I quit killing.
~ After seeing the dying the child.
Leave. me. alone.
~ Thugs harassing him in the bar.
My objective is to move forward,nothing more,nothing less.
~ Defeated and crippled a sorcerer who were hired to kill him.


Ban or better known as Ban the lone ronin, is the one of the main characters in the Culminverse.

Ban is skilled and talented assassin as well warrior who have been raised from birth and worked as hitman in his organization that profits from killing their targets.

After many years of living like this,he became emotionless and cold person,butchering innocents and the guilty in his path.

He eventually became tired of this and began to regret his actions after he was sent to kill the innocent family who died by his blade.

In their last moments,he saw the dying child crawling up to his parents dead bodies.

After this moment,he left his organization,hoping to find a place where he finally find peace and redemption, though leaving the organization resulted him to be branded as traitor and be hunted down by his former colleagues.

Despite just being human with cybernetic enhancement,he has use his flame from the butt of his sword to be used as evasive and offensive tool when fighting. He is all about precision and skill rather than having super powers.

He is incredibly resourceful and veteran,having fought all sorts of sorcerers before and after his career, wielding magic that is capable of distorting reality around them such as time manipulation,instant teleportation,super speed and much more.


Ban is portrayed as stern and serious person, who rarely show any human emotion due to being raised as assassin in all of his life.

He truly never had friends or family in that matter,he has been bred to be merciless killing machine and rarely speaks.

He used to have no qualms about killing anyone but after seeing the dead family he slayed,he became regretful after killing them.

He left,hoping that he can find peace and redemption in this cruel world as well avoiding killing from the trauma of killing people in the past.

Despite his cold exterior,he has some kindness in him,willingly to protect and assist innocents who are need in help.


Ban appears to be wearing casual clothes. He have blue pants,black boots,loose black jacket and green shirt.

His skin color is peach,have a black spiky hair and bushy eyebrows.

His right eye is closed while the eye has the color black,which indicates his right eye gotten injured from a fight during his career as assassin.

Combat Statistics

Tier: At least 9-B7-A with energy projection

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics,Immortality (Type 2,he is very hard to kill due to his sheer determination to survive through dangerous odds.),Weapon Mastery (Master swordsman from birth,he has been raised as assassin as well warrior.),Durability Negation,Fire Manipulation,Energy Projection (His sword is enchanted by magic,targets both the soul and physical body as well produces huge flaming beam from his sword hilt.),Martial Arts (Is a master swordsman and learned as well mastered all swordsman martial arts),Indomitable Will (Despite not being a sorcerer,he is one of the strongest mortals who have strong willpower due to his experience at fighting powerful superhuman opponents who are beyond human.),Precognition (Ban's a veteran warrior,have been predicting his opponents through their movements.),Cyborgization (Partial,all members in his organization had to go into this procedure in order to compete other superhuman beings),Vibration Manipulation (He has a bottom that produce sound wave to distort his enemies,long enough for him to escape or kill them right away),Limited Flight (He can control how much he can produce his flaming beam,allowing himself to fly similar to rocket ship.),Stealth Mastery (Trained to be proficient at guerilla warfare),Limited Teleportation (If outnumbered,his finally emergency is pressing a button on his katana's handle that teleport him to random location),Resistance to Pain Manipulation (Due to his strong determination and harsh training as assassin,he is capable of ignoring injuries to some extent),Resistance to Mind Manipulation and Possession (Trained both his mind and body to defend against spiritual attacks)

Attack Potency: Wall level (His sword can slice any materials and is merely indestructible, made out of unknown and magical materials), Mountain level (Fought a colleague from his organization, Ban use the butt of his sword,produced a huge flame beam that hit and destroyed a mountain)

Speed: Supersonic+ speed (Is comparable to other source entities that are able to move above the speed of sound), Massively Hypersonic reactions (Reacted and managed to dodged multiple lightning spells from sorcerer)

Lifting Strength: Superhuman

Striking Strength: Large Building Class (Slayed and defeated source creature that was 300 meters tall)

Durability: Large Building level (Got physically punched by the 300 meters tall creature and miraculously survived though he got injured from it)

Stamina: Superhuman (Can fight for very long hours that is almost day before succumbing to exhaustion)

Range: Extended Melee Range with his sword to tens of kilometers with energy projection and vibration manipulation

Standard Equipment: Jet Katana

Intelligence: Combat Genius,Ban has been fighting opponents throughout his life  from utilizing his environment as well reading his opponent's moves. He is combat genius who plans tactics from the get go and skilled master swordsman who have been training his whole life in the way of the sword.

Weaknesses: Human Normal Weakness.Teleportation in his sword can be only used for one day each.Rather prefer to incapacitate his opponents than killing.He is terrible at unarmed combat,heavily relies on his sword to defend himself.


  • Lured and crippled a dangerous sorcerer who can instantly teleport opponents anywhere ,before he made any move,a lighting hit him,disabling the sorcerer which was Ban's plan because of the unstable weather they where at.
  • Pressed a button on his handle that made loud vibration sound which distorted the enemies around him,long enough for Ban to escape.
  • Got grabbed by the neck during their fight,before the source creature tear his heart open,Ban pointed his sword hilt at the side of the creature's head,blown off by the intense heat from  the sword projection.
  • He fought and defeated a flying humanoid bat creature, moving  around in the sky at intense speeds, used his sword projection to catch up with it in the sky,which was like he was in rocket ship.
  • Ban hid away from hired sorcerer,who is capable of manipulating people's blood from distance.He silently maneuver him and were fast enough to knock him at the back of the head before he react what just happened.

Notable Attacks and Techniques

  • Jet Katana: A mysterious sword that were delivered to him during his early beginnings of his career as assassin. The jet katana have supernatural attributes and uses. The sword is forged with unknown materials and enchanted by magic to harm both the soul and physical body. It is nearly indestructible as Ban can cut anything material with the use of this sword. It also produces burning flames at the butt of the sword,which can be used for energy projection and has limited form of flight. There are also hidden buttons around the handle. One is vibration sound,which helps him to distort his enemies when they are grouped on him and the second is the teleportation,for emergency if he feels his life is danger.

Ban's Sword This pic is obviously not made by me.


  • His Energy projection is the size of Geno's incinerate from OPM
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