end of the war by Heaven.

Angry at the world, Beelzebub began his long crusade to finish the war. Blaming Heaven and the Gods for his mother's disappearance, Beelzebub began to plot against the entire world. He corrupted and whispered into the mind of Zeus, pit the Asuras and the Devas against each other, as well as start several wars. When he discovered that his mother had survived and had a child, Beelzebub stopped for a moment and visited Lucifer. Lucifer greeted her son and apologized for not being there for him. Beelzebub just stood in shock. Lucifer presented Adrian to Beelzebub. Wavering in his resolve, Beelzebub opted to further observe his mother. When Zadkiel and several Seraphim alongside a flight of Angels ambushed his mother and sealed her in Hell, Beelzebub's plans were finally cemented. A plan that would ultimately put him at odds with Adrian.


Beelzebub appears as a man in his early to mid-twenties. He has long white hair that reaches down to his back Beelzebub possesses sulfuric yellow eyes much like his fellow Demons. He wears dark clothes with tall purple boots reaching his knees and purple gloves with white outlines and a long black cape. Sometimes, he wears a black bull mask with red patterns on it.

As Marcus, Beelzebub appeared as a kind elderly man that assisted Adrian and Ruby in their hunts as well as provide them with weapons and tools. He wore a beige cardigan sweater, khakis, and a golfer's hat. He also wore dress shoes often and carried around a Glock 9 mm inside his pocket.

His vessels over the years included Emperor Nero. While possessing Nero, he assumed the identity of a man with lightly tanned skin. The man had green eyes and long dark hair. He also wore red robes with gold decorating the robes. On his head was a wreath that symbolized his position as Emperor. While Beelzebub was active, Nero's eyes would become sulfuric yellow. Beelzebub also took the form of one of the most powerful men in Nazi Germany, Heinrich Himmler.


Beelzebub is extremely cruel, deceitful, and selfish. He is also extremely arrogant and prideful. He views other races as garbage, hating everyone except for Demons. His hatred for angels is even greater as he sees them as the cause of his mother's current circumstances. He was the only Demon that was not afraid of Lilith.

Beelzebub has a sadistic sense of humor and took extreme pleasure in inflicting pain on others (psychologically or physically). An example is when he pits the Special Children in a death game partly for his own amusement as watching them kill each other brought him immense joy. Beelzebub also psychologically tortured Samantha, showing her images of her family's deaths in many ways over and over again as well as subjecting Claire to horrible illusions such as waking up to Adrian's corpse while making her believe that she was the one who murdered him. He takes particular relish in killing his victims. The method of execution being pinning them to a wall and disemboweling them then setting them aflame from the inside out while their loved ones watch. However, unlike most demons, Beelzebub only kills when necessary. Nevertheless, he has no regard for the lives of any non-demon or demon and frequently uses the threat of murder as a motivating factor in order to get others to follow his orders or to achieve his goals.

Beelzebub is also a man of his word stating that he always keeps his promises. Beelzebub also shows respect to those who deserve it. He has stated to his brother that he respects him despite their shared animosity. It is to the point where Beelzebub even provided Adrian with a warning about their older sister despite the fact that Adrian had shot him.

Beelzebub has a fanatical devotion to his creator, Lucifer. Leviathan describes Beelzebub as one of those psychotic religious members. Beelzebub would kill anyone and do anything to prove his loyalty and devotion to Lucifer seeing all who oppose her supposed will as traitors who do not deserve to live.

Originally, Beelzebub was not like how he is now. He was a very curious child and a loving person. He was stated by both Satan and Gremory to be extremely kind, viewing Man, Gods, and Angels equally and as beings that should be respected. However, when the Holy War broke out, Beelzebub's mind deteriorated with the death of young devils and the deaths of his siblings. Eventually, his wife's death pushed him over the edge and transformed Beelzebub into the Beelzebub of today.

Combat Statistics

Tier: Unknown | 4-A. 4-A with Qliphoth: Chaigidel, Higher with Keter Shel Achlanut

Classification: Demon, Prince of Hell, False God

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Immortality (Types 1, 2, and 3), Regeneration (Low-Godly; Comparable to other Prime Demons. During the Battle of Circinus Major, Beelzebub was able to completely reform after Ramiel destroyed his physical form completely.), Extrasensory Perception (Can see things that humans are incapable of seeing.), Non-Corporeal, Shapeshifting (Beelzebub can assume different forms to mess with his foes or use it for other purposes such as swaying important figures.)a, Telepathy (Beelzebub can dig through other people's memories in a process that one can describe as painful, giving off the feeling that your entire sense of self is being assaulted by billions of hot needles at once.), Mind Manipulation, Genius Intelligence, Social Influencing, Telepathy (Beelzebub was able to forcefully search through Claire's memories as well as show her visions.), Dream Manipulation (Beelzebub entered Claire's dream and showed her a small portion of his plan.), Possession (Beelzebub has possessed various figures across history, using them as puppets for his own gain.), Astral Projection, Telekinesis, Darkness Manipulation (Far greater than Adrian and Ruby. Beelzebub is capable of covering the entire planet in a shroud of shadows that blocks out the sun and mimicks the night.), Weapon Creation, Weather Manipulation (His appearance within Oakmont caused thunder and immense rain to happen.), Antimatter Manipulation, Matter Manipulation (Sub-Atomic; Beelzebub has displayed a great degree of being able to control matter and was able to render the Demigod Perseus into a bloody mist.), Fire Manipulation (Set ablaze an entire forest with flames that were indistinguishable by normal means and capable of burning even flames.), Summoning via Lord of the Flies (Can summon insects to aid him in combat.), Power Modification via Biological Manipulation (Beelzebub has the power to alter the biological, spiritual, and genetic make up of his summoned insects to allow them to evolve and constantly adapt to the situation at hand.), Corrosion Inducement, Absorption via Keter Shel Achlanut (Beelzebub is capable of absorbing any form of energy around him as well as any form of energy that is used against him. He can also absorb the energy of his opponents by initiating contact or from a distance. Beelzebub can also utilize said techniques from the energy he absorbs and utilizes it as if he had always possessed the technique. In addition to absorbing energy, Beelzebub is capable of consuming the souls of his opponent with varying levels of success. Every soul that Beelzebub consumes, he gains the knowledge that that person had while they were alive.), Attack Reflection via Keter Shel Achlanut (Can send his opponents attacks back at him at double the power.), Accelerated Development via Soul Consumption, Statistics Amplification via Absorption, Status Effect Inducement (Can paralyze his foes with a touch. His control over insects allows him to poison his foes.), Curse Manipulation, Necromancy, Power Nullification (For lesser beings. Completely nullified Adrian's ability to teleport. His Keter Shel Achlanut is capable of shattering spells, erasing them before they're even cast.), Energy Manipulation, Portal Creation, Electricity Manipulation (Can summon a hail of lightning from the sky to use against his foes.), Reality Warping (Can warp the fabric of reality to create illusions as well as grant wishes and create miracles. He used this power while masquerading as a false god.), Soul Manipulation (Can interact with souls as well as rip them from bodies. He can also destroy souls as seen during the Holy War. Beelzebub can also consume souls.), Resurrection via Deals (Beelzebub can resurrect the dead using the power of souls. However, there are many restrictions placed upon this as he can only do this if he has made a deal.), Animal Manipulation (Flies), Technology Manipulation (His presence interferes with technology, causing them to go haywire. Was able to turn a TV on by pointing at it as well as render the drones sent by Blacklight useless.), Statistics Amplification and Statistics Reduction via Keter Shel Achlanut (By absorbing his opponent's energy, Beelzebub can make himself more powerful while reducing the strength of his opponents.), Acausality (Type 1; Demons, Gods, and Angels are capable of perceiving changes and abnormalities in the timeline and can notice the presence of people from the future.), Time Manipulation (Froze time for an entire town), Biological Manipulation (Beelzebub was able to make the lungs of a man collapse in on itself. He can also modify the insects that he summons for any situation that he comes across.), Transformation via Qliphoth Chaigidel (Qliphoth Form is a special transformation available to extremely powerful demons that can access which grants them an untapped amount of power.) , Self-Sustenance (Types 1 and 2; Demons do not require food or water to continue functioning. In addition, Demons can survive within the vacuum of space.), Master Hand to Hand Combatant, Non-Physical Interaction (Can physically interact with spiritual beings as well as beings who do not possess any sort of corporeal form such as shadows)

Magic (Demons have a higher resistance to magic), Poison Manipulation (Due to the fact that he himself can produce one of the most potent supernatural venoms known to the Supernatural World, Beelzebub is highly resistant to all types of poison, even Eitr, a venom from Norse Mythology capable of producing spiritual necrosis), Corrosion Inducement (Much more resistant to Holy Water than his younger brethren.), Elemental Manipulation, Status Effect Inducement and Power Nullification (Higher level Demons such as Beelzebub are capable of resisting the effects of Profane Sigils which are designed to trap and nullify the magical powers of Demons. In addition, only a being much stronger and higher than Beelzebub can prevent him from using his powers.), Illusion Manipulation (Beelzebub can see through illusions.), Mind Manipulation (Beelzebub's mind and soul can be described as its own world which and acts in accordance to his will. Any invaders within Beelzebub's mind are quickly found and cast out.), Matter Manipulation (Can resist matter based attacks such as Barachiel's Electron Dispersion), Time Stop (In the Holy War, Beelzebub was capable of moving within Kronos's time stopped world.), Conceptual Manipulation (Beelzebub is capable of combating Seraphs, who wield Conceptual Powers capable of affecting the conceptual existence of their opponents. He can also resist the Domains of Gods, which run on concepts that govern all of Assiah and Yetzirah such as Yam's Concept of Chaos, which had no effect on him, as well as Kronos's Domain of Time, which failed to take effect.), Curse Manipulation and Status Effect Inducement (Shrugged off all of Claire's most powerful curses as if they didn't exist.), Immunity to Conventional Biological Manipulation, Conventional Diseases, Conventional Poisons, Radiation Manipulation, and Soul Manipulation (Demons lack souls, therefore, any attempt at manipulating their souls is rendered as a moot attempt. Likewise, demons do not possess a conventional or normal biological body like their angelic counterparts. Demons are spiritual entities and therefore run on a completely different set of biological rules. Attempts at infecting them with diseases or even using the strongest synthesized chemical toxin are useless when dealing with demons. Likewise, due to a lack of an organic or even physical body, demons cannot be in any way harmed by radiation with Satan claiming that he can take an endless number of gamma rays to the face without ever suffering from any adverse effects.), Immunity to all forms of conventional weaponry (Demons cannot be harmed by conventional mortal weaponry such as firearms and bombs.)

Attack Potency: Unknown (His full powers were never showcased in his final battle with Adrian, Ruby, and Claire. His arrogance prevented him from going all out and his greatest feat during the fight was slicing open the Earth to the point where magma began to spew from Earth's crust. He stated that if he wanted to, he can wipe out the most of the Milky Way Galaxy.) | Multi-Solar System Level (As a Prince of Hell, Beelzebub is immensely powerful, vastly more than other demons that existed then and now. He is capable of destroying entire star systems. During a fight with an army in which his wife, Ekra, was slain, Beelzebub slaughtered the forces of both Heaven and the Gods as well as defeating the commanding deity and seraph. His power was so great that he erased an entire portion of an unnamed Galaxy whose size and scale was comparable to that of the Andromeda Galaxy.)

Speed: Unknown, FTL possibly Higher (Can move much faster than Adrian and Ruby could in their fights. Is comparable to Cain and Avan, who are capable of moving hundreds of times faster than the speed of light. His attacks are capable of cutting a swathe of destruction through the entire arm of a galaxy within the span of a few seconds.)

Lifting Strength: Class Z via Telekinesis

Striking Strength: Unknown | Multi-Solar System Class

Durability: Multi-Solar System Level

Stamina: Nigh-Infinite (Demons rarely require food or water and can go for virtually endless amounts of time without rest or sleep.)

Range: Melee Range. Extended Melee Range with Magical Constructs | Several Meters to Interstellar Distances (Beelzebub's range of spells can travel a couple of meters to being able to carve a path through the entire arm of a galaxy) | Low Multiversal via Teleportation (Can access different dimensions such as Hell and Heaven. However, he is limited to Assiah and Yetzirah like other beings such as Gods and Angels.)

Standard Equipment:

  • The Colt Revolver
  • A Chalice used for communication purposes

Intelligence: A demon whose knowledge is of immense renown, greater than that of his siblings barring Satan and Lilith. Beelzebub is a polyglot and a polymath with very few rivals and even fewer equals. Constantly learning and assessing his environment, Beelzebub is a tactical genius and has drafted plans and plots that spanned hundreds of thousands of years. Carefully moving his pieces and being able to use his siblings without them knowing, Beelzebub was able to concoct a plan shortly after hearing John of Patmos's revelation and sought to begin what he saw as salvation for his kind. In a war, Beelzebub's strategies are deceptively simple, making use of the terrain, conditions, and worlds around him to his advantage. These strategies are capable of catching his foes off-guard and drive them into corners where they more often than not make fatal mistakes. This allowed Beelzebub to win a majority of the battles he was in during the Holy War. Following that, in the shadows of the annals of Human History, Beelzebub proves himself to be a capable schemer and manipulator, possessing a silver tongue that can corrupt leaders into becoming his puppets. These puppets don't even realize they're being used as a means to an end. According to Blacklight, most, if not all major wars and events, were triggered by Beelzebub for the sole purpose of setting off the Six Trumpets of Revelation. His plans had gone unnoticed until World War II where he managed to lose his footing with Truman.

Weaknesses: Beelzebub is incredibly arrogant to the point where he can slip in his plans. While these mistakes can be easily remedied, against beings that he views as lesser it is often fatal as seen with Adrian and his friends. In addition, as a Demon, Beelzebub is highly vulnerable to items pertaining to Heaven such as Holy Water which is like acid to demons as well as Holy Fire and Divine Weapons such as Angel Blades. While less susceptible than most demons, Beelzebub can be restrained by Profane Sigils of considerable power but that power requires someone on par with a Chief Deity or Seraphim in order to pull off.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Magic: Magic refers to the ability to affect the world and change it via supernatural means. It is a force that pervades throughout the entirety of the worlds as well as the higher worlds but to a lesser degree. All beings are capable of casting magic through sufficient research and practice.

  • Elementalism: Elementalism is a school of magic that refers to the use of multiple elements in combat as opposed to one. Most mages often delve into this school extensively as it is one of the easiest schools of magic to grasp. Elementalism involves the use of the standard five elements of fire, water, earth, air, and lightning. Other elements in this school can be used such as ice and metal.
  • Necromancy: Beelzebub is capable of resurrecting the dead and animating corpses to fight on his behalf.
  • Cursing: Cursing refers to the art of casting magic that is designed to debilitate the target in any way, shape, or form. The effects of curses vary, ranging from bringing misfortune, causing harm, or even killing their targets.
    • Necrofasciitis: Necrofasciitis is a curse that is designed to corrode and eat away at the flesh of their targets very slowly. Reminiscent of flesh-eating bacteria, the curse is a quick cast curse that can induce rapid necrosis across large parts of the human body. The pain brought upon this curse is immense as the target is oftentimes subjected to a slow and painful death. Those that survive are crippled by this spell if they do not possess a high healing factor or if the dead tissue is not removed.
    • Bad Luck Jinx: A curse that induces misfortune upon their targets. The jinx is a Sigil spell. The sigil is carved into an object and handed to the desired target.
    • Soul Flaying: Beelzebub casts a curse the engraves itself into the soul of the target. The spell attacks the soul over time, inflicting deep lacerations within the victim's soul causing intense pain.
    • Bad Luck Jinx: A spell that causes bad-luck.
  • Portal Magic: Portal Magic opens portals to other locations.
    • Gate of Gehenna: A misnomer name. The spell can open gates to any level of Hell.
  • Scrying: A basic magical spell. Allows for remote viewing.
  • Exorcisms: Exorcisms are a magical art that banishes Demons, Angels, Ghosts, and Gods. Higher-level beings may require multiple high-level beings performing exorcisms at the same time. Exorcisms can also be used in the form of sigils that can be triggered.
    • Abolishment Sigil: A standard class exorcism sigil. The sigil can be triggered via magical channeling and can banish spirits and the average demon.
    • Divine Abolishment Sigils: A specialized form of sigils developed by Blacklight to target Gods and Angels. Angels such as Malakim and Bene Elohim can be banished by the standard Divine Abolishment Sigil but beings such as Gods require high-grade sigils to banish.

Master Hand to Hand Combatant: Beelzebub possesses immense combat skills with millions of years of close quarters experience. He is highly proficient in subduing opponents as well as brutally mutilating them with his bare hands. A testament to his skill was his ability to briefly stand up to his older sister, Lilith, in a fight in a few seconds. He is also capable of fighting and killing a majority of the World War II Generation of the Divine Ten completely unarmed before fleeing after acquiring the data that he required. Beelzebub was also capable of defeating Ruby, Adrian, and Claire at the same time while he was possessing a human. In addition, he can use his wings and other appendages for combat purposes, using his wings to attack his foes as well as incorporating his abilities efficiently.

Transcendent Demon Physiology: As one of the oldest demons in existence, Beelzebub has all the powers of a demon amplified to absurd levels. Beelzebub possesses powers on par with that of Chief Deities and the Seraphim and is considered to be a threat to all life on Earth with Blacklight prioritizing his elimination. Like other demons, Beelzebub is not a physical being but rather a spiritual one. Despite this, he can interact with Physical Creation without any problems.

  • Taint: In the place of a soul, Demons possess a pitch-black void of twisted energy known as Taint. Stated by deities to be abhorrent and the manifestation of "corruption itself", Taint is what endows demons with all of their abilities including their immortality. Removing a Demon's Taint does very little to hinder it other than loss of their vast magical abilities and immortality, however, the Demon will remain far stronger than a human.
  • Vessel: While it is not necessary, demons can take vessels while on Earth for more covert operations. While inside their vessel, the vessel is virtually immortal and cannot be killed by conventional means. In addition, the demon invades the host's cells, muscles, and nervous systems. They also have access to all their memories, allowing them to mimic their personalities down to a T. While it is favorable to find a host that is undergoing emotional distress, some demons can forcefully enter a being and break down their will. Unlike angels, Demons do not heal their hosts and once the host has received enough damage, they vacate the body, leaving the host to die.
  • Umbrakinesis: Demons possess the power to control and generate a mysterious dark supernatural substance. Demons can use it and shape it into weapons, limbs, aura, or use it for enhancing and protecting themselves. As a Prime Demon, Beelzebub's powers of darkness are on an entirely different level. He is capable of projecting his darkness and creating a faux night state within the area he's around. He can convert his body into pure dark mist that allows him to bypass air vents and even use it to possess others.
  • Telekinesis: Demons have psionic abilities. They are capable of influencing physical matter with their minds, allowing them to perform feats such as throwing someone without making physical contact or lifting objects with their minds.

Keter Shel Achlanut: The special power of Beelzebub inherited from Lucifer herself. The power allows Beelzebub to convert any attack of supernatural or mundane origin and convert it to pure energy that he consumes. Said energy can either be added to his vast pool of power, heal any wounds that he has sustained, or be sent back at his opponents at greater the strength it was sent at. There seems to be no apparent limit to how much energy Beelzebub can consume, however, he is privy to the side effects of absorbing too much of whatever energy he has absorbed. This can be circumvented by knowing the energy first hand and being able to control it. For example, Beelzebub has consumed Grace before and knows how to utilize it thus eliminating the threat of it potentially harming his body. In addition to absorbing energy, Beelzebub's power can consume souls. In order to do this Beelzebub must make physical contact.

  • Consume: The most basic technique and aspect of Keter Shel Achlanut. It can absorb energy that is sent his way.
  • Regurgitate: Beelzebub fires and replicates the spell sent at him at double the spell's original power.
  • Spiritual Devouring: Beelzebub removes the soul of his foe and absorbs it into himself, converting it into pure energy to boost and restore his strength.
  • Conscription: Beelzebub can comb through the memories of beings whose souls he's consumed in order to gain their knowledge and memories. This makes infiltration for Beelzebub easier as he can shift his form to match theirs and nearly flawlessly imitate them. To an ordinary human, there is no difference between Beelzebub and the original.

Lord of the Flies: Beelzebub can summon insects to fight on his behalf. Often being blamed for summoning plagues of locusts, Beelzebub is capable of razing entire planets and stars with swarms upon swarms of highly dangerous insects. His favorite insects to summon are tsetse flies that he modified to contain a supernatural poison capable of eating away at the souls of other beings.

  • Eighth Plague: Beelzebub's penultimate and secret technique with the Lord of the Flies. He can summon a massive swarm of modified locusts that obey his will and contain a small portion of his power. Each locust, while only as durable as an ordinary one, possesses massive strength comparable to that of a Malakim and is capable of evolving per Beelzebub's will in accordance to any new information gained.

Qliphoth: Chaigidel: Beelzebub's Qliphoth Transformation. In this form, Beelzebub becomes a monstrosity with vast unholy supernatural powers. His power is multiplied thousand-fold in this form to the point where he can easily take on beings the likes of Zeus and Indra. The aura of this form is crushing, maddening, and oppressive. Beings around Beelzebub begin to feel weaker as their energy is being slowly sapped from them at an increasing rate to the point where they become nothing but shriveled husks. This form also releases a noxious poison that kills everything within a 50-meter radius around Beelzebub.

Key: Beelzebub