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Character created by Lekmos.

Ashram is current king of dark elf kindom, father of Jane and husband of demon lord Louise. Ashram`s climp to ruler was not from easiest path to sunflower fields. His first opponent was his royal family mortal enemies from other clan. Yes they wanted Dark elf kindom rulership to themselves. This other clan was gaining goods and help from empire to overthrow Ashram and his family lecasy. Many times Ashram tried warn his nemesis Magnus from Empire back plan to only use Magnus to their own favor to gain territories of Dark Elf Kindom. These warnings howewer goes to death ears.

Ashram with his Armour of King and Sword of Dark elf.

Empire taked Dark Elf Kindoms lands and put Magnus as puppeteer ruler over the lands. Magnus howewer knowed too late this and had terrible fate, as he opposed Empire. Ashram formed own group from remaining forces of his people and his royl family. His most thrusted was his rigth handman woman, his sister Tatjana. They fought many battles against Empire, but each strike where futile until miracle happened or can you call it miracle? Well howewer demon lord Louise, who was set free by Endymion and by their little agreement taked intrest of this particly man who figth for his people. Louise joined their rank and begin indirectly help Ashram. Louise didn`t want get involved directly to combat for not get unwanted attention from gods of Terra. Louise help secured dark elf safety from losing more dark elf from battle fields. This was thanks to Louises dark magic which could snach souls back from Underworld and bring back life fallen comrads.

Some time between this and during time when Endymion arrived Empire with Hercules to put end Empire reigh by orders from Zeus himself, they get romantic relationship and Jane was born.

After fall of Empire Ashram joined Endymion side in immigration wars to resolve problem of races homegrounds. Ashram was firstly sceptical about demigod help, but Louise assured that Endymion s good man and will get things done with result which compomised everyone. Well Ashram was not completely happy about Endymion decidion about give to lizardmen piece land from Dark Elf kindom, but agreeted follow decidion for peace. Same time Ashram finded strange red rocks which he quicly noticed give him power boost what he needed during battles, especially when he was angry.

During next 15 years he collect more those strange red stones and combined them together to form bigger stone for more power. He himself stated to Louise and his daughter Jane it was for peace, but both his wife and daughter could see that stone power was twisting him more and more. Louise begin feel strange aura around his husband, it was familiar to her, but she could gt glimpse to which this aura/precence belong until one day...

Jane was luckly and fleed from scene as her mother demanded and faced her husband who was not normal self at all. Ashram used Louise weakness not harm her husband and manage to lock Louise with chains, which where impued with light magic to cell...

Louise: You are not Ashram. Tell me who you really are!

Ashram: Oh, don`t you regonize old friend?

Louise: No..no..NO! It can`t be....

Ashram: But it is! You used me as doll, back at your imprisonemed ritual. How it now feel see as i use your dear husband as doll. I will get my revenge against you, my father, my big brother and escpecially to my dear little brother!

Louise: No..this can`t be happening. Realese me, i ll do anything you want!

Ashram: No, no. You can watch the show as i tear everything apart, what you hold dear. This will be so much fun!

~ God who was supposed be in underworld

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Appearance and Personality

Ashram appears as tall man with pointed ears (as elf has), pale skin wearing his armour. His wearing armour is passing in his family lecasy for years.He has also his family sword with him always where he goes. In past when he still used Ares Bloodstones, he had them tached in his armour and most biggest one was in his chest. Bloodstone spreded it veins trough his body and maked Ashram look very hideous, when didn`t wear his armour.

Ashram is calm and calculating man with straight goal and plan to gain it. This has come seen in battle fields and in his daily life. He knows when is best to act and get down or retreat from scene. Others says it almsot frightening how he knows to do things. Howewr his own ampious mind is also his downfall, this comed seen when he begin use bloodstones to his own good. He was so interest about them that he didn`t notice their corruptive effect and Ares precence which slipped inside of his head. This may also be connected to that Ashram is willing sacrifice even his own good/life to make his people happy and safe.

In his personal time when he is with Louise and Jane he becomes different man. He won`t look anymore so serious and sharp as eagle. He becomes soft and sometimes too godi godi by Louise standart towards his family. Good example is that in outside his personal rooms he is srict towards Jane, but inside rooms he changes to soft and helplessy worried about hers safety. Many times Louise has to remeber Ashram for that Jane is half demon and can surely take care herself.

Personal Statistics

Alignment: Neutral Good/Lawfull Evil

Name: Ashram, Dark Elf King

Origin: Legend of Terra/Tales of nephilim

Gender: Male

Age: at least 400 years old

Classification: Dark Elf

Date of Birth: 18, August 363 (Current calendar of FOT)

Birthplace: Dark Elf Kindom capital Dormaccu

Weight: 86 kg

Height: 190 cm

Likes: Studying new things and discover something new


Eye Color: Grey

Hair Color: Black



Martial Status: Married with Demon Lord Louise.


  • Mother and Father unknow
  • Sister: Tatjana
  • Cousin: Magnus
  • Daughter: Jane
  • Future granddaughter/Other Universe granddaughter: Annie

Status: Alive

Affiliation: Dark Elf Kindom, His Family, Endymion Aheri (Later and only who he thrust from Olympus group)


King has to do, what king must do/Ashram theme!

Endymion versus Ashram (Ares controlled)

Ares influence creeps/Theme of possessed Ashram

Truth is revealed. Hello little brother!

Combat Statistics

Tier: 9-B, Low 7-C with armour | Varies 7-B to High 7-A | 6-B, High 6-A with Piece of Earth

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Enhanced Senses, Longevity (Dark Elfs could live about thousand years), Elemental and Illusion Magic, Experts at martial Arts, Regeneration (Mid-Low/Mid, as under control of ares), With Armour of King and Sword of Dark Elf gives Battle Precognition, Extrasensory Perception (Armour can read and follow his enemy energy signature) Attack Reflection via Armour Instinctive Reaction, Armour Telekinesis, Energy Projection and Durability Negation | With Bloodstone | Piece of Earth all abilities

Attack Potency: Wall Level, (Being Dark Elf with royal bloodline, Ashram has more power than normal dark elf. Ashram could easily punch trough wall with his bare hands.) Small Town Level, (When activating his Armour of King, Ashram can boost his abilites to match example Lower level angel and Horde Leader.) | Varies City Level to Large Mountain Level, (Ashram collected and combined different piece`s of Ares Bloodstone, to gain different level of power.) | Country Level, (After collecting enough pieces and combined them, Ares taked over his body and gived him power to equally match Endymion.) Multi-Continent Level, (After finding Piece of Earth, Ashram (Ares) could use piece full capacity freely.)

Speed: Superhuman (Dark elfs are faster than normal humans) Hypersonic with Armour, (About Mach 8) | Massively Hypersonic (Bloodstone gived Ashram speed of mach 150 and 300 in Warrior Madness) | Massively Hypersonic, (About 1294 Mach, could figth with Endymion evenly)

Lifting Strength: Superhuman, Class 10 with Armour telekinesis | Varies | Class M+ (Par with Endymion)

Striking Strength: Wall Class, (Can punch trough wall with bare hands), Small Town Class, (With Armour Ashram can figth par with lower angels and Horde leaders) | City Class to Large Mountain Class | Country Class, (His punches hurted Endymion), Multi-Continent Class, (with Piece of Earth)

Durability: Wall Level, (Base), Small Town Level with Armour of King | City Level to Large Mountain Level | Country Class, (Contrilled by Ares he could witstand punches from Endymion), Multi-Continet Class, (with Piece of Earth)

Stamina: Superhuman, (Dark elfs has more stamina than athlete human and can easily outmatch them) | Varies, (Bloodstone gives different stamina depending pieces and if user is in rage. Mostly howewer they are superhuman level) | Superhuman+, (Thanks for Ares posseessing Ashram he can be active for days before needing rest)

Range: Melee, Extended Melee with Armour (Armour plus his sword slashes), Kilometers with Final Move | Hundreds of Kilometers

Standard Equipment:

Intelligence: Genious, (Ashram has many years battle exprience against many foes. With his illusion abilities he can easily fools his enemies and thanks to his armours abilities Ashram is formiable foe even for Endymion who has gained battle training from Athena)


  • Using too much Bloodstone drives him more and more deep to rage.


Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Armour of King: His family lecasy, armour which has passed generations to generations in Ashram`s family. Armour chooses it next wielder and it is also mark for dark elf king. Armour gives boost to power, durability and speed. It also boost users magic abilities. Amour has unique technique to deflect incoming attacks and tell user where attack are coming from. In other words it gives user like six sense which tells where danger is and even deflect it automaticly it own. Attack deflection works against to physical, energy, elemental and magic based attacks.
  • Sword of Dark Elf: Is also object from his family lecasy and only armour wielder can used it as it is connected to armour. Sword can also deflect incoming attacks and shoot energy beams. Sword can also negate other being durability when slashed or stabbed. Sword is dangerous to Horde Leader level demons and lower level angels. Swords negation is so great that it has given even Endymion wounds which not heal in next few hours.
  • Where you lookin at?: As dark elf, Ashram can manipulate illusions to fool his opponent. For those illusions include to do douple copies himself, make battle field look different, make look like enemy has won, but in final moment Ashram stabs his foe down and many other.

Key: Base and with Amour of King | With Ares Bloodstone | With Ares Bloodstone and Ares controlling him

Note: Ready, but there migth be changes in future.....


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