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Ataxerxes Hussain is the child of Lucifer, the Archdeamon of Pride and a woman living in destitude poverty. His birth name was Charles Bennet.

He lived much of his life in poverty, barely managing to scrape by. With the heavy taxes imposed upon his family by the Lord of the land preventing them from being able to accumulate any savings or rise up in society, leaving them economically stagnant.

He had to constantly reaffirm that he was good, that he and his family didn't deserve this treatment. That they deserved better, and this self-assurance quickly balloned to pride, hatred, and self-rightiousness.
He and his family worked so hard, they out their blood, sweat, and tears into getting money, but the wealthy get more just by breathing. It is him and his family that deserve to live in luxury, that deserve to be above all others.

Though when he was eight his father, the main financial supporter of his family, was murdered. Leaving his mother umable to pay the taxes levied upon her, thus leading to them being evicted from what little of a home they had.

This made him feel even more useless and fueled his hatred for the Lord, giving him the desire to usurp him and become one himself.

Four years later was taken in as the Servant of the Lord, and for three years he was overworked and given subpar living conditions, made the target of abuse and condencension, treated as a subhuman.

When he was sixteen he finally snapped and murdered him, taking his position as Loed of the Territory. And he acted as a creul tyrant, even worse than the one before him. But not even this could satiate his hubris, he always wanted more, to rise higher and higher in the heirarchy. Thus he wanted to become the wealthiest Lord in the Kingdom, not out of greed or actual desire for wealth, but out of the prestige and image it granted him.

He often beat his servants, sometimes to the death, as he viewed them as nothing more than tools. That was all humanity was to him, tools used in order to further his rise to greater and greater power.

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Personal Statistics

Name: Ataxerxes Hussian, Charles Bennet (True Name)

Combat Statistics

Tier: 10-A | 6-B | 4-A


Classification: Human | Arch-Cambion | Demon God

Powers and Abilities: None Notable | Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Mind Manipulation, Soul Manipulation, Pocket Reality Manipulation, Power Bestowal, Power Nullification, Weapon Mastery (With Polearm), Regeneration (Low-Godly), Immortality (Type 1, 2, 3, 4), Summoning, Reactive Power Level (When in Domain), Resistance to Soul Manipulation, Mind Manipulation | All abilitues as before including Water Manipulation, Blood Manipulation

Attack Potency: Athletic Human Level | Country Level | Multi-Solar System Level

Speed: Athletic Human | Hypersonic+ | Sub-Relativistic

Lifting Strength:

Striking Strength:

Durability: Athletic Human | Country Level | Multi-Solar System Level


Range: ... | Extended Melee Range | Planetary

Standard Equipment: His Staff

Intelligence: Gifted, he was always a gifted individual whose capabilities far surpassed most, able to quickly understand complex ideas and topics. He became obssessed with Academia in order to give himself even more to out him above all others, to make him greater in comparison. Leading to him becoming skilled and knowledgble in a plethora of topics.

Notable Attacks and Techniques

Staff: He wields an ornate staff with a long blade on one side of it. He is very skilled in wielding it, putting the totality of his stre gth into it, and further strengthening his foes through imbuing it with the power of his Will and his Ideals, making for a strike that transcends being a mere physical blow.

He belives in himself and his ideals more than any other, only he is absolutely right. And this belief is so pure, and so powerful, that it begins to emanate and warp the world and the minds around him.

He attacks with all his passion and all his might, a steadfast refusal to ever stop trying. For dwspite his pride and beleif that such things are below him, he will still do everything he can to make his will reality. For it is what he deserves.

Thuamaturgy: He is capable of using Thuamaturgy, and has had his abilities strengthed up to extraordinary levels once he ascended to his true power.

With it he is capable of manipulating the elements, creating barriers, strengthening his body and other objects, and much more. Though despute being capable of all of this he prefers to use his Staff in melee combat, strengthening it to be able to cut through almost any defence.

Kingly Aura: He has a passive aura that fills those around him with intense feelings of fear and respect, making him feel very charismatic and makes people want to follow him. His presence demands respect. Through it he can also manipulate people to agree with his ideals, to join in his idealogy and beliefs, to see them as absolutely right.

He can control its potency untill it takes on an almost physical form that forces people downward, making them bow. Few are able to resist this ability. Even effecting those that would be otherwise uneffected by mind manipulation techniques.

He can also do the reverse, making one feel great pride, leading them to folly. He can do it to make foes arrogant, and, beliving themselves as undoubtably victorious, let their gaurd down for him to strike back with greater force. Taking advantage of the hubris he instilled within them.

Domain: He is able to impose his own Reality upon the World, overwriting the Law of the World with his own. This is like the Crystalization of ones own mind, ones own Ego, a manifestation of their Inner World imposed upon Reakity, overwriting the Foundation to conform to ones own Law.

The amount of Prana required for this makes it an ability held by very few, one must not only hold an entire ocean of Prana, but also must have powerful feelings and firm beliefs, an indomitable and unsupresseble Will that is powerful enough that they can take physical form. Spreading ones Hegemony outward and making all Conform to one's Will.

It is the Power of Creation and Law. The power of the Gods, to impose one's own Law upon the World, and only God's have such an Ego to bring about such a thing.

His takes the form of a one hundred kilometre tall tower with tens of thousands of floors, like the Tower of Babel, a classicak symbol of Hubris, those who he slays have their Soul captured within it are made into husks with absolute subordinace to him. These are known as Bariya.

If somebody enters the tower, and is not a Bariya, they would be weakened overtime, like how the prideful demean and lower others to feel better about themselves. They also slowly become assimilated, becoming a Bariya themselves even without dying.

Bariya however are strengthens to always be more powerful than the opponent, and Ataxerxes is strengthened to always be made stronger than the Bariya.

With each higher floor the effects become more and more powerful, with even the lowest floor able to instantly crush and overpower the Ego of any normal beings, Every higher floor increases exponentially, and even those with the most defended psyches and stringest wills would be ivercome before even reaching halfway up the Tower.

Bariyawoč: The Bariyawoč (ባሪያዎች, slaves), singular Bariya (ባሪያ, slave) exist within his Domain, though he can call them outsude of it. Giving them Psuedo-Bodies made out of Prana. Though when summoned they will not have the passive effect of always being stronger than their opponent, but they can be directly strengthened by Ataxerxes himself.

The Bariya cannot die unless they have their "Souls" destroyed. Though they can have their Psuedo-Bodjes destroyes beyond repair, in which they are called back into the Domain to regenerate.

He has around 300,000 Bariyawoč by the events of the story.


If someone pledges themselves to him he is able to impose a cellular level Geas on them, claiming ownership of their entire being, though unlike a Bariya these retain sentience, though have their thoughts and actions have their flow controlled and manipulated by the Conditions set on the Geas.

As a reward for pledging their Loyalty to him he is able to strengthen them and grant them regeneration and reliant immortality, giving a great incentive for pledging ones servitude.

Authority: After slaying Varuna and taking his Authority Artaxerxes gained the ability to control all water and all liquids throughout the multiverse, but due to his mind not being suitable for such a large hegemony he was limited to only being able to control it on a planetary scale, able to control all liquids on a singular planet.

This also includes the liquids in bodies, both of others and yourself. And through this he can manipulate people's bodies or cause them to pass out from blood being cut off from the brain. The uses of such an ability are myriad, nigh-infinite in fact, though he typically uses it to prevent himself from bleeding or to rip the blood out of people's bodies, killing them instantly.