Somebody get that fucking cat under control.
~ Michael Prince



Bear is one of the Stand users appearing in Paradise City. He is a stray cat hanging around Woodstock, Illinois that reveals it's powers in the first battle the RV Crusaders went through, eventually being picked up by them, and playing a crucial role in their final battle against the boss.


Bear is much like a regular cat. He accepts affection when he feels like it, and has a dominant personality, hogging most food for himself. Bear is not afraid of dogs or water. He is also extremely ruthless against those he sees as a threat, usually killing them without thinking at all.

However, Bear does have a softer side, which he shows to those that have earned it, and can be loyal to those he cares about. Bear is also very perceptive, understanding when certain people are exhibiting certain moods, and knowing exactly what to do.

Personal Statistics

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Name: Bear, Tor (by everyone else)

Origin: Paradise City

Gender: Male

Age: 1

Classification: Stray cat (formerly), house pet (currently), Stand user

Weight: 10 lbs

Likes: Sleep, food, places where he ca neat and sleep

Dislikes: People, petting, being carried

Eye Color: Green

Hair Color: Grey and black

Affiliation: RV Crusaders

Combat Statistics

Tier: 10-C, 8-C with Godzilla

Powers and Abilities: Small Size (Type 1), Enhanced Senses (Cats have a higher field of vision than humans. They can see in roughly one sixth the amount of light needed for a human to see well, as well as possibly possessing sensitivity to ultraviolet light. Cats can hear at much higher frequencies than humans. They possess smell roughly twenty times better than that of a human. Cat whiskers are used to precisely detect and analyze nearby objects), Extrasensory Perception (Capable of seeing Stands, along with other supernatural forces like ghosts and spirits, normally invisible), Aura and Summoning (Of his Stand), Godzilla has Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Non-Corporeal (Stands are the incorporeal manifestations of one's vital energy, and can only be harmed by other Stands), Non-Physical Interaction (Stands can interact with ghosts and other Stands), Invisibility (Stands can only be seen by other Stands and Stand Users), Selective Intangibility, Size Manipulation, Plasma Manipulation, Energy Projection, Absorption (Of plasma)

Attack Potency: Below Average Human level (Is just an ordinary cat), Building level+ with Godzilla (An extremely powerful Stand that should be on par if not outright superior to Shoot to Thrill)

Speed: Superhuman (Top speed of 48 km/h), with Massively FTL reaction speed, Unknown, possibly Massively FTL combat and reaction speed with Godzilla (While reacting to other Stand attacks, it is immensely slow by comparison)

Lifting Strength: Below Average Human, at least Class 50 with Godzilla (Should be far stronger physically than Don't Stop Me Now)

Striking Strength: Below Average Class, Building Class with Godzilla

Durability: Building level+ (Survived an attack by Don't Stop Me Now), Building level+ with Godzilla (Should be just as durable, if not more so than Shoot to Thrill)

Stamina: Unknown, never shown properly exhausting itself, though likely high.

Range: Below standard melee range, extended melee range with Godzilla, several meters with pulse, several tens of meters with plasma breath

Standard Equipment: None notable.

Intelligence: Average (Has knowledge on the level of a basic human. Knew to find and bring the Arrow when most needed to the other Stand users of the group)

Weaknesses: Any damage done to his Stand is reflected onto him. Godzilla is very slow in comparison to most Stands. It's plasma pulse drains it rapidly of energy.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Godzilla: Godzilla is an incredibly large and powerful Stand that focuses on strength and durability over speed. It can use it's powerful tail as well. However, it's main power comes from it's ability to fire a beam of plasma from it's mouth that can extend up to 15 meters. It can also absorb plasma to boost itself, or launch the plasma outward in omnidirectional pulse extending 3 meters from it's own body.



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