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Aqua is one of the elemental warriors from the Soshi Kingdom, along with Dylan, Pyro, Kuki, and Arora. She controls the Water Element.


Aqua has long royal blue hair that fades to a lighter shade at the end, with a ponytail tied in the back and magenta-colored eyes. She wears a dark blue dress, thigh-high dark blue boots, and white stockings.

Tier: High 6-C (Fought Alex, despite being weaker) | High 6-C (Grew slightly stronger after the tournament)

Name: Aqua

Origin: Neon Cavaliers

Gender: Female

Age: Unknown

Height: 5'1

Classification: Human | Elemental Warrior

Powers and Abilities:

Attack Potency: Large Island level (Fought Alex, despite being weaker) | Large Island level (Grew slightly stronger after the tournament)

Speed: Hypersonic (Kept up with Alex) | Hypersonic (Kept up with Chronifourus)

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Striking Strength: Large Island Class | Large Island Class

Durability: Large Island level | Large Island Level

Stamina: Very high (Can fight for long periods of time)

Range: Extended melee range

Intelligence: Average

Weaknesses: None-notable

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Water manipulation: Due to her controlling of water, she can use it to create water blasts or use it to propel herself in the air.

Key: The Castal Tournament Arc | The Last General Arc


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