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Personal Data
Epithet Descendant of the Aegean God
Race Elemental


Sexuality Male
Age At least 2,000,000+ years
Affiliation Lagos
Occupation Emperor of Lagos
Family Aqua (Sister)

Azure (Step-Brother)

Azrath (Ancestor/Former Self)

Alignment Lawful Good

Neutral Good

Status Alive
Hair Color Deep Blue
Eye Color Blue
Skin Color Light Blue
Height 207 cm (6'9")
Weight 109 kg (240 lbs)
Combat Statistics
Element Aquakinesis (Water)

Fragokinesis (Explosions)

Holy Armament N/A
Disaster Class Calamitous (B Rank)

Catastrophic (B Rank), Cataclysmic (A Rank) with Colossal Impact

Cataclysmic (A Rank), Colossal (A Rank) with Colossal Impact Supernova


Asura is the protagonist of the Action-Adventure Web Novel, Elemental Saga written by Sauce God. He is an aquakinetic, a subspecies of elementals who reside on a large planet named Lagos capable of controlling and creating water. Asura is the emperor of Lagos and the first descendant of the Aegean God who rules Lagos alongside his sister, Aqua, the second descendant of the Aegean god; or so it's said. In reality, Asura is an aquakinetic who was created by the Aegean God Azrath as a backup body in order to preserve his life/legacy if he were to ever die since he was being imprisoned by Indra. If Azrath died, the limit he placed on Asura's Primordial Source would be removed and he would gain all of Azrath memories and skills basically becoming the Aegean God. If this event were to ever unfold, Azrath would disappear and the old Asura would cease to exist, they would combine into a single entity with Asura being its figurehead, this event would be called Rebirth of the Aegean God and this entity would be named the Aegean God Reaper. In simple terms, Asura is the Aegean God if the Aegean God wasn't a God, if not just a regular, stronger-than-average elemental emperor


Asura is an elemental, a tall cyclops-like being with long pointy ears. As an aquakinetic, his skin color is light blue skin, he has laid down, spiky, deep blue hair, with a large blue eye. Asura is a fit individual with a bulkier than average physique. He wears a suit of metallic armor whose primary color is yellow which is covered by a long blue cape with a yellow outline, similar to a mantle, which reaches his ankles. Under his armor, he wears a full-body, spandex-like, black turtleneck


Asura is a virtuous being who believes in justice in which everyone is safe. In Lagos, Asura can deliver absolute justice and stop anyone from suffering, because of this, he is regarded as a great emperor as he treats everyone equally and provides for everyone. Because of this, he has remained emperor for innumerable millennia and made Lagos a nation where there is no violence or conflict; but this virtuosity is his biggest flaw as he has never felt powerless, and being the emperor of Lagos gave him a false expectation of reality of the universe. He was oblivious to all the evil in the universe such, he believes murder of any kind, whenever it is for the greater good or a higher purpose is no different than doing it for fun, but after meeting Juro, having to go through the harsh events of the void, realizing the horrors of reality and the crimes of the Kosmic Gods, he changed, his moral code was broken beyond repair, while still being the same Asura, he evolved into a cruder, a more serious and mature individual who sees the world for what it really is, becoming even more realistic than his sister Aqua who used to be his direct opposite. Now Asura the goal to free the universe of evil by almost any means necessary

Power and Abilities

Tier: At least 7-A, Likely High 6-C, At least High 7-A, Likely 6-B with Elemental Burst, Higher when around water | At least 6-B, 6-B+ with Elemental Burst, Up to 6-A with Enraged Berserker, High 6-A when around Water, Higher with Colossal Impact | At least 6-A+, Likely High 6-A, High 6-A with Elemental Burst, Higher with Enraged Berserker and when around water, Up to Low 5-B with Colossal Impact Supernova

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, (As an elemental, his physical capabilities surpasses that of most races in the Cosmos and includes everything from how fast he can run, how high he can jump, how much he can lift, how hard he can strike, how much force his body can withstand, etc...), Acrobatics (As an elemental, he is incredibly agile and is capable of performing complex movements), Enhanced Senses (As an elemental, his senses are extraordinarily superior to humans to the point he can clearly see anything in his peripheral vision within a radius spanning hundreds of kilometers as if it were right in front of him while also being able to hear and smell anything within a hundred-kilometer radius. Their hearing is so advanced that they can not only project, but receive ultrasonic waves), Chi Manipulation (As an elemental, he can use a form of life energy called Astral Essence which resides within every living organism and celestial body in the entire Cosmos), Flight (By using his Astral Essence, he can transform into a state called Elemental Burst where he creates an aura of Astral Essence around him which allow him to fly at insane speeds), Extrasensory Perception (As an elemental, he can sense Astral Essence which makes up everything in the Cosmos), Information Analysis (As an elemental, he can sense his opponents Astral Essence which directly correlates to how powerful they are), Mind Reading (As an elemental, he can find out if someone is lying by licking them), Photographic Memory (As an elemental, he can recall anything he has seen just once), Intuitive Aptitude (As an elemental, he can quickly learn and understand the workings and mechanics of anything, no matter how simple or complex it is), Aura (As an elemental, he can transform into a state called Elemental Burst in which he wrap himself in an aura of Astral Essence which allows him to fly, push his physical abilities to the limit, induce fear, overwhelmed weaker enemies, etc...), Fear Manipulation (As an elemental, he can can completely knock those inferior to him unconscious by powering up and showing them his Astral Essence), Paralysis Inducement (By powering up, if his opponent is under 1/10th of his full power he can paralyse their movements), Analytic Prediction (As an elemental, he can predict the movements of attacks when they have "style" to them, this includes any form of hand to hand combat), Accelerated Development (As an elemental, he develops far faster than the average person which allows him to quickly become stronger after little training), Statistics Amplification (As an elemental, he can transform into a state called Elemental Burst where he surrounds himself in an aura made of Astral Essence which allows him to increase his physical and elemental capabilities tenfold), Self-Sustenance (Type 1 and 2. As an elemental, he doesn't need to breathe or eat to survive), Absorption (As an elemental, he can extract and absorb the Astral Core of others whose resistance has been weakened), Immortality (Type 1, 2, and 3. As an elemental, he lives indefinitely and cannot grow past his physical prime while being able to heal and recover from any and every injury instantaneously), Regeneration (Low-High. As an elemental, he can regrow entire body parts including any and all organs, muscles, bones, veins, blood, etc... The extent to which his regeneration works is on a cellular level, meaning that as long as a single one of his cells exists, he can recover), Soul Manipulation (As an elemental, he can interact with the Astral Core of others, it contains all of their memories, skills, and everything that makes up that person), Durability Negation (All beings are naturally resistant to their Astral Cores being attacked, if that natural resistance is weakened, he can extract their Astral Core which is their soul, meaning those that aren’t resistant will suffer the same fate. Also via Abyssal Edge), Water Manipulation, Water Walking (As an aquakinetic, he can walk on water), Weapon Creation, Healing (Via Tidal Restoration), Explosion Manipulation, and Rage Power (After absorbing Perseres, he became a frago-aquakinetic who has the inherent abilities of both elements meaning he also gained the fragokinetic's ability called Enraged Berserker)

Analytic Prediction (As an elemental, his hand to hand combat is unpredictable as they fight without “style”), Soul Manipulation (All beings are naturally resistant to their Astral Cores being attacked, In order to intact with his Astral Core, you must destroy all of his cells driving him to the point he can no longer regenerate), Disease Manipulation, Poison Manipulation, and DNA Manipulation (According to information left by the Aegean God, Asura said “No toxin, no venom, no disease, or anything of that nature can affect our regeneration, it is completely and utterly invincible, there is no way to get around it… No tech nor science can create something that can bypass the regeneration of an elemental… The Genekinetics, those that can interact with DNA, the Toxikinetics, those that can manipulate toxins and venoms, and even the Virokinetics, those that can create and control diseases and infections, could not do anything to completely negate the regeneration of an elemental, while some could affect an entire arm or create a disease that would slowly eat away parts of the body, none could completely rearrange the biology of an elemental. But those were extremely powerful kinetics who used soul energy, there is no biological creation that doesn't involve soul energy that can affect the regeneration of an elemental, and even if you used soul energy to manufacture something, an elemental would just cut their ligament off that is infected as the body itself would immediately detect anything that is harmful or that can cause harm and slow, or halt it's progress entirely and eliminate it before it can do anything. It would have to be a very powerful kinetic to create or do something that can affect the biology of an elemental, and even then, those that are stronger would be unphased”)

Attack Potency: At least Mountain Level (Classified as a Calamitous class threat which is defined as "A threat that can obliterate an entire mountain, a large landform formed through tectonic forces or volcanism which locally raises above the surrounding land in a limited area of a planet’s surface in the form of a peak; those that can cause widespread damage to a mountain range, a series of mountains ranging in a line and connected by high ground with similarity in form, structure, and alignment that have arisen from the same cause, usually an orogeny are also classified in this class"), Likely Large Island Level (Scaling off of his Division B Key, he should be within the hundreds of Gigatons as while the power jump he experienced between fighting Perseres and Division B is unknown, it can be scaled to a low ball estimate of 4x and a high end estimate of around 80x, this still puts him at 95 Gigatons with a low ball estimate), At least Large Mountain Level+, Likely Country Level with Elemental Burst (Surrounding himself in his Astral Essence activates an ability all elemental have called Elemental Burst, this increases both his physical and elemental prowess tenfold. While in this form, he was capable of somewhat keeping up with Sora and after becoming 4x stronger, he surpassed her, which means at this level he is somewhat comparable), Higher when around water (When certain elementals are around their element, their combat capabilities double, aquakinesis is one of these elements so when Asura is within a dozen or so meters from "any water source" he becomes 2x stronger) | At least Country Level (After gaining fighting experience in the Void, he should have gotten stronger, coupling this by activating Perseres' fragokinesis, his power should have at least quadrupled as according to Asura "The more elements an elemental possess, the stronger they become. The combination of elements is more than just the sum of their parts, if not their powers are summed up and multiplied by the number of elements one possesses." This is further supported by the fact one can argue and it is very likely the case that Sora resorted to her Continental Collapser because after sensing Asura's immense power growth when he activating his fragokinesis and attacking her, she likely concluded that her Astral Rays weren't enough to defeat him as she was previously toying with him yet only moments later resorted to her strongest ability almost immediately after being attacked by his Abyssal Edge, one can also say that she was just spooked but given later feats and statements it is unlikely. The reason scaling above Sora's Astral Rays is impressive is that they scale to 1/100th of her strongest ability called Continental Collapser), Country Level+ with Elemental Burst, Up to Continent Level with Enraged Berserker (Every Version of Enraged Berserker triples one's power when activated with rage, in his fight with Amaya, Asura was capable of achieving Version IX which was his peak. Since Asura's and Amaya's fight took place a few hours after his fight with Sora, this Asura should also be capable of entering this state), Multi-Continent Level when around water, Higher with Colossal Impact (Asura's Colossal Impact was stated by Argos, who took both abilities head on, to have displayed slightly more power than Sora's Continental Collapser. This means that Colossal Impact scales 10x above his full power and since it is a skill, it's power is proportionate to his base power, meaning anything that amps Asura's base Astral Essence, would also amp the power of this skill) | At least Continent Level+, Likely Multi-Continent Level (After absorbing his reward for ascending to Division A, his power was amplified many times over, coupling this with him contending with Amaya who according to Sora is an A Rank Cataclysmic class threat which is defined as "A threat that can cause widespread damage to entire continental masses, a very large landmass which usually houses billions of individuals; a planet usually only has about ten landmasses of this size in which the entire population resides." Asura being this tier is also supported by the fact that he was stated to have created an ocean's worth of water in mere seconds while proceeding to say this is the strongest he has even been), Multi-Continent Level with Elemental Burst, Higher with Enraged Berserker and when around water, Up to Small Planet Level with Colossal Impact Supernova (CIS is the upgraded/full power version of CI which only channels his power into a singular ligament while the latter channels it across his entire body, I determined that CIS is over 100x more powerful than CI making it scale over 1,000x over base Asura and as I mentioned, since it is a skill, it's power is proportionate to his base power, meaning anything that amps Asura's base Astral Essence, would also amp the power of this skill)

Striking Strength: At least Mountain Class, Likely Large Island Class, At least Large Mountain Class, Likely Country Class with Elemental Burst, Higher when around water | At least Country Class, Country Class+ with Elemental Burst, Up to Continent Class Enraged Berserker, Multi-Continent Class when around water | At least Continent Class+, Likely Multi-Continent Class, Multi-Continent Class with Elemental Burst, Higher with Enraged Berserker and when around water

Lifting Strength: At least Class G, Likely Class T, At least Class T, Likely Class P with Elemental Burst, Higher when around water | Class P, Higher with Elemental Burst, up to Class E with Enraged Berserker, Higher when around water | At least Class E, Higher with Elemental Burst, Class Z with Enraged Berserker, Higher when around water

Durability: At least Mountain Level, Likely Large Island Level, At least Large Mountain Level, Likely Country Level with Elemental Burst, Higher when around water | At least Country Level, Country Level+ with Elemental Burst, Up to Continent Level with Enraged Berserker, Multi-Continent Level when around water | At least Continent Level+, Likely Multi-Continent Level, Multi-Continent Level with Elemental Burst, Higher with Enraged Berserker and when around water, Possibly Small Planet Level with Colossal Impact Supernova (It can be argued that while this ability is active, the amount of energy released is the same amount his body has stored which would amplify how much damage he can withstand)

Speed: At least Hypersonic, Possibly Massively Hypersonic+ (Stated to be moving at the speed of lightning which would be consistent if Sora's speed was amplified by the Astral Essence she got in the Void rather than from the energy she already had, there is an argument for both sides which puts him around Mach 5 if Sora wasn't amped by the Void, and around Mach 500 if she was. This is still a low end as the speed of lighting statement is consistent plus it is assumed that it took 60 seconds for Sora to travel around the world when in fact the statement says it was under a minute which could be any number below 60 seconds. I'll go with Mach 5 since the lightning statement can be chopped up as hyperbole and Sora being amped by the Void is more likely but the amount being 10x is questionable), High Hypersonic+ with Elemental Burst, Massively Hypersonic when around water | At least Massively Hypersonic+ (Could dodge attacks from Sora who was moving close to Mach 2,000), Sub-Relativistic with Elemental Burst, Up to Relativistic+ with Enraged Berserker, FTL when around water | At least Massively Hypersonic+, Likely Sub-Relativistic (His Astral Essence increased many times over), Higher, Likely Relativistic with Elemental Burst, Up to FTL, Likely FTL+ with Enraged Berserker, FTL+ when around water

Stamina/Endurance: Physically Infinite (As an elemental, he can withstand any amount of pain or shock and he doesn't need to rest unless he runs out of Astral Essence which is only used when he activates Elemental Burst which enhances his physical capabilities and allows him to fly, or when he uses his elements and skills)

Range: Standard Melee Range, Up to Hundreds of Kilometers with elements and skills

Standard Equipment: N/A

Intelligence: Gifted (The average elemental is far more intelligent than the average human, they can easily master concepts with few repetitions, they have incredibly fast processing speed compared to even that of a computer, and are notably creative. Alongside Aqua, Asura rules an entire civilization making him an incredibly talented leader, and as the descendant of the Aegean God, he should have somewhat inherited his impressive intellect)


  • He uses Colossal Impact/Colossal Impact Supernova as a last resort because it takes some time to charge and he likely puts all of his energy into it making him useless once he fires it
  • Once he dies or lets his anger take over, he'll be possessed by Lucifer and become Khaos. Khaos is awakened whenever Asura loses control over his emotions, is in a near-death situation, or if he actually dies. Khaos is suppressed whenever it dies or runs out of Astral Essence mid-battle and is exhausted. Khaos can only be activated once every few hours as once it is defeated, it will revert back to Asura Who will be unconscious as a result of not having enough Astral Essence

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Void Arc

  • Aquakinetic: As an aquakinetic, Asura has immense power over water, a transparent, odorless, and tasteless liquid which he can produce, control, and manipulate. Asura is extremely skilled with aquakinesis and is second to only the Aegean God himself to the point he can form water into a variety of different constructs that he can control which include but is not limited to hands to smite enemies, pillars to elevate himself, producing blades of water that can even slice through solid rock and metal, creating shields of water to stop incoming attacks, concentrating the water in order to make it denser thus making it more powerful, etc… As an aquakinetic, he also has an extreme advantage when close to a large pool of water which not only makes him stronger, but allows for increased mobility on both the surface of a body of water via surfing/sliding rather than running/flying, and underwater, where his agility allows him to swim, is like a fish.
  • Fragokinesis: Allows Asura to generate spontaneous explosions at will which rapidly increase in volume and release energy in an extreme manner. The size and power of the explosion can be controlled depending on how much Astral Essence Asura uses. Though Asura usually channels his fragokinesis through his hands he is not limited to them as he can use his feet in order to not only propel himself at rapid speeds but to increase the force his physical attacks deliver by increasing their speed. Utilizing his fragokinesis, Asura can also generate smokescreens to confuse enemies, but because his opponents can usually sense his presence, this ability is never used.

  • Aquatic Jail: By using his aquakinesis to create small puddles of water seemingly anywhere his eyes can see, Asura can form the water in the shape of chains which allow him to entangle or trap enemies in order to restrict their movement; he usually uses this ability behind his opponent in order to catch them off guard.
  • Aquatic Burst: By quickly concentrating a mass amount of water into a singular orb in Asura’s palm, it allows him to release a powerful beam of concentrated water from his hand to attack his target.
  • Adriatic Dragon: Allows Asura to create a puddle of water that forms beneath his feet and stretches about a dozen meters away from him, from the puddle, several giant, mighty, serpent-like dragons emerge from the water which targets his opponents and attacks them with an overpowering force. This attack can be powered up even further when Asura is around a large pool of water which is usually brought about by his skill Tsunami; rather than using his own power to create the dragons, Asura uses the surrounding water in order to create a manifold of water dragons who’s number can range from at least a dozen to several hundred, or possibly even thousands of water dragons depending on the amount of water that is available. When activating the ability in this manner, it allows him to combine the dragons in order to make a singular, behemoth sized serpent-like dragon whose power and speed is amplified many times over.
  • Abyssal Edge: It is one of the Aegean God’s signature abilities, It allows Asura to coat any weapon in a bioluminescent water-like substance which allows his attacks to bypass his opponent’s defenses.
  • Tsunami: By letting his aquakinesis temporarily run loose, it allows him to generate a massive overflow of water that submerges land which is usually dry, flooding it. After regaining control of his aquakinesis, it allows him to shape this water in any way he sees fit. Asura usually uses this ability in order to amplify his combat statistics or to lower the consumption of his Astral Essence so that whenever he uses a skill, it is directly from the pool of water he created rather than from his power.
  • Tidal Restoration: By manifesting a bioluminescent water-like substance similar to his Abyssal Edge, it allows him to heal himself or others on a molecular level. The water-like substance works by having the molecules of the substance repair and regenerate damaged cells and molecules which allows him to reattach entire ligaments; this skill even works on non-organic substances such as damaged metals, stones, and even cyborgs as demonstrated with Sora.
  • Enraged Berserker: Fragokinetics and those who wield fragokinesis are destructive and violent in nature, however, this ability takes that a bit too literal. When the user releases their anger, this ability allows them to temporarily become progressively stronger in increments of 50% with each increment being called a “version.” This ability is extremely powerful allowing those wield it the ability to temporarily reach over 100% of their power, however, the extent to which it does is depends on how angry they are which has a limit, the maximum anyone has ever gotten was the emperor of Calamitas who was filled with so much rage towards Juro for kidnaping Amaya, his power was multiplied by 7,700% and he reached Version 31.
  • Colossal Impact: Asura powers up to the maximum surrounding himself in a massive, fierce, fluorescent blue aura as he begins condensing all of his Astral Essence into his right arm which turns a whitish orange with vein-like lines crossing through each other as they overflow with energy. Once fully charged, Asura usually charges towards his opponent and stretches out his right arm, he opens his palms and yells out the name of the attack as he releases all of his energy in an incredibly massive and violent explosion which destroys his entire arm and blows him back backward at several hundred times the speed of sound. This is the most destructive ability in his arsenal which he acquired after Perseres gave Asura his Core.

  • Key: Void Arc

    Sub-Keys: Beginning of Series | Divisions B | Division A | Division S