Accelerator easily sends back the attack.


Attack Reflection is the explicit ability to turn one's opponent's attacks against them. This is a rather powerful ability, being able to perform offense and defense simultaneously by effectively turning one's efforts against them.

How it works usually depends on the user. Some may absorb the attack and then send it back. Others may manipulate the vectors in order to send the attack back from whence it came. Powerful users of Telekinesis are usually able to reflect many different kinds of attack aimed against them.

This is not to be confused with one using another's powers against them, as that is simple trickery rather than an ability tailored to reflect incoming attacks.


  • At times, it only works against attacks of a certain type or power level (for example, a very powerful attack may surpass the reflective capabilities of the user).
  • It may require lengthy preparation time.
  • Might only be usable under specific conditions.
  • Some powers may not be so easy to reflect or may lack a certain component or characteristics that would make reflection a possibility (for example, some users may only be able to reflect direct attacks like an energy blast, but not powers such as Mind Manipulation, Soul Manipulation, etc).
  • Users of powers such as Telekinesis may try to counter the reflection.


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