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Jimmy Hadashi is a young Japanese/American kid who gained superpowers under the same circumstances as the Superiors, and decided to fight crime as Beatbox. When Jimmy hears music, he can gain abilities based on the style of the music. Quick, upbeat music simply gives him super strength, speed, durability, and stamina, as well as his signature pulse blast. In this category, he finds that Tobu's Hope is the best music. Listening to classical music (Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, ect) gives him superhuman intelegence, as well as healing abilities. Mozart is the best for this. Slow, romantic music can give him psichic abilities, plus the ability to see the past in perfect clarity. Classic rock 'n roll gives him telekinisis, and energy beam attacks. Pop and Hip-Hop allow him to project pain onto his foes, and rap lets him teleport and turn intangible. Modern metal rock turns him into a tank (metephorical) that is almost indestrucatble and increibly strong, and death metal gives him shockwave attacks that can level city blocks. He is allied with the superiors, although he isn't a member.

Powers and Abilities

Note: I will be listing his individual stats only for the type of music in which they are maxed.

Tier: 7-C or slightly less

Name: Jimmy Hadashi, AKA Beatbox

Gender: Male

Age: 13 or 14

Origin: Superior

Classification: Super Powered Human

Attack Potency: Multi City Block Level+ with heavy death metal. (Leveled huge tracts of NYC with shockwaves)

Speed: 200 MPH with upbeat, quick music

Lifting Strength: 5000 tons + with modern rock

Striking Strength: Large Building Level against a single opponent, as his shockwaves focus on A.O.E. attacks.

Durability: Multi City Block Level + to Town Level with modern rock. Classical music can heal him from otherwise fatal injuries in a matter of seconds.

Stamina: Superhuman. Can recover his stamina with Classical music.

Range: A few hundred yards with baisic shockwaves, slightly less with death metal shockwaves.

Standard Equipment: Specially made and very durable headphones and MP3 player.

Intelligence: Above average for a kid his age, genius level + with Classical music.

Weaknesses: Without music, he is just a normal kid. Although he can change his music from one genre to another in less than a second, that is still a second to use a different set of powers. Not very experianced, overconfident. Was temporarily shocked into inactivity when he failed to damage a tank (literal).

Powers and Abilities: Varied. See summary.

Notable Attacks and Techniques: Using his aforementioned powers.

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