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You are probably wondering to yourself, who's that weird man sitting on the rooftop? Well, that's me. Hi. My name is the Armored Hero
~ Armored Hero

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Cory Williams was one of the top scientists at a company called Syndicorp. Syndicorp had invented a peice of machinary that could hold a large amount of energy, and they wanted to use this machine to power the city that they were based in, Yorksvile. And they wanted Cory to examine it to make sure it was in working order. However, while examining it, the machine exploded, killing everyone inside, exept Cory. Cory's cells had merged with the radiation of the blast, and he soon learned that he could manipulate the radiation in his body to form diffrent types of powers, such as laser beams, flight, ext. He then made his own suit, called himself the Armored Hero, and joined along side his fellow superhero known as Epic Man, and became, the Armored Hero. Eventually, he fought a super villan known as Dark Soul, and will likely fight Black Magic in the upcoming episode 4.

Personal Statistics

Name: Cory Williams

Origin: Armored Hero (Verse)

Gender: Male

Age: Above 21 (Graduated collage)

Classification: Super powered Human

Weight: Likely 149 lbs (Average weight for a 5' 10" man)

Height: 5' 10"

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Dyed Blonde, Truly Brown

Values: Protecting the city, Teaming up with Epic man

Combat Statistics

Note: Armored Hero is still in production. Meaning that any or all of these stats can change in the next few episodes

Tier: 9-C Physically, 9-C with Claws, 9-A with beams

Powers and Abilities: Radiation Manipulation (Can manipulate the radiation in his body into concusive blasts), Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Enhanced Senses (Super Hearing), Flight, Natural Weaponry, Regeneration (Mid-Low, Could heal from Dark Soul's sword slashes rather quick), Genius Intelligence, Energy Projection, Acrobatics (Can do a front and back flip, can easily dodge Dark Soul's Attacks)

Attack Potency: Streel Level Physically (Stated to have grown stronger than he was before the explosion, where he was likely at human level) Street level with Claws (Can cut up and make marks in a tree, should be scalable to Dark Soul's katanas) Small Building level with beams (Could make a huge hole in a tree which would be this powerful)

Speed: Subsonic Travel Speed (Can run 97.2 meters in 2.68 seconds) Higher with reaction and combat speeds (Can tag Dark Soul, who can dodge him while in Super Speed, can dodge Dark Soul's attacks with ease)

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Striking Strength: Street Class, Higher with Claws, Small Building Class with Beams

Durability: Likely Small Building Level (Could survive Dark Soul's beams, who's beams should be scalabe to his own, can fall off of a several story building and get up just fine, seemingly doesn't get hurt by swords and katanas)

Stamina: Athletic, Likely Far Higher (Can fight with Dark Soul for a while and take a large amount of damage before giving up)

Range: Standard Melee range, Extended Melee range with claws, Several meters with beams

Intelligence: Genius (Stated to be one of the smartest people working in syndicorp, could design his own suit using items in his apartment)

Weaknesses: Very unskilled in fighting, needed help from Epic Man to defeat Dark Soul, still new with his powers

Notable attacks/techniques: Cory isn't a very skiled fighter, but he can hold his own against Dark Soul for a few minutes before needing assistence. Dark Soul is a highly trained martial artist who is Black Magic's number 1 assassin and has been training in combat for quite a while. So although he isn't super proficient at fighting, he can hold his own against skilled fighters if needed. If a fight comes to close range, Cory more often than not uses his claws to deture his opponent. If he ever needs to retreat, he more often than not either speeds out of there or flies away to retreat. If at a long range, he will use his beam attack to keep them at a distance and to try and take them out from far away, although he doesn't have the best aim.


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