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Hello and welcome to Fenris's Village's Local Guild... how may I be of assistance?
~ Astarte

Astarte Ishtar, also known as Astarte, is the founder and employee of the Fenris City Local Guild. She's known in her community for being the friendly guild girl that never fails to put a smile on their face, providing everyone with a fun quest to benefit the city and surrounding area. Much of her history is unknown but rumored to be a reincarnate. Astarte works at the guild non-stop, showing a continuous and almost strange dedication to her job. Due to such strange addition to operating the Fenris branch of the Guild organization, she doesn't have many friends... the closest she'd get would be random people hitting on her at the guild. Astarte has a sense of intuition that allows her to prevent upsetting those she comes in contact with; being well experienced in dealing with a plethora of different kinds of people, such as overly kind guys, shy introverts, and snarky attituded women. Because of that, she was restless, never catching a break, and having very few people to socialize openly with.

However, after the arrival of Phoenix Runihura, things started to change for the guild girl. For the first time since she could remember, someone had offered to be her friend, no strings attached. And soon after becoming Phoenix's friend, he reintroduced her to the joys of adventuring and socializing, and she eventually joined Phoenix's guild, where she now resides. Astarte's way of thinking is straightforward as it follows a linear thought process, considering what's in front of her without worrying about past quarrels, which allows her to come to her job the next day without any bias towards any adventurers. This type of mentality leaks out to her run-of-the-mill fighting style, which prioritizes defense, survivability, and stalling, disregarding opportunities to attack and focusing on whether she can prevent or stop an attack that she can directly clash with, being susceptible to intricate and hidden attacks skills or passives.

Astarte is Enviernia's pet cow; although this isn't much known about the relationship, her connection to the dii of time is relatively one-sided admiration for one another as she was the one who guided Astarte upon her reincarnation. Prior to joining Phoenix's guild, she was in Enviernia's guild seeing as it benefited both parties; Enviernia's objective of finding her sealed powers and Astarte's newly founded purpose to help those around in the same way she was saved by Enviernia. Astarte was rescued in the sense that she was purposeless, as she was conflicted with her ceaseless reincarnation and the existential crisis of knowing all she did in her previous life was for naught.

Finding herself in yet another world yet again living a timeless cycle of working towards short-lived ideals and goals made her stuck in the present. However, after meeting Enviernia, she realizes time waits for no one, and once you're born, you start dying immediately; it is until you communicate the happiness in your heart that you can absolutely become truly immortal. The reminiscences of pleasant memories appealing to emotions and irrational thinking providing bliss in the form of ignorance were her approach to her new life. Astarte currently stows away behind a counter to help those before her, providing the general public a medium to go on quests and create and make their own stories, becoming a staple to the guild experience.


Astarte is a mellow, easygoing individual who's always happy to help, seeing it as her duty on Ark. She often puts other people's priorities first, seeing her own needs as secondary in comparison. When it comes to the guild, she's a very patient person who never seems to get angry or upset in the slightest, no matter what her customers may say or what boundaries they may cross. However, despite being a people person who sees the best in everyone, she lacks self-awareness and can completely misinterpret something from time to time. She's also egregiously easy to read, as her words and thoughts are often predictable due to social ineptitude, which often makes people upset when she gives the most lackluster, predictable, and same kinds of responses she gives other people. And although this seems to be Astarte giving her customers equal treatment and respect, it often comes off as tone-deaf, dull, or boring to many of them. This is due to the role she gives herself as she focuses on being understandable and straight-up blunt instead of conversing with trivial things that don't fall in her line of work.

Astarte is also very turbulent, self-conscious, and gullible. She rarely ever takes a compliment, nearly always shrugging it off or disagreeing with the dealer. And will often become flustered when people praise or talk about her appearance. She doesn't have much confidence either, seeing as she never seems to be up for a talk and rarely ever defends herself due to her low-self esteem. She seems to believe that outside of her job, she isn't much, not being worth anyone's time. A big part of the reason she never had many friends. She's critically gullible to the point of giving others multiple chances, despite their many, many deliberate fuck-ups, which often ends up doing more harm to herself and others rather than helping. Her low-self of esteem comes from her newly found respect for the finite time everyone has seen as how her eternal lifespan is somewhat as cheating seeing how being able to accomplish something while being ultimately confined to the terminality of life makes everyone all the more impressive. Possessing all the time in the world means you can achieve anything given time, and seeing how she lived through multiple reincarnations humbled her, resulting in a gradual decrease in what she considers commendable in her own actions.


Astarte is a cowgirl, a hybrid of a human and a cow, being depicted with a humanoid frame and the addition of an absurdly voluptuous chest corresponding to a cow's ability to produce dairy products. Aside from her physiology, Astarte possesses lustrous emerald eyes accompanied by short brown hair that meet her shoulders. Astarte is on the taller end of the spectrum, standing at around the height of 5'10. Due to her physiology, she is more plump and defined compared to other species. Aside from that, she is more on the ordinary side, looking like a stereotypical human.

Combat and Statistics

Key: Base | Mana Skin

Tier: At least High 7-A, higher with Skills. 6-C with Ram | 6-B, higher with skills. 6-B with Ram

Name: Astarte, Astarte Ishtar, Ultimate Support Mage

Origin: Ark: Roleplay

Gender: Female

Classification: Cowgirl, Guild Girl

Powers and Abilities:

Restoration (Astarte can return an object to back its initial state with restore, essentially undoing any influence that alters said objects state), Energy Manipulation (Using Restore on a skill turns it back into its most basic form as mana, doing so gives Astarte control over said mana), Light Manipulation, Soul Manipulation & Existence Erasure (Exorcism erases the target's soul), Petrification (Astarte can turn someone into stone by saying their name backwards), Power Nullification (Astarte can turn off leaderskills and extra skills and any guild related power, she can also ignore the effects of said leaderskill/extra skill), Immortality (1, 2, 4 8; Exists as long as the concept of guilds exist, can reincarnate), Summoning (Can summon multiple familiars, such as the hades), Power Bestowal (Can give people leaderskills as long as they answer specific questions. Can grant people immunities to specific attacks by giving them a detailed explanation on how said attack works), Teleportation (Astarte can teleport attacks and other people by thinking), Vector Manipulation (Astarte can stop, redirect, and amplify vectors), BFR (Astarte can teleport target's to the underworld), Statistic Reduction (Astarte can reduce a target's level, parameters, experience gain and, any form of statistics amplification in half just by looking at her targets. Astarte also possesses the Holy Glare skill, which will further reduce the target's parameters by 50% and inflict skill surge), Status Effect Inducement (Through the means of multiple skills or traits. Can induce skill surge, bleed, inverse polarity, parameter boost, invulnerability, trait double, etc.), Statistics Amplification (Astarte has various ways of increasing her own stats or the stats of others, one way is Astarte can amplify a person's level tenfold by giving them her name), Mana Bypass (Astarte can ignore the mana cost of an attack by granting herself skill recast, essential modifying the prerequisite to perform said attack), Invulnerability (Astarte can grant herself or others invulnerability for a temporary amount of time), Non-Physical Interaction (Can interact with souls and ghosts), Holy Manipulation, Psychometry (Observe allows her to see the name, level, and basic information of other people), Regeneration & Healing Negation (Her party's leaderskill negates all the regeneration and healing abilities excluding those within her party), Limited Life Manipulation (Her party's leaderskill reduces the health and mana of everyone around her excluding those in her party by 10% every 100-seconds), Telepathy, Illusion Manipulation (Astarte can manipulate the mana around her to create illusions), Creation (Astarte can create objects with magic), Death Manipulation & Parameter Absorption (Astarte can induce death with Prismatic counter, which is a reactive skill that inflicts power drain which drains the target of 5% of their parameters every second. After the target's parameters reach zero due to Power Drain, the target will be hit with death sentence), Text Manipulation, Sealing, Morality Manipulation (Prismatic Counter alters the target's morality, only if death sentence expires and the target is considered alive, warping the target's morals to a pacifist mindset erasing all hostility), Absolute Zero, Danmaku, Healing (Has various methods of healing the target back and beyond full health)

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Damage Reduction (All forms of damage is reduced by 50% due to her cow physiology), Enhanced Senses, Accelerated Development (Leveling; Physical Stats, Intelligence, and Abilities), Magic, Rage Power (Cows gain strength based on their hostility), and Statistics Amplification & Invulnerability with Ram (Ram gives her a temporary 10x speed boost and invincibility for 10-seconds). Resistance to Poison and Durability Negation (Many defense negating techniques can not bypass her skin, and will not work due to the Thick Skin trait)

Conceptual Manipulation (Type 4) (Reincarnates have conceptual forms in the form of data stored and protected by Stacy, an avatar of The Program), Plot Manipulation (Reincarnates are completely immune to narrative altering powers which are unable to manipulate the story to a higher degree than The Program), Information and Data Manipulation (Information, and thus data, is stored within a person's source, embedded within their concept. It is unable to be interfered with unless the inference can bypass their conceptual resistances), Soul Manipulation (The souls of reincarnates are stored in a dimension separate from their physical bodies, untouchable unless the attacker can bypass the barrier between them), Power Modification, Power Nullification, and Power Absorption (Skills are inscribed into the soul which resists any outside interference unless the interference is stronger than the soul's defenses)

Attack Potency: At least Large Mountain level+ (Comparable to Arthur who vaporized the entirety of the Byakko Ruins. Stated to be comparable to Emerald in strength ~3.4 Gigatons), higher with Skills (Skills are the projection of unique attacks, which are complex and intricate abilities that typically inflict damage based on the user's attack. Skill abilities are usually more potent attacks that can be used at the cost of mana or stamina). Island level with Ram (Amplifies her base stats by tenfold ~34 Gigatons) | Country level (Stronger than before. Astarte possesses mana skin, an aura that amplifies the user's parameters by the degree of their level; in this case, Astarte is level 2394 ~8.139 Teratons), higher with Skills. Country level+ with Ram (~81.39 Teratons)

Speed: At least Massively FTL+ (Comparable to Phoenix, who flew fast enough to appear invisible to Valentina which is an individual who can perceive instances of plank time and compute information at well over 10⁵⁴ calculations per second ~3e+54c), higher with Ram | Massively FTL+ (Amplifies user's parameters by their level, this includes speed making her 2394 times faster then her base form ~6.0e57c)

Striking Strength: At least Large Mountain Class+. Island Class with Ram | Country Class. Country Class+ with Ram

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Durability: Large Island level (Far higher than her attack potency, capable of fending off against Arthur Aculeus, Emerald Rodriguez, and Phoenix Runihura. Tanked a direct hit from Koji's amplified Nine Circles ~732.89 Gigatons), Country level with Ram (Ram increases Astarte's parameters by ten ~7.33 Teratons) | Continent Level (More durable than before. Astarte possesses mana skin, an aura that amplifies the user's parameters by the degree of their level; in this case, Astarte is level 2394 ~1.75 Petatons). Multi-Continent level with Ram (~17.5 Petatons)

Stamina: High, Astarte can usually venture out into the world partaking quests without rest for weeks on end. Can work at the guild for periods straight without rest or breaks. Sparred with Emerald for hours, and fought Arthur for literal days. Can restore her stamina by returning herself to an initial point before doing said stamina exerting task with the skill Refresh, which allows her to prolong her stamina.

Range: Standard Melee Range, hundreds of meters with Magic

Intelligence: Gifted, Astarte might not look like the brightest, but she has extensive knowledge of the different types of magic within the world. Due to her past experience as an adventurer, she knows a majority of the environments and neighboring lands like the back of her hand. As a guild employee, she has access to the guild's database, which has an entire index selection of information regarding the mystical creatures within the Ark, these bits of knowledge extends to the strengths and weaknesses of every species on the Ark. Astarte even has knowledge regarding herb and traditional spices as she was a support alchemist during her debut to the guild organization.

Weaknesses: Has severe chronic back pain due to... Reasons. Often finds it heavily exhausting to move even a little bit due to her sheer size and weight. Astarte will not engage in combat regardless of the situation, if a life-risking dilemma arises, the best she will do is to halt the fight or mitigate the potential damage. Astarte barely has offensive capabilities, she lacks combat training and will easily be overwhelmed in hand to hand combat, as well as primarily having support magic.

Skills, Passives, and Traits

◇ Physiological Traits

Reincarnate Physiology: Reincarnates are people from other worlds who have, for an unknown reason, been relocated to another universe, reincarnated into different bodies. In Ark, reincarnates usually bring forth disaster, as they inherit multiple unique physiological traits unavailable to most normal citizens. This includes things like unique personal skills and traits, composite intelligence, and more.

  • Distant Soul/Spiritual Resistance: The souls of reincarnates are separate from their physical bodies, existing in different dimensions, free from interference unless one is capable of breaching the hundreds of increasingly bigger and bigger gaps between the physical and spiritual worlds to break through to them. Due to this, reincarnates have an innate resistance to most spiritual attacks and soul-based skills.
  • Abstract Mind/Mental Resistance: The mind of a reincarnate is closer to an idea than any physical actuality, existing merely as a manifestation of thoughts within their souls rather than some biological consciousness. Thus reincarnates are inherently immune to conventional mind-based abilities like mind control, madness inducement, or the dragon element. Like their souls, their minds will be completely unaffected by such powers unless these powers can breach the gap between the physical and spiritual worlds.
  • Power Modification Resistance: Skills are inscribed and embedded within the souls of everyone on Ark, unable to be interfered with in any way unless the interference is stronger than the soul's resistance. For Reincarnates, this is especially powerful, as it means their skills, traits, and abilities can not be modified, nullified, or absorbed unless one can both bypass the barrier to the spiritual world and overpower their souls.
  • Mana Channels: Mana channels, sometimes known as mana circuits, webs, or links, are the wires which mana flows through within the bodies of all who live, acting as a pseudo-nervous system connected directly to both the mind and soul. It holds, produces, and projects the spiritual energy of all things. And when used correctly, it can be utilized to convert this energy into a phenomenon known as magic.

Ark Physiology: The world of Ark is a much different place than Earth, considered by many reincarnates to be comparable to that of an RPG game, as it contains a leveling system, magic system, and multiple additional game-like systems. Thus those who exist there are naturally much different from earthly humans and organisms. All the way down to their biological and physiological makeup, as they possess multiple traits not present in normal people.

  • Accelerated Development: Corollary to the leveling system, all people in Ark develop physically, mentally, and supernaturally extraordinary quickly. A normal human in Ark could go from being nothing special at level 0 to breaking through walls as early as level 15; going from average intellect at level 0 to exceptionally smart at level 100, and going from not being able to cast a single fireball spell to being a master of all the elements in a very short amount of time.
  • Innate Magical Potential: Most beings within Ark possess the natural talent to be successful in magic, as everyone is born with connections to the world's mana, embedded in all beings in the form of mana channels. These channels allow one to produce a variety of supernatural phenomenons known as magic.

Humans: Humans are one of the most basic and underestimated species. At face value, they may be complex organisms with the ability to learn, grow, and adapt to everyday obstacles, but besides that, they remain lackluster in brute force and fall short of the myriad of abilities that other species have. They might be cunning, agile, and versatile when it comes to their accessibility of tools and weapons but due to their nature, they can only go so far, being held back by fear, disabilities, doubts, etc. Besides their nature, humans are fragile beings, unable to tank very strong attacks, receiving 20% more damage from attacks, and having magic being twice as effective on them. Despite having flaws humans aren’t so bad, being able to learn skills at extreme speeds compared to other species. Being natural-born magic users and great survivalists, they manage to extend their knowledge and become smarter by the upcoming week, but besides that, they truly shine when competing. Humans become 50% stronger when in proximity to superior races such as Leviathans, Angels, Demons, Dragons, and more.

  • Sins of Mankind - Envy; All stats are boosted when in proximity of a being of a superior race. Sloth; Intelligence passively increases by 1% per week. Greed; Skills develop much faster compared to other species. Pride; Humans are naturalist when utilizing tools, granting max weapon mastery for each man-made weapon. Lust; Humans take 20% more damage from all attacks. Gluttony; Magic’s potency on humans is doubled. Wrath; Human’s during a fight or flight scenario receive a 50% boost to their parameters.
Magic: Magic is the phenomenon produced when one exerts their mana channels to the point of converting spiritual energy into power, resulting in many things, often whatever the user was imagining as they did. It can be used to perform multiple different kinds of physics-breaking techniques. It is unknown who first created magic, but multiple theories exist, all of which involve a party miraculously uncovering the secrets of mana, and using these unconverted mysteries to their advantage, eventually finding ways to break the boundaries of the world, creating phenomena out of thin air. Since then, many people have also uncovered these secrets, and now, nearly everyone can utilize magic, given effort, time, and talent.

◇ Unique Traits

Resistances/Immunities: A resistance in Ark is an innate trait that makes one invulnerable or unaffected by specific or multiple different skills and abilities. Resistances usually vary in strength in the form of layers, with each layer of resistance adding an additional coating of invulnerability to a certain skill or ability, not able to be negated by a basic resistance negating skill. Basic resistances and basic resistance negating abilities only begin at one layer, however. Immunities on the other hand are traits that make one completely resistant to ability on a level above that of layers, to the point where not even a resistance negation of infinite layers could nullify such immunity.

◇ Guild Passive Skills

Fenris Guild Association - Being enlisted in the guild organization alone provides various benefits; however, enrolling into a specific guild fraction offers unique skills and traits tailored towards the quests available at said guild location. Fenris City being one of the guild factions provides exclusive passives to its members specializing in versatility and convenience suited to the user's playstyle. Such benefits are subsidizing traits and passives allowing the utilization of parameter boosts and status effects to allow the user to endure challenging situations.

  • Glory of Fenris - Through Association, the manifestation of weapon-based classes is possible through weapon interaction. Building experience through weapon-based classes will build resistance to the weapon type the initial class was built upon, allowing scythe wielders to become resistant to scythe attacks.

◇ Custom Class Passive Skills

◇ Magical Skills

◇ Weapon Skills

◇ Other Skills

Class Information

◇ Normal Classes

Class Description Icons
Mage Class Mages have increased ATK, MP, and INT stat, alongside an additional 25% DMG boost to all magical attack skills. They are a powerful, yet fragile class, boasting high ATK stats while often having less than extraordinary DEF stats, a glass cannon if you will. Mages are usually focused on pure magical prowess with very little focus on anything else. Physically, they are among the weakest classes, however, the sheer amount of powerful spells and skills they learn more than makes up for it.
Sage Sages have a greatly increased MP and INT stat, increased ATK stat, and a bonus additional 100% boost to INT. The Sage class is an extension to the mage class, focused more on the sheer quantity and understanding of magic more than the power of such magic, alongside general intellect. They are generally known for being quite intelligent and versatile, having multiple spells under their belt that they can utilize to their fullest potential alongside their great intellect.
Great Sage

◇ Additional Classes

Class Description Icons
Marital Artist Martial Artists have greatly increased ATK, increased DEF, and increased SPD. Martial Artist class is the best close combat class, experienced brawlers using various physical attacks to overwhelm any foe within close range. Capable of landing devastating blows that inflict shatter wears down any opponent's durability. A class specialized in long endurance battles and capable of dealing consistent burst damage that overwhelms the toughest of foes.
Orb Catalyst User An additional class relating to the usage and excelling in wielding an orb catalyst. Orb catalyst users are exceptionally great at utilizing the catalyst in combat, much like using a staff, a catalyst can be used for both long-range and short-range combat. Due to a catalyst's nature, it amplifies magical attacks, allowing users to deal devastating damage to opponents. Good catalyst wielders are capable of annihilating any opponent given a long-range, being effective against close-quarter classes like a brawler and martial artists.

◇ Unique Classes

Class Description Icons
Vanguard Commodore
Tactical Emissary
Imperial Advisor