This,this monster is virtuality unstoppable.It can't be reasoned,defeated or permanently killed. This thing is anomaly born from higher dimension,a realm where we draw our power and magic from.It fought and survived from the very gods by itself! If for some reason the gods send this thing into our realm then they...the gods themselves couldn't defeat this monster. This is the end of the world and of all existence....this thing is Armageddon itself!

~ Hopeless scientist in the ancestral plane describing what this being is.


Armageddon is one of the main antagonist in Culminverse and is essentially the enemy of everything.

An ferocious and unstoppable monster, born and molded in the source dimension with the disdain of life and has craving in eradicating it. He infamously defeated and killed varies creatures and gods in the immaterial realm,forcing all the gods to band together in fighting against this monster.

With no other choice,all the remaining gods used all their power to send him into the end of time after realizing how much of threat this being purposes to all existence, but due to their hastily action, the spell malfunction and he were transported to the ancestral plane.

Awakened in the ancestral plane and mysteriously slightly weakened for being anomaly,he began his rampage around this realm,forcing all the governments and organizations on focusing this threat

Sorcerers,Kings,Lords,Organizations,Kingdoms,Mad Scientists,Cultists,Warriors,Criminals have temporarily banded together to fight this being. Every day and night,sounds of death and fighting  can be heard around the world.

Numerous strong individuals died and fallen during the battle,a fellow desperate sorcerer used a powerful relic that bypass his defenses, transporting Armageddon into the physical realm, knowing that the amount of living beings being killed will be on shoulders but assuring he at least delay the inevitable.

The monster awakened once more in unknown alien civilization, where he begin his crusade in annihilating all life.


Armageddon is nothing more than just mindless beast. He cares little about rules or laws,nourishing in causing chaos and destruction around him.

Even having the mindset of animal,he still indulge in killing from his urges as that his very nature of from being molded with the negative energy within the source.


It bear the resemblance of demonic gargoyle with some differences.  He has strong rough muscular build and 4 tall point horns in each side of his head.

It has large mouth that is parallel to crocodile's mouth  and two white dot eyes of his face. Besides his rocky appearance,he have what seemed to be tentacles around his waists that likely just part of his nature.

In the lower body,he has two rough legs akin to his upper body.

Combat Statistics

Tier: High 4-C | High 1-B in the source dimension

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics,Higher-Dimensional Existence,Magic,Accelerated Development and Statistics Amplification (His physical characteristics grow more stronger during a fight.),Adaptation (His abnormality nature can adopt to any dimension or biome.),Durability Negation and Non-Physical Interaction (Can harm intangible beings and attack their very soul by sheer physical strength alone. Due to his anomaly nature,he have also able to harm higher beings in the source dimension,notably the gods who are infinite dimensional of everything that composes the multiverse.),Spatial Manipulation (Have broke free from dimensional barriers from punching.),Aura and Reactive Evolution (From just being hit by specific attack, he adapt his opponent's specific ability and attack to the point of being instantly immune to it.Due to his destructive nature,everyone who dare look upon him or are near at his vicinity feel the sense of overwhelming fear.),Indomitable Will (He have no fear of dying or care about feelings. His very nature is just to cause destruction and chaos.),Self-Sustenance (Types 1 and 2; Doesn't need to eat or breathe. Has no internal organs.),Immortality (Type 1,2,8 and 9,his true form resides in the source dimension and his anomaly nature is being the embodiment of all chaos and destruction in existence.),Regeneration (High-Mid,can instantly regenerate any part of limb or organ.)Acrobatics (Able to leap vast distances,his jumps can reach to nearby planets.),Invulnerability and Berserk Mode (He is always in constant rage whenever a living being is near at him as well being immune to conventional harm.),Resistance to Mind Manipulation and Possession (Though mindless,he can instinctively defect his mind and soul.),Resistance to Reality Warping,Higher-Dimensional Manipulation,Matter Manipulation and Conceptual Manipulation (Have fought beings in the source dimension and had killed numerous gods before he were banished and were unaffected by complete destruction of his body from matter.),Resistance to BFR (From sheer will,he can hold his ground from being warped into another dimension or place.)

Attack Potency: Large Star level (He have physically went toe to toe with golems.),ignores conventional durability and much higher when in the source dimension as he is not weakened there and have physically killed gods with just sheer brute strength.

Speed: Supersonic+ speed (Is comparable to other source entities that are able to move above the speed of sound)  | FTL reactions (Have fought golems that were moving at that speed alone due to their nature.) | Immeasurable (In the source dimension as time is irrelevant there.)

Lifting Strength: Class M (Had lifted one of the largest ship in earth during his rampage across alternative worlds.) | Immeasurable (In the source dimension as time is irrelevant there.)

Striking Strength: Large Star Class (Have fought and killed numerous golems who had physical strength and durability of the largest star in the known universe.) | Immeasurable In the source dimension as time is irrelevant there.)

Durability: Large Star level (Withstood damage from numerous attacks from powerful beings that could destroyed mountains,cities and stars alone.) | High Hyperverse level (Withstood reality bending attacks in the source dimension.)

Stamina: Infinite (His existence and nature doesn't require him to rest or eat in that matter.)

Range: Standard Melee Range with fists to thunderclaps can reach up to tens of kilometers in every direction.

Standard Equipment: None notable.

Intelligence: Animalistic  (Armageddon nothing more than wild beast, who's very nature is just to kill and cause destruction around itself. He is the embodiment of all chaos and destruction in existence.)

Weaknesses: His whole body need to be destroyed in order to bypass his regeneration,resulting him to be send back of where he came from.He is simple minded after all and doesn't know how to use his powers,alternately he just instinctively use his powers with no idea of how it works.His high hyperverse durability and the rest of his high hyperverse superhuman physical characteristics actives when his in the source dimension.

Notable Attacks and Techniques:

Anomaly Nature: Armageddon nature is biologically out of this world. Having no external organs and does not require him to eat nor sleep. His physical capabilities are outmatched,have withstood powerful blows from beings that can bend reality or affect it as well relying on brute strength to defeat his enemies. From every fight,his physical strength grows more and adapts any specific attack that is thrown to him as well able to survive at any dimension or biome regardless what it is due his anomaly nature.

Spatial Manipulation: He can break dimensional barriers from just punching it with all his might.

Immortality: He is born and molded in the source dimension, by the fighting of one another from beings,resulting him to becoming embodiment of all the fighting and destruction in existence.

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