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Why, what a pleasurable experience that was. I want…more...
~ Avidor after he’s finished with his first victim

Tentacle father by eyardt-d5zu83m
So many women have fallen under my grasp...why do you think YOU would be any different? Women were the ones who caused the first sin after all. They should be punished justly for such an act!
~ Avidor to Sinistra

Daughters of coldharbour by velothii-d6x2zpd
All of it is in my control. Now it’s time for a new existence! One where Men rule, and women are in their proper place! I shall spread this through EVERY realm I come across!


Avidor was once a simple, Wyvern class demon of Lust. He did the duties that he was supposed to do and seemed to be a regular Demon as common as the rest. However, this changed completely when one day, he got the chance to torture and abuse another demon by the name of Zaina as punishment for taking possession of a human who's name has been forgotten through the tests of time. When Avidor was capable of asserting his dominance onto her, this experience, this pleasure he felt. It gave him power and a desire to gain more of it. Throughout the course of the several millennia he’s existed, Avidor made a name for himself and became a prominent figure among Demons.

His desire to torment and lust after women became great, and his inept ability to take any opportunity he could to molest women, gained him more and more power. He soon became a Crown Prince, one of the highest position for a demon of lust. While in this form, he was presented with an Angel by the name of Mary. This Angel seemed to be another one among the many he has dominated over. He did his usual business in tricking her till soon he would rape her. However, when Mary presented the idea of another Angel that was even prettier than her that she could take to him to trade for her own life, he simply could not refuse. What he didn't realize was Angels could lie just as well as Demons.


In his earliest days, Avidor commanding and loud, but constantly afraid to speak out against his superiors, for fear of the wrath they could easily deliver unto him. He was, and still is, incredibly vain, always wanting the most for himself, even outright stealing it from his other Demons if he could get away with it.

When he was given the opportunity to torment Zaina, however, he realized the fun he had holding others under his power. To see a woman submit to him brought him pleasure like nothing else, and he accepted this with glee. From that day on, Avidor sought to always gain more power, to bring more women under his thrall - be they human, Angel, or his fellow Demons, to make them serve him in what he believes to be their rightful place. By the present day, he is incredibly suave and manipulative, casually and effortlessly playing virtually every Demon in existence for fools, even Lucirna herself. Not even Angels - ones usually adept at discerning truth from lies - can easily tell if what he says is truthful. In spite of this, Avidor is also very arrogant.

He believes that what he thinks is objectively right, and refuses to be convinced otherwise. In addition, if he is presented with something that he believes could further his goals, he can be fairly easily convinced to follow through with it, such as Mary convincing him to let him go in exchange for an Angel more beautiful than her.

Personal Statistics

Origin: Demon Distortion

Name: Avidor

Classification: Demon of Lust

Alignment: Neutral Evil, Chaotic Evil by the end

Gender: Male

Age: 4132 years old

Date of Birth: February 14th

Height: 7’9” Feet tall

Weight: 179 lbs

Likes: Control, patriarchy, male domination, submissive females, Mary, his own demonic powers

Dislikes: Submissiveness, hermaphrodites, females being anywhere other than "their rightful place", Lucirna, the holy and angelic

Affiliation: Himself for the most part, many, many women he’s claimed

Combat Statistics

Tier: 8-C | 4-B | 4-A to 3-C | At least Low 2-C, likely 2-C

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Immortality (Type 1), Weapon Mastery (A master at using a blade.), Mind Manipulation (A minor level at this stage, but can still control lesser Angels with relative ease.) | Everything previously but to a higher degree, Immortality (Type 3), Regeneration (Low-Mid; All demons have regenerative properties on at least this level), Mind Manipulation (A much, much higher level. Can control and manipulate an entire Solar System’s worth of Angels with a thought), Telepathy (Can transmit his thoughts across planets to demons or angels), Aura (Has a passive Aura that can overwhelm and seduce females, or make men feel stronger. He can control who this affects.), Pain Manipulation and Pleasure Manipulation (By pressing his thumb on their head, he can make someone feel all the pain or pleasure they've ever experienced in their life), Chain Manipulation (Creates and can control several chains to attack and strap opponents down), Transformation and Body Control (With his “True Form”, he becomes a massive Tentacle monster the size of a Solar System. Can control Tentacles coming from his body or other parts of his true form whenever he wants), Status Effect Inducement (His whips and Chains induce the “Paralysis” effect which makes it more difficult to move), Non-Corporeal (All demons on this level have transcended their weaker, physical body), Resistance to Conceptual Manipulation, Death Manipulation, Soul Manipulation, Probability Manipulation, Fate Manipulation, Matter Manipulation, Spatial Manipulation, Magic, Void Manipulation (All demons on this level have these resistances), and especially Mind Manipulation (His mind has shown to be unchangeable, even when the most powerful Angels tried to manipulate it) | Everything listed previously just to a much, much greater degree, Immortality (Type 8; Reliant on the very concept of lust to continue existing), Telekinesis (Can move and control an entire Galaxy to his liking), His Pain Manipulation and Pleasure Manipulation are much more potent, making his opponent feel every bit of pain or pleasure from all possible futures, Portal Creation and Teleportation (All demons of his level can teleport to different universes or create portals to lead other demons into them), BFR (Via Portal Creation) | Abstract Existence (Is the embodiment of lust itself), Reality Warping (Warped an entire timeline to make men dominant and women sex slaves), Regeneration (Mid-Godly; All gods have this level of regenerative capability), Forcefield Creation (Has a passive set of countless amounts of forcefields made to protect him from harm), Law Manipulation (Made it a fundamental law of the universe that men are dominant and women are submissive, which can only be overturned if one has comparable power to Avidor), Memory Manipulation (Restructured all of Michael and Lucirna's memories to where he was always dominant towards her and she was always submissive towards him)

Attack Potency: Building level (Comparable to other Wyvern class demons who could rupture buildings. Some are even the size of an entire Building) | Solar System level+ (One of the most powerful Crowned Prince Demons. His True Form reaches the size of regular star systems) | Multi-Solar System level to Galaxy level+ (Comparable to other Archdemons, the weakest of which could shake multiple star systems around them with a finger snap, and the strongest controlled entire galaxies as their domain. Would soon gain enough power to surpass Lucirna.) | At least Universe level+ (Scaling to other Gods, who have shown to create and live in their own universes. Infected an entire timeline where all men across history would be the only ones having importance, while women were the equivalent of sex slaves), likely Low Multiverse level (Should be comparable to Tiamat, who, in long ago lore, was said to create hundreds of universes)

Speed: Hypersonic (Comparable to other Wyverns) | Massively FTL+ (One of the swiftest of the Crown Princes. Could travel in between solar systems in mere minutes) | Massively FTL+ (Fast enough to travel between Galaxies and defeat Archangels in direct combat) | Immeasurable (Fast enough to keep up with other Gods)

Lifting Strength: Superhuman | Stellar (Comparable to other demons. His True form is the size of most star systems) | Multi-Stellar (Scaling to demons who could control and fit multiple stars into their place) to Galactic (Compares to demons who can control and move their own galaxies) | Immeasurable (As strong as other Gods)

Striking Strength: Building Class | Solar System Class | Multi-Solar System Class to Galactic | Low Multiversal

Durability: Building level (As durable and could tank hits as well as other Wyvern Class Demons) | Solar System level+ (Could Take several hits from Sinistra) | Multi-Solar System level to Galaxy level+ (Could Trade and match blows with beings of similar power and even took a good hit from Lucirna) | At least Universe level+ (Could fight on par with other Gods), likely Low Multiverse level (Should be comparable to Tiamat)

Stamina: High (Can work for hours on end as well as do battle for long periods of time) | Exceedingly high (Does not require sleep. Fought Sinistra for a very long while without seeming tired at all | Limitless (All Archdemons never grow fatigued) | Immeasurable

Range: Standard melee range with physical attacks. Extended Melee range with his sword. | Same as before. Tens of meters with chains and whips. Interplanetary with Mind hax and his aura | Same as before. Interstellar to Galactic with Mind Hax and Aura. | Universal+ (His attacks can be felt across entire timelines. Warped a timeline to which all men were dominant and all women were sex slaves), likely Low Multiversal (Should be on the same level as Tiamat)

Standard Equipment: His sword, Tormentum Infinitum. Unnamed chains and whips.

Intelligence: Genius to Extraordinary Genius. Avidor is a skilled manipulator and deceiver of others. He can play an act of being completely innocent indistinguishably from how a real person would and is capable of manipulating others into his grasp without the need for powers. He is so skilled that even Angels of truth have a hard time telling if he’s lying or not. In battle, he is also a masterful tactician in this regard and will consider various options and picks one that would suit the situation the best. In general, he considers all of his options and his cunning and unpredictable nature makes him difficult to get a read on.

Weaknesses: Ironically enough, he, himself can be tricked by others and was played the fool by Mary. He is extremely single minded in his ideals and rarely changes his mindset, making him easy to read if one knows about him beforehand. His Aura does not affect beings that aren’t specifically male or female, such as hermaphrodites or robots.

Key: Wyvern | Crown Prince | Archdemon | God

Note: Please also credit The Everlasting, as he had a huge hand in making this profile. Many shoutouts and thanks to him!


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