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Your resolve is admirable, little brother. Yet your body lags behind your will. How can you possibly expect to save those close to you if you can't even save yourself?
~ Asmodeus


Asmodeus is one of the Seven Princes of Hell and the Lord of Lust. She is the current owner of Ira. She is the youngest daughter of the Archangel Lucifer and the older sister of Beelzebub, Adrian Mariner, and Natalia Mariner. Asmodeus was a major supporter of Eden Squad, even prior to her making herself known to her younger brother and sister.



Like her siblings, Asmodeus was created by the Archangel Lucifer long before the existence of the current era. She was born shortly after the fall of Man and is the youngest daughter of Lucifer. Unlike her siblings, Asmodeus clung to their mother for much of her childhood, being a mama's girl. Satan and Lilith have both referred to her as a brat on separate points while Leviathan teases Asmodeus for her antics as a child. She was also extremely close to her older siblings, particularly her older brother, Satan.

Prior to the Holy War, Asmodeus lived on Earth rather than Hell. Despite the myth and rumors, Asmodeus wasn't as promiscuous as some Love Deities but got around rather easily. She was known to have slept with several Gods including Marduk, Indra, Ishtar, and Zeus.

The Holy War

While she wasn't there for much of the turmoil building up to the Holy War, Asmodeus was with the Seven when the Council voted and called for retribution. She confronted her mother alongside her siblings and declared war on Heaven. Unlike her siblings, who led scores of demons on the front lines, Asmodeus had her own smaller squadron that specialized in infiltration and sabotage. She developed a vast complex information network thanks to her connections with various neutral parties and traitors within pantheons to gain information on the other side.

On one mission that required them to infiltrate the Philippine Pantheon's base of operations on Alpha Centauri, Asmodeus and her squadron ran across the Elder Goddess, Aman Sinaya. Asmodeus ordered her squadron to retreat with what little information they had and engaged the Elder Goddess to let them escape. However, Asmodeus was severely outmatched against the overwhelming power of the Goddess before her. In the end, Asmodeus was only able to survive by using her power to make a distracted Sinaya believe she was dead. Later, the forces of Hell were wiped out completely by the Sacred Kite after a failed attack on Alpha Centauri while Asmodeus was recovering in Sheol.

At the apex of the war, Asmodeus had further contact with the Philippine Pantheon. Determined to pay them back for the humiliation she suffered, Asmodeus began taking a more active role in the front lines. There she encountered the Supreme Elder God of the Philippines, Bathala. No matter what she did, she always lost. However, whatever victories Bathala scored were always pyrrhic in nature. Her use of information and strategy had allowed her to circumvent complete victories away from her foes and allowed her to deal as much damage as she received if not more. In addition to this, she battled multiple times against other Pantheons as well and was responsible for the death and assassination of both Nut and the Sacred Kite, finally avenging her troops with the death of the latter.

Near the end of the War, Asmodeus had become withdrawn into herself. She tried to maintain her upbeat attitude but always found that she was completely empty. At some point, following the War, Asmodeus left Hell and went to reside on Earth where she hid from the forces of Hell, Heaven, and the Gods.

The Hundred Years War

Hundreds of millenia after the end of the Holy War, Asmodeus lived in Europe, moving from country to country after specific periods of time. She lived to see it all, from the rise of the Grecians to the Fall of Rome at the hands of the Visigoths. During that time, Asmodeus had come into contact with her mother, who was forced to incarnate into a lesser form that took on the name, Mastema. Mastema attempted to recruit Asmodeus. Wanting to help her mother, Asmodeus agreed and used her resources to aid her mother in her endeavors. During this time, Asmodeus met and fell in love with a human by the name of Jacques D'Arc during her time within the Duchy of Bar. After giving birth to her first three sons, Asmodeus moved with Jacques to the small village of Domremy after he was granted a small managerial position by Duke Bar. There, she gave birth to her two youngest children, Jeanne and Catherine.

With the Hundred Years' War raging around them, Asmodeus made use of her powers and secretly erected magical barriers around Domremy that pacified soldiers from France and England. Thus, the war never came to Domremy. Her children grew, unaware of her origins until one day, Jeanne awakened abilities she inherited from her. Asmodeus made Jeanne swear to keep her powers secret as the Catholic Church would come down with the full force of its exorcists and burn her at the stake. Years later on Jeanne's 16th birthday, Domremy became the battleground for an ongoing war between the Werewolf Pack led by Lycaon from Greece and the Vampire Family led by Sanguinis from Rome. Asmodeus's mere presence did not deter them however, as they believed her to be an ordinary witch. However, her interference reached a tipping point after her daughter became involved in the war. After Jeanne's final hunt with her group, which she named Blacklight, ended in her being cornered, Asmodeus descended upon the vampire and werewolf clans and drove them to madness. After that incident, Asmodeus resolved to teach Jeanne her abilities in secret.

It was only at this time that Asmodeus discovered that only Jeanne had inherited her powers. Her other children's blood lay dormant within their bodies. Months later, Jeanne disappeared from home after her sons received the order from Charles VIII to join in the war effort. Scouring all of France, Asmodeus found Jeanne leading the troops during the Siege of Orleans. Her daughter used her powers to grant courage to her fellow soldiers and drive fear into the hearts of her enemies. After meeting with her daughter in the shadows, she was mortified to find that Jeanne had been impersonating a prophet. However, Jeanne stated that she could save thousands of lives by doing this. Faced with the harsh reality that her daughter would head off into war like she did, Asmodeus tried to persuade her to come back and even tried to use her power. This created a rift between them. Jeanne cast her mother out of her mind and cut off communications with her.

It would be three years before Asmodeus would hear of her daughter again. She had heard from her sons, who had come home that Jeanne had been turned over and branded as a heretic. Fearing for the worst, Asmodeus tracked her daughter down to Rouen on the eve of her execution. Speaking with her daughter for the first time in three years, Jeanne asked her mother for forgiveness but Asmodeus would have none of it. She vowed to free Jeanne and told her of her plan. On the day, Jeanne was to be executed, Asmodeus cast a mass illusion over the entirety of the crowd and switched her daughter out with a straw dummy that had a layered mirage over it. From the edge of town, Jeanne and her mother watched as a fake Jeanne was burned twice then cast its ashes into the Seine River.

Modern Day

Following the death of her husband, Asmodeus and her children all cast aside their previous identities and moved. They eventually moved to the Americas and settled in the New World. Her sons would once again participate in numerous battles within the New World, however, the three retired as soon as Blacklight re-established its foothold. Jeanne assigned her sister to be the head of the American Branch while she traveled overseas to check on the other branches her other allies had established.

During this time of peace, Asmodeus met up with her older brother in his bar, Ira, which was located in St. Louis, Missouri. There. she worked as a waitress. During this time, her mother would come into contact with them. It was then that Asmodeus met her stepfather, Richard Mariner, who she flirted with shamelessly in front of her mother. After the birth of her younger brother, Asmodeus went on an extended vacation to Hell to be with her deceased husband on their anniversary. After returning, she found Metatron injured and Satan missing. Asking what happened, Asmodeus discovered that Beelzebub and Zadkiel had kidnapped her older brother. Metatron left soon after in pursuit while Asmodeus remained at the bar. She inherited the bar from her older brother, which she would use as an informational distribution hub for both freelance monster hunters and hunters from Blacklight.

Asmodeus would also hear of the death of her mother's incarnation and her stepfather from Kali. To better protect her younger siblings, Asmodeus moved the bar's location from St. Louis to Lamplight.


As the Lord of Lust, Asmodeus is said to be extremely attractive and desirable. Other demons said that she was beautiful without even trying, exciting lust and desire within other men and drawing out envy and resentment from other women. As such, there are very few beings in creation that are more beautiful than she is. Asmodeus has light pink, almost reddish hair and poisonous yellow eyes. Said eyes are capable of seducing someone in an instant or driving someone mad with terror. Her body proportions are said to be perfect. Taki, when seeing her, described her as the embodiment of the Goldilocks's just right statement. Asmodeus has six pairs of large bat-like wings that unfurl from her back whenever she requires them.

Like her Love Deity counterparts, Asmodeus tends to wear extremely fashionable clothing. During her first appearance, she wore a white dress that had lace at the hems and at the ends of her sleeves. While working at Ira, Asmodeus tends to wears bartender's clothing, consisting of a white button up long-sleeved shirt with a black vest, red tie, and black pants.

In her Qlipoth Mode, Asmodeus's hair bleaches into a pale shade of blonde. A large white tail with segmented by large white scutes and a black underside. Her tail is said to be extremely powerful, possessing extremely compact muscles capable of shattering an entire building from the sheer force. Her eyes become a more toxic shade of gold. On the right side of her face, she grows a single horn.


Of all the Seven Princes, Asmodeus is considered to be the most playful and crafty of them all. She's as free as a bird, flitting from one thing to another. This makes her Beelzebub's most hated sibling, stating that she has no pride as a demon. Asmodeus loves to tease others, often using her body to seduce and make others blush from time to time. She is also lazy and does not fight unless needed to.

Her most defining trait is how emotive she is. She is extremely cheerful, often looking to have fun. Asmodeus also tends to adopt a cutesy, giggly behavior similar to that of a young girl. However, her patrons note that she often does strange if not down right creepy things. But due to her beauty, no one does anything to discourage her. Adrian describes her sense of humor as borderline deranged, often cracking jokes that are the most extreme versions of black humor. She attributes it to her days in the war and said jokes were often normal amongst her platoon.

Despite her playful attitude, Asmodeus has moments where she can be extremely serious. Said moments are said to be out of character for her and seldom last for long. However, those moments are said to be extremely foreboding and ominous as a serious Asmodeus is often times scarier than a regular Asmodeus.

Another defining trait of Asmodeus is her alcoholism. During times of stress, Asmodeus tends to turn to alcohol in order to calm her nerves. Human alcohol has no effect on her so she keeps a stash of mead imported from Asgard and Valhalla. When she wants to drown her sorrows or guilt that comes up from hundreds of thousands of years prior, Asmodeus resorts to drinking her self into a stupor.

Asmodeus possesses an extreme brother complex. This is solely directed to her older brother, Satan. Her love for him is extremely great and she will often react with extreme and insane jealousy when other women are involved. This got worse when Metatron married him and she often tries to drive her away, much to the angel's amusement. Metatron often tries to get her to view her in the same manner with varying degrees of failure much to her sadness and her husband's amusement. She seems to have developed a minor version of this towards her brother, Adrian.

No matter how much she tries to hide or get rid of it, it'll always be apart of her. Since the Holy War, Asmodeus was extremely sadistic, getting off on the pain of her enemies. She was Hell's chief torturer and was succeeded by Alastor and his clan after the war with her retirement. She was disillusioned by the war after witnessing Beelzebub sacrifice an entire detachment of demons who were known for their loyalty causing her to doubt her loyalty to Hell.

In addition, Asmodeus is extremely vengeful, true to her title as Princess of Retribution. She is very vindictive and will not stop until she has repaid someone who has wronged her in full. Sometimes, Asmodeus goes farther just to make sure that the person can never get up and recover.

Combat Statistics

Tier: 4-A, higher in Qliphoth Mode

Classification: Prince of Hell, Prime Demon

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Immortality (Types 1, 2, and 3), Regeneration (Low-Godly; So long as a single sliver of a demon's taint remains, the demon will continuously keep reforming no matter how long it takes), Acausality (Type 1; Demons, Gods, and Angels are capable of perceiving changes and abnormalities in the timeline and can notice the presence of people from the future), Incorporeality, Natural Weaponry, Darkness Manipulation, Weather Manipulation via Mana Burst, Extrasensory Perception, Clairvoyance and Enhanced Senses, Flight, Statistics Amplification via Darkness and Enhancement Magic, Magic, Elemental Manipulation (Of all elements), Power Modification (Triangular and Pentagonal Casting modifies elemental spells by combining them together), Matter Manipulation (Subatomic Level, possibly Macro-Quantic), Curse Manipulation (Knows a variety of curses), Biological Manipulation (See No Evil interferes with the function of the optical nerve and prevents it from transmitting information to the optical lobe, inducing blindness), Paralysis Inducement (Feel No Evil severs all nerve connections, paralyzing the target), Corrosion Inducement (False God Purification of Heavenly Sacrament corrodes the soul into nothingness), Fate Manipulation (Eternal Reincarnation traps the target in a neverending cycle of life and rebirth, each life ending in an inevitable fate once the target reaches a certain age), Power Nullification (For lesser beings. Complete Cancel destroys magic, rendering it useless. Sigils are capable of binding the powers of those trapped within it), Forcefield Creation, Exorcism, Portal Creation, Creation (Other than being able to conjure things from nothing, Asmodeus can use Alchemy to create), Transmutation via Hexbags and Alchemy, Reality Warping, Teleportation, Possession, Telekinesis, Summoning (Can summon nightmares from the target's mind), Dream Manipulation, Body Puppetry via Theatre of Puppetry (Can control the bodies of others by hijacking their souls with partial possession), Illusion Manipulation and Perception Manipulation(Asmodeus's true speciality is to cast illusions. Her illusions are potent enough to fool the mind into thinking that whatever it sees is real and thus, the brain will reflect that illusion into reality in the form of damage), Memory Manipulation via Rose Garden, Mind Manipulation (Can invade the minds of others with Rose Garden. Can plant subconscious triggers within the target), Empathic Manipulation (Asmodeus can amplify the cravings and desires of individuals to the extreme, transforming them into shells of their former selves whose sole goal is to satisfy their cravings in a self destructive manner. Can also calm others), Aura (Her aura releases a calming effect. In her Qliphoth Form, it induces a maddening effect), Madness Manipulation (Type 2 and 3; Her Qliphoth Form releases a maddening aura. She is capable of destroying the psyche of her opponents just by being there), Spatial Manipulation (Vanishing Equinox can control the invisible dimensions that are compacted between 4-D space-time, allowing her to construct hyper-realistic illusory worlds which are super imposed over the original. It is only classified as an "illusion" due to its temporary effect), Soul Manipulation via Yetzer Hara, Resistance Negation via Reflect Reality (Forces the target to believe that whatever is attacking them is doing damage or affecting them, bypassing all resistances as the target no longer believes that they can resist), Master Hand to Hand Combatant, Dagger Mastery, Non-Physical Interaction, Self-Sustenance (Types 1 and 2; Demons do not require food or water to continue functioning. In addition, Demons can survive within the vacuum of space), Stealth Mastery

Immunity to Conventional Biological Manipulation, Conventional Poisons, Conventional Diseases, Soul Manipulation, and Radiation Manipulation (Demons lack souls, therefore, any attempt at manipulating their souls is rendered as a moot attempt. Likewise, demons do not possess a conventional or normal biological body like their angelic counterparts. Demons are spiritual entities and therefore run on a completely different set of biological rules. Attempts at infecting them with diseases or even using the strongest synthesized chemical toxin are useless when dealing with demons. Likewise, due to a lack of an organic or even physical body, demons cannot be in any way harmed by radiation with Satan claiming that he can take an endless number of gamma rays to the face without ever suffering from any adverse effects), Resistance to Magic (Demons are naturally resistant to magic), Illusion Manipulation, Empathic Manipulation, Perception Manipulation, and Mind Manipulation (Due to her immense psionic abilities, Asmodeus is virtually immune to mental-based powers and domains. Aphrodite could not drive her insane nor could Ishtar harm her with her overpowering mental attacks), Dream Manipulation (Morpheus could not manifest her dreams), Sleep Manipulation (Sleeping spells are ineffective against her), Corrosion Inducement and Matter Manipulation (Asmodeus was capable of walking through the Purple Sigil and not crumble into a pile of salt. Later, she tanked The Whore of Babalon's Ashes to Ashes, which she stole from Claire), Death Manipulation (Was stabbed with the Last Breath and survived), Poison Manipulation (Ladon's poison was ultimately ineffective against her though she was visibly weakened), Spatial Manipulation and Time Manipulation (Was able to briefly withstand the Partzufim of Divine Key: Netzach), Madness Manipulation (Could not be affected by Dionysus's vines), Elemental Manipulation, Existence Erasure, Chaos Manipulation, and Information Manipulation (She can survive indefinite exposure to the Sea of Beriah, which converts all that fall within it into bits of quantum information prior to their manifestations as concepts with shape and form)

Attack Potency: Multi-Solar System Level (As a Prince of Hell, Asmodeus is an extremely powerful demon, who surpasses other demons. She casually threatened the entire Olympian Council and Zeus conceded that Asmodeus was strong enough to kill anyone who wasn't on his level of strength. During the Battle of St. Louis, Asmodeus fought the Seraph Anael on equal grounds and would have destroyed her had Anael not used her Sapphire Star to turn the situation in her favor. In addition, Asmodeus was capable of breaking free from Raziel's Subsuming World of Mysteries, which not even her siblings sans Lilith, Satan, and possibly Leviathan can break free from.) Higher in Qliphoth Mode (In her Qliphoth Form, Asmodeus was able to overpower her older sister in her base form and force her to flee.)

Speed: FTL (Superior to Beelzebub)

Lifting Strength: Unknown, possibly Class Z

Striking Strength: Multi-Solar System Class

Durability: Multi-Solar System Level, higher in Qliphoth: Golachab

Stamina: Nigh-Limitless

Range: Melee Range. Extended Melee Range with weaponry. Several Kilometers to Interstellar with Powers and Magic | Low Multiversal with Teleportation

Standard Equipment:

  • Asmodeus's MagiTech Dagger

Intelligence: Asmodeus, of all her siblings, is the most manipulative and secretive of the Seven. Not even Lilith is capable of fully reading her intentions, making Asmodeus Lilith's top priority for either silence or elimination. She is the demon who "excels in military arts". Asmodeus has the ability to "read the room". Thus, she can wear multiple masks to accomodate the situation and in order to express herself how she sees fit. This makes reading her true intentions to be extremely difficult as even Lilith was unable to fully discern her motives. As the spymaster of the Seven, Asmodeus was deemed to be peerless and a master at informational warfare. She has contacts across the entire world and an information system that spans the entirety of Yetzirah, with spies even stationed amongst Heaven's Ranks. Thus, she has unbridled access to the events within pantheons and governments and information on people that live there. Raguel, prior to his death, stated that Asmodeus knew more about Zadkiel than even Zadkiel himself highlighting her abilities. Combined with her ability to read people based on how they carry themselves, she is an extremely efficient manipulator. Asmodeus is capable of "asking" for help without being in the debt of other people, seeing as how she used Kali as an intermediary to threaten Zeus to guard her younger brother. She was also able to get Claire to make contact with the Living Creature, Merkabah by leaving small clues out in the open that lead to the contract between the two being forged. Operating on pure rationalism, simple plans become highly effective tools in her hands, making her a threat to even Lilith and the Elder Gods, as she was able to orchestrate the death of Nut and the the Sacred Kite during the Great War. In addition, Asmodeus is also an opportunist, who is known to play both sides of the field. During the War of the Trumpets, Asmodeus was able to fool Lilith into believing that she was on her side, all the while subtly helping her younger brother no matter how futile she knew it was.

Weaknesses: Her love for her older brother can be exploited as seen when Lilith mentioned that she knew where Satan was, something even Asmodeus, for all her knowledge did not know. Blinded by her faith and adoration, she was incapable of seeing Lilith's ruse. The same can be applied to her children.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Magic: Magic refers to the ability to affect the world and change it via supernatural means. It is a force that pervades throughout the entirety of the worlds as well as the higher worlds but to a lesser degree. All beings are capable of casting magic through sufficient research and practice.

  • Mana Burst: A standard magical ability that all beings learn when they begin to delve into magic. Mana Bursts are often used to measure one's magical worth and skill. Asmodeus's Mana Burst has a massive area of effect, capable of covering an entire country in a series of disasters created by her power warping the very environment itself.
  • Elementalism: Elementalism is a school of magic that refers to the use of multiple elements in combat as opposed to one. Most mages often delve into this school extensively as it is one of the easiest schools of magic to grasp. Elementalism involves the use of the standard five elements of fire, water, earth, air, and lightning. Other elements in this school can be used such as ice and metal.
    • Triple Complex Casting: Triple Complex Casting, also known as Triangular Casting, is an advanced form of Elementalism that allows the user to infuse multiple elemental magics into a single spell. Asmodeus is extremely skilled and efficient with this as she is capable of performing triangular casting multiple times in a single instant.
      • Pentagonal Casting: The full apex and mastery of Triangular Casting. Asmodeus is capable of infusing all five elements into a single spell.
  • Matter Manipulation: Through magic, matter can be manipulated, however, most mages can control matter at a molecular level. High-level mages can take it even further, being able to control matter down to its very atomic foundation while others can go even smaller than that.
    • Atomic Slicing: Atomic Slicing is a spell that allows the user to perform cuts along the subatomic particles that comprise of atoms. This causes beings that are hit with the spell to be broken down and "cut" at a subatomic level.
  • Cursing: Cursing refers to the art of casting magic that is designed to debilitate the target in any way, shape, or form. The effects of curses vary, ranging from bringing misfortune, causing harm, or even killing their targets.
    • See No Evil: A curse that blinds the target by targeting their optical nerves and preventing them from firing whenever sensory information is uploaded to the brain.
    • Feel No Evil: A curse that binds the target to their place and prevents them from moving.
    • Hexbags: Hexbags are a form of cursing that involves using a bag filled with various ingredients, usually animal bones and some herbs along with blood. The user can achieve a variety of effects based on the mixture used such as if not limited to: choking someone to death, inducing bad luck, transmuting someone's bloodstream into another fluid, and even slicing someone's soul.
    • False God Purification of Heavenly Sacrament: A curse with a long name. It is a special curse developed by Asmodeus. It involves the use of her special power in order to pacify and create waves of pleasure in the target. The target then undergoes spiritual corrosion which destroys their physical body until there is nothing left, not even dust.
    • Eternal Reincarnation: A forbidden curse used to punish the worst of criminals. Asmodeus engraves a mark onto the soul of the damned and forces them to undergo eternal rebirth, erasing their memories each time and cause them to die inevitably in each life upon reaching a certain age. A variation of this curse was used on Prometheus by Zeus known as Perpetual Resurrection.
  • Counter Cursing: A branch of magic designed in deflecting and countering curses. Curses can be countered with a specific anti-curse that is designed specifically for the curse that is being cast. The anti-curse can have a varied range of effects from simply nullifying the curse to reflecting the curse's effects on the caster of the curse.
    • Anti-Jinx: Anti-Jinxes are magical spells that involve the cancellation or counteraction of jinxes, a specialized form of cursing that allows the user to control and shatter the probability of an individual.
    • Anti-Death: Anti-Death nullifies curses that induce death or will induce death over a period of time.
  • Nullification Magic: Nullification Magic, as the name implies, is a branch of magic that involves the countering or nullification of spells. As such, it is a defensive form of magic usually involved in the creation of barriers and the like.
    • Complete Cancel: Complete Cancel is the pinnacle of Nullification Magic. It allows the user to completely nullify and cancel virtually any form of magic cast by the opponent, including Enhancement Magic. It has some effect on Conceptual Magic powered by Domains such as Claire's Pralaya but cannot fully destroy the effects.
  • Enhancement Magic: Enhancement magic is magic that can enhance the physical and magical capabilities of the user to higher levels. Enhancement magic does not need any form of chanting and can be instantly cast by the user prior to combat or even in the heat of it.
    • Instantaneous Acceleration: A more advanced speed enhancement spell that can boost the user's speed to 10 to 100 times their normal speed depending on how much power they expend into it.
  • Sigils: Sigils are magical inscriptions that are used to store spells and produce a variety of effects. The most common use for sigils are spell storage and exorcisms. Hunters also rely on sigils for trapping spirits and demons. The more complex the sigils work, the more power it can pack. Multiple spells can also be stored into sigils.
    • Profane Sigil: Profane Sigils are used to trap demons and dampen their powers.
    • Divine Sigil: Divine Sigils are used to trap angels and gods and dampen their powers.
    • Gate Sigils: Gate Sigils are sigils used to access different locations that are marked with responding sigils.
  • Portal Magic: Portal Magic opens portals to other locations.
    • Gate of Gehenna: A misnomer name. The spell can open gates to any level of Hell.
  • Scrying: A basic magical spell. Allows for remote viewing.
  • Exorcisms: Exorcisms are a magical art that banishes Demons, Angels, Ghosts, and Gods. Higher-level beings may require multiple high-level beings performing exorcisms at the same time. Exorcisms can also be used in the form of sigils that can be triggered.
    • Abolishment Sigil: A standard class exorcism sigil. The sigil can be triggered via magical channeling and can banish spirits and the average demon.
    • Divine Abolishment Sigils: A specialized form of sigils developed by Blacklight to target Gods and Angels. Angels such as Malakim and Bene Elohim can be banished by the standard Divine Abolishment Sigil but beings such as Gods require high-grade sigils to banish.

Alchemy: Alchemy is an occult science that blends science and magic in order to achieve various effects such as the transformation of matter (i.e lead into gold) or the creation of elixirs and other beings. Unlike traditional Alchemists, Asmodeus does not require massive Arcana circles in order to use Alchemy. Rather, Asmodeus creates Arcana circles using her power.

  • Creation of Artificial Life: One of the many abilities of an Alchemist is the creation of artificial life. Asmodeus is capable of infusing an empty created body with a core of magic that allows them to function.
    • Golem: A creature created by Jewish Rabbis to protect the Jewish Community in times of war. Through the use of her power, Asmodeus rended the creation process of one from a Rabbi who offended her. So far, she has approximately 10 golems working as employees within Ira.

Master Combatant: As the former head of the Black Hand of Lucifer, Asmodeus is an extremely adept combatant. She is a peerless assassin who is feared by Gods and Angels. While inferior to her brother and older sister, Asmodeus is capable of holding her own against other beings such as the God of the Sea, Aman Sinaya. Artemis shamefully admitted that even if she were to train for a million years, she would never reach Asmodeus's level of skill implying the true depth of her combat capabilities. She is capable of fighting all of Eden Squad at the same time with both her hands tied behind her back and blindfolded. With her combat skill, combined with her naturally immense physical strength, her sucker punch was capable of snapping Ishtar's neck 180 degrees after she attacked her bar.

  • Master Knife Wielder: Her main weapon of choice is a single dagger. Her original one was broken following the end of the Holy War. Her skill with a dagger is considered to be unrivaled in Hell and is capable of taking on beings who wield far larger weapons. Asmodeus was capable of easily parrying Mjolnir with her knife, despite the weapon's infamy for being far denser than any physical substance in Creation. In addition, Asmodeus can throw her knife with extreme accuracy, only missing if the opponent has probability based abilities.

Stealth Mastery: Asmodeus is capable of eluding capture and was constantly one step ahead of the forces that did. During the Holy War, Asmodeus was able to infiltrate multiple strongholds to perform assasinations and sabotage. When asked if she could sneak into Heaven, she merely replied that it was fortified by angelic standards, implying that she found their attempts at keeping cracks small laughable. In addition, Asmodeus is capable of perfectly setting traps, even in plain sight and is a master at misdirection. Her ability to place a mask to conform to the situation at hand allows her to sneak into places without needing to break in, allowing her to walk past guards by acting her part. Ruby states that Asmodeus was the one that taught them how to lie to the police and other forms of law enforcement in order to get into crime scenes where Supernatural beings were believed to have been.

  • Forging of Documents: Asmodeus forged all of her paperwork, id cards, and driver's license.
  • Lockpicking: Despite being able to teleport, Asmodeus often times prefers the old fashion way. She is a master lockpick, being able to break even into combination locks. She claims to be able to pick the Bowley Lock in mere seconds.
  • Hacking: Asmodeus is shown to be rather skilled in hacking.

Transcendent Demon Physiology: As one of the Seven Princes of Hell and an Original Demon, Asmodeus is far more powerful than her younger siblings and even the current generation of Demons. The Old Gods list her as a demon with world-ending powers and is listed by the leaders of Hell to not be trifled with. She is capable of matching Chief Deities and Seraphs, whose power is capable of extinguishing the stars in the night sky.

  • Taint: In the place of a soul, Demons possess a pitch-black void of twisted energy known as Taint. Stated by deities to be abhorrent and the manifestation of "corruption itself", Taint is what endows demons with all of their abilities including their immortality. Removing a Demon's Taint does very little to hinder it other than loss of their vast magical abilities and immortality, however, the Demon will remain far stronger than a human.
  • Vessel: While it is not necessary, demons can take vessels while on Earth for more covert operations. While inside their vessel, the vessel is virtually immortal and cannot be killed by conventional means. In addition, the demon invades the host's cells, muscles, and nervous systems. They also have access to all their memories, allowing them to mimic their personalities down to a T. While it is favorable to find a host that is undergoing emotional distress, some demons can forcefully enter a being and break down their will. Unlike angels, Demons do not heal their hosts and once the host has received enough damage, they vacate the body, leaving the host to die.
  • Umbrakinesis: Demons possess the power to control and generate a mysterious dark supernatural substance. Demons can use it and shape it into weapons, limbs, aura, or use it for enhancing and protecting themselves. Asmodeus uses her power to create weapons such as knives.
  • Telekinesis: Demons have psionic abilities. They are capable of influencing physical matter with their minds, allowing them to perform feats such as throwing someone without making physical contact or lifting objects with their minds.
  • Flight: Demons are capable of flight using their wings or other means. Despite having wings, Asmodeus does not appear to need them in order to fly.

Ta'avah Shel Teveh: Also known as The Gentle Caress of Lust. It is the power that belongs to Asmodeus and governs over the concepts of Desire and Lust. Asmodeus is granted great psionic and mental powers, far surpassing that of her siblings. She can amplify cravings, making them seek out what they desire the most as well as induce feelings of absolute bliss, making people lose the will to fight her. Stronger beings have a stronger resistance to this but are still somewhat subject to her will. However, she possesses vast skill with this power, being able to release a pleasant passive aura that makes people peaceful around her. As her power of "inducing craving", Asmodeus can amplify their strongest desire and emotion to the point where they fall into moral depravity and self-destruction, becoming nothing more than bottomless husks that exist only to satisfy their desires. In addition, Asmodeus is stated to be able to affect the user's soul.

  • Nightmare Manifestation: Asmodeus is capable of conjuring forth the nightmares from the user's mind and conjuring them into reality. The nightmare is incapable of affecting anyone or being affected by anyone other than the subject, who dreamed such a horror. The nightmare will hunt the target until the target destroys it or is destroyed by the nightmare.
  • Theater of Puppetry: Asmodeus hijacks the user's body by partially posessing them. This allows her to control them to the fullest extent, though sufficiently powerful beings are capable of freeing themselves from her control.
  • Incursion: Asmodeus is capable of projecting herself into the minds of her targets, though this leaves her body vulnerable to attacks.
  • Rose Garden: Rose Garden is a technique that earned Asmodeus her title, The Rose of Hell. It projects an illusory reality that appears real to the target, when in reality, they are trapped within a mental world of her creation. It is known as Rose Garden due to its appearance.
    • Thorn Binding: A mental suggestion that Asmodeus places deep within the subconscious mind of the target. It allows her to induce pain upon keyword activation. It is classified by Blacklight as a highly potent memetic attack.
    • Petal Plucking: While Rose Garden is active, Asmodeus searches the target's memories. She can also selectively delete memories up to the point of the target's birth.
    • Pacification Bed of Roses: Asmodeus radiates a pleasant aura that induces a feeling of calm on those around her.
  • Cursed Synesthesia: An extremely powerful illusion that forces the target to convince itself that whatever is happening is real. Thus, the brain reflects whatever it perceives into physical reality, causing damage to the body and soul. In addition, if the target's psyche is slowly broken down piece by piece, inducing paranoia and eventual madness.
  • Vanishing Equinox: The penultimate technique of Ta'avah. Asmodeus uses her immense mental powers to affect the invisible compacted dimensions of the universe to produce the ultimate illusion. It has a massive area of effect and is capable of peeling space to superimpose a replica location over the original, thus overwriting the original location. The original location or object is still there, rather anyone caught in it is caught within a manifold subspace that Asmodeus rules over and controls completely. As it is an "illusion", it will only exist so long as Asmodeus provides it with magical power.

Qliphoth Mode: Golachab: Asmodeus's Qliphoth Mode. Considered to be her true form, it boosts her power to the point where she can overwhelm the Chief Gods in combat as well as the Seraphim. She becomes far more demonic and her aura becomes maddening and malicious. An all-killing force of oppression that seeks to destroy all rivals, spiritually and mentally.

  • Yetzer Hara: Asmodeus is the personification of the whispers of the unconscious self and is often referred to as the Shoulder Devil. She can use this to warp the target's perception of reality and even alter their personality. In addition, she can trap them in a dream reality and completely destroy their mind. Her power is capable of affecting even the Elder Gods to a degree and has made her more feared in some circumstances than her older siblings.
  • Reflect Reality: Asmodeus uses her illusory powers to bypass the resistances of other beings, forcing them to believe that they were hurt, thus making whatever attack is heading towards them affect them whereas it would normally not.

Key: Asmodeus