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The different Super Saiyan forms have noticeable auras.


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Ability to have energy envelop the user. It can be used (consciously or subconsciously) for a variety of purposes (such as intimidation).


  • Explosive - When activated, this type of aura creates a powerful shock wave of energy around the user. Also includes various elemental aura.
  • Overwhelming - An aura which causes a variety of negative effectsono the enemy. Effects range from weakness to unconsciousness to death (e. g. can kill by aura alone).
  • Fear-inducing - Aura affecting an enemy's emotions, it makes them feel insecure and fearful. Generally has a negative impact on the target's fighting ability, and at high levels (in the absence of Resistance), can cause hallucinations and induce insanity.
  • Rage-inducing - Aura which forces the opponent to lose control of himself. Might function by simply reinforcing negative emotions such as anger, bloodlust, etc. and induces rage and complete loss of emotional control.
  • Materialized - Aura that can transform into material objects (usually temporarily). Can be used to create weapons, armor, and in some cases even living creatures.
  • Catastrophe-inducing - Aura that causes natural (or supernatural) disasters on a humongous scale. Might even allow the user to absorb from surroundings at an unlimited scale.
  • Charismatic - Aura that causes a supernatural charm for its user. Allows a variety of purposes, such as causing the target to fall in love with the user.
  • Defensive - Aura that shields or defends the user from attacks or abilities from all sides, similar to a forcefield. It may also be able to heal the user's or any nearby allies' wounds.


  • It may consume stamina to maintain the effects of the aura and if the user gets tired, they might not be able to keep it active at all times.
  • More energy might be necessary to affect a more powerful opponent, or to increase the scale of the effects that the aura produces.
  • Depending on the kind of aura, many characters might have resistance to its effects, since it's a very popular ability in fiction.