Ares.jpg's just a simple word for the battle and angyst that exist with it. hundreds die, civilizations fall to their collapse and i control all of it. there are Gods just like me on this world who serve to Mayuraquel and HIM that are absolute in strength. however, there's only one who is stronger between
~ Ares


Ares, also known as his other name Mars, is the son of Zeus and Hera. he's the god of war, when he was born, he was able to cause all war across all of the multiverse immediataly with many civilizations out of nowhere starting attacking each other.

Ares is also the God of Courage,making his existence gave civilizations courage to defeat the other civilizations to defeat them (or just everywhere to be more exact). Ares is a brutal warrior,always attacking it's enemy with brute strenght like ramming it's face on the ground, kicking the stomach multiple times, etc.

Ares is also the father of Phobos and Deimos


Ares is rather rude sometimes with his fellows, always blaming them if they lose a battle because they weren't as good as Ares thought. regardless, Ares is very well known for not being someone who talks alot. he still talks, but preefers to express rather than watch. Ares is also extremely brutal when it comes to combat, as he likes to causes pain and eventual defeat to the opponent, once he defeats it, he becames happy thanks to his nature as the God of war. when one of his team mates start losing, Ares (due to him being also the god of courage) will try to encourage his fellow soldiers to try again the defeat the threat that they're facing upon, as seen during the battle against Ra. Ares also has a not very good interaction with his father, due to Ares and Zeus's personalities, with Zeus being calm and happy while Ares is not very calm and gets rather annoyed slowy by other people close to him, but Ares still respects his father, not only because he's his father but because he's also the king of the Olympian Gods.


Ares actually has never shown his face outside of his helmet so far. his helmet have a format of a upside U with feathers on the top,he also wears a dark red cape,which is to match the result of the wars which is always blood, and have a dark-grey glove.

Personal Statistics

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Name: Ares, Mars

Origin: Sogontosverse

Gender: Male

Age: 11 trillion years

Birthplace: Unknown

Classification: God of War, God

Likes: figthing, watching wars, his children and winning

Dislikes: losing, his father sometimes, a war ending with a "sorry" as Ares usually likes watching gory fights between empires

Status: Alive

Affiliation: Olympians Gods

Combat Statistics

Tier: 4-A to 3-B, 2-B via Reign of Blood, Low 1-C via Hax | Low 1-C, possibly 1-B

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Power Mimicry, Power Nullification, Existence Erasure (just like all gods, he can erase anything from total existence), BFR (changed the arena from a grassy plane to a volcano), Dimensional Travel (can travel through dimensions), Space-Time Manipulation (according to Xudus, Ares can control the very fabric of space-time itself), Time Manipulation, Spatial Manipulation, Attack Reflection (can easily reflect the attacks of the enemy to the enemy himself), Acausality (Type 1 and 3), Self-Sustenance (Types 1 and 2), Sealing (Sealed the titans into the eternity darkness, where they were obliterated once they came there by the darkness. Can also send other beings into the barrier between the higher plane and the lower plane where they arre destroyed similar to the eternity darkness area, they cant alsoxescape due to not being one with the barrier, not even Ares himself can escape), Regeneration (Mid-Godly, likely High-Godly; quickly regenerated after having its soul and body being disintegrated into nothing. Regenerated from being turned into nothing by Gargalacanars's Executium Primus Spear, which attacks the opponent and erases him to nothing, and eventually destroying his conceptual importance), Soul Manipulation (can destroy souls with ease and can do it on a scale that can reach up to realms beyond space-time), Empathic Manipulation and Morality Manipulation (just by existing, he causes all wars to happen in the multiverse, which are decided by empathy and morality of the empires), Can touch Type 2 Nonexistent beings (Gods are able to interact with the Fallen, which are themselves described to be nothingness itself and embodying the small area of the Fallen ones, which is made of concepts "unable to be described"), Life Manipulation, Fire Manipulation, Air Manipulation (can manipulate air), Resistance Negation (negated Ra's resistance to Power absorption, said resistance was on a Multiversal+ scale), Darkness Manipulation (created the eternity darkness area, which is all made of darkness), Mastered Spear and sword combat, Fate Manipulation, Energy Projection and Manipulation to the former, Self-Resurrection, Void Manipulation (Created the Eternity Darkness area, which is completely made out of darkness and void), Duplication (can create up to 70 duplications of himself), Black Hole Manipulation, Portal Creation, Limited Invulnerability (sometimes, he can become invulnerable), Weather Manipulation, Telekinesis, Teleportation, Reality Warping, Body Control, Nigh-Omniscience, Death Manipulation (Said Death Manipulation ia good enough to capable of killing beings who are unnafected by it, such as the Reaper), Creation, Forcefield Creation and Size Manipulation (Can create upon a forcefield to himself, and can also manipulate it's size to protect him even more), Regeneration Negation (up to High-Godly; Killed off Jikaras for good, who was described as "immortal" thanks to his ability which is able to regenerate/bringing him back from the Total death Event, which erases things so hard it causes a collapse in causality itself and eventually destroying all, this was shown to be capable of killing minor gods such as Derus, who can regenerate from being erased from the Higher Records, which is made of entirely existing concepts), Non-Physical Interaction, Pocket Reality Manipulation (created the Stella chaos area, a dimension containing thousands of stars), Immortality (Types 1, 2, 3 and 5), Flight, Pain Manipulation (by holding his hand, he can cause a massive pain on the opponent), Danmaku, Time Travel, Causality Manipulation, Blood Manipulation (can make the blood of the opponent stop), Petrification via Stare of Rock, Body Puppetry, Enhanced Senses, Fear Manipulation (Via "Stare", he can turn the enemy into a coward with fear), Self-Healing,Illusion Manipulation and Telepathy, Possession (he can posess others), Reality Warping, Absorption, Madness Manipulation (Types 1 and 3), Immortality Negation (All Types; Defeated the Reaper and took his abilities), Corruption (all types) and Weapon Creation (Created multiple weapons during his battle with hades), Absolute Zero (Scaling to Geados), Precognition (Type 2; can predict the future upon to 1 month), Instinctive Reaction (Can attack even while asleep, this has been demonstrated several times such as the time where a assassin send by Hades tried to kill him while he was sleeping, and before he could hit the final blow, Ares {while asleep} killed him immediately)

all previous abilities massively enhanched, plus Higher-Dimensional Existence on full power (Naturally exists as a higher dimensional order being on his full power mode which is also his true form similar to other gods), Aura (just like all gods,they have small auras on the back of the top of their Heads), Abstract Existence (Type 2), Large Size (Type 10), Massively enhanched Reality Warping, Passive Plot Manipulation/Fate Manipulation (All Gods are born to the plot, which results in them casually manipulation them. causing in them causing things to happen in their own hands and choose the victory to be always to be their own), Acausality (Type 5), Higher-Dimensional Manipulation, Immortality (Type 9), Omnipresence

Resistance to Existence Erasure (Resisted the Ultimatum Waves which erased multiple galaxies from existence) ,Transmutation and Matter Manipulation (despite turning anything into a ball and changing their matter, the Teeth of Hydra was useless against Ares) Corruption (all types), Conceptual Manipulation (resisted Hades's conceptual manipulation), Power Nullification and Power Absorption (Resisted some of Hades's attacks such as the Suprematum, which negates the attacks of the opponents and returning them back to Zero and also absorbing them), Resistance Negation (Scaling to Zeus, who resisted attacks from Hades who negated some resistances such as the mind hax resistance of Homuras, who could resist it on a scale of 50+ higher dimensional layers), Soul Manipulation and Conceptual Attacks (Was fine in the Dead World, which attacks the souls of living beings and entirely destroys concepts if the beings lack a soul), BFR, Empathic Manipulation, Madness Manipulation and Morality Manipulation (was unnafected by the chaos effect, which effected all the population of 2 mini multiverses to hail before Chaos and those who weren't affected started to go mad and crying, as well as their minds being destroyed piece by pieces), Fate Manipulation (just like other gods,he is unnafected by fate as he controls it), Possession, Pain Manipulation, Fear Manipulation, Immortality Negation (all types), Petrification, Blood Manipulation, Reality Warping and Plot Manipulation (All olympians god resist these Abilities as those resistances were given by GVRL), Death Manipulation (The Reaper cant do nothing with his Total Death against olympian gods, said reaper can casually manipulate death and even kills beings who lacks even the concept of "die", as he's transcendent over death itself) and Madness Manipulation (types 2 and 3), Mind Manipulation (was completely fine after Ra's mind control on him, which scales to Chaos's Mind Manipulation) and Gravity Manipulation, Void Manipulation (the eternity darkness area he created is both made of void and darkness and he is capable of surviving in it), Heat Manipulation (was fine while being exposed to Ra's sun,which burns anything and turns them to crisps), Regeneration Negation (up to High-Godly; Survived X-320 regeneration negation, which was made with Necroas's DNA), Absolute Zero (Is unnafected by the attacks from the Ice God Geados, who can freeze things beyond absolute zero), Cosmic Radiations (Can survive fine in space), Causality Manipulation (Was unnafected by Opirum's Vendes attack, which manipulates the destiny of those who are affected by it, even if it's fated to happen, Opirum would change it anyway)

Attack Potency: Multi-Solar System level+ to Multi-Galaxy Level (as a olympian god, should be far above fodder creatures such as the Long-Foot, who can shake a entire universe by yelling the hardest they can with two versions can either via the earthquake be sensed across all the universe or the entire universe shaking at once. far superior to a Yutur, a creature even at a weakened state, can create 80 realms with multiple stars at once, and due to being superior to these beings, Ares has a destructive force of over 5.2 ZettaFOE. easily defeated Limos, who easily dwarfed a entire galaxy as this levels of energy), Multiverse level via Reign of Blood (Reign of Blood, Ares's spear, is repeatedly stated to hold "infinite power" upon itself and threaten any enemies who encounter it and being so powerful that it could break the entirety of Mount Olympus, which is 10% the size of the Living World Multiverse), Low-Complex Multiverse level via Hax (Stated to have created the Eternity Darkness area with his powers) | Low-Complex Multiverse Level (The Gods true forms are abstractual from their avatars forms and are infinitely superipr to them over a infinite amount. Gods at this form are in a higher plane of existence itself, beyond the whole concepts of Time and Space. Thus, they are above the Eternity Darkness Area, which transcends space-time over the Mount Olympus, making them 6-Dimensional beings), possibly Hyperverse level (Gods are also stated to be "beyond anything", which would include the Hyperoverloader and the Chungen Mujin, a structure which dimensionality is infinitely expanding)

Speed: Massively FTL+ (should be comparable to Versil Keylar Mark II, who flied past over 70 quadrillion Skywards {which are universes} in 3 seconds, making him over 68 Nonillion times the speed of light) to Immeasurable (can move normally on the eternity darkness area, a place which resides in a structu re which is beyond time and space. Blitzed Wearess, who in turned was able to blitz a whole army of beings which naturally exists as higher dimensional beings and each soldiers being superior to each other) | Omnipresent (The Gods true forms are present through the entirety of Mount Olympus)

Lifting Strength: Multi-Galactic (can easily hold over 100 galaxies)

Striking Strength: Multi-Solar System Class+ to Multi-Galaxy Class | Low Complex Multiversal, possibly Hyperversal

Durability: Multi-Solar System level+ to Multi-Galaxy Level (easily tanked attacks from Ra, who was equal to him) | Low Complex Multiverse level, possibly Hyperverse level (tanked attacks from 100% Hades)

Stamina: Limitless (comparable to other gods who can only stop when bored)

Range: interstellar to multiversal+ (his attacks could easily reach multiple constellations and at full power, it can reach all of the Infinite multiverse) | Low complex multiversal, possibly hyperversal

Standard Equipment: Reign of Blood (his spear)

Intelligence: Nigh-Omniscient (Was granted intelligence by Zeus which let him know almost everything within the universe. Is also a extremely crafty commander who plans strategies almost all of the time, and almost every time being succeced, even though it doens't work all the time)

Weaknesses: he is rather arrogant sometimes, can sometimes become cocky, not using the most powerful strategy first when he becames like tha5.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Helmet Stab (uses the down parts of his helmet to stab the enemy)
  • Knee Torture (grabs the oponnent by his arms and starts knee kicking his stomach multiple times really fast)
  • Blood Impale (can impale his enemies by throwing a stick-like blast)
  • Finem Solis (end of the sun) (uses a blast so bright that makes the oponnent semi-blind so that gives a advantage)
  • Army of Blood (creates up to 70 duplicates of himself)
  • "bye mr. arm" (by lifting his finger,he can break the arm of the opponent)
  • Hyper Light (uses a attack that has the power of a hypernova)
  • Dance of Blastes (can create blasts that appereance are similar to dancing which can both impale the enemy and paralyze him)
  • Explosive Planet (by blasting on the ground,he can make a entire planet to explode)

Keys: Normal | Full Power


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