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The Age of the Gods has long since ended. No longer do they walk the surface of Algo, nor do they act upon the world directly. That is why I can do this. This world belongs to its inhabitants in truth, not the ones standing above and peering down upon them. And that's why I will make it so. So that everyone can choose their own path.

You turn them into demons, who crave chaos and chaos alone, who wage war and slaughter each other, who torture humans and bring suffering to them! Do not act like you possess some moral high ground here! You are perpetuating suffering far worse than the cycle mortals undergo! The fear, the pain, the hatred the demons bring to all who suffer their destruction! Those were living beings! They had their own will, their own right to choose! And you took away that choice from them, by ending their lives and forcing them into the shape of demons! You're no different from the very thing you claim to hate!


Apollyon Bela, formerly Erithaea Silvia Archibald-Belnades, is a character in Deus Ex Gyrus. She is a reincarnator during the Age of Strife, and is the protagonist of the Great War Saga. After falling into the sea of Angra Mainyu and taking in all the curses of the world to herself, she was reborn as Apollyon, becoming more ruthless in achieving her goals.

Character History

Apollyon has lived many lives before her current body, under many different species and many different names. As the daughter of the god of order and chief among Algo's pantheon, Graham, her soul was placed onto earth to spread her father's word and beliefs, turning the world into an orderly one, free of chaos and discord. Initially aligned with these beliefs and wanting to follow her father's wishes, her experience through her multiple lives led her to stray from this path.

Little has been revealed of her past lives thus far, but many of them are known. Her earliest-known incarnation for the first 21 years of her life was the Arcadian witch Medea from the Age of Legends, though it is believed that her soul is particularly old, and goes back to the Age of the Gods. The other lives that she initially knew about at the outset of the story were the Jotunn shieldmaiden Brynhildr, the Germanic princess Kriemhild from Drachenheim, a territory that would later become northern Alexandria, and the Alexandrian paladin Roland, who alongside the hero Alexander Orlandeau was able to create Alexandria and unify the warring states. After the Mu Impact, it was revealed that her first life was the Babylonian priestess Meania. During a battle with a petrifying leviathan in the Makai layer of Shadowsea, another life was awakened: The cursed Arcadian maiden from the age of gods, Medusa.

Meania, Babylonian Executioner

They wield the power granted to us by the gods? How can this be? That is a power belonging only to the divine. For them to pervert it for their use is unthinkable.
~ Meania's thoughts on Babylon's witches, said to her brother, Gilgamesh

Meania (3803 B.C. - 3741 B.C.), the second Reincarnator, was born near the crux of civilization. She was conceived by the hand of the Sky God Anu, chief among the gods and the one who would later come to be known as Graham by most of Algo. It was to a priestess of Anu, much like her older brother, Gilgamesh, whose divine blood rendered him destined to become the king of Babylon, the first kingdom which would later become the desert empire of Akhet. Whereas Gilgamesh's mark of divinity was his crest, which allowed him to mark anything he touched as his own, Meania was born with glowing golden hair, shining with the same color as Anu's light and Gilgamesh's own crest.

Meania's early life was one of ignorant naivete, especially when one compares it to her existence as Erithaea. She was entirely loyal to her older brother, the kingdom of Babylon as a whole, and the will of Anu, wishing nothing more than to maintain the order of the world. Despite this, however, she was fierce and fearless. Unlike the more laidback and haughty attitude of her brother, Meania was constantly serious, to the point of being outright humorless. She didn't react to having Gilgamesh launch a weapon at her, remaining still during the entire event and not flinching for a moment, and focusing with extreme single-minded determination on the honing of a singular weapon, that being her greatsword. It was for this reason that, unable to become Queen due to the laws of the land, she opted to decline the position of a calmer and more spiritual priestess, instead becoming a royal Executioner, one who would inflict punishment onto the wicked.

Meania's ruthlessness within her position was quite renowned. Often, her victims would beg for their lives, prostrating themselves in front of thousands during public executions. Their pleads would always fall upon deaf ears, however, and would be cut off along with their heads. Meania was also known to be quite devout; she reacted with visible rage when Gilgamesh told her of the cultists of the chaos goddess Ishtar (Later to be known as Vale) that could use magic despite not being of divine blood like the two of them, or blessed by Anu like Babylon's priests. She was entirely dedicated to following the will of the gods, and immediately set out to stamp out the witches that possessed these gifts.

When she approached the forests that the supposed cult lied in, her rage was only intensified as she found that they could indeed wield magic. She was ruthless as she cut through all magical defenses, destroying the foundations that the witches had built. Nevertheless, when she confronted their leader, her aggression was stayed for a moment as the head witch explained her actions. They had done nothing wrong; they had not killed, or kidnapped. And yet, Meania had been sent to cut them down. This was the first time the woman's faith had been even remotely shaken; she had assumed from the beginning that they lacked any moral fiber, being mere pawns of the chaos goddess for her to send to the underworld for redemption, and yet, what lay before her, bright-eyed children, who were outright excited to practice the gifts they had somehow acquired, and caring parents that wanted nothing more than to protect them, spat in the face of that assumption.

And so, in the somewhat-confused haze she had found herself in, she decided that she would judge the witches' intentions for herself, spending time within the forest to find out whether or not they were truly evil, as she had first believed. That would be the beginning of the millennia-long, generations-spanning destruction of the woman's faith in the gods.

Medusa, Cursed Maiden of Sarpedon

Those turned to stone are those who came to claim my life for naught more but their own glory or desire for my blood. Lapdog of the gods, you will fall like they have.
~ Medusa's threat to Perseus.
I... Why... Why did it have to... be like that... Brother... Gilgamesh...
~ Medusa's final thoughts.

It was from a blessed life to a cursed one.

Medusa Gorgon (2529 B.C. - 2408 B.C.) was born as a simple, though exceptionally-beautiful maiden on the Arcadian isle of Atlantis, and she and her two sisters, Stheno and Eurayle, were sought after by men and earning the ire and jealousy of women for this beauty. Furthermore, Medusa's blood contained a lesser miracle; Blood from her left half was said to be instantly lethal to even the most powerful beings, whereas her right half's blood could return the dead to life, or create new life entirely.

Despite how many sought after her, Medusa's heart was an unusual one. Though the laws of Arcadia forbade it, Medusa was irregular in the ways of love; she sought not the embrace of a man, but of another woman like herself. Perhaps even more unusually, she sought the love of not a mortal, but a goddess. She was a priestess, in fact, of the goddess Plutia, and wished for nothing more than to take the sea queen's hand in marriage.

Miraculously, Medusa was granted this luxury; It was a chance meeting by the sea with the goddess, and when their eyes met, it was love at first sight. Medusa immediately vowed to return with Plutia to her home underwater; but her pledge did not go unnoticed. Other gods were watching: The god of earth, Atlas, and the god of wind, Ventus. Spiteful towards humans and protective of her younger sister, the two gods refused to allow Plutia and Medusa to be together. In their rage, Atlas sunk Atlantis into the ground, and Ventus ripped Medusa and her sisters off of the ground, throwing them to the isle of Sarpedon where he cursed them, turning them from maidens into monsters.

Each was cursed in a different way; Medusa's gaze was rendered deadly, turning any that it met to stone. And so, Trapped on Sarpedon by Ventus' storms, they were forever isolated from the rest of the world, Medusa forced to cover her eyes, unable to see even her own sisters in her efforts to protect them. For decades, unaging, the three siblings remained on Sarpedon, though they were not always alone. Often, foolish "heroes" hearing of her fearsome gaze or desperate villagers who needed her blood to cure their sickly loved ones would brave the storms and rocks surrounding the island to seek out either Medusa's head or her help.

Of course, she held nothing but hatred for those that came to slay her, and rendered them stone statues trapped within their own minds, though she at least tended to tolerate the ones who came to seek her healing... If feeling jealousy towards them for their freedom, that they had not been cursed by the gods like she was.

It was at the tail-end of her life that a new hero came to the island to slay her. This one bore weapons gifted to him by the gods, made to kill her outright. A shield that could reflect her petrifying gaze, a cap that rendered him invisible to her sight, a burning scythe that could negate her regeneration, even a bag filled with water, woven by Plutia herself. The hero's name was Perseus, the gods' messenger, and his existence angered Medusa to her core. That all of the gods, even Plutia, had agreed to end her life in such a way, was an injustice she would not tolerate.

And so the two battled; It was an utterly one-sided duel, Perseus possessing every advantage. Though unlike those who cane before, his tone with her was gentle, his movements graceful and his heart pure. It was by Plutia's request that he was sent against her; Ventus and Atlas would never let them be together in life, and so she opted to have her killed, hoping that they could be reunited in Medusa's next one. Only at the very end of her life, as Perseus' scythe cut through her neck, did the two realize that they were eachother's siblings, Perseus being Gilgamesh's reincarnation and Medusa being Meania's. But by then, it was too late. Medusa expired, her hatred for all the gods instilled within her.

Legend has it that Medusa's blood upon being spilt birthed the flying horse, Pegasus, and the golden giant, Chrysaor, two beings who would join Perseus and a group of other heroes from the era in his ending of the Age of Gods. Indeed, this would be the woman's last time in this era, as by the time she reincarnated, a new age altogether had been created.

Medea, Mystic Princess of Colchis

~ Medea's only spoken line thus far, a simple restraining spell used on Jason.

The first life Erithaea awakened, and the first from the Age of Legends.

Born to King Aeetes of Colchis, and a demigoddess who was the daughter of Eos, Medea (1745 B.C. - Unknown) had been destined to live a life of luxury and pleasure. Yet, such a life hardly interested her; Medea would often sneak out of the city to explore the world beyond, defending herself using the innate light and flame magic she possessed since childhood, by virtue of being Eos' granddaughter. To help hone this magical talent, she would spend summers with her aunt, the famous sorceress Circe, where she learned many talents such as Alchemy, Divination, and Hypnotism.

It was only mere months after she reached adulthood that prince Jason of Corinth would arrive on the shores of Colchis, accompanied by a myriad of other heroes including legends such as Heracles, Theseus, and Atalanta. He had heard tales of a powerful maiden with potent magical abilities, and sought her help in his quest to retrieve a legendary item from the far-off, monster-ridden islands on the edge of Arcadian territory known as the Golden Fleece. Falling in love with Jason and his natural charisma, Medea eagerly joined his quest despite the wishes of her father.

Along the treacherous journey, the initially shy and reserved Medea, surrounded by heroes that she had heard tales of, began to grow accustomed to her companions, blossoming into an outgoing and brave young woman who was able to weather the many dangers of the Arcadian sea alongside the other Argonauts. She even discovered their past identities along the way, reconciling with Atalanta, who was once Gilgamesh and Perseus, and Hercules, who she had not seen since he was known as Enkidu. And indeed, along the journey, Medea and Jason fell in love, vowing to marry once they returned to Corinth. Medea aided Jason and the Argonauts on many a danger thanks to her powerful magic, soothing wild beasts, immolating hordes of monsters, and hypnotizing fearsome and evil giants, and soon enough, the team had retrieved the golden fleece. Medea and Jason travelled back to Corinth as heroes, marrying shortly after...

But alas, Medea's happy ending was not to be.

10 years after their initial marriage, Jason abandoned her and the children she had given birth to with him, marrying another mistress and exiling Medea to the outskirts of the kingdom, where she was thrust into a life of squalor and illness that took her children from her. Overcome with grief and rage, Medea vowed her vengeance. And thus, in the middle of the night, she infiltrated Jason's palace, hypnotizing his guards with ease, and stabbing the king and his mistress to death in their bed.

Historical accounts vary on what happened to Medea after this event. Some posit that she took her own life, while others propose that she returned to her aunt Circe to study magic until she passed away. Others still suggest that she may have fled the country, taking on the name Scheherazade and becoming a mage in Akhet, though the historical accuracy of the latter is often questioned due to conflicting accounts of their respective time periods.

I'm not much one for talking. Let's kill him. Live up to my name, reincarnation of mine.
~ Cu Chulainn, to Apollyon
Little is known about the life of Cu Chulainn thus far, but it is known that he bears great regret for having mistakenly killed his son in a duel, and acts as a force to keep Apollyon from losing herself in her rage against someone like Beelzebub.

Kriemhild, Ice Princess of Drachenheim

I used my jewel magic in order to fix the blight on my brothers and sisters. Your mind wasn't exactly equipped to handle it; nonetheless, your processing speed should have expanded, and you should have access to my magic, to a degree. Though, I'd recommend limiting yourself to simple crystallokinesis, for now.
~ Kriemhild lecturing Apollyon on her magic within their mindscape

Kriemhild (652 A.C. - 784 A.C.) was the first to have her mind awakened inside Apollyon, and is one of the longest lives that she has led.

Born to an unknown human father and the dragon Fafnir, Kriemhild spent almost her entire childhood and adolescence locked away within a tower in the territory of Drachenheim, a bordering nation to Jotunheim which would eventually become part of Alexandria. Her mother, Fafnir, never allowed her to leave the tower, constantly warning her of the dangers that lay outside its walls. That men, mortal and draconic alike, would seek her out for her beauty and abilities, stealing her away and doing unspeakable things to her.

Though her powers were indeed invaluable, her ability to spontaneously create magical gems second to none, much of this was a lie. Fafnir was a greedy and manipulative woman, who wanted to make sure that her daughter remained under her protection for as long as she lived. And so, she made sure that Kriemhild never left her tower, until the draconian princess had turned eighteen. It was then that Kriemhild would be able to leave the tower for the first time, not due to her mother's change of heart, but to the intervention of a man.

Siegfried, a man from the similarly Proto-Alexandrian territory of Niederland, was on a warpath. Fafnir, the tyrant of the north, had stolen much knowledge and wealth from his kingdom, frozen over its towns and crops, and slaughtered all who dared to stand against her. Furthermore, he had heard tales of a lonesome maiden locked within a tower that Fafnir guarded, and set out to both slay the dragon and liberate her stolen wealth and imprisoned daughter. The knight and Kriemhild confronted each other rather tensely, sharing their respective tales of their lives and the impact Fafnir had on them, and Kriemhild only then learned what Fafnir had been doing to Niederland.

Though she could not raise her hand against her own mother, she would not stop Siegfried in his goals, and opted to travel with him and see the world for her own eyes. And so, she took Siegfried's hand, and the two fled the tower, allowing her to see the world beyond. It was not one full of evil and malice, as her mother had so frequently told her, but one of good people, burdened by the actions of a few evil souls and simply trying to survive as best as they could. Indeed, she felt a special connection to the knight as they travelled together, and as she unlocked her past lives and their memories, she was reminded of Sigurd, whom she had slain centuries before as the Valkyrie Brynhildr. It was not long after that she realized that Siegfried was Sigurd's very own descendant, and she vowed that she would remain loyal to him, amending her mistakes that she made previously.

Unfortunately, once more, her happy ending was not to be. While her loyalty never wavered, Siegfried would eventually become the king of Niederland, rejecting the advances of the maiden Brunhilde. Kriemhild received quite the feeling of Deja Vu from all of this, even more so when Brunhilde ultimately conspired with Siegfried's brother Gunther, poisoning him and taking the throne for herself. The draconian theorized at this point that the gods were toying with her, some kind of divine punishment for her actions against them in her past lives, and when she had taken her revenge on Brunhilde and Gunther, she retired back to Drachenheim, forming a hidden workshop and building up knowledge and power, isolated from the world.

Kriemhild all-but vanished from historical records after a certain point, though it was ultimately discovered that after well over a century of life, coming close to but failing to reach the Divine sphere, she willingly allowed her life to end, reincarnating next into Sir Roland. Though her workshop has not been discovered, many historians and mages believe that it contains the magical knowledge needed to thrust humanity centuries into the future with the advancements it may contain.

Erithaea Silvia Archibald, Star of the Archibald Family

Come now, you know we can handle ourselves just fine. I am a knight myself after all. I'd be more worried about anyone who might decide to bother us.
~ Erithaea, dispelling Ori's worries about her and Alciela's safety

Erithaea was born as the third child of the Archibalds, one of the four great mage families of the Alexandrian Empire, guaranteeing her a life of comfort and luxury. And indeed, for the first eight years of her life, she seemed no different from any other noble mage, being dilligent in her studies, polite, and virtuous, and more importantly, she loved her oldest sister, Aprillis, more than anyone else in the world. All of that would begin to change one night however, as during a particularly intense storm, the fear caused by the wind and thunder would finally awaken the dormant crest hiding within her soul and cause her to experience her first memories of her past lives. These memories came in the form of a nightmare of Medea's life, of the moment she killed Jason in his bed.

Unaware of its significance beyond a particularly vivid bad dream, the scared girl simply sought out her older sister for comfort that night. It wasn't until the morning after the storm that the maid dressing her discovered Erithaea's new crest. The revelation was a shock to the entire court of mages, who promptly set her down to analyze the nature of the crest. It was then that her true nature as a Reincarnator was revealed to everyone; The Archibalds were overjoyed. Someone with such latent potential, refined over generations of experience and then focused further by a noble family's training, was certain to become one of the greatest mages in Alexandria's history. Though she didn't quite understand why everyone was so happy, she was nonetheless glad to be getting a celebratory party for getting her new crest.

Only during the party that evening did she realize the full weight of her actions.

During the party, Erithaea couldn't find her older sister anywhere in the family manor, searching around until she finally found Aprillis alone in the courtyard. She had been drinking, and was the only one there to not look happy. When the girl questioned her on this, Aprillis revealed the truth; Erithaea's new status led to her father selecting her as the new future head of the family, disregarding both Aprillis and Nicholas entirely despite the years of hard work they had put in, attempting to compete with eachother for that title. Completely broken by the revelation of her entire life being for nothing, Aprillis' love for her sister had turned to bitterness and hatred, and the woman lashed out at her with such ferocity that she crushed her wine glass in her hand, seriously injuring it from the multiple glass shards.

Scarred by the incident, Erithaea hardened herself, and as her memories began to return to her, one by one, ones full of betrayal and death, she began to realize more and more the inherent ugliness of the world. As she matured, she became more reserved and silent, but within her mind, she was constantly scheming and planning. Ultimately, Erithaea came to a conclusion: The world was not one where people could decide their own lives. It would always be dictated for them by someone else, and the idea of freedom was a mere illusion, created to sow discord and hatred between close bonds. Such a thing trickled down as well; The nobles that fought amongst eachother were the ones that controlled the common people and dictated their laws, toying with them like puppetmasters. She thus decided; her blade would be the one that would end this oppressive system of nobility and create a world in which people could decide their own fate.

On the 26th of Eos, it was announced that Erithaea would be marring Alciela Belnades, her childhood friend and one of the Belnades family members, after she turned 21 the following week. Such an occasion, even if arranged, was meant to be one full of joy and happiness, but the approaching winds of war put a tense atmosphere on it all. As such, Erithaea and Alciela made the decision together to go to the neighboring country of Lemuria for their honeymoon, a place close to Alexandria where they could monitor the situation and return quickly if need be.

Days later, when the Mu Impact occurred and the great war began, Erithaea and Alciela headed out to the crash site as soon as they had recovered, in order to infiltrate it and halt the demons' advances as much as they could. It was during this mission, however, that they came into combat with one of the seven demon lords, Satan, who had caused the impact in the first place. There, Satan revealed that Erithaea was, in actuality, the reincarnated daughter of Graham, something she had not yet realized yet, but something that only spurred her resolve to fix the broken system. Unfortunately for her, Satan proved too powerful, bringing the two to near death. The battle destroyed the tower, causing the two of them to fall into a pool of chaos magicite, and the reality-altering effects of the magic transported them to the demon world of Makai.

At its lowest layer, Erithaea awoke, finding herself alone on a small island amidst an infinite sea of curses. It was one she had researched in her search to become stronger: The sea of Angra Mainyu, all the world's evil. And so, she took the plunge. The woman fell in, and when she emerged from the blackness, she was reborn.

Personality and Beliefs

What defines Apollyon Bela more than anything else, beyond any other concept, is her drive and willpower. Apollyon is a woman with exceptional conviction that defines the bounds of what most humans are capable of in their entire lifetime, and having lived through many across many different eras, her mind and soul have been forged into a weapon, likened to a guided missile, made to bring across her justice to the world no matter what it may cost her.

This single-minded determination comes across in all aspects of her life; Battle, training, traveling, diplomacy, and even romantic relationships with others. She will stain herself with blood if it means the world may finally enjoy peace and liberation; Such willpower and conviction is required to achieve the world-shaking goal that she has, the annihilation of the gods' influence from the world.

Mental State/Personality as Erithaea

As Erithaea, Apollyon's mental state was not uncommon for a reincarnator. Her mind was fractured, her soul in constant conflict with itself. Memories from thousands of years ago appeared fresh in her mind as if the had happened yesterday, reliving her own deaths, lowest moments, and most painful betrayals.

Unlike other reincarnators, however, Erithaea did not consider her past lives to be separate individuals with a shared consciousness. She viewed them as extensions of herself, her current body being a tool with which she could use to bring about her justice. Though this would change with her corruption, that belief gave her somewhat more stability, yet increased the mental burden she carried, remembering past loved ones as if they had just spoken days before, even if such events had occurred centuries before, long after the friends she made in those lives had passed away.

This manifested in her day-to-day life as an incredibly stoic and reserved personality. Erithaea hardly expressed emotion, be it verbally or upon her face, and she tended never to speak more than was necessary. Even when faced with what others would view as exceptional occasions (positive or negative), such as the announcement of her arranged marriage to Alciela Belnades, Erithaea would react with seldom more than a "I see", or "Right".

Only a small number of people had ever shown the ability to make her smile at the point that she had reached Adulthood; At the time of her death, these included her younger brother Klaus, her younger sisters Luciana and Amelie, her driver Ori Orlend, and her best friend and subsequent wife, Alciela Belnades. Generally, she is hardened and untrusting of others, something which feeds into her highly analytical nature. Not only does she try to analyze and glean the truth of an opponent's movements in a contest of the sword, her mind is always trying to discern a person's true nature and emotions behind the facade they put on.

While her heart was hardened and her mind was in constant conflict, Erithaea maintained a sense of love and caring for those around her. Her relationships with her younger siblings stand as testament to this, as does her relationship with Alciela. While stoic, Erithaea is not unkind, and her many lifetimes of experience have led her to breaking free of the many trappings of a noblewoman; Doing the heavy lifting for her servants, personally training her younger brother in swordfighting, and risking her journey as an ambassador to another country to help a group of people rescue their enslaved brethren.


I know you won't be able to understand all of this just yet, but I have to go. I can't live my life like this anymore, and neither should any of you. The "order" of nobility and commonfolk, of Reincarnators, of all the races of the continent, it cannot be allowed to remain as it is now. Things have to change, and I have to be the one to change them. I want to make a future in which you can build your own fates freely. Where everyone can. That is why I have to leave. I won't return. Not until my fight for a better world is over. I am sorry to leave you with something like this. I hope I will be able to see you again, one day.
~ Erithaea's letter written to her younger siblings at the time of her departure

Silas Archibald

Erithaea and her father have a formal relationship rather than a familial one. Her view of him as an authority figure is diminished by her longer effective age and many lives of experience, and she doesn't regard him with the same reverence that her other siblings do. She does not dislike him, however, and treats him with respect. Silas has shown to care about her, having her marry Alciela, someone she was already fond of, rather than another one of the mage families who simply wanted a child that inherited some of her latent power. However, she likely holds resentment towards him for his preferential treatment damaging her relationships with her older siblings.

While she has not thought much of her father after her corruption, she has had moments of contemplation in relation to her old family, wondering what he would think of her as she was now, showing that she likely does retain some emotional connection to him.

Miriam Archibald

Erithaea's relationship with her birth mother has not been elaborated upon. Though Miriam has shown to care about her daughter, Erithaea has not shown much reactions to her presence, reacting rather neutrally to her appearances thus far. As with Silas, her view of Miriam as an authority figure is somewhat diminished by her multiple lives of experience, giving her a greater effective age.

While she has not thought much of her mother after her corruption, she has had moments of contemplation in relation to her old family, wondering what she would think of her as she was now, showing that she likely does retain some emotional connection to her.

We've done something great here today. Regardless of our personal grudges or otherwise, what we did here was a turning point for not only the lands of Mikado, but humanity as a whole. Brother, sister, I would hope you have a better idea of what it is I am fighting for now, whether you agree or not.
~ Apollyon to Aprillis and Nicholas, after battling and defeating Astaroth and Annis together

Aprillis Archibald

Initially, Erithaea and Aprillis both cared deeply for eachother, especially during Erithaea's childhood, as the girl would often seek out her older sister and get in bed with her if she had a nightmare. However, after being selected over Aprillis as the future head of the family, the two grew distant rom eachother due to Aprillis' outburst. The two currently share a mutual dislike of eachother, but are estranged, and have not seen eachother in years, as Aprillis didn't show up to her and Alciela's wedding.

Apollyon's thoughts on Aprillis after her corruption are scattered and unclear, though when contemplating her family, she showed intent to confront her older sister in the future, wanting for her to remain alive until the two can face one another. She has also shown to remember a few things about her fondly, such as the two going to travelling fairs when she was a child.

When they met eachother at the Astaroth Festival, it showed that an immense amount of hostility was still between the two sisters. Apollyon immediately reprimanded Aprillis, who she viewed as weak in comparison to herself, for appearing at the festival at all, while Aprillis was shown to be extremely hateful towards Apollyon for what she viewed as a betrayal of their family and country. After working together to defeat Astaroth and Annis, Apollyon's view calmed somewhat towards her upon seeing how much more powerful she had gotten, with the emotions behind her words a mix of anger, sadness, and inevitability.

Unfortunately, this came to a head when Apollyon and Aprillis confronted eachother after the festival. Aprillis showed how deeply her mental instability went in regards to her younger sister, and Apollyon was forced to corrupt her just to stop her from taking her own life out of spite. Apollyon carries a great amount of regret over this, still in disbelief that Aprillis would go that far just to spite her.

Nicholas Archibald

Nicholas and Erithaea have a neutral relationship. Nicholas has always held some amount of contempt for Erithaea's status as a reincarnator, due to her being born with power while he has had to work for it, but it is far less so than Aprillis' outright hatred due to already being second in line behind Aprillis. Erithaea noted to herself that he always spoke with a snide tone, even when attempting to be kind, hinting that he does still love his sister.

While she has not thought much of her older brother after her corruption, she has had moments of contemplation in relation to her old family, wondering what he would think of her as she was now, showing that she likely does retain some emotional connection to him.

During their reunion at the Astaroth Festival, Apollyon and Nicholas showed that they could work well together despite not having properly battled alongside eachother for years. At the end, they departed on good terms, acknowledging that they were still siblings despite the diverging paths they had gone down.

Klaus Archibald

Of all of her siblings, Klaus is the one with the most positive relationship with her by far. He is the only one besides Alciela who refers to her with the affectionate nickname "Eri", and is one of the few members of her family that can bring out a smile from her. Erithaea cares for him deeply, going so far as to train him in her fighting styles across multiple generations, and is proud of how he has grown and matured over his life, both as a person and as a mage. She is somewhat teasing of him as well, as shown by her joking about how he asked her to not hold back in response to his complaints of her striking him too hard during training, but she immediately helped him up and healed him afterwards. Erithaea is impressed with his development as a mage, but believes that he needs to focus more on training his own body. Klaus was one of the three siblings that she mentioned by name in her goodbye letter.

While she has not thought much of her younger brother after her corruption, she has had moments of contemplation in relation to her old family, hoping in particular that he was safe, despite the ongoing war between humans and demons. Given her past interactions with him, it is likely that she still cares greatly about her younger brother.

Luciana Archibald

Erithaea and Luciana have only interacted onscreen once, but it was shown that they care deeply for eachother. Erithaea can be a bit burnt out by Luciana's hyperactive nature, but is happy to have her as a sister. She deeply treasures the necklace that Luciana made for her, and Luciana was one of her siblings that she mentioned by name in her goodbye letter.

While she has not thought much of her younger brother after her corruption, she has had moments of contemplation in relation to her old family. Having kept the necklace even after her departure and everything that has passed, as well as her wishing that Luciana was safe, indicates that she does still care greatly about her younger sister.

Amelie Archibald

Erithaea's relationship with her four-year-old sister, Amelie, has never been shown onscreen. However, Amelie was one of the three siblings that she mentioned by name in her goodbye letter, indicating that she does love her.

While she has not thought much of her younger brother after her corruption, she has had moments of contemplation in relation to her old family, wishing that Amelie was safe as well, just as with her other younger siblings, indicating that she still cares for them.


At first, Gawain and Apollyon only knew eachother formally, as fellow reincarnators and knights. However, the realization that Gawain's past life was Perseus led Apollyon to the revelation that the two were brothers from their very first lives. Gawain and Apollyon can still feel their emotional bond through lifetimes, and have vowed to be able to stand beside eachother in peace to mend the rift their first lives drove between them.

In the end, to me it matters not, who you are or what your status is. Those who walk this path with me will always have a place by my side, no matter what may come.
~ Apollyon speaking to Amy about her true identity

Compared to the more prudent, monogamous Erithaea, Apollyon is far more open in terms of relationships and relations with others, and has been slowly amassing multiple lovers, be they seduced demon lords such as Nero or her traveling companions such as Amy and Izuna.

Ciel Bela

Perhaps the most important person in her life. Alciela was Erithaea's best friend, and the two had known eachother since the childhood of their pre-corruption lives. As of her 21st birthday, Erithaea and Alciela were a newlywed couple, and though their marriage was arranged by the Belnades and Archibalds, both confirmed their feelings for eachother in private, though they had no plans to bear children despite their families' expectations. Despite having feelings for her, the thought of marrying Alciela was never something that crossed into her mind until it was actually announced.

Erithaea cares about Alciela deeply, and is grateful for her willingness to stand beside her and aid her in her goal despite the consequences it may have. Despite this, they are shown to disagree on certain things, such as Alciela's preference for fancy luxury hotels and food, whereas Erithaea prefers things that cost less money. She is generally the more dominant of the two in day-to-day life, having a habit of speaking and taking action first while Alciela follows her decisions. At the same time, Alciela is often quite teasing towards her wife, playfully flirting with her in public, something that is often much to Erithaea's embarassment.

After their rebirth, the two became much closer to eachother than before, and began to spend more time together outside of simply following the path to victory. This has vastly deepened their bond, one close enough to not break even when faced with the toughest harships. Although, Apollyon is certainly rather embarassed at the actions and attitude of Ciel, especially due to the latter's rebirth as a Luxuria Demon.

Amy Valentine

Compared to her relationship with Ciel, Apollyon is much more dominant than Amy in terms of their personality and mannerisms. Apollyon thinks that the night gaunt is very cute, and is quite protective of her, defending her from a vampire attack during their stay in Crimson moon city, though she is aware of the woman's ability to handle herself. When they first met, Apollyon was quite distrusting of her and refused to reveal a large amount of information on humanity; however, she has grown more trusting of her over time.

Across their entire time traveling together, Apollyon always felt as if there was something strange about Amy. Despite presenting herself as an ordinary demon, she was able to fight powerful foes like demon lords with little issue. Eventually, her suspicions were confirmed by Amy's reveal to have been the daughter of Selkie River's previous lord, who had been overthrown and killed by a rival, sending Amy into hiding. In the end, to Apollyon her status doesn't matter. Those who walk this path with her will always have a place by her side.


One of the many layer demon lords met on her journey, and one of the ones that pledged their armies to her cause. The two first met on the field of battle, when Apollyon swept the competition in a tournament in Ravathos, earning the deep interest of the spider demon. Nero initially held doubts about Apollyon's capabilities, but grew to be quite impressed after her showings against demons such as Arata and Orphion. Their fight ended in a decisive victory for Apollyon, however, and by the rules of Ravathos, Nero lost her title of queen of the layer to the human. Despite her loss, she recognized Apollyon's strength and pledged loyalty to her, and this respect only deepened when Apollyon "Surrendered", allowing her to keep her title in exchange for becoming a right hand of sorts, offering the many gladiators of the Ravathos Colosseum to her cause.

Nero, while not a direct part of Apollyon's group due to remaining to watch over Ravathos, still warrants mention in this category due to Apollyon bedding her, as the rules of Ravathos state the winner of a match between the layer's lord and their challenger must choose to either do such a thing, or slay the defeated. Apollyon's strength and determination won Nero's heart, and the queen of Ravathos pledged to marry her someday.

Izuna Sumeragi

One of Apollyon's traveling companions and a close friend.

Izuna and Apollyon connected at first through their initial hatred of Beelzebub, with the kitsune joining her revolution for the purposes of killing the King of Gluttony in revenge for the death of her brother. Ultimately, however, she decided that Apollyon was a rather interesting person, and dangerously-alluring, so opted to follow her.

The direct opposite of the submissive and shy water-user that is Amy, Izuna burns bright with her flames and aggression, fitting of her status as a Wrath Demon. She's equally dominant both in combat and in everyday life. Despite how she acts, she holds a great respect for her lover and will follow her to the ends of the earth, trusting her as a Leader and as a Partner.


A truly terrifying woman. The empty-eyed spider queen initially took in Apollyon as mere prey, finding her existence as a corrupted human to be interesting enough to make into an obedient puppet. Initially, Apollyon allowed herself to be captured to gain an audience with Corella, making a deal with her; If the spider queen could make her feel fear after seven days, she would willingly resign herself to the life of a mere plaything. However, if Corella failed in this regard, she would have to join Apollyon's alliance.

Apollyon's strong will and complete lack of fear in the face of Corella's poisons and webs intrigued the demoness enough to become even more possessive of the human, leading to her falling in love with her. Though, her devotion to Apollyon coupled with her instability led to her to attempt to imprison Apollyon within her web so that she would be safe for all of eternity. Ultimately, her fears were assuaged by Apollyon marking her soul with her crest, allowing the two of them to connect to eachother whenever she felt it necessary.

Apollyon returns her affections, and also feels a level of pity and sorrow for Corella's dark past, one which gave her the reviled trait of black eyes and scars across her entire body, leading her to shut herself away inside her sphere.


Apollyon's maid. Formerly, Sirin was Apollyon's bitter enemy as soon as they met, due to Sirin's extreme fashion sense and her cruel usage of her curse to turn innocent demons into her obedient servants, tormenting them over a period of years. However, after turning Sirin's own curse back on her due to Angra Mainyu, Apollyon has taken a more dismissive attitude towards her, treating her more like an automaton than a person due to her inability to break out of her own reflected curse, forcing her to follow Apollyon's orders as punishment for playing with the lives of innocents.

Over time, however, Apollyon's attitude has grown softer towards Sirin as she's learned of the vampire's past and showed a desire to improve her behavior, and has let her out of the curse as well as helped her train her magic. Sirin has responded in turn with willingness to be Apollyon's maid, eagerly serving her and fighting alongside her. Of course, she does still keep a close eye on the maid when possible, as Sirin's tendency to use her Doll curse on their enemies is always somewhat concerning from one who experienced it firsthand.

Donna Moreau

One of the many layer demon lords met on her journey. Apollyon and Moreau share a formal relationship, and the two hold mutual respect for each other after battling in the woods outside the Moreau estate. At the current moment, the lord of Crimsonmoon has not yet pledged to join Apollyon's cause, but she has shown willingness to attempt to convince the other vampire lords to do so.


Erithaea, and by extension Apollyon, has nothing but hatred for Satanael due to his destruction of Mu, and views him to be nothing more than identical to the thing he claims to hate. Despite his reveal of being her brother, she nonetheless resolved to do everything she could to kill him and hinder him from his goals, destroying the Tower of Tartarus right in front of him.


One of the many layer demon lords met on her journey, and one of the ones that pledged their armies to her cause. Despite the lord of Vultz' initial attempts to seduce Apollyon and bring her into his garden, the two are quite friendly with each other. Lubius greatly cares for Apollyon after she saw his true form and called it beautiful, and thus values her greatly, joining her rebellion and making sure her travels between his layer were safe. Apollyon considers him a good friend and a demon that can be trusted.


Sheer Loathing.

Apollyon, even moreso than Satanael, despises Beelzebub with every fiber of her being. His condescending attitude, his complete disregard for any basic decency in the name of progress, the outright atrocities he is willing to personally commit just to get a little bit more data; All of it irks the woman to her core. Beelzebub is her tertiary target behind Mammon and Satanael; though she despises him the most of the three, defeating Mammon is an important milestnoe to cementing her place as a serious threat to the Seven Demon Kings, and Satanael is her ultimate goal. This was something she even said to Beelzebub to try and taunt him, calling him nothing but a "stepping stone" on her path to Satanael.


Initially, despite being enemies, the two were on somewhat friendly terms compared to the other demon lords, viewing eachother as rivals and bantering with eachother in their initial encounters. Though Mammon is attracted to Apollyon, the empress does not share this attraction, seeing her primarily as an opponent to defeat.

Upon defeating Mammon, the two have become more amiable due to working towards a shared goal, with the queen of greed giving Apollyon full access to her workshop and its secrets. Despite this, however, Mammon's eccentric attitude, complete lack of inhibitions, and shameless pride in her less-than-moral actions still baffles Apollyon to this day.


Mutual Respect. The Sea King and the Corrupted Human enjoy each other's presence, and have a camaraderie due to both possessing the Sea Goddesses' blessing. Dagon took some amount of convincing, but ultimately agreed to join Apollyon's revolution after the two sparred, going all out in their clash and parting the very ocean itself.

Elias Feyrbrand

Having forced Mammon to free Elias from his imprisonment as a statue in her gallery, Apollyon holds an interest in Elias as a fellow ruler and dragon. Elias and Apollyon are on good terms, though they tend to disagree on methods of conquest. Elias holds a disdain for Apollyon's ruthless nature, while Apollyon considers Elias to be too pacifistic for his own good. Still, Apollyon has offered companionship to Elias while helping him recover from the years he lost to his defeat by Mammon, and has served as a mediator between the two of them.

Clowns are fine. I'll vote in favor, if only to get this over with.
~ Apollyon, voting for Abraxas


Apollyon does not hate Astaroth, but acknowledge that he had to die for her goal to be achieved. Nevertheless, she respects him as a fellow warrior, and wished for him to retain his warrior's dignity, telling him to fade away silently instead of wasting his last moments cursing his sister, Annis.


A strange figure with incomprehensible goals. Apollyon holds no particular malice towards him, nor does she plan to attack him so long as he doesn't stand in her way. However, she does find the demon jester to be rather annoying, as his first meeting with her involved spraying her in the face with water hidden inside a fake boquet of flowers.

Overall, still better than Beelzebub.

Even they're no different from the rest of us in the end, I think. Humans, demons, angels. They're all still living, thinking beings.
~ Apollyon to Amy, about angels


One of the angels that was imprisoned within Beelzebub's factory within Meido. Israphel didn't initially strike Apollyon as any different from the rest of the surviving angels, and she gave him no thought more than the concern she felt for the entire group of them. However, upon venturing to Haven and finding Israphel still waiting there, who explained his desire to fight Beelzebub and avenge his fallen people, Apollyon gained a large amount of respect for him.

The two have a familial relationship, with Apollyon seeing him as a little brother and teaching him about various things that the young angel was unfamiliar with. Though she knows he can handle himself, she is nonetheless protective of him, often shielding his eyes and mind from the more... intense traveling companions, like Izuna.


The Goddess of the Sea, and her lover from an age long since past. Despite her lack of memory from Medusa's age, Apollyon's feelings for Plutia remained, as confirmed when the two were finally able to reunite in a vision he had after awakening knowledge of Medusa being one of her past lives. The warrior goddess is proud of Apollyon, and gave her her blessing in order to help her succeed in the coming battles.

Powers and Stats

I know. I'll keep moving, keep growing. Until the world can do nothing else but change as it needs to. Even if the war can't be prevented, I'll save everyone I can. I'll end it myself if I must.
~ Erithaea's reassurance of her will to Vale, disguised as Victoria

Tier: High 7-A, 6-C with Pegasus Regalia, up to 6-B with Boosted Joyeuse | At least 6-B, likely High 6-B, Higher with Joyeuse Alter | At least High 6-B, 6-A with Joyeuse Alter, High 6-A with Medea and Kriemhild aiding her body and Joyeuse II, Even Higher with World Annihilation | High 6-A | High 6-A, Higher over time, Even Higher with Balance Magic

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Aetheric Physiology (Mage Abilities and Resistances; Joyeuse possesses Sacred Arms Physiology), Accelerated Development (Training and Battle, of Stats, Skill, and Abilities. Reincarnators are known to grow extremely fast as they tap into the knowledge of their past lives. This is true in particular for Erithaea, due to the unique nature of her crest), Precognition and Extrasensory Perception (Possesses a well honed danger sense that allows her to react to incoming attacks even if she cannot otherwise detect them. Can sense the surroundings through spreading her Crest's power and knows when her energy makes contact with something), Analytical Prediction (She can predict the movements of others through her skill and combat experience rather than future sight), Weapon Mastery (Possesses multiple lives worth of combat knowledge, and has proven to be an extremely skilled swordfighter), Acrobatics, Perception Manipulation (On herself. Can view fights in slow motion, allowing her to gauge the trajectory and intent behind her enemies' attacks), Afterimage Creation (Can move fast enough to leave afterimages and vanish from the sight of those comparable to her), Acausality (Type 4, only for her crest. Though her body does not experience this phenomenon, all of her power is infused with Order magic, a type of magic standing opposite to Chaos magic and bears the same irregular systems of causality as demons and angels. She can in fact use this ability to interfere with Astraea's precognition that sees every single future based on possible outcomes), Immortality (Type 4; As a reincarnator, Erithaea's soul is unkillable even by the grasp of Hades, and will reincarnate in another body when there are times of great strife. Additionally, she managed to recover without reincarnating after her current body suffered biological death, through the use of her Crest, though this was only possible due to the distorted flow of time in Makai, which allowed her to experience hundreds of years quickly. Non-Combat Applicable), limited Fate Manipulation (Extraordinary events happen around Reincarnators, who are destined and fated by Graham to become heroes as written in his 'story'), Supernatural Willpower (Erithaea possesses incredible willpower, honed through many lives of strife. Through this, she was able to push her body beyond its limits to bring Alciela back to safety, managed to force her soul to cling to her dead body for days on end without passing on, allowing her Crest to slowly revive it, and endured the tremendous pain of her entire body being dissolved and remade within Angra Mainyu), Soul Manipulation (Her soul is strong enough to manifest a Soul Arm. Possesses a large amount of Soul Gravity), Social Influencing and limited Gravity Manipulation (Being a Reincarnator, Apollyon possesses an immense Soul Gravity, which draws other people, especially reincarnators and other strong-souled beings, to her cause), Pain Manipulation (Her soul arm, Guardian, can remove the pain from others), Light Manipulation, Holy Manipulation, Order Manipulation (Erithaea possesses an affinity for the Astra, Reis, and Garma elements), Energy Manipulation (Erithaea's crest allows her to project energy made from her affinities. Joyeuse emits starlight in the form of beams and blasts), Healing (Can cast blessings to heal wounds and restore organs), Creation (A master of Conjuration, purificationcan create armor formed of magical energy without an incantation. She can also form her mana into magicite pieces), Information Analysis (Capable of utilizing Appraisal magic to analyze the magical properties of items, though she isn't as well-versed in it as Ryn. Additionally, by seizing an item with her crest, she can analyze its physical structure as much as she wants), Higher-Dimensional Sight (Due to her past as Medea, can analyze the magic circuits of a foe, as well as read individual magic circles), Can attack the "Core" of an item and seize control of it, which extends to a person's Soul, Attack Reflection (Can turn spells against their owners with her crest), Law Manipulation (Seizing control of an item lets her set laws upon it, to an extent. By casting an incantation, she can create laws over territories, such as preventing illicit goods from entering a building), Fusionism, Cloth Manipulation (Can fuse the things she seizes together. Fused a suit and a dress together, and Word of God states that she could do the same to armor), Thread Manipulation (Formed her crest's energy into threads), Reactive Evolution (Her crest can find the flaws in the information and makeup of abilities that affect her body, supplanting and interfering with them, such as Astraea's future sight and the Lockharts' Time Freeze. Once she has done so, her crest will "remember" those abilities, like antibodies, and be able to break her out of them nigh-instantly), Pressure Manipulation, Aura (Can coat herself in an aura of heavenly energy. The aura she emits is described as having extremely high pressure), Mind Manipulation (Can force people to obey her by seizing control of them), Teleportation (Can teleport to places her crest has seized, even in mid-air), Weapon Creation (Can create blades from her crest), Danmaku (Can assault foes with storms of weapons, such as with Holy Spears), Forcefield Creation (Generated a forcefield with her crest), Purification (Holy magic is capable of purifying demonic afflictions, curses, and diseases, as shown when Erithaea cured Ras'Aul Astraea of her gradual demonization disease), Preparation, Clairvoyance (Through ritual magic, she is able to view the entire planet at once, seeking out individual sources of power, such as gates to Makai, despite them being warded from detection), Shapeshifting and Transmutation with Light Mode (Erithaea can transform her body into light to travel in exceptionally short bursts or across long, unimpeded distances, and can cast the same spell onto others. She can use this to kick at Lightspeed as well), Duplication (The Mirror spell allows her to duplicate her sword slashes with replicas of Joyeuse formed of light), Deconstruction (The Break spell sends light into the tiny imperfections in a foe's body, destroying them by exploding within those imperfections), Statistics Amplification, Information Manipulation, Power Modification, and Age Manipulation (By infusing the power from her crest into an object, she is able to artificially inflate its "age" parameter by making it recognized by beings from the age of the gods, those being her own past lives, causing its information to be temporarily overwritten. Doing this, she can directly increase the rank of Sacred Arms, such as turning Joyeuse from a C-Rank Anti-Army weapon into a B-Rank Anti-Disaster weapon), Mind Manipulation through Hypnosis (Medea was a master of hypnosis, able to convince extremely powerful beings to attack their own weaknesses through hypnotic suggestion and entrance an entire castle), Precognition (Medea could predict the future through divination), Fire Manipulation (Medea, being the granddaughter of Eos, had a natural affinity for fire magic and could incinerate large monsters with a flick of her hand. Erithaea used this ability to put out flames covering a whole city), Preparation, Sleep Manipulation, Poison Manipulation, and Fire Resistance through Alchemy, (Medea could use Alchemy to create various gels, drugs, and poisons), Automatic Translation (Can use a Translation spell to understand the languages of others), Duplication (Can duplicate her spells by firing copies of them from the trails of seized territory they left behind), Homing Attack (Redirected the shots from Rain to home in on Satanael), Immense Pain Tolerance (Withstood the pain of having every molecule in her body stained black and rebuilt by Angra Mainyu, an act described as so painful that "no poison, wound, burning, or curse had ever elicited as much agony as was going through every cell of her body")

Mathematics Manipulation, Regeneration (Low by default, but increases with the strength of the wearer), Biological Manipulation, and Statistics Amplification with her Regalia (Lemurian Regalia uses complex Numerology to boost all of the wielder's abilities and parameters threefold, including even subtle details such as the tensile strength of their muscle fibers and the effectiveness of their individual organs), Flight (All Regalia are capable of flight at several times the speed of sound), Holy Manipulation (Wears Pegasus Regalia, which is made of White Steel, a holy metal effective against demons), Kinetic Energy Manipulation that allows for Air Manipulation (The Pegasus Regalia can manipulate kinetic energy to a limited degree, increasing the impact of her physical attacks and allowing her to create blades of air with her swings)

Resistance to Soul Manipulation (As a Reincarnator, Erithaea's soul is durable enough to resist being dissolved within the sea of souls), Light Manipulation, Holy Manipulation, Order Manipulation (As these are her affinities, Erithaea has a natural resistance to spells of those elements), Law Manipulation (She can resist the effects of runic magic due to her Order affinity), Anti-Magic (Magic Crests are notably resistant to Anti-Magic abilities), Fire Manipulation (As one of her past lives was Medea, the granddaughter of Eos, Erithaea is extremely resistant to fire and solar magic due to this divine blessing), Ice Manipulation (Those with a Pyra Affinity are uniquely resistant to Ice magic and freezing, as Fire takes precedence over Ice, and as she has an affinity for Cyri due to her past life as Kriemhild, this should be even more potent. She was unaffected by the cold of the Meido layer after becoming Apollyon), Life Manipulation (Due to her past life as Medea, she holds an affinity for Vita, which grants her resistance to life-elemental spells), Air Manipulation, Earth Manipulation, Water Manipulation (Her past lives as Brynhildr, Kriemhild, and Roland had affinities for Venti, Geo, and Zora, granting her resistance to Wind-, Earth-, and Water-elemental spells.), Precognition (Adapted to Astraea's future sight to prevent her from looking into alternate futures of her), Angra Mainyu (The unique nature of her crest allows her to fall into Angra Mainyu without being dissolved from taking in infinite curses like Alciela was), Power Mimicry (Erithaea's, and by extension Apollyon's crest, cannot be copied by other power-copy abilities. Even Leviathan, whose magical eye allowed her instantly reproduce any magic, cultivation technique, movement, or even curse [Which are, like crests, inscribed onto demons' souls], was unable to copy her crest)

Same as before, minus Guardian and the Holy, Light, and Order magic bestowed by The Heavens, Gains Acausality (Type 4; as a corrupted human who has taken in Angra Mainyu and been reborn from it, she exists on the same system of irregular causality as demons), Social Influencing (Her charisma, negotiation, and leadership skills have all been vastly increased by her more focused mind. Was able to bring in multiple demon lords to her cause, slowly leading a campaign across Makai to overthrow the Seven Demon Kings), vastly increased Accelerated Development (She is constantly getting stronger by the second, able to single-handedly defeat foes that would have given her and her whole team trouble just minutes before. Additionally, she is constantly unlocking new techniques and applications for her magic as her knowledge and adaptability continues to grow), Regeneration (High-Mid, her crest is capable of pulling herself back together from being blown to pieces) Immortality (Types 1 and 4; She managed to recover without reincarnating after her current body suffered biological death, through the use of her Crest, though this was only possible due to the distorted flow of time in Makai, which allowed her to experience hundreds of years quickly. Due to her heavy corruption and a crest that stops her body from decaying, she no longer ages), Self-Sustenance (Type 1), Martial Arts (Completely dominated Sirin in martial combat with just her fists), Pain Manipulation (Her soul arm, Sting, is capable of greatly amplifying and inflicting pain, both of the physical and emotional varieties), Darkness Manipulation (The light within her crest has been corrupted and turned into darkness, allowing her to use Umbra magic), Animated Shadow (Can direct her own shadow as a weapon to strike at her opponent, and can consume her opponent's shadow to make her own larger and more dangerous), Immersion (Can pull people into her shadow, which acts as a separate space. She can also devour those inside instantly), Curse Manipulation (The Reis mana within her crest has been corrupted and turned into Maki), Corrosion Inducement and Absorption (A natural effect of Curse mana is to break down everything it touches, including people, materials, and even other magic, and absorb it into itself. Even Apollyon's own blood is how highly corrosive, melting through stone and wood), Corruption (Can corrupt people with the energy of her crest), Resistance Negation (Her corruption is able to work even on demons, which are immune to corruption due to already being made of curse and chaos energy), Chaos Manipulation, limited Fate Manipulation, Causality Manipulation, and Supernatural Luck (Chaos magic causes fate and natural laws to be subverted, causing impossible events to occur and cause and effect to be altered. With her chains of fate broken by Vale, she is capable of altering her own fate to a degree, able to nullify the effects of causality-altering weaponry such as sacred arms to avoid otherwise unblockable or undodgeable attacks), Weapon Manipulation (She can change the shape of Joyeuse Alter into that of a Shield, Greatsword, Greatspear, and Windmill Shuriken), Radiation Manipulation via Joyeuse Alter (The blackened sword's light has become toxic and irradiated due to its blackening by Angra Mainyu, and is strong enough to burn and melt flame-resistant Black Steel with even casual releases of its light), Explosion Manipulation (The Explode command causes this), limited Spatial Manipulation (Using Tear while stuck in Moreau's immersed space caused her to burst her way out of it, turning the 2-dimensional painting into a 3-dimensional environment), Sound Manipulation via Air Manipulation (Can seize the air itself to slow it and drown out sound), Pocket Reality Manipulation (With her Treasure Ring, which allows her to store items), Sound Manipulation via Air Manipulation (Can seize the air itself to slow it and drown out sound), Self-Destruction (Can release all of her energy at once with Ravage, which highly tires herself out in the process), increased Accelerated Development (Within the period of a few hours, she grew in strength to the point where she could easily and single-handedly defeat Nero, a demon lord equal in power to or even stronger than Lubius, who required Apollyon, Cirin, Ciel, and Amy to even stalemate), increased Analytical Prediction (Could predict the movements of queen Nero, who was leagues faster than her to the point where she couldn't visually track her movements, to the degree where she could not only deflect all of her blows but tag her multiple times, and even bypass the speed gap through well-placed teleportation), Hellfire Manipulation (Generated an omnidirectional dome of Hellfire infused with her crest's energy), Vastly increased Chaos Manipulation including Attack Reflection (Can use Chaos Magic to break the pattern of her opponent's attacks, causing their vectors and spawning locations to become entirely random) and Probability Manipulation (Can use Chaos Magic to cause the opponent's tiny mistakes and imperfections to increase drastically, rendering a master martial artist like Arata completely unable to strike her), Shockwave Generation (Can generate shockwaves with Pulse to spread her power further), Soul Manipulation, Damage Boost and Regeneration Negation (Low-Godly. Her evolved Soul Arm causes spiritual wounds, as well as amplifying the physical. As long as the spiritual wounds persist, it is impossible for the victim to regenerate or heal), Pseudo-Duplication through Self-Causality Manipulation (Can scatter herself into multiple causal possibilities, where only the most successful result is actualized), Black Hole Manipulation and BFR with minor preparation (With a short period of focusing her energies into solid pieces of curse and chaos magicite, she was able to form a bomb that, when detonated, exploded into a black hole that absorbed an entire mountain and sent it to Vale's Realm), Soul Manipulation via Spirit Magic (Capable of summoning Cursed Spirits as sentries), Enhanced Absorption (Can directly drain mana from anything she has corrupted, allowing her to drain the entire energy of Beelzebub's Spirit Ray Cannon), Homing Attack (Made Joyeuse chase after Julius during their fight)

Power Mimicry and Power Absorption (Due to taking in Angra Mainyu, she can theoretically replicate any curse she sees, due to being the host of all the infinite curses in the world. Curses placed on her body can also be absorbed by The Abyss and added to her repertoire), Curses displayed so far are: Body Puppetry (Replicated Sirin's doll curse and used it on her. The doll curse prevents the afflicted from controlling their own body, forcing them to follow the caster's will without letting their smile break), Instinctive Reaction and Body Control (Apollyon can use the doll curse on herself to begin fighting on instinct, without letting her body's physical limits get in the way), Energy Manipulation, Law Manipulation (Utilized a Geas on Sirin, which binds the target's magic and forces them to follow commands given), Immersion, Spatial Manipulation and BFR (Moreau's Immersion curse sends people into a 2-Dimensional space such as a painting or the ground itself, crushing them down onto that level. This generally renders them as an immobile part of the space due to lacking the ability to move on that level. Moreau was able to bring items from paintings into the real world as well, though Apollyon has not shown this directly), limited Existence Erasure and Subjective Reality on Immersed beings (Beings that have been immersed can be altered and even erased down to a mindless blank existence), Plant Manipulation, Fragrance Manipulation, Mind Manipulation, Power Nullification (Lubius' Garden of Paradise allows the user to generate fruit and mist that measures a 10 and 1-9 on the Aligheri Scale. Taking in this mist lowers the user's willpower to the point that they can no longer send signals to their magic circuits, preventing them from casting magic and becoming extremely open to suggestion), potentially Water Manipulation and Illusion Manipulation (Lubius was able to manipulate and coalesce the mist into solid constructs like butterflies, and use the water inside it to bend moonlight and hide his true form), Duplication (Can create a clone of her current body and jump into it, leaving the other to explode and spatter her energy all over the opponent), Damage Transferal (Transferred her wounds, along with the regeneration-negating effect they possessed, over to Orphion), Knowledge and Power Bestowal (Obtained a Knowledge-transference curse from Cinder, one of the staff members at Mammon's Casino, which allows her to directly upload information into the mind of another, transferring magic techniques from long-forgotten ages into the minds of others. Through a Mana Transfer, she can temporarily boost someone to her approximate level of power), limited Memory Manipulation (Helped Ciel regain her memory with Knowledge Transfer), Permanence Inducement (Can use Izuna's Permanence curse, allowing her to render the duration of her spells unlimited, using this to create solid constructs of flame or extend debuffing curses)

Same as before, plus Resistance to Darkness Manipulation, Curse Manipulation, Chaos Manipulation (As these are her affinities, Apollyon has a natural resistance to spells of those elements. Due to taking in Angra Mainyu, she is especially resistant to curses and adapts to them exceptionally quickly, adapting to Sirin's doll curse in an instant), Empathic Manipulation, Fragrance Manipulation (Unaffected by being in a space heavily saturated with lust demon pheromones), Madness Manipulation (Types 1, 2, and 3. Can resist lust demon pheromones that drive people insane by targeting both their body and mind. Unaffected by Night Gaunts' passive aura of insanity inducement), Law Manipulation (She can resist the effects of runic magic and other law spells due to being a creature of chaos), Fate Manipulation, Plot Manipulation (With her chains of fate having physically been broken by Vale, she now exists outside of the story written by Graham, becoming unable to be controlled by attempts to alter her fate. As a demonized human, she can now function within Makai and exist within its system like all other demons), Body Puppetry (Adapted nearly-instantly to Sirin's doll curse, allowing her to no longer be controlled by it), Corrosion Inducement, Absorption (Unaffected by her own blood that surges through her bloodstream, which is capable of melting stone), Immersion, BFR (Broke out of being immersed in a painting by Moreau), Subjective Reality, Existence Erasure (She can, provided she is aware, retain her shape and existence and prevent it from being altered while immersed), Regeneration Negation (Adapted to Nero's White Steel Claws and Orphion's spear), Mind Manipulation, Power Nullification (Adapted resistance to Lubius' Garden of Paradise)

Crystal Manipulation (With her past life as Kriemhild properly awakened, Apollyon gained access to her Crystalline Magic, a unique variant of Jewel Magic which lets her spontaneously manifest multicolored crystals), Enhanced Power Bestowal (She can inscribe formulae and properties into her crystals as she summons them, allowing her to forge spells and set conditions on them to manifest and contain complex spells much faster than before), Ice Manipulation (Kriemhild had an affinity for ice, which Apollyon has now awakened as well, allowing her to utilize her signature "Frost Armor" spell), Earth Manipulation (Kriemhild had an affinity for geo, which when combined with her astra affinity, allowed her to generate Crystals), Light Manipulation (Apollyon has regained her Astra affinity due to awakening Kriemhild), Water Manipulation (With her past life as Kriemhild awakened, her Water Magic has been as well), Multiple Selves (Kriemhild now exists within her mind as she has begun to awaken her past lives' minds, lying dormant inside her soul), Possession (Kriemhild can temporarily take over Apollyon's body to fight for her, utilizing her own fighting style and complexities), Flight (Can fly freely by boosting herself around with her aura, though it isn't as well-controlled as demon flight, albeit it is much faster), Petrification (Awakened one of Medusa's magical eyes within her right eye, allowing her to inflict quick petrification on things that her gaze touches, both organic and inorganic), Illusion Manipulation and Power Nullification (Petrified victims are trapped within a "Nightmare World" where they are unable to use their abilities to escape), Statistics Reduction (Even beings resistant to the petrification will still have their agility halved) Blessed (Apollyon received a blessing from the water goddess Plutia due to awakening her memories of Medusa), Water Manipulation, minor Fate Manipulation (Plutia's blessing makes water "Favor" her, causing it to act in ways that benefit her while harming her enemies), Animal Manipulation (Plutia's blessing causes her to be able to befriend sea creatures and aquatic monsters), Thread Manipulation with Devastate, Vastly enhanced Aura and Fear Manipulation (Her aura can now outright terrify trained demon assassins, who possess multiple layers of resistance to mental effects), Absorption (Absorbed her parallel self from another world, gaining her memories and abilities in the process), Homing Attack and Transformation with Gae Bolg Parallel (The spear's most famous attribute is to throw itself, homing in on a target and bending at outright impossible angles in order to reach its foe's heart, and filling their body with hundreds of thorns that tear their internals as soon as it touches them. The spear also has multiple modes that it can take the form of), Fusionism (Fused two versions of Joyeuse together using Kriemhild's magic), Order Manipulation (By awakening Cu Chulainn, was able to reawaken her Rune Magic), Statistics Amplification (Can use Rune Magic to vastly boost her speed and allow her to "Flow", maneuvering herself through thousands of projectiles at once by increasing her evasion ability), Summoning (Can summon Gae Bolg to her hand)

Same as before, plus Rotation Manipulation (Gained Dagon's Whirl, which allows her to generate rotational energy), Attack Reflection (Whirl can be used to displace and twist attacks, redirecting them back at the attacker. This even worked on Apollyon's own crest energy), Energy Manipulation (Whirl can disperse the mana of foes, and can be used to generate energy reactors that build up mana into powerful cannons), Natural Weaponry (Can grow fangs and spider legs), Web Manipulation (Corella's Spider Curse allows Apollyon to generate webbing from any part of her body), Power Modification (Apollyon can change the properties of the webbing she creates, such as its adhesion, toughness, flexibility, elasticity, heat resistance, length, and thickness), Poison Manipulation (Copied both Corella's Spider Curse and Rusalka's Paradise Lost), Paralysis Inducement, Pain Manipulation, Empathic Manipulation, Death Manipulation (The Spider Curse allows Apollyon to synthesize poisons by using her body as a chemical reactor, allowing her to generate poisons that can paralyze, cause immense pain, bestow lust, and outright kill), Enhanced Body Puppetry (Can use her webs to directly control others, down to their individual muscles), Mind Manipulation (Rusalka's Paradise Lost registers at an 11 on the Aligheri Scale, allowing it to inflict permanent damage ten times over), Matter Manipulation, Durability Negation (Can mold any material as if it were soft clay using Omni-Crafting, ignoring the properties of an object such as its brittleness and durability), Biological Manipulation (Can directly mold flesh and shape an opponent however she wants with physical touch), Fusionism (Can fuse different types of materials together to create impossible alloys, such as flesh and metal, or ice and wood), Petrification (Allocer used this ability to turn people into statues by fusing them with marble), Sealing, Transmutation (Can use the card-sealing curse to trap people within cards, sealing their souls and transmuting their bodies. Also capable of transmuting things into Candy with Sugar Rush), Power Nullification (Those who are sealed in cards cannot use their abilities to escape), Candy Manipulation (Sugar Rush allows the user to create a territory in which they can turn everything into dessert foods, manipulating them freely), Statistics Amplification via her Speed Enhancement curse, Telekinesis via her Telekinetic curse, which can also Bind targets, Text Manipulation, Conceptual Manipulation (Type 2; Gained Mammon's curse, which allows her to take the name of a foe once she learns it), Skill Manipulation, Empathic Manipulation, Memory Manipulation, Morality Manipulation, Color Manipulation, Fate Manipulation, Power Modification (A person's name contains their physical skills such as swordsmanship, their emotions, their personality, their memories, their emotions, their bonds, and certain traits such as blessings, and stripping this from someone leaves them a perfectly blank slate. Those who have their name stolen become a featureless white color, like a porcelain statue. A name also contains one's fate, and stripping it away robs the person of that fate), Power Absorption (Can absorb the names she takes, gaining their skills and memories for herself)

Same as before, plus Enhanced Resistance to Ice Manipulation and Earth Manipulation (With her past life as Kriemhild properly awakened, her affinities of Cyri and Geo have been as well, bestowing increased resistance to the two elements), Electricity Manipulation, Paralysis Inducement (Adapted to and overcame the electricity of a water leviathan, as well as Corella's paralyzing venom), Petrification (The water leviathan's punch could only petrify her at an extremely slow rate, and she was able to break out of it with ease), Poison Manipulation, Pain Manipulation (Her body developed an immunity to multiple layers of Corella's poison, requiring the spider demon to repeatedly develop new ones with higher potency in order to affect her. Having copied Rusalka's poison, she was entirely immune to having her lungs beint entirely filled with it), Rotation Manipulation (Adapted to and countered Dagon's usage of Whirl), Sealing, Transmutation, Power Nullification (Adapted to the card-sealing curse by allowing her duplicate to be affected by it), Text Manipulation, Conceptual Manipulation, Skill Manipulation, Empathic Manipulation, Memory Manipulation, Morality Manipulation, Color Manipulation, Fate Manipulation, Power Modification, Power Absorption (Resistant to Mammon's name curse due to possessing multiple names that interfere with the stealing process. Thanks to Kriemhild's processing ability, she could resist having her brain overloaded with extraneous names as well)

Same as before, plus Spatial Manipulation (Gained Medea's magic by awakening her mind, allowing her to attack Mammon while she was hiding in a higher dimension, as well as sunder space and create flames that eat Space away entirely), Higher-Dimensional Manipulation (Medea's spatial magic can reach into and manipulate higher dimensions and bend 3D space through a 4D realm "as easily as folding paper"), Existence Erasure via Remove Space, Reality Warping and Deconstruction with World Annihilation (It is an Ultimate Magic that breaks down all aspects of Reality and bathes them in black, including Space, Time, Information, Souls, Minds, and Concepts (Type 1)), Portal Creation (Can open demon gates into other planes), limited Purification (Her crest passively filtered out the effects of a sandstorm to prevent her group from being effected by it. Can physically remove foreign objects from a person's body by performing spatial surgery on them, able to cut out even a 4-dimensional tesseract from Noir's form), Light Manipulation (Regained the usage of her light magic through Kriemhild's aid), Shapeshifting (Should have regained her ability to transform into light), Invisibility (Became invisible by bending light), Stealth Mastery (Used runes to hide her presence from the detection of all manner of senses), Teleportation (Can use Spatial magic to replace herself with another person, causing the thread-wielding commander to be caught in her own threads and rendered entirely helpless), Damage Transferal (Can damage a foe using the collective harm they have inflicted on others using rune magic)

Same as before, plus Deconstruction (The Fracture Curse allows Apollyon to generate cracks in the air that destroy anything they touch, including magic. The Rubble Curse allows Apollyon to break down inorganic matter into rubble and debris), Telekinesis (Apollyon can control the rubble that she generates with the Rubble Curse), Power Modification (Can infuse her other attacks with the elements she wields as affinities using Kannon's curse, which would include Ice, Light, Earth, Curse, Darkness, Fire, Space, and Chaos), Temperature Manipulation (Used Infusion to freeze a demon solid, incapacitating her instantly), Acid Manipulation (Can manipulate incredibly corrosive Acid with the Acid Curse, which is capable of melting entire houses within seconds), Bone Manipulation (Can manipulate bones with the Bone Curse, and can do so in incredibly large quantities, allowing her to destroy city blocks with the sheer mass of bones at her disposal), Thread Manipulation (Her new Thread Curse can generate cutting threads so incredibly thin that even Apollyon herself couldn't sense them when being wielded by a comparatively inferior demon), Smoke Manipulation and Shapeshifting (Her Smoke Curse allows her to transform herself into smoke, fitting through tight spaces and flying around, as well as being able to suffocate enemies), Enhanced Senses (When in her Smoke form, she gains a three-dimensional awareness of her environment, and can scan the layout of an entire tower), Existence Erasure (Can erase magic with Blanc's curse, Burning Light, literally burning away even Whirl into nothingness, an ability she can combine with her light form), Conceptual Manipulation (Type 2), Transmutation, and Plant Manipulation (Rejection of Civilization, Sonia's curse, is an ability that allows her to reject the concept of civilization from an area, allowing her to transmute man-made structures into natural ones, able to instantly disable Beelzebub's machinery), Power Nullification (Can nullify curses entirely with Eligor's artificial curse, including active curse projectiles), Fusionism and Matter Manipulation (Merge allows her to fuse with inorganic matter and manipulate it freely), Disease Manipulation, Madness Manipulation (Type 2, can generate diseased smog that drives the affected insane), Fire Manipulation, Pocket Reality Manipulation, Intangibility, Elasticity, and Creation of balloons with Soleil's curse, Acrobatics and Enhanced Senses (Lunette's curse gives her a vastly-improved sense of balance and precision, especially in regards to attack vectors), Telekinesis, Forcefield Creation, and Invisible Weapon Manipulation (Astra's curse allows her to create invisible objects of telekinetic force by miming the associated actions for them), Body Control and Statistics Amplification with Combination Cursed Arm, Below Absolute Zero Ice Manipulation (Almighty Freeze creates temperatures and ice far below Absolute Zero), Dimensional Travel Through Mirrors (Can enter reflective surfaces with the Mirror curse)

Same as before, plus Resistance to Spatial Manipulation (Joyeuse withstood a direct attack from Blanc's space-cutting light, only receiving a tiny nick), Acid Manipulation (Unaffected by the acid of the Acid Curse's original user), Reality Warping and Deconstruction (Survived her usage of World Annihilation despite it being centered on her), Disease Manipulation, Madness Manipulation (Type 2; Unaffected by the smog created by Beelzebub that was driving the inhabitants of Walpurgisnacht insane), Absolute Zero (Withstood the temperatures of Molled's absolute freeze, which was described as "plunging so far below Absolute Zero it made it seem like a summer day", and was only mildly shivering)

Same as before, plus vastly enhanced Spear Mastery (Fully awakened Cu Chulainn, one of the greatest spearmen in history), Berserk Mode (Awakening Cu Chulainn in response to Amy's supposed death caused her to go into a berserk state that increased her power "to its zenith", according to Beelzebub), enhanced Aura (In her berserk state, was able to focus and repress her Aura into a small field around herself to drastically increase its potency), Clairvoyance (Cu Chulainn's Truesight runes allowed her to see past Beelzebub's illusions and grasp the "truth" of the world), vastly enhanced Information Analysis (Her Draconic Brain has hardened over three days of training to the point where she can analyze a person on a cellular level to see their entire biological makeup at once), enhanced Precognition (Her Draconic Brain allowed her to match blows with Annis, who could completely blitz her, by predicting all of her movements ahead of time, though it did not last forever), Existence Erasure (Oblivion Blade condenses the power of World Annihilation into a single edge, utterly erasing whatever it strikes), enhanced Absorption and Transmutation (Completely devoured Annis' body with her shadow, converting her biomass into more energy for herself), enhanced Spatial Manipulation (Via Rearrange), Negation of Precognition (Chaotic Existence makes the future blurry and impossible to determine by erasing immediate possibilities), Holy Manipulation (Has begun to learn to use her Holy Manipulation once more, though at the current time, it severely burns her hands to do so), Fusionism (Can very briefly fuse her holy and curse magics together to form balance magic, using it to divert the Lance of Longinus)

Self-Deconstruction, Animal Manipulation (Copied Beelzebub's Swarm curse, which allows her to deconstruct herself into a swarm of bees), Possession (Each of Apollyon's swarm parts can be used to control objects or suits of armor by sending her magic through them), Hive Mind (Type 1; Apollyon's body, soul, and mind are shared between all 3 million of her swarm bodies, allowing her to ignore damage done to the swarm so long as a single bee remains), Adaptation, Reactive Evolution (Copied Astaroth's Adaptation Curse, which allows her to passively evolve failsafes in response to damage), Status Effect Inducement (Copied Annis' Weakness Curse, which allows her to inflict weak points and weaknesses on foes), Resistance Negation (Can give someone a weakness to certain elements of magic, or erase their affinity-born resistances), Deconstruction, Explosion Manipulation (By striking a person or object and creating a weak point, Apollyon can cause it to explode violently whenever that weak point is touched again), Crystallization (Copied a demon's curse from the Astaroth Festival that lets her transmute whatever she touches into crystal), Electricity Manipulation (Copied a demon's curse from the Astaroth Festival that lets her generate and fire electricity), Transmutation, Weapon Creation (Can turn anything she touches into a gun with Whitts' curse. These guns retain properties from the original objects, such as lanterns firing bullets of light), Deconstruction (Bamforth's curse allows her to coat her body in an energy that destroys any weapon she touches. This extends to the bodies of others, should they view their bodies as weapons to be honed, allowing Bamforth to easily disable martial artists or warriors), Cloth Manipulation, Sealing, Absorption (The curse of Kyokusen's lord allows Apollyon to manipulate clothing, turning it into strips of fabric that absorb and consume those they touch, sealing them inside), Gravity Manipulation, Density Manipulation (Copied Leviathan's gravity curse, which can make objects lighter and heavier), Blood Manipulation (Copied Leviathan's blood curses), Chain Manipulation (Can generate chains of blood), Shapeshifting (The blood chains forcibly bind demons into their current shape to prevent them from escaping), Portal Creation (Can thrust her hand into a portal to a realm of blood), Temperature Manipulation (The burning blood she creates can overwhelm even her own heat resistance), Statistics Amplification (Has a much more powerful speed amp that amplifies her speed tenfold when moving in a straight line), Metallization, Metal Manipulation (Copied Leviathan's metallization curse that lets her turn targets into metal)

Resistance to Void Manipulation and Existence Erasure (Resisted the flames of Annis, which are powered by Void magic and able to erase anything they touch from existence altogether), Dream Manipulation, Mind Manipulation (Overpowered Beelzebub's Lucirian-amped control over the Demon World), Deconstruction (Because Apollyon views her body as a method of mending instead of as a weapon, she is unaffected by Bamforth's ability to destroy weapons)

Attack Potency:

Large Mountain Level (She is vastly superior to a teenage Aiden Aurum as she has unlocked more of her past memories and abilities, and is a particularly powerful reincarnator being the child of Graham. Can kick at near-lightspeed), Island Level with Pegasus Regalia (Wearing a Regalia uses Numerology to multiply one's physical abilities threefold), up to Country Level+ with Boosted Joyeuse (Even at its weakest state, an instantaneous release of it one-shot Loffrey, who was otherwise comparable to her. As a destruction-type Sacred Arms, it should be superior to her natural ability, even when boosted by a Regalia. When fully charged using starlight and her crest's energy, it was stated to have the power to "destroy nations", and stopped a continent-sized wave, resulting in this amount of energy)

At least Country Level+, likely Large Country Level (Apollyon's power is the compression and combination of all her known past lives at the time merged into one, which were previously enough to power up Joyeuse to this level. After her battle with Lubius, she increased in power to the point where she could easily defeat Nero despite requiring three allies comparable to herself to even match him beforehand)

At least Large Country Level+ (Has grown much stronger than before. Above any of her traveling companions, who could all fight Dragons on even footing. Stronger than a 5x-Boosted Amy who was already under the effects of Apollyon's Mana Transfer, and became twice as strong by absorbing her parallel self), Continent Level+ with Joyeuse Alter (In its clash with Mora Rezak, the two parted the ocean of Shadowsea and created a layer-wide hurricane in a blast "powerful enough to utterly annihilate a continent". When fused into Joyeuse II, it was able to vaporize Mammon in one attack after her energy output had grown to 8 times its base), Multi-Continent Level with World Annihilation (As an Ultimate Magic, it was able to overpower Mammon's Ultima, which rivaled Satanael in power)

Multi-Continent Level (Overpowered Mammon with the combined magical energy of herself, Medea, and Kriemhild), Higher with World Annihilation

Multi-Continent Level (Trained for three days straight under extreme circumstances using mammon's VR device in order to reach the level of Curse Shroud Satanael. Devoured Astaroth and Annis to obtain their power after defeating them), Higher over time (Grows constantly stronger thanks to her adaptation curse), Even Higher with Balance Magic (The usage of this burns her hands, but for a brief moment, she was able to overcome Leviathan's Lance of Longinus, which was far stronger than anything in Apollyon's arsenal)

Speed: Supersonic+ (Can move fast enough to create afterimages. Kept up with Alexios, who was using an Aurite Regalia that allowed him to fly at Mach 5, though she was still slower), with Relativistic Reactions and Combat Speed (Superior to Klaus by a decent margin, who was capable of dodging her Astra magic), Speed of Light attack and travel speed with Astra magic (She can turn herself into light for short bursts and long-distance travel, and her light magic is confirmed to be natural light) | Supersonic+ with Relativistic+ Reactions and Combat Speed, Higher when Dual-Wielding (Overwhelmed Orphion) | Hypersonic with FTL Reactions and Combat Speed (Much faster than before) | At least Hypersonic (Flew fast enough that the metal around her melted into slag) with FTL Reactions and Combat Speed | Hypersonic+ (Matched Astaroth, who moved fast enough to reach heat to the degree that it turned the sand beneath him into glass) with at least FTL Reactions and Combat Speed. FTL+ with various Speed-Boosting abilities

Lifting Strength: Unknown, possibly at most Class T with her Crest (If she charged her physical strength with her crest, she would theoretically achieve a similar or somewhat lower power than Apollyon, who could lift Lubius' tree), Higher with Pegasus Regalia | Class T (Word of God states that Apollyon was capable of lifting Lubius' Tree, which weighs this much) | At least Class T (Stronger than before) | At least Class T | At least Class T

Durability: Large Mountain Level (Can endure the recoil born from her striking foes at near-lightspeed), Large Mountain Level+ with Forcefields (Can create barriers tougher than she is to an unknown degree), Island Level with Pegasus Regalia (Her durability, as well as the tensile strength of her muscle fibers and toughness of her skin, are multiplied by three while wearing a Regalia) | At least Country Level+, likely Large Country Level, Higher with Curse Shroud | Large Country Level+ | Multi-Continent Level | Multi-Continent Level, Higher over time

Stamina: Extremely High (As a reincarnator, she should be vastly superior to Zephyr Highwind, who was able to cross the Najima Sandsea on foot despite being extremely susceptible to heat, without rest and while actively being pursued, over the course of multiple days without food and with hardly any water. She possessed the raw willpower to withstand the telekinetic attacks of Satanael, the pain of being ripped in half, and even her own death and come back from it. Under Mammon's VR training, she showed that she was able to fight unending for three days straight against a VR copy of Satanael, forcing her reserves to new hights and being able to recover from it in only a few minutes), Higher with Pegasus Regalia


Extended Melee Range with her sword, Tens of Meters with Aura and Shockwaves. Kilometers, possibly Tens of Kilometers or Higher with magic (Believed that she destroyed large swaths of forest when under Setan Kober's illusion, something she later stated she was capable of doing in reality. Should be significantly superior to William Lockhart, who could generate ice with an Area of Effect this large. Word of God states her range is this large, and is potentially higher with abilities that are highly precise or more indiscriminate), Hundreds, if not Thousands of Kilometers with Boosted Joyeuse (Her blade travelled across the ocean to part the waves approaching from Mu). Planetary, possibly Low Multiversal with Ritual Magic (Her Clairvoyance was able to see the entire planet, and Word of God states that it could potentially reach into Makai and Sephirot)

Extended Melee Range to Tens of Meters with her sword and its alternate forms, Hundreds of Meters with Aura and Shockwaves (Her aura can grow to a size large enough to reach from the top of Julius' palace to the bottom). Hundreds to Thousands of Kilometers with Magic (Claimed to be capable of destroying entire layers and assumed that her and Mammon fighting in the casino layer would annihilate it entirely), up to Planetary with Joyeuse. Planetary, possibly Low Multiversal with Ritual Magic.

Extended Melee Range to Hundreds of Meters with her sword, its alternate forms and Gae Bolg, Hundreds of Meters with Aura and Shockwaves. Hundreds to Thousands of Kilometers, possibly higher with Magic (Mammon speculated that World Annihilation might have been able to reach into parallel worlds. After unlocking Medea, she was able to reach into higher dimensions with her attacks and sight, making Mammon unable to avoid attacks by entering them.), up to Planetary, likely higher with Joyeuse II (After merging the two blades, their range should have increased. Broke through Mammon's spatial barriers with only a partial release of its power). Planetary, possibly Low Multiversal with Ritual Magic.

Extended Melee Range to Hundreds of Meters with her sword, its alternate forms and Gae Bolg, Hundreds of Meters with Aura and Shockwaves. Hundreds to Thousands of Kilometers with magic and senses (Could sense the entirety of Sonia's layer to pinpoint Beelzebub's stronghold). Up to Planetary, likely higher with Joyeuse II (After merging the two blades, their range should have increased. Broke through Mammon's spatial barriers with only a partial release of its power). Planetary, possibly Low Multiversal with Ritual Magic and World Annihilation and Spatial Magic (Mammon speculated that World Annihilation might have been able to reach into parallel worlds. After unlocking Medea, she was able to reach into higher dimensions with her attacks and sight, making Mammon unable to avoid attacks by entering them.)

Extended Melee Range to Hundreds of Meters with her sword, its alternate forms and Gae Bolg, Hundreds of Meters with Aura and Shockwaves. Hundreds to Thousands of Kilometers with magic and senses. Up to Planetary, likely higher with Joyeuse II. Planetary, possibly Low Multiversal with Ritual Magic and World Annihilation and Spatial Magic

Standard Equipment:

  • Joyeuse - Star-Calling Sword: A Sacred Arms with the parameters of C-Rank and Anti-Army , one of two blades forged from pieces of the original Curtana wielded by Alexander Orlandeau. It takes the form of a large broadsword made of crystal built around a metallic core, roughly four feet in length and four inches wide. It can be wielded with one or both hands, and on its own is a weapon that attacks with light-elemental strikes. However, its true nature is that of a weapon that draws power from the stars. At night, the blade consistently builds up and absorbs starlight, glowing brighter the more energy it has absorbed. When activated, it releases the energy released within, and can be fired as multiple curved rays, a thin beam of light, or a massive laser that destroys anything in its path. Its incantation is "Behold the eternal light of the stars! Let its shine cleave a path to a brighter future. Joyeuse!".
    • Joyeuse - Wave-Parting Starblade: During the destruction of Mu, Erithaea was faced with waves hundreds of feet tall, traveling dozens of kilometers per second from the rapidly-sinking continent. To save Alciela and protect the landmass upon which she stood, Erithaea poured the power of her crest into her blade, forcibly supplanting and overriding its legend. As her particularly old soul was able to recognize the power of her blade, she was able to artificially deepen its legend, increasing its rank to B and transforming its legend into one that could stop disasters. With a new incantation, the sword called upon a magic circle etched into the star ocean itself, which shot down a beam from the skies into the crystalline structure of the blade, refracting and amplifying it. With a final swing, she sent forward a wave of starlight that completely stopped the waves in question, obliterating them and illuminating even the New Moon from the planet's surface.
    • Joyeuse Alter - Fallen Star Sword: The form taken by Joyeuse upon falling into Angra Mainyu with Erithaea. Upon her rebirth as Apollyon, the sword was reborn as well. Its golden hilt turned silver, and the blue crystals that made up the blade became a deep, dark violet. Additionally, the light it once projected has been blackened, becoming irradiated rays of black light that scorch and burn whatever they touch. However, it is still an exceptionally powerful light-based blade, and retains its B-Rank, Anti-Disaster properties, as well as its star-calling ability. Perhaps most notably, Apollyon has figured out how to transform Joyeuse Alter into multiple different shapes, including a Heavy Spear, a Greatsword, a Whip-Sword, a large Shield, and a giant Throwing Star.
    • Joyeuse II - Fused Dimensional Sword: The form taken by Joyeuse when Apollyon fused it with Joyeuse Alter Parallel, from her other-dimensional self. The blade, taking on the wills of both Apollyons, has become a crystalline, multicolored blade that sparkles with all elements. When released, it now unleashes a beam of rainbow light larger than any other form of the weapon, which pierces and twists space itself, able to nullify all of Mammon's barriers, including ones that separated space between two locations.
      • Joyeuse Gunblade Form: A form taken on by Joyeuse when Apollyon utilizes Whitts' curse. Apollyon noted that even more than the normal Joyeuse, this weapon felt like an extension of herself. She can use this to fire off curses and corruptive power with far greater intensity.
  • Armor: The mystical armor worn by Erithaea, and then Apollyon. It is not made of metal, but is instead fashioned entirely by her own magical energy, and provides an extra source of defense against physical and especially magical attack. As Erithaea, this armor manifested in a flash of cyan light, and took the form of a knightly silver set of armor. In this form, it lacked the cape and cloak that Apollyon would later manifest on hers, and brimmed with holy energy that made it effective against demons and provided an extra defense against curse-based attacks. Later on, when Apollyon manifested it, she opted for a more regal appearance, creating a suit of armor that has been stained black, with glowing purple edges on every plate representing her curse power being barely held back by its shell. Additionally, she now possesses a large cloth fauld and flowing crimson cape, bearing her flag on the back. Though it appears much more flexible and soft, it is no less defensive, and could even be used as a cutting weapon if she so chose.
  • Orlandeau's Visor: A golden visor, a piece of the helmet worn by Alexander Orlandeau after he became king. It magically attaches to the face of the wielder and feels so light that it's imperceptible while one is wearing it. Having it on sharpens the vision of the wearer, and allows them to clear their mind and make good decisions on the battlefield.
  • Runic Necklace: A necklace given to her by her younger sister, Luciana. It is a simple necklace made of wooden beads with a single enhancement rune carved within it that makes the necklace extremely durable, though not particularly noteworthy otherwise. Despite this, Apollyon has kept it +through her entire journey as a singular tie to her siblings whom she cares about, never allowing it to be touched or damaged even by demons as powerful as Mammon.
  • Bracelet: A bracelet given to her by her wife, Alciela Belnades. The bracelet has a magical link to the one Alciela wears, allowing the two of them to communicate with each other from a long distance.
  • Treasure Ring: A gold ring with a brilliant dragon's breath opal set inside. Ciel enchanted it to contain a pocket dimension inside, allowing Apollyon to store items inside of it.
  • Choker: A black choker with a small Zora magicite gem embedded in the front. It allows Apollyon to speak underwater, although it is unknown if she still needs this or not, given Plutia's blessing.
  • Soul Arm - Guardian: A unique ability, where the user taps into the powers of their own soul, pulling a weapon from it. This weapon has a unique shape dependent on the user, and possesses a minor ability to it. A soul arm is incredibly durable and difficult to harm; however, it can be broken with enough force. Doing so will send vibrations through the wielder’s soul, knocking them unconscious. Erithaea’s Soul Arm, Guardian, takes the form of a whip-sword that can be broken down into fragments. It is, however, not a weapon in its primary use, though it certainly can be used like one in combat if she were to wish it so. The sword’s ability is Pain Removal, which strips a target of the pain they feel, able to apply this to both physical and emotional pain alike. This sword takes away the suffering of others and frees them of their pain, able to resolve fights harmlessly through its use by freeing a target of the reasons for fighting. Even so, she refused to ever use it on herself in this manner, deeming it fit for herself to bear the pain of her own actions, rather than run away from it.
    • Soul Arm - Sting: Upon her plunge into the depths of Angra Mainyu, her very soul was tainted. The sword’s ability is Pain Amplification, which can greatly increase pain that those struck by it feel, including pain they already felt for other reasons. This applies to both physical, and emotional pain. Due to this, the sword can be used to incapacitate enemies in some cases, or to force them to talk outside of combat.
      • Soul Arm - Sting - Blazer Form: The developed form of Apollyon's Soul Arm, achieved upon witnessing Inari manifest his own. Brought to a higher level, its power is no longer to cause mere pain, but rather, to cause spiritual wounding. Its edge damages the very essence of what it strikes, leaving wounds that cannot be healed or regenerated by conventional means, and potentially interfering with their ability to use some of their own abilities. That is not to say it cannot cause physical wounds, either, which are amplified when it strikes, a single scratch able to turn into a large gash. Thanks to her soul's corruption, this weapon is also an excellent conduit for Angra Mainyu, able to be used to cast its curses through it.
  • Crystals: Various crystals that Apollyon has created for use with Kriemhild's magic. These crystals are quite potent and contain a number of spell combinations within them that she can activate without having to speak a vocal incantation. The full extent of her crystalline abilities will be detailed below, in the "Crystal Magic" section of her "Magic" tab.
  • Jewelry: Jewelry that Ciel granted her after preparing it in a workshop. The equipment includes Treasure rings, Telepathy bracelets, Curse-Warding talismans, Anti-Psychic earrings, and Magic Resistance Pendants, all at a level five times as effective as they were before, increasing their range and potency. These were made for the assault on Mammon's castle, but it is unknown if Apollyon still has any use for these due to growing vastly stronger since.
  • Gae Bolg Parallel: When Apollyon encountered and absorbed her parallel self, she gained access to some of the skills of Cu Chulainn, including access to an alternate-universe version of Gae Bolg. This spear is an Anti-Unit, A-Rank Sacred Arm once wielded by Cu Chulainn, and while known solely as a spear used by him, its use was closely intertwined with his fighting style and only he could draw out its true potential. The spear possesses multiple “modes” that can only truly be drawn out by a knowledgeable wielder. The most well-known of these is that of the thrown spear, which flies unerringly after its target and pierces their heart, before releasing thorns across their entire body.
    • Duplication Mode: One spear becomes two. Two become four. And so on. Apollyon can cause Gae Bolg to duplicate multiple times until it forms into 1048 spears, raining down on enemies to wipe them all out in one fell swoop.
  • Joyeuse Parallel: The alternative version of Joyeuse, from Apollyon's parallel self. She has shown the ability to dual-wield these against Mammon, but their true power comes when she fuses them together using Kriemhild's crystalline magic. Apollyon would ultimately permanently fuse the two blades together, leaving Joyeuse Parallel forever part of the original, just as Apollyon's parallel self is forever a part of her.

Optional Equipment:

  • Pegasus Regalia: One of the 89 Regalia, suits of armor based off of the 88 constellations and created in the forges of Lemuria. There are fourteen Aurite regalia in total representing the thirteen Zodiac signs and the ruler of Lemuria, and the rest are composed of various materials. Each regalia uses complex numerology to boost the capabilities of the user threefold, including their Strength, Reaction speed, Flight speed, Durability, Stamina, Magic output, and other minor traits such as regeneration and muscle fiber tensile strength. In addition, each one possesses a unique set of abilities and extra bonuses on top of it due to powerful enchantments. Erithaea wields the Pegasus Regalia after she was made its temporary wearer by Ras'Aul Siobhan. This set of armor offers a greater agility boost on top of the general statistics amplification, and has some of the greatest aerial mobility among the 74 non-Aurite Regalia. In addition, it amplifies the kinetic energy that the user swings with, increasing the effective impact of their attacks, especially charging and aerial ones. The weapon can transfer this energy into the air around it, allowing the user to create barriers and fire off blades of air. Only Erithaea has used this, and Apollyon has not worn a Regalia.


Genius, Extraordinary Genius in combat. As a Reincarnator, Erithaea possesses dozens of lives of combat experience and magical knowledge. She was able to completely dominate Klaus in close combat despite him going through the same intense training as most magic knights of the Archibald Family, which puts them on a level superior to the average swordsman by a great margin. Over her lives, her swordsmanship has been honed and amplified to the point where she can see into the future through skill alone, predict the movements of her enemies even if they're faster than her, and see battle as if it's in slow motion. She was able to put up a fight against Satanael, despite her admitting outright that she couldn't hope to survive a single blow from him, through her sheer skill and evasiveness allowing her to drag out the battle into a war of range and projectiles, managing to overwhelm his defenses despite Satanael's own evasive and analytical abilities being arguably far superior to her own and forcing him to release his full power. In addition, she is an exceptional mage, and is an expert in Conjuration to the point where she can instantly manifest detailed, ornate armor onto herself and even change its shape at will. She is skilled in Elementalism, Runic Magic, Astromancy, Healing Magic, Divination, Mental Interference, Summoning, and Alchemy. She especially excels in Alchemy due to being Medea's reincarnation, able to create gels that bestow elemental resistance, a myriad of different poisons, and other alchemical mixtures. Apollyon has perfect knowledge of the body as it pertains to magic, pinpointing all of the major gates within Sirin's body. This is further increased upon unlocking memories from Medea, giving her access to magic techniques from the Age of the Gods and Age of Legends. Something like that was able to put Sirin, someone weak enough to be stomped by a much weaker Apollyon, and a vampiress who had only just begun developing her magic the day before and used it all of twice, into a mage on the level of Apollyon as soon as she granted it to her.

Genius, Extraordinary Genius in combat. Beyond the aforementioned feats, Apollyon is noted to be a far better fighter than Erithaea ever was, due in part to her vastly increased Pragmatism. She could predict and tag Nero through multiple well-placed attacks despite the Demon Lord being so fast in comparison that she was able to blitz Apollyon in the first place. Within Nero's Arena. Against Julius Tepes, she was able to outmaneuver and tag him despite him being able to predict her abilities and actions to the point of pinpointing the correct action she would take even after she had cast Chaotic Existence, blurring all of her possible futures together to give her the appearance of taking all actions at once, and while doing this, was able to time the trajectory of his spells to the point where she could use them as platforms in spite of the aforementioned prediction that Julius had access to. Her ability to develop skills also increased drastically; From just the briefest memories of Kriemhild, she was able to perfectly master the usage of Joyeuse in its throwing cross form despite not yet having knowledge to the actual techniques of such a weapon, and use this to the degree in which she could fight Julius in the first place. In fact, her observational abilities were enough to immediately discern that Julius had precognition from the manner in which he dodged her attacks. With her weapons, she has grown enough to use Sting and Joyeuse Alter's whip-sword at the same time, dual-wielding them to the degree where she can negate natural chaos theory and the double pendulum effect with each segment, as well as the natural probability-altering effects that demons emit on a regular basis.

Extraordinary Genius. With Kriemhild awakened, Apollyon's processing speed has increased somewhat, and as she adapts to Kriemhild's mind existing within her once more, that will begin to increase over time. In addition, Kriemhild can now take over her body to access her full processing speed, to the point where she can inscribe dozens, if not hundreds of spells and formulae at once within her crystals, though this does strain Apollyon to the point where she'll begin to leak blood from her head, so it can't be kept up for long. In the heat of battle, the Draconian can now communicate with Apollyon to give her advice. Furthermore, with Medusa awakened, her skills have increased further, allowing her to match blows with centuries- and millennia-old demons such as Dagon and Corella, even fighting underwater and in exceptionally disadvantageous terrain where her opponents held an absolute advantage. Her calculation speeds have increased greatly due to the gradual Draconization of her brain; she was able to analyze the precise patterns of movement and fields of vision of several of Beelzebub's soldiers, reading the world's patterns to predict the future. In her fight against the Jawbreaker Sandworm, she was able to calculate the margin of error for attacking a tiny weak point within its rapidly-rotating segments, to a degree of .02 millimeters in distance and .14 microseconds in time.

Extraordinary Genius, Supergenius with Medea, Apollyon, and Kriemhild working together. Her analytical ability has further improved to the point where she can read the patterns of dozens of Beelzebub's security drones at once to determine the perfect path needed to avoid triggering a single one, as well as being able to scan the entirety of Beelzebub's tower within Sonia's layer. This intelligence was made even greater when Medea was awakened, the three women able to team up within Apollyon's mind, using their respective immense magical knowledge to overwhelm and defeat Mammon in a duel of magic. She is now able to call upon Medea and Kriemhild at her leisure, and with their help has gained a level of precision to the point where she can perform surgery using her spatial magic, isolating a tesseract of metal from Noir's body, cutting it out through multiple higher dimensions and allowing the dragoness to expel it from her body.

Extraordinary Genius, Supergenius with Medea, Apollyon, and Kriemhild working together. Apollyon's already razor-sharp warrior instincts were honed to an atomic edge over the course of three days of VR training. After having awakened Cu Chulainn, she gained a far greater mastery over her spear, as well as the ability to control her emotions better and work with others. Her Draconic Brain has progressed to the point where she can now accurately predict the future to dodge attacks from Annis, a Hannya capable of blitzing her entirely, and see opponents on a cellular level to analyze them.

Weaknesses: Can be extremely single-minded in terms of accomplishing her goals. Holy and Order magic are cancelled out by Curse and Chaos magic respectively, producing a violent reaction and returning to a Zero point. Using Holy Magic as Apollyon seriously hurts her, and she can only use balance magic for a spilt-second.

Note: Probability, Causality, Fate, and Plot are considered to be branches of the same source ability within the cosmology, though with different connotations to them.

Key: Erithaea | Nascent Darkness (Apollyon) | Draconic Brain (Kriemhild Awakened) | Empress of Demonkind (Medea Awakened) | Queen of Sorrow (Cu Chulainn Awakened)

Notable Attacks and Techniques:

Reincarnator: An especially rare type of person, only a few people each generation fulfill this category. Reincarnators are those who have lived multiple lives across the history of Algo, with strong souls that cannot be destroyed by hades' grasp. The reason for this is due to their divine parentage; All Reincarnators were the children of the gods during their first life, and thus generally date back to the Age of the Gods or the Age of Legends. Apollyon, for example, is the daughter of Graham, the god of light and order and chief among the gods. Her first life was Meania, an executioner of the ancient city of Uruk, and sister to Gilgamesh, sharing both a human and a divine parent. Over thousands of years, Apollyon has lived dozens of lives, taking in more and more power and skill through each, and when she fell into Angra Mainyu, all of her fragmented memories and skills were sharpened and consolidated, honing these abilities even further.

  • Soul Gravity: A concept that would be coined and theorized about years after the end of Apollyon's story, but one nonetheless important to her. The "Soul Gravity" theory states that, much like physical bodies create and possess gravity in the physical world, the soul produces gravity in the higher dimensions which it lies, increasing with the strength of the soul. With Reincarnators, this power is especially potent, and takes form of a "Gravity" around a person that causes them to naturally draw people under her wing. This is theorized to be one of a myriad of reasons why Reincarnators possess such grand armies and tales. They naturally draw other people, especially other Reincarnators, to themselves, forming bonds of close friendship or brutal enmity, etching themselves into the history of the world.
  • Multiple Selves: When faced with what she believed was the enslavement of a large amount of dragons by the vampire lord Julius Tepes, another mind awakened inside Apollyon's psyche. It was the once-dormant mind of Kriemhild, one which had been slumbering inside her soul until this point. Once Kriemhild was awoken, it was soon revealed that Apollyon would ultimately begin to awaken her other minds, one by one. These minds allow Apollyon to break out of Mind control if she somehow can't resist it, allowing her to bypass Mammon's name curse by shunting off the extraneous names to Kriemhild for her enhanced processing abilities to sift through them.
    • Possession: Apollyon can have her other lives possess her body and guide her movements. This results in the temporary override of her personality as another mind takes over, having greater access to their respective abilities than Apollyon would otherwise be able to use. She can even have multiple lives use her body at once, doing so with Kriemhild and Medea in her fight against mammon. Kriemhild managed their thoughts and stopped Mammon's mind control from functioning on them, Medea utilized offensive magic, and Apollyon controlled the body for defensive purposes.
  • Snake Manipulation: From her life as Medusa, Apollyon can tap into the curse that transformed her into a monster in the first place, transforming her hair into snakes. These snakes possess minds of their own, to a degree, and are capable of forming and firing blasts of magic from her mouth. Due to Snakes being associated with Vale, as well as symbolizing Electricity, Apollyon could likely use them as a conduit for electrical energy by tapping into Medea's witchcraft.
  • Magic Eye of Petrification: The magic eye once possessed by Medusa when she was cursed and transformed into a monster by the jealous god of earth, Atlas. The eye, which she was once unable to control in the life she received it in, has the power to turn anything into stone. This is of course, most well-known for turning people into statues, trapping their minds within a nightmare realm where they cannot use their abilities to escape, but she can also apply this ability to other things, turning sand, grass, and other inorganic material into stone. Those trapped within a mental prison will receive an eternal nightmare based on their worst fears and situation at the time of being petrified, and they can only hear the outside world as mere formless echoes. Only magic items can resist being petrified, and only people with sufficient magical energy can break out of the nightmare world and petrifying effects. When used against sufficiently-resistant beings such as Dagon, it was stil shown to have the effect of halving their speed and agility.

Sea God's Blessing: A blessing received by Apollyon in her dream where she was reunited with the Sea goddess Plutia, her old lover from the Age of Gods. It caused the element of water to "Favor" her, not only increasing her affinity with water, but giving her the ability to walk on it. The blessing further allows her to befriend sea creatures and sea monsters, erases all water resistance and allows her to move freely while submerged, and will cause good luck to her allies and bad luck to her enemies when fighting on or near the sea.

  • Swordsmanship: It goes without saying that Apollyon is one of the greatest swordsmen in Alexandrian History. Having dozens of lives of experience across her existence, dating back to the Age of the Gods, she is highly knowledgeable in sword techniques that no longer even exist in the modern age, experienced in techniques and fighting styles across all four major eras of humanity's existence from Akhet, Alexandria, Arcadia, Jotunheim, Mu, and Mikado at the very least. She is capable of sparring with Ciel and matching her faster-than-light swings that exceed her own magic speed, can cut through magic by striking its spell core, and has displayed the ability to match beings such as Satanael that have thousands of years of combat experience over her and even have a statistical advantage capable of killing her in a single shot, lasting for several minutes without him landing a single hit on her during their whole battle while still protecting Alciela.
  • Martial Arts: Beyond just her swordsmanship, Apollyon is an expert martial artist. Despite being partially controlled by Sirin's doll curse and having to fight it off, she still quite easily dominated her and multiple summoned dolls with her fists alone, tracing her way through the baroness' attacks and striking at her weak points with well-placed punches. From Meania, she is likely quite skilled in Grappling as well.
  • Spear Mastery: Due to her past lives as the Valkyrie Brynhildr and the Paladin Roland, Apollyon is a master of the spear. Though this has not yet been properly shown, she did utilize Joyeuse in spear form against Moreau, and further showed skill against spears to the point where she could catch Moreau's own in her hand. From Cu Chulainn, she gained an even greater mastery of it, able to go toe-to-toe with demons like Astaroth, who have spent hundreds, if not thousands of years hunting down strong opponents to become more and more skilled each day.
  • Whip Mastery: Apollyon is an expert of the whip and whip-sword. Medea herself was known to wield a whip, and Apollyon's own soul-arm is a whip sword, something that she can morph Joyeuse into as well. Her mastery is such that she can negate the chaos theory caused by the double pendulum effect of wielding a multi-segmented weapon, and was able to strike Lubius with it through his illusions while simultaneously attacking multiple of his soldiers.
    • Dual-Whip: A technique developed against Orphion, who was otherwise fast and agile enough to avoid all of her attacks up until that point. Wielding multiple whpis, under normal circumstances, should be impractical at best. Due to Chaos Theory, the idea of a double pendulum is nigh-impossible to predict, and adding more and more segments onto that, such as a whip, LET ALONE dual-wielding them, should be outright undoable. Factoring in the natural chaos of makai, producing thousands of tiny impossibilities, and wielding even one of them should be a task only a divine being could reproduce. However, through multiple generations of honed skill, Apollyon simply defied the chaos, wielding her weapons with enough skill to perfectly overwhelm the Bicorn. As this was an experimental technique with weapons she had much less experience in, her skill with a sword and spear should be even greater than this.
  • Shield Mastery: As a Valkyrie and Paladin, Apollyon has received multiple lives of training with a shield. She is able to dodge and deflect point-blank attacks by turning Joyeuse into a shield, demonstrating the skill necessary to wield it despite its size.
  • Marksmanship: Despite generally preferring melee, Apollyon is an immensely skilled marksman. Thanks to her crest, she can fire off multiple projectiles at once, and can individually predict the movement paths of hundreds of different targets at once to pierce them all with a small number of attacks, striking down all of Lubius' butterflies in a single volley.
  • Star Mastery: Kriemhild, the Draconian Princess, was exceptionally gifted with this weapon type, a large throwing cross that resembled a shuriken to a degree. When utilized as Apollyon, she was able to deftly maneuver the weapon and manipulate its trajectory like a Boomerang to chase after Julius, catching it perfectly in the process. Such a weapon takes years of mastery, yet after unlocking only the briefest memories of her past as Kriemhild, she was able to pick up and gain the knowledge.
  • Underwater Combat: Honed over many lives, Apollyon is an expert athlete, especially as a swimmer. This has even extended to proficiency in underwater combat, despite it being something she has no memory of. The residual memories of Medusa, coupled with the blessing she received from Plutia, allow her to fight unhindered even when submerged underwater.
  • Pragmatism: Honed through many experiences and betrayals over the years, Apollyon's pragmatism in combat is something that should be noted; she doesn't hold her own skill back, and will use any tool she feels like she needs to achieve victory, and has no care for honorable combat. The only exceptions to this are the occasions on which she is explicitly sparring with another. This is something that is best exemplified when making negotiations; Apollyon has, many times, threatened to flatten entire layers of Makai for the sole purpose of getting what she wants, and if she cannot reasonably fight an opponent due to a speed or skill gap, she is entirely willing to obliterate those opponents with the sheer AOE of her blade, without regard for anyone in the audience. She was even willing to annihilate her companions in the process, knowing they were capable of regenerating from it.
  • Enhanced Senses: Apollyon's senses are exceptionally honed, to the point in which she can sense a person's intentions in combat, as well as even sense into the future, something that works on the Type-4 Acausal demons of Makai. She was able to detect the location and vectors of multiple attackers and their weapons from multiple angles despite being unable to see them, and even when her senses were being manipulated by Setan Kober, she was able to pinpoint Eloise Montblanc's location and attack her despite the dagger shutting off her ability to sense things through her crest. Later on, she was able to predict and match the movements of Queen Nero, who was attacking from multiple angles so fast she could no longer see her, deflecting all of her attacks and even tagging her multiple times through correct positioning. Furthermore, she is able to slow down her own perception of time to a crawl, allowing her to perceive fights in slow motion. After her defeat of Mammon, Apollyon showed the ability to extend her senses over a country-wide distance, gaining a full 3D map of the area to pinpoint the location of Beelzebub's stronghold.
  • Acrobatic Fighting Style: Apollyon's style, honed over many lives, is an extremely graceful and acrobatic one due to her fighting style that has been trained most recently in Alexandria, but is combined with the brutality of Akheti and Jotunn techniques, the Straightforward and Modular nature of Arcadian techniques, and the peerless precision of Mikado techniques. This results in a fighting style that involves an exceptional amount of battlefield maneuverability, never attacking in the same location once and pressuring the opponent to make them open up weak points incredibly fast.
  • Kriemhild's Style: Kriemhild maintains a highly complex fighting style, based on programming spells on the spot as appropriate and creating inescapable mazes of crystalline spells for her opponents. Managing all of this seems to require a considerable amount of processing power, though it appears to pose no issue to her, as her draconic brain can handle this with ease.
  • Afterimage Technique: By moving with a certain rhythm, Apollyon can move with blinding speed in short bursts, allowing her to create afterimages even to the likes of people comparable to her, that can see the movement of light magic.
  • Aura: Beyond just her knightly, intense demeanor, Apollyon possesses an extremely powerful aura from her honed experience and skill, as many strong weapon masters do. In her case, it is an aura of immense pressure that she can focus onto specific points in her vicinity to attack foes invisibly. When combined with her corruptive energies, this aura also becomes one that passively deconstructs anything that comes near her. She can, of course, also transfer this aura into her sword, attacking with shockwaves of air.
    • Aura Flight: By emitting her aura more explosively from her legs, Apollyon can fly by boosting herself forward. Though, she admits that the method is more crude and not as controlled as true demonic flight.
    • Berserk Aura: At the peak of her rage, Apollyon's Aura was able to manifest over an entire moon, tainting it dark red in the process. She later became able to condense this Aura down into her weapons to vastly increase and focus the power of her deconstruction.
  • Draconic Brain: After awakening Kriemhild's mind within her body, her brain is in the slow process of being reshaped to become more like a dragon's in nature. This ultimately will result in an increase in the dimensionality of her mind, allowing her to think on a higher level of existence compared to a human; however, as it currently stands, she cannot take full advantage of this, and it only results in an increase in thinking speed for her.
    • Calculations: Apollyon's ability to calculate variables has vastly increased due to awakening Kriemhild, as her brain becomes more Draconic. Through this, she can predict the exact margin of error in timing and distance for throwing attacks, allowing her to make the perfect strikes. Over time, this has grown to the point where she can analyze someone on a cellular level and predict the future attacks of someone fast enough to blitz her.

As a noble mage, Apollyon has received a potent formal education in the mystic arts. She is known to be trained in Rune magic, as is customary for the Archibald bloodline, and is also trained in Astromancy, Healing magic, Conjuration, and Elementalism. Additionally, from her past lives, she also has access to Hypnotism, Alchemy, and Divination at the very least.

Age of Gods Magic: A more primal form of magic used during the first age of humanity. In this age, magic was a gift bestowed by the gods to their most devour supporters, or naturally passed down to their children. It was powered by faith in deities and manipulated mana directly rather than through a magic circle, making it much more powerful than modern magic, though far less precise and versatile in its application. Apollyon is capable of not only using this, but granting it to others through her knowledge-bestowal curse, as shown with Sirin.

Apollyon holy magic.jpg

Holy Magic: Due to her past lives, status as the daughter of graham, and the accumulation of holy magic in her crest across generations, Erithaea is an extremely adept wielder of Holy magic. Rather than using Sacraments, however, she uses elementalism to control the element. Holy magic has the side effect of weakening those that it damages. Over time, Apollyon has slowly begun to regain the usage of this ability as of her Queen of Sorrow key, though it still heavily damages her body.

  • Crashing Light: Erithaea uses her blade as a conduit, causing a beam of holy energy to descend from her swing and strike down her foes. The incantation is "Let my body become a falling star. Crashing Light!"
  • Holy Spears: Erithaea forms several spears of holy energy, launching them at enemies. The incantation for this spell is "Be purified by my might. Holy Spears."
  • Strike of Judgement: Erithaea raises her arm up, causing a massive collection of holy magic to form in the sky. Upon completing her incantation, the light shoots down from the clouds, engulfing and disintegrating the opponent with its sheer might. It is able to entirely vaporize foes otherwise comparable to her, and grows in strength based on the target's sins. The incantation is "This is punishment for your sins. [SINS LISTED]. Face holy wrath. Strike of Judgement!"

Apollyon light magic.jpg

Light Magic: Due to her past lives, and divine relations to both Graham and Eos, as well as being born into the Archibald bloodline that specializes in this element, Erithaea is an adept wielder of Astra (Light) Elementalism. Additionally, she is capable of wielding pure light, firing it out at the speed of light and doing the same to even her own body.

  • Blade of Light: Simply with the incantation "Blade of Light", Erithaea creates a massive light blade from Joyeuse to increase her functional range. It can reach up to a dozen meters in length, making it function especially well in Aerial battles, but it can be used quite well on the ground as well due to being able to cut through everything it touches much like a lightsaber.
  • Invisibility: By bending light, Erithaea can hide herself and her allies from visual perception. However, she can still be detected through other means, such as footprints and magical detection.
  • Light Mode: Erithaea is capable of turning her body into natural light, a spell she is capable of performing with no casting time or incantation. She can use this to instantly cross short distances and rematerialize to strike foes at near-lightspeed, and when unimpeded, can use it to instantly travel large distances. With the simple incantation of "Let us take the form of light", she can apply this to others, though its casting time and focus required makes it somewhat non-applicable in combat. Word of God states that she could potentially permanently transform people into light as a killing method, though it wouldn't be practical to set up in combat and would require more practice.

Apollyon order magic.png

Law Magic: As the daughter of Graham, the god of order, and a member of the Archibald family, a group of exceptional mages with the rare affinity for it, Erithaea is capable of wielding Garma (Order) magic. She is an extremely accomplished rune mage, though her abilities in this field have not yet been fully established, and is capable of the exceptionally rare ability of direct law magic.

  • Territory Law: Using this spell, Erithaea is capable of applying laws to buildings, magical contracts that force certain outcomes to occur, or prevent them from occurring. She used this on the Montblanc warehouse to prevent it from being used for illicit goods. The incantation for this spell is "Let the world heed my will and my words. Let this place be sanctified, to be freed of its sins and the darkness residing within. And so I command, [LAW COMMAND]."
  • Circle of Protection: By creating a field around herself, Erithaea generates a protective zone made of order energy that can ward off the powers of chaos, allowing herself and Alciela to function inside Naraka without being demonized.

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Curses: The type of magic wielded primarily by demons, Curses refer to the ability to manipulate the cursed energies that make up Makai through the Maki [Curse] element. The actual practical applications of curses are limitless in scope, though the natural default properties of curse mana and the demon essence it creates are to supplant and invade into the bodies and information of the things it touches, generally for the purposes of absorption, corrosion, and corruption into more demonic material. As she absorbed all of the world's curses through Angra Mainyu, Apollyon is able to theoretically perform any curse she wishes, despite not technically being a demon herself.

  • Cursed Shroud: Similar to Satanael's Cursed Armor, Apollyon can form a shroud of curses around her body. This technique covers her arms and legs in a skintight layer of curses, causing them to appear dark red and shiny, that converges towards her chest. Additionally, it forms artificial horns made from her power, as well as a sharp tail. Not only is this a useful technique in battle for increasing her durability and strength, it also functions as a disguise due to changing her eye color as well. Using this, she can also form wings that allow her to properly fly.
  • Geas: A Geas is a curse that forces a target to follow a specific set of conditions. This curse is implanted into their very magic circuits, which enforce it by themselves from then on. The curse cannot command one to take their own life, though it can force them to obey. This curse can be applied both to others, and to oneself as a form of contract. It's difficult to use this in combat as it requires binding the opponent for long enough for her to speak the command while touching their forehead.
  • Wound Transferal: Another curse developed by Apollyon, used against Orphion. This curse allows her to transfer her own wounds over to other foes. In fact, this even transfers effects such as regeneration negation, as the wound inflicted on Orphion wasn't healing despite her demonic abilities, as Apollyon had been struck by her regeneration-killing sword.
  • Cursed Spears: A simple spell, used with an incantation. Apollyon generates multiple spears of demonic energy before launching them out at her opponents.
  • Demon Gate: A high-level curse utilized by demon lords to move between layers, or travel to Makai. Apollyon uses this by emitting demon energy and forcing it into a spiral pattern, bending space and creating a wormhole between her current and desired location. It takes a bit of concentration to pull off, making it less than useful in a high-stakes fight.

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Darkness Magic: The opposite of Light Magic, the ability to manipulate shadows and darkness through the Umbra element. Upon her corruption, Apollyon's light magic was turned into this, now serving as its exact opposite. In contrast to the bright, sometimes burning aspects of light, Umbra magic is cold and dark, and can actually dull the senses with prolonged contact.

  • Shadow Cocoon: Apollyon forms a sphere of shadow magic to cover another person. This dulls the sound they make, allowing them to perform certain actions in private, such as changing outfits.
  • Shadow Realm: Within Apollyon's shadow is actually an alternate dimension, a sort of ephemeral room. By manipulating her shadow, Apollyon can pull people and objects into it, causing them to sink down into the other plane. From there, the affected can see the environment around them, converse with Apollyon, and exit at will. However, an opponent pulled into her shadow can instantly be devoured, broken down and absorbed to become fuel for her crest's energy.
  • Arms of Shadow: Apollyon directs the shadows of herself and her allies to sprout large, claw-like arms that catch and crush enemies that get too close.
  • Shroud of Shadows: Apollyon generates a cloak of shadow around someone, that can protect them from sunlight. This was used to stop Sirin from burning within Ravathos.
  • Field of Shadow: Apollyon extends an unnatural wave of darkness over an area, that prevents light from passing through.

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Chaos Magic: One of the five esoteric elements, standing in opposition to Law Magic. Chaos Magic is the manipulation of Chaos, one of the fundamental forces of the universe, and the one that supplants the other natural laws, governing probability, causality, and simple random events. Simply having chaos magic in one's possession causes probability to twist around them, allowing them to unrealize inevitable events and slightly twist luck in their favor, having their missed attacks hit, their shots ricochet at impossible angles, etc. However, when used in more active context, Chaos Magicite allows the user to realize outright impossible events.

  • Magnify Flaw: A basic chaos-elemental spell. It twists probability within the present time, amplifying the flaws in a foe's chosen action. This causes even an infinitesimal mistake to become vast, causing the movements of even master martial artists such as Arata to completely trip when striking at Apollyon, missing her attack by a very wide margin. However, if a foe's movements are perfect, they can negate this ability.
  • Break Pattern: Simply put, every attack has a pattern to it. A vector, a point of spawning, something that makes it attack its opponent. This spell breaks that pattern, causing attacks to fly in random directions and hit in random places instead of where they are intended to strike.
  • Chaotic Splintering: Rather than attacking the pattern or action of an enemy, Apollyon impacts herself. This action causes her body to split into many phantasmal copies, all real, but at the same time not real. Each takes a different action against the enemy, and the most successful action among them becomes Actualized, turning into the real action that Apollyon takes.
  • Chaotic Existence: Though Chaos Magic innately breaks predictive abilities, this takes that to a greater level. Her body outwardly becomes blurry and unclear as the very notion of "Events" in her body becomes difficult to observe, much less predict. The reasoning for this is that she is blurring future events together to make the distinction between them indiscernable, causing her to have the appearance of taking on all actions at once.
  • Shift Odds: A simple chaos spell, that increases the user's odds of succeeding in whatever path they are trying to go down.

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Fire Magic: Due to her past life as Medea, Apollyon has a small amount of divinity tied to Eos, the goddess of the sun and her half-sister from Graham. This gives her the affinity for fire magic as well as increasing her light magic. Using this, she can redirect and disperse the flames of an entire city with a vocal command, and immolate large monsters with a single snap of her fingers.

  • Redirection & Dispersal: Apollyon commands a large swath of already existing flames, forcibly pulling them away from the surfaces they're burning in and forcing them to burn themselves out in the air without the necessary fuel to sustain them. Using this, she could put out the flaming Kawakami city with a three words.
  • Heat Generation: Apollyon can generate large amounts of heat from her body with a thought. Though only used post-corruption, Erithaea should likely be able to perform this before it as well.
  • Hellfire: Apollyon has shown to be able to produce Hellfire, mixing Pyra and Maki along with the natural energies of her crest, creating an omnidirectional dome of black flame that consumes everything around them and adds them to its own power.
  • Floating Flames: A rather simple flame spell. Apollyon generates a series of tiny fireballs, meant to provide warmth in cold environments. She used this to warm up her lovers within the Meido layer.
  • Illuminating Flame: Apollyon is capable of generating a compressed, extremely bright flame that illuminates the area around it, despite being otherwise quite small in size.

Apollyon Divination.jpg
Divination: Medea was known to be a very skilled Diviner in her life, and her skills carry over to Apollyon as well. Apollyon has shown the usage of a Clairvoyance ritual spell, performed in Lemuria's ritual chamber. Even with Medea's High-speed incantations, it takes her several minutes of concentration to perform this. However, upon performing it, she has shown to be able to spread her vision across the entire planet and even into other dimensions such as Makai, able to find demon gates even if they're warded from detection magic in the first place. From Medea, she can also perform augury and other types of future-determining divination. With this spell, she was able to see Satanael's interference in the world, despite Astraea's eyes not being able to. With a single incantation, she could search an entire palace without even requiring ritual magic.
  • Translate: A rather simple order spell, whose function is to unify the divided language of humanity and allow them to speak with the same tongue. With the incantation, Apollyon forms a magic circle in the air, that allows two people to speak and have their voices heard by each other's native language.
  • Appraisal: Apollyon forms small magic circles over her eyes that give him the appearance of wearing goggles. Appraisal allows the user to view the properties of materials, people, and items. Though Apollyon is not exceptionally skilled with this spell, her past as Medea allows her to read the magic circles of others and predict their actions.
  • Focus: Apollyon casts a spell over herself, increasing her spatial awareness to the point in which she can achieve a full 3-Dimensional map of a large facility spanning dozens of square kilometers, and taking up the inside of an entire mountain.

  • Apollyon space magic.jpg

    Spatial Magic: Possessing the Abis affinity, Medea possessed command of spatial magic, something that could be considered one of her greatest abilities in this life. She had studied the capacities of this extensively, gaining the ability to twist space to her whims, lock down targets, and even sever it, among other things, thanks to her mastery of this power. She was capable, with enough time, of forging entire permanent pocket realms for her use, though this required preparation. She was capable of achieving teleportation and forming portals, even permanent ones, though this also required more preparation. She could form fields and territories through this, which worked as temples and defenses alike. As it currently stands, Apollyon can only use this with Medea's direct aid.

    • Sunder Space: Medea sends out a "Slash" of cut space that cuts everything it strikes, ignoring conventional durability and being able to reach into higher dimensions with its teleportation.
    • Spatial Flames: Medea creates crimson fire that burns space itself, able to burn higher dimensions and thus erase the chance of an enemy teleporting away. She used this against Mammon, converging the flames onto her body.
    • Remove Space: Quite simply, Medea erases the space between herself and another object to bring it closer to her in an instant. This can also be used to move herself in a method similar to teleportation, dodging attacks.
    • Rearrange Space: Rather than simply erasing the space, Medea is able to rearrange various points of space around her, allowing her to pull opponents out of their barriers and bypass their attacks entirely.

    Apollyon rune magic.png

    Rune Magic: Magic that draws its power from the special symbols known as Runes, and the very same magic that is practiced by the Archibald family. Originally not something that Erithaea heavily relied on, Apollyon was able to use it due to awakening Cu Chulainn's usage of them. Weaving together several runes, The spearman used them largely to improve his combat ability and restrain his opponent. An example of this would be a runic circle, with the rune Uruz in the center, for Strength, surrounded by the runes Thurisaz, Hagalaz and Eihwaz, to greatly increase the physical strength of oneself or their attack. Apollyon wields a corrupted form, less stable and born of Chaos magic.

    • Flow: A circle, with 1 central rune and 4 surrounding it. The 4 are: Fehu, for luck, Raidho, for travel, Ehwaz, for transportation, and Laguz, for flowing. The central rune is Uruz, quite simply, speed. This inscription was made to vastly boost her speed, and to allow her to "flow", passing between thousands of Mammon's attacks and increasing her ability to avoid them.
    • Attack Bands: Naudiz, for Restriction, at the center. Surrounded by Uruz, for Strength, Hagalaz, for Uncontrolled force, Berkano, for Growth, and Fehu, for Creation. The result forms several solid and expanding bands of energy beginning to converge around their opponent, that grow in size upon contact. Furthermore, they ram into the opponent, rather than just bind them, making this closer to an attack then an attempt at restraining.
    • Anti-Detection: Perthro at the center, for Infiltration, with two other runes around it. Ansuz for Insight, and Naudiz for Restriction. This combination of runes prevents her from being detected with other senses, including Aura vision, Magical Energy sensing, and the main five senses (besides sight, which she used light magic to disguise herself with).
    • Reciprocity: Tiwaz in the center, for Justice, surrounded by Uruz, for Strength, Eihwaz, for Reliability, Thurisaz, for Conflict, and Gebo, for Exchange. This combination was made to inflict devastation upon the opponent, using the harm they have caused to others as fuel, to have them receive damage proportional to it.
    • Truesight: An unknown combination of runes. Cu Chulainn put these over Apollyon's eyes to allow her to see the "Truth" of things, bypassing the illusions created by Beelzebub's Lucirian.

    Apollyon crystal magic.jpg

    Crystalline Magic: Kriemhild’s unique type of magic, and a mix of Gem Enchantment and Crystal Elementalism, manifesting as crystals of various shapes and colors, though typically light blue or multicolored. Achieved through the combination of her affinities, she can form high complexity crystals at will, able to inscribe formulae into them on the spot. This allows her to forge various spells and set conditions on them with ease, allowing for the manifestation and containment of complex spells much more easily than otherwise. The crystals, through the magic and formulae shaping them, can be bestowed various properties as necessary by her, such as increased durability, sharpness and others. They are even capable of “chaining” spells together, setting one crystal to trigger another’s creation, and the release of another spell, creating “cluster bombs” of magic and the like. She can also store spells in these for long term use, and her frost armor is composed of crystals of this exact nature, emergency defensive spells and similar things. As it currently stands, using this puts a great strain on Apollyon, turning her eyes bloodshot and causing them to bleed actively, and she can pass out if she uses it too much. However, she can use it to create Magicite with greater ease. Apollyon can give these crystals to others, though she can still control and activate them remotely. Examples of Crystals Apollyon has created thus far include:

    • An emergency spell that created a cocoon of her unique energy around the crystal's user, allowing for defense and the spreading of corruption.
    • A few smaller scale chaos bombs, not entirely dissimilar to what she used in Beelzebub's facility, but not dense enough to tear a hole in reality itself.
    • A spell that utilized Corella's curse to release an immobilizing toxin when triggered, doing so in a wave from the user.
    • A spell that released an aggressive twister of her corruptive energy, for offense and repelling enemies alike.
    • A spell that would manifest a small fraction of her shadow, and drag the user in, for emergency escapes.
    • A spell that caused the crystal to explode, serving as a method of demolition that's set off once the user is at a sufficiently-safe range.
    • A spell that used a massive amount of tiny crystals to reflect light between them, amplifying their power before attacking in one big beam.
    • A series of spells to allow her to teleport and flee a desperate situation, which she created in preparation for the demon council meeting.

    Apollyon conjuration magic.gif

    Conjuration: Conjuration is one of the more simple, yet one of the oldest magic arts, having existed since the age of legends, if not earlier. The fundamental concept behind conjuration is exceedingly simple: It is merely the formation of one's magical energy into a physical object. Apollyon is an extremely gifted conjurer, especially with the aid of her crest, and she can use this to form things such as clothing, tools, and armor over herself with a mere thought. Normally, conjured items fade away after a time, but Apollyon is able to create and dispel matter permanently.

    Witchcraft: Witchcraft is a type of magic dating back to the Age of the Gods, which true to its name was utilized by the Magus Sapiens, or Witches, of Algo’s most secluded forests. It can be considered the opposite of Druidry in that, while druids draw power from living things such as plants and fungi, witchcraft users draw power from dead things. Body parts, special sacrifices, and other similar sources make up the backbone of Witchcraft as an art. Though she has not used this directly, Apollyon should have access to this due to being the reincarnation of Medea, one of the most gifted witches in history.

    Spirit Magic: From her life as Brynhildr, Apollyon has slowly learned to create and control spirits via Animus magic. These spirits are not yet sentient, being instead sentries composed of spiritual and cursed energy. When summoned, they send out rays of curse mana that carve through and deconstruct anything they touch.

    Witness the truth of the world. The very nature of the realm we reside upon. That of life, of earth, of magic, of space, of time, and of existence itself. All that exists is one and the same. And so, I declare, let it all shatter and break down! All becomes one, only to become nothing! Ultimate Magic: World Annihilation!
    ~ World Annihilation's Chant

    Ultimate Magic: World Annihilation: An extremely high level use of Apollyon’s Crest, where she extends its corrosive effects to the highest extent, her power becoming completely indistinguishable from the world itself in a limited area. This release causes reality itself to break down, as every aspect, space, time, information, soul, mind and concept, are broken down, the very Aether shattered and distorted into a broken version of itself, causing untold destruction in the area in question, leaving irreparable scars upon reality itself. In appearance, this looks like a massive black hole forming from Apollyon and emitting outwards, destroying everything around her.

    O' world, become as one at blade's edge. Cut through that which makes up all. Rend it through and paint it in darkness. A new world in my very hands. Oblivion Blade!
    ~ Oblivion Blade's Chant
    Oblivion Blade: A lesser version of World Annihilation. Similar to the ultimate technique in principle, this contains the effects of her magic into the edge of her blade, turning it into a weapon that simply erases whatever it touches. In practice, this allowed her to instantly decapitate Annis as soon as she was given an opening.

    A Magic Crest is a unique collection of magic circuits, that forms a visible marking on one’s body. Those who possess a magic crest are capable of performing some manner of special spell or ability that doesn’t fit into typical magical categories, or would otherwise require large amounts of preparation and affinities. Magic crests can evolve over time, but are generally limited by the power of the one who possesses it. Most notably, they are especially resistant to anti-magic abilities.

    Erithaea's Crest, The Heavens, has multiple functions associated with it due to her nature as a Reincarnator.

    • Power Stockpiling: The main nature of this crest is to evolve and build up power over her multiple lives. For this reason, it takes any crests and abilities she gains from her reincarnations into itself, gaining their power and adding it to its own. This energy can be released in multiple forms, generally as a method of attacking or propulsion. Additionally, her experiences and memories are stored within this crest, allowing her to access her past lives at a much faster rate than other Reincarnators.
    • Divine Light: An energy that mixes the elements of Light, Holy, and Order. Utilizing it in various forms, though usually projected out as a golden colored energy, its nature is to weaken or interfere with the properties of an object or magic in various ways. This light is capable of making its way into the “core’ of a target, allowing Erithaea to seize control over it in ways depending on what the target is. This control allows her to set laws on the target to an extent, and would work on even living things if applied for enough time. The energy can be spread out from her or her weapons, and by spreading it she gains greater control of the surroundings. Spreading this light around, she can exit from it as necessary, using it as a means of teleportation.
    • Enhanced Movement: As a minor effect of her crest, it allows for her to move with unparalleled efficiency, ignoring wind up, and physics to a small degree, allowing her to instantly accelerate to full speed and force, using force to an inhuman degree of efficiency.

    Apollyon's Crest, The Abyss, is the corrupted version of The Heavens, and the new form of her crest after her Rebirth. Like The Heavens before it, it grants her a myriad of abilities.

  • Profaned Darkness: The Abyss allows her to manipulate an energy that is a mix of Umbra, Maki and some amount of Vala to a great extent, utilizing it for various purposes in combat and shaping it through her sword and armor. The very nature of this energy is to corrode and deprive, allowing it to seize control of or annihilate magical energies and matter. In battle, this takes the form of allowing her energy to cause damage beyond mere wounds, as it corrodes the target’s very being and nature, using their own magic as fuel for itself to cause yet more calamity, eating away even at the target’s very resistance and growing stronger from it. One can also target a specific aspect of something, and attempt to “deprive” it if they hit the target with the energy. Otherwise, this can also be used to overwhelm spells, or seize control of, and corrupt magical objects and magics by spreading this energy throughout it, turning them to “her side” through this corruption. Moreso than before, she can perform this on living beings, corrupting them into a mindset similar to her own.
  • Power Consolidation: Rather than simply stockpiling and building power like The Heavens, The Abyss consolidates this power into a single body, mind, and soul. Through this, she can much more easily access her unlocked memories and powers from her past lives, and her mind has become far more focused and unfractured.
  • Past Life Condensation: The Crest also possesses a few secondary benefits, born of her experience in past lives. These benefits are the ability to use one’s strength in place of power fully and naturally, when utilizing magic through her weapon and armor. It allows her to reconstruct her sword and armor out of mana whenever needed, as well as deconstruct them to keep them concealed. And finally, it allows for her to move with unparalleled efficiency, ignoring wind-up and even physics to a small degree, allowing her to instantly accelerate to full speed and force, and the like, using force to an inhuman degree of efficiency.
  • Regeneration: As it turns out, The Abyss grants Apollyon an immense healing ability. It was able to repair her from being cut in half entirely by one of Beelzebub's machines, and Apollyon noted it could likely pull her together from anything so long as she still remained in a semi-recognizable form.
  • Enhanced Movement: As a minor effect of her crest, it allows for her to move with unparalleled efficiency, ignoring wind up, and physics to a small degree, allowing her to instantly accelerate to full speed and force, using force to an inhuman degree of efficiency. This has been enhanced by greater awakening of her lives.

  • Single-Word Incantations: These single incantations are used to manipulate the energy of her crest in a more effective manner, firing out its energy by shaping it through spells. Rather than being any regular type of magic element, it's simply the raw shaping of her power through incantation, though it does qualify as elementalism to a degree.

    • Burst: Apollyon releases a wave of energy from her crest that strikes everything around her.
    • Scatter: Apollyon sends several rays of light (Erithaea) or darkness (Apollyon) forward. Using her crest, she can control the path of these rays.
    • Stabilize: Apollyon absorbs all her latent seized energy into herself, calming her body and nullifying abilities attempting to control her.
    • Destroy: Apollyon releases a web-like maze of light that impales and destroys everything around her.
    • Purify: Apollyon releases her energy into the body of another, channeling holy energy through it. It can be used to reverse demonic afflictions, as shown with Astraea. "Corrupt" is Apollyon's equivalent of this.
    • Converge: Apollyon causes all her built-up energy in the air to converge onto an opponent, either as a finisher or in chains to bind her foe.
    • Rain: Apollyon fires a large amount of projectiles from her back, causing them to rain down on the battlefield in the form of beams. With Redirect, she can manually control the paths of these beams, causing them to home in on enemies.
    • Thorns: Apollyon releases a series of thorns of energy in a dome around her body, which then emits several spikes to stab things around her.
    • Seize: By directly grabbing a foe, she channels her energy into them to take control of them. This instantly disintegrates and annihilates the bodies of demons.
    • Mirror: While swinging her blade, Apollyon generates blades of light (Erithaea) or darkness (Apollyon) that mirror her attacks from multiple angles, making them nearly impossible to block.
    • Break: Activated with a kick, Apollyon sends her crest's energy into the tiny, miniscule flaws in an opponent's body. Even things as simple as pores are affected. The power sinks into them, tearing the target apart by rapidly exploring within the tiny imperfections and obliterating large sections of their body mass at once.
    • Infuse: Utilized on Joyeuse. Apollyon empowers the weapon with her Crest's energy, allowing it to act as a conduit for this power, as well as boosting the strength of its attacks. At its strongest, this ability can artificially boost the rank of a Sacred Arm such as Joyeuse.
    • Enter/Exit: A mental ability, as opposed to a physical one. By connecting her crest to the mind of another, Apollyon is capable of sending both herself and the person inside, viewing their memories and accessing their inner world.
    • Annihilate: Focusing on raw power over precision or strategy, Apollyon simply releases a massive beam from her hand.
    • Burn: Calling upon her heritage from Eos, Apollyon causes holy fire (Dark fire after her rebirth) to erupt from her body. This can be formed into a defensive cocoon around her and her allies.
    • Dismantle: Apollyon releases trails of her crest's energy from her body, which spread out like webs to spread her control across an area. She used this to break Lubius' illusions.
    • Multiply: So long as the trail of her attacks still remains in the air, Apollyon is capable of spawning more attacks from the charged space, increasing her effective fighting range more and more the longer a fight drags on.
    • Raise: Apollyon forms a platform of her crest's energy below her, allowing her to lift herself up and fly about. Though her aerial mobility is certainly nothing to scoff at, it's much easier for her to maneuver with this.
    • Wall: Apollyon forms a simple barrier of her crest's energy in front of her.
    • Skewer: Apollyon emits spikes from her own body, skewering opponents that get to close, as the name implies.
    • Tear: A command to her Crest, to tear into something, corroding aspects of it and causing destruction. A rather basic command, though it can be applied in many ways. It was used by Apollyon to destroy Moreau's Immersion curse, sending the 2-dimensional painting into the 3D world.
    • Shield: Apollyon forms a shield around herself; though it is no mere forcefield. Rather, it surrounds herself in a cocoon of energy that corrodes whatever touches it.
    • Explode: Simply put, Apollyon causes her seized territory to violently combust, exploding and destroying everything around it. If any part of her crest's energy has entered the opponent, they will be destroyed from the inside out.
    • Split: Apollyon fires off a volley of thin beams of darkness. She can fire this out with enough precision to strike individual butterflies, striking multiple at once despite the straight line she shot them in.
    • Filter: Apollyon generates a field around them that seizes the air, allowing her to dull out sound.
    • Pulse: Apollyon releases multiple shockwaves from her sword, allowing her to cancel out the shockwaves made by others and spread her power quickly in a short time frame.
    • Erupt: From her weapon, Apollyon releases explosions made of her crest's energy, drastically increasing their effective range in an attempt to cut off escape paths for her foe.
    • Corrupt: If her foe has been wounded, Apollyon can use this incantation to directly corrupt her opponent's wound, spreading it across their body in an extremely fast time. It can also be used against attacks, such as with Julius' Lightning.
    • Cover: Apollyon emits enough of her energy to cover the walls, floor, and ceiling of a room. This is used as a precursor to another command, Enclose, in which she causes the energy to form into multiple walls within the room to cut opponents off, and can further be comboed with Imprison, which wraps a foe in the walls from all directions. Finally, it can also be used with Crush, forming a dome of energy around the foe, to either contain them or crush them outright.
    • Chains: Apollyon forms chains from her mana that are able to shut down opponents' abilities as well as bind their body.
    • Consume: By establishing a link into an object, Apollyon is capable of directly draining its energy via this command.
    • Convert: A similar command to Corrupt. Apollyon releases her energy in the form of vast labyrinthine patterns that spreads out across the environment, striking foes and converting the entirety of their energy into Apollyon's. This turns the foe in question into a mere puppet of her will.
    • Cut: With a swing of her blade, Apollyon releases a cutting projectile that splits anything it touches.
    • Devour: Apollyon releases streaks of darkness from her body to meet an incoming attack, the streak forming a maw of sorts that consumes the attack in question.
    • Entrap: Apollyon forms her crest's energy into bundles that wrap around and bind foes. She can also puncture them using this
    • Orb: Apollyon forms an explosive orb of energy in her palm. She used this against Dagon, creating an explosion to mask her location when Dagon's seasplitter struck the orb.
    • Divide: With a swing of Joyeuse, Apollyon shoots two "planes" of corruptive energy forward, with a crackling electricity between them. The result of this is an energy that violently parts whatever is in front of Apollyon. This technique was developed after seeing Dagon's usage of Mora Rezak, the sea-parting Trident.
    • Meteor: Despite what the name may lead one to believe, this command actually affects Apollyon directly. The spell coats her body in a thick layer of energy and turns her into a living meteor that rushes towards her opponent as a living missile.
    • Devastate: Apollyon creates a series of extremely thin beams of corruption, comparable to Corella's spider silk in terms of size. Along with their corrosive properties, they possess immense cutting power.
    • Charge: By condensing the corruption within her body, Apollyon charges it into her fist, allowing her to corrupt opponents directly by touching them.
    • Excavate: Apollyon sends out tendrils of corruption that can rapidly dig into the ground to catch underground foes.
    • Lance: Apollyon forms her aura into a sharp point, meant to pierce through barriers. On top of that, Apollyon can combine this with Whirl to collect incoming attacks and turn this point into a spinning drill of power.
    • Barrage: Apollyon fires out a volley of energy spheres. While the spheres initially appear to be attacks, their true purpose is to contain a myriad of tiny crystals inside that reflect light between them before unleashing the beams onto the opponent from all directions.
    • Ravage: Perhaps the most powerful attack at her disposal, and certainly the most aggressive. With this command, Apollyon orders all of her crest energy to stop holding back, releasing it in a colossal burst of power that annihilates everything around it with reckless abandon. The power of this strike was enough to one-shot Ciel, Amy, and Sirin, who were all in the audience watching, with its mere release, but the usage of it entirely exhausts Apollyon afterwards.

    Angra Mainyu: The sea of All the World's Evil, an infinite, bottomless abyss of a chaotic black liquid that is responsible for maintaining the demon world of Makai. When Erithaea walked into the sea and was reborn as Apollyon, she gained its essence within her, allowing her to recreate any curse that she witnesses. As the type of magic wielded primarily by demons, Curses refer to the ability to manipulate the cursed energies that make up Makai through the Maki [Curse] element. The actual practical applications of curses are limitless in scope, though the natural default properties of curse mana and the demon essence it creates are to supplant and invade into the bodies and information of the things it touches, generally for the purposes of absorption, corrosion, and corruption into more demonic material. There are nine types of curses, which are as follows:

    • Caster-Type Curses: Curses that manipulate a single element or thing, similar to magic (Amy's poison, Apollyon's Acid)
    • Molder-Type Curses: Curses that manipulate a target's physical properties (Sonia's Anti-Civ, Card-Sealing, Moreau's Immersion)
    • Master-Type Curses: Curses that manipulate an opponent's mind or perception in some way (Mammon's name manipulation, Sirin's doll)
    • Thinker-Type Curses: Curses that focus on the user's own mental abilities (Cinder's knowledge transfer, Lunette's unnamed curse)
    • Breaker-Type Curses: Curses that alter or break the laws of physics (Dagon's whirl, Apollyon's Fracture)
    • Creator-Type Curses: Curses that generate an item of power of some kind (Lubius' fruits, Apollyon's Threads)
    • Shifter-Type Curses: Curses that change the user's body in some way (Corella's Spider, Astaroth's Adaptation)
    • Buffer-Type Curses: Curses that manipulate physical statistics (Parallel Apollyon's Speed Amplification)
    • Admin-Type Curses: Curses that manipulate powers (Lilith's Black Admin, Izuna's Permanence, Jay's Devour)

    • Doll: A curse originally used by the vampire baroness Sirin Cirella, which Apollyon used against her as punishment for her actions. The curse removes the opponent's motor skills, rendering them entirely immobile, unable to express any emotion besides a blank smile. Under this curse, the victim will follow the caster's commands without fail and refer to them as their master, and will even sacrifice themselves by getting in the way of attacks.
      • Self-Control: In a pinch, this curse can be used on the user, shutting off their body's physical limits and causing them to move at exceptional levels of efficiency. However, it does come with the weakness of tearing up their body.
    • Immersion: A curse originally used by Lady Moreau, ruler of the layer of Crimsonmoon City. When utilized on an opponent, it crushes the information making up their body down to a two-dimensional scale, sending them onto a matching plane of existence such as a silhouette on the ground, or a painting. Once here, the target will generally be immobilized due to the effects being 2-Dimensional places on them, though a strong enough being would be able to not only act on this plane, but break out of it. It should be noted that, if one possesses the proper means, such as art tools, a person or item that has been immersed can have their physical properties altered by redrawing or altering parts of them, or even reduced to a mindless blank existence by erasing them entirely.
    • Garden of Paradise: A curse possessed by Lubius, ruler of the layer of Vultz, the monster-infested jungle and one of the least inhabited layers of Makai. It is a curse that focuses on the user, allowing them to generate pink fruit and a thick, similarly-colored mist that permeates throughout the environment. The mist and fruit are both exceptionally alluring; even inhaling the former (which increases its potency in thicker quantities) is enough to weaken one's willpower to the point of being unable to cast magic due to their brain not being able to send signals out into their magic circuits. Consuming a fruit will permanently bend the consumer to the creator's will, corrupting them into a new type of plant-like demon. Though Apollyon has not shown usage of this, Lubius himself was also able to utilize this to summon ethereal butterflies that spread the mist further and create illusions by bending light through the mist, disguising his true form.
    • Duplication Curse: An unnamed curse utilized by the Bicorn Knight, Orphion. It allows the user to create a second body and jump into it, leaivng the other one to explode with their magic and take a hit for them. It can be used to escape tight bonds as well. The body's condition is identical to the first, meaning wounds carry over; however, active effects on the body don't carry over, allowing the user to regenerate their wounds if they've been struck by an immortal-killing weapon.
    • Permanence: The curse possessed by the Kitsune-Bi, Izuna. Though it is a simple curse, it is quite powerful. Permanence allows the user to endlessly extend the duration and existence of their spells, causing them to become never-ending and rendering them much harder to destroy on top of that. Through this, Izuna could create solid constructs of flame, and Apollyon can use this to render the effects of her curses permanent.
    • Knowledge Transferral: A curse taken from Cinder, a hellhound in service to Mammon that worked at her Casino. It allows the user to transfer knowledge and skills from their own head directly into the minds of others, directly uploading the information into their body and soul. Apollyon can use this to teach Age of Legends magic techniques to others, as well as share memories and experiences with them.

  • Whirl: The curse possessed by Dagon, the demon lord of the layer of Shadowsea. With this curse, the user can twist their surroundings, applying the curse of infinite rotation to them and causing them to spin around oneself rapidly, building up speed and energy. The user can create these spirals anywhere within their vicinity, and can cancel them out at any time, either dispelling the energy in every direction or sending it out in a singular one.
    • Energy Reactor: Whirl appears to possess a mana condensation effect inside of it. Dagon was able to generate a quartet of spinning spheres of air around him like bubbles, which condensed the mana in the atmosphere and within his own body into growing sparks of energy. With just a few moments of generation, the sparks grew to the point where, when released in the form of an extremely compressed ray of explosive energy, even a single blast could become dangerous to Apollyon.
    • Overcharge: A technique in which Apollyon charges up her corruptive energies with Whirl, turning Joyeuse into a pseudo-drill and driving it into a foe. With this, she can flood a foe's body with corrpution to control them nigh-instantly.
  • Spider: Spider is a curse developed by the demon lord Corella, reclusive elven queen of Belycet. This curse allows the user to take on and enhance the aspects of a spider. They can generate webbing from any part of their body, creating it in ornate whips, threads, and nets, and can freely alter its properties at will, such as its thermal resistance, thickness, and adhesiveness. Furthermore, the user can sprout spider-like limbs from their body, and can create an organ within their body that serves as a chemical reactor, synthesizing poisons that can perform a variety of functions. Apollyon can also use the webs to puppeteer others, down to freezing and locking up their muscles and vocal cords.
  • Omnicrafting: Omnicrafting is a curse utilized by Allocer, the ringmaster of the layer of Sinestra, and loyal retainer to Mammon herself. She tricked Allocer into showing this ability by having him use it on a captive. Omnicrafting allows the user to mold and shape any material in their hands as if it were made of soft-clay, ignoring the normal properties of the object such as how brittle or hard it truly is. Things like Ice, Wood, Stone, Metal, and Flesh are all things that she can manipulate with this power, and it has many potential applications. For example, Allocer used it to fuse thin sheets of metal into his skin to exponentially increase his durability, as well as turn his victims into statues by forcibly fusing their bodies with large quantities of Marble.
  • Card Sealing Curse: An unnamed curse used by the assassin that Allocer had captured, that was attempting to capture Apollyon's companions. Her curse allows her to seal others in cards through physical touch, transmuting their bodies to serve as the card and locking their souls within it, cutting off their abilities in the process.
  • Poison Manipulation: The curse possessed by Amy Valentine and her mother. Apollyon used her blood to help Amy unlock this curse, albeit at great pain to Amy herself. Amy's curse allows the user to generate large quantities of poisoned water, allowing them to generate torrents and waves of the stuff. Furthermore, this poison is heavily corrosive and acidic, burning and dissolving anything it touches instead of merely poisoning them.
    • Poison Dragon Fang: Amy utilized this technique, generating a large dragon out of poison to attack and bite her foes, injecting her poison directly into their body.
  • Sugar Rush: The curse possessed by the demon lord Paimon, the so-called "Strongest Imp" that rules over the layer of Sakhar, the isle of sweets. As one might expect from the name and the ruler's description, Sugar Rush allows the user, in this case Apollyon, to create a territory in which she can generate and control an endless quantity of Dessert material. Apollyon can create Candy, Pastries, Ice Cream, and other things such as pure sugar to her leisure, and it comes with multiple other sub-curses within it, being quite versatile. Apollyon herself even described the curse as "Terrifying", serving as testament to the ability's true power.
    • Transmutation: Sugar Rush can be used on non-candy matter, allowing the user to outright convert it into candy. When used by Paimon, she was able to turn an entire floating island into candy through this ability, every biome becoming unique in that respect. It can also be used to convert people into candy golems that are loyal to the user.
    • Regeneration: Any material eaten or damaged by someone within the curse's area of effect will automatically regenerate, allowing the territory to stay completely pristine and idyllic at all times.
    • Cleaning Effect: Within the territory that the user creates with Sugar Rush, a cleaning curse of sorts is applied, that automatically rids and cleans all dirt, germs, insects, and other grime. This has the effect of preventing things from getting sticky and disease-ridden, allowing them to consistently remain edible.
  • Paradise Lost: A curse that stands opposite to Lubius' Garden of Paradise, possessed by Rusalka, the leader of the hellish, yet disguised layer of Luxuria. It allows the user to generate flowers that have various different poisonous effects to them. For one, the user can generate roses that spew poisonous gases, which register at an 11 on the Aligheri Scale and are capable of controlling an entire castle. Furthermore, the poison on these roses' thorns is immensely painful, able to put someone in a haze of constant, thrashing pain.
  • Telekinesis: From Parallel Apollyon. This unnamed curse allows Apollyon to launch people and objects around via Telekinesis, as well as placing them in a telekinetic bind.
  • Speed Enhancement: From Parallel Apollyon. This unnamed curse allows Apollyon to drastically increase her speed, being comparable to the boost provided by Belle Mort.
  • Name Curse: The curse possessed by the Demon Queen of Greed, Mammon. This curse is the most powerful within Apollyon's arsenal, due to the unique mechanics behind it. The Name Curse allows Apollyon to steal the "Name" of an opponent, a crucial piece of their soul that stands as a conceptual aspect of their existence, much like their origin. Whereas an Origin dictates the future, a Name includes all events that have occurred within the past and present. Memories, Emotions, Personality, Physical skills, Bonds, and traits such as Blessings are all contained within one's name, and stealing it will leave the target an emotionless, blank slate with an all-white color like Porcelain. Once a name has been stolen, Apollyon can absorb it into herself, gaining access to the name of that person, even down to their muscle memory and physical skills. Apollyon can, with help from Kriemhild, also fire out dozens of "Throwaway" names that she has created herself, names such as "weakling" and "loser", that drown out an opponent's thoughts with extraneous ones such as "I'm too weak, I can't beat her", allowing her to disable a foe via unconventional mindhax.

  • Fracture Curse: A curse possessed by the devil commander in Mikado. This curse allows Apollyon's attacks to generate fractures in the air, raw cracks in existence that can shatter bodies and magic alike. It is unknown if they negate standard magical defenses, but they can attack and destroy almost anything.
  • Infusion: The curse of Kannon, the demon lord that Astaroth placed in charge of Mikado. Simply, it allows Apollyon to perform a phenomenon similar to the "Magic coloring" art developed by combat elementalists in the years following the end of the Great War, infusing her affinities into other elements of spells.
    • Frost: Apollyon releases a large wave of her crest's energy, infused with her Ice affinity to freeze everything it touches. She can use this in a wide area, or touch an opponent to intensify the effect on them.
    • Burn: Apollyon infuses her Fire affinity into her aura, turning it into hellfire to repel attacks. This is hot enough to melt even the metal forged by Beelzebub's factories, which is uniquely heat-resistant.
  • Rubble Curse: A curse possessed by one of Kannon's five retainers, that were holding Asunaro City under the control of the demons. It allows Apollyon to deconstruct inorganic matter into rubble and debris, which she can then freely manipulate into projectiles, shields, and waves of rubble that bury foes.
  • Smoke Curse: A curse possessed by one of Kannon's five retainers, that were holding Asunaro City under the control of the demons. It allows Apollyon to turn herself into smoke, allowing her to fit through incredibly tight spaces. When in this form, her sight is replaced with a general three-dimensional awareness.
  • Acid Curse: A curse possessed by one of Kannon's five retainers, that were holding Asunaro City under the control of the demons. It allows Apollyon to shoot out projectiles of acid that can melt through entire houses. She can also coat her own fists in this, gaining a resistance to the curse's effect.
  • Thread Curse: A curse possessed by one of Kannon's five retainers, that were holding Asunaro City under the control of the demons. It allows Apollyon to manipulate incredibly tiny threads, fine enough that Apollyon herself wasn't able to sense them until they were touching her. These threads can be used to cut foes into ribbons.
  • Bone Curse: A curse possessed by one of Kannon's five retainers, that were holding Asunaro City under the control of the demons. It allows Apollyon to manipulate bones, forming waves of them to ride on. It is unknown if she can control bones inside the bodies of others.
  • Burning Light: The curse of Blanc, one of the twin dragons, students of Elias Feyrbrand. This ability allows Apollyon to generate extremely bright light from herself, which is capable of burning away and nullifying magic. It is likely that she can use this in conjunction with her light form magic, much like Blanc can, and it is capable of even burning away effects such as Whirl.
  • Rejection of Civilization: The curse of Duchess Sonia, one of the four dukes of the Vampire world, below only countess Gremory. This ability appears, on the surface, to be plant manipulation mixed with transmutation, as Sonia was able to transform one of Beelzebub's robots into a tree, but in reality, the ability is actually a conceptual curse that rejects the idea of "Civilization", allowing the concept of "Wilderness" to spring forth. To that end, it is an ability that erases any man-made structure, causing it to become overgrown and destroyed as it is transformed into a naturally-grown structure instead.
  • Nullification Curse: A simple curse possessed by Eligor, infused into him by Beelzebub. This ability allows Apollyon to nullify the curses of any demon within a few meters of her for as long as she likes. However, this does not discriminate between friend and foe, and she cannot use curses herself while this is active.
  • Merge: A curse possessed by Eligor, and his original curse. This curse allows Apollyon to fuse with inorganic matter through physical contact, allowing her to manipulate it at will. There seems to be no upper limit to the matter the user can merge with, and once they have done so, they can form this matter into whatever shape they want. For example, Eligor was able to merge with Beelzebub's tower, creating a massive mecha that forced Apollyon to go all-out for the first time since her fight against Mammon.
  • Madness Plague: A curse developed by Beelzebub, which he used to terrorize one of the layers under his control. This curse generates a diseased, black smog that drives those inside insane through unknown methods. Notably, the user cannot control this smog once it has spread.
  • Soleil's Curse: A curse possessed by Soleil, one of the three triplet demons that rule the circus-like layer of Walpurgisnacht. This curse is a "Grab-Bag curse", meaning it possesses a variety of lesser effects rather than one major one. According to soleil, the powers granted to her by this curse are fire generation, intangibility with a half-second duration, a small pocket dimension no bigger than a closet, the creation of supernaturally-tough balloons, and the ability to stretch one's limbs unnaturally far.
  • Lunette's Curse: A curse possessed by Lunette, one of the three triplet demons that rule the circus-like layer of Walpurgisnacht. This curse is a mental one, giving Lunette a sense of supernatural balance and precision that allows her to throw projectiles with incredible accuracy and grace, all while performing acrobatics far beyond the scope of the average mage.
  • Astra's Curse: A curse possessed by Astra, one of the three triplet demons that rule the circus-like layer of Walpurgisnacht. This curse allows the user to create invisible objects of telekinetic force by miming the actions needed for them. For example, the classic invisible box can be used directly to generate a forcefield around the user.
  • Combination Cursed Arm: A series of curses possessed by the tortured guardian of Walpurgisnacht, which Beelzebub assigned to guard the layer's sun and prevent it from dispelling the smog. These curses were all wrapped up into her arm, including curses that enhance strength and kinetic impact, curses that add bony and rivet-like protrusions across the arm, and curses that allow one's muscles to contract and unfurl like a spring for greater punching power.
  • Almighty Freeze: A curse possessed by Molled, the right-hand of Beelzebub (Even if she turned out to be nothing more than a tool to him). This is a pure ice curse, allowing Apollyon to create temperatures far below Absolute Zero in an instant, creating ice and shards she can use as weapons. When used by Molled, a wound inflicted by an Almighty Freeze shard would have been able to pierce Apollyon's aura in an instant.
  • Mirror World: A curse possessed by Orias, one of Mammon's retainers. This curse allows the user to travel between mirrors and enter a parallel dimension. In this place, they can emerge from any reflective surface they want, down to even reflective objects on the opponent's body and weapons, and are essentially impossible to harm due to existing in another dimension. Covering the entrance mirror, however, will prevent the user from being able to leave.

  • Swarm: The curse once possessed by the King of Gluttony, Beelzebub. This curse allows the user to deconstruct themselves into a swarm of exactly 3 million tiny, insectoid bodies that each carry the burden of the user's body and soul. Through this, the user can avoid death so long as a single piece of the swarm remains. Apollyon can use this to turn herself into Bees, compared to the Flies that Beelzebub became. These bees can be further enhanced with Apollyon's various curses.
  • Adaptation: The curse once possessed by the King of Sloth, Astaroth. This curse allows the user to passively evolve failsafes and defenses in response to attacks, developing reactive evolution and becoming more resistant to damage. It takes time for this curse to take hold, but the more the wielder uses it, the more invincible they become.
  • Crystallization Curse: A curse possessed by a succubus who appeared at the Astaroth Festival. This allows the wielder to turn whatever matter they touch into a violet crystalline material, including organic beings.
  • Electricity Curse: A curse possessed by an artificer imp who appeared at the Astaroth Festival. This allows the wielder to generate and fire electricity from their bodies.
  • Weakness: A curse once possessed by the Queen of Despair, Annis. This curse allows the user to generate weak points by striking a foe with their body. In doing so, they create a black, flower-shaped mark on the target, be it an object or a person. These weak points are so volatile that a single touch at that point can violently explode the affected body. These weaknesses can be elemental in nature, giving a target a great weakness to certain elements.
  • Gunmaster: A curse possessed by Whitts, one of the members of the House of Azathoth. This curse allows the user to transmute objects that they touch, turning them into ranged weapons. These weapons retain properties of the original object; For example, Whitts was able to transmute a Neon Sign, and the bullets he fired left a trail of damaging neon behind them. Apollyon can use this to turn Joyeuse into a Gunblade.
  • Cursed Obi: A curse possessed by the lord of Kyokusen. This curse allows Apollyon to manipulate clothing, generating wide strips of fabric that can slip through and reach around an entire palace. These strips of cloth can be utilized as weapons and shields, but their main property comes from their ability to absorb those they touch, pulling them into their form and sealing them as mere decorations on the fabric.
  • Weaponkiller: A curse possessed by Bamforth, one of the members of the House of Azathoth. This curse allows the user to infuse their biomass with a crimson energy that breaks down and shatters anything that the target deems a weapon. This allows her to destroy swords, guns, and arrows with impunity, and they can even inflict instant death by self-destruction should the target view their own body as a weapon, causing their form to violently explode.
  • Evolution: A curse possessed by Leviathan, the Demon Queen of Envy. This curse allows the user to change their own bodily configuration in ways beyond what normal shapeshifting can allow for, generating new organs and biological systems spontaneously within their body. Leviathan used this to create multiple index arcanums within her body to multiply her total energy stores, give herself the breath sac of a Dragon, and create a living snake tail from her body.
  • Blood Chains: A curse that Leviathan copied. This curse allows the user to generate chains from their spilled blood to wrap around and restrain opponents. It locks down the shapeshifting of demons, binding them in place.
  • Bloody Hell: A curse that Leviathan copied. This curse allows the user to thrust their hands into rifts in reality, removing strangely burning blood from within to use as projectiles. The source of this blood is unknown, but it was able to melt Apollyon's duplicate in a matter of moments, eating it away before it could even explode despite Apollyon's heat resistance.
  • Metallization: A curse that Leviathan copied. This curse allows the user to coat their arms in metal. When they wound an opponent with this curse, their body will begin to petrify and turn into metal as well.
  • Gravity Curse: A curse that Leviathan copied. This curse allows the user to manipulate the gravity of themself and the things that they touch. Leviathan used this to drastically increase her falling speed, and the power of her downward swings.

  • Battle Record

    As is to be expected from her many lives, especially her current one as a warlord of the demon realm, Apollyon has amassed a number of battles under her belt. This segment shall list all of her fights, as well as whether or not they were a victory, a defeat, or a draw.

    As Meania

    • VS. Witches of Ishtar - Interrupted by Eresh

    As Medusa

    • VS. Perseus - Killed

    As Erithaea

    • VS. Klaus Archibald - Victory
    • With Alciela Belnades VS. Eloise Montblanc & Demons - Victory
    • Assault on Iblis' Gate - Successful
    • With Alciela Belnades VS. Satanael - Killed

    As Apollyon

    • VS. Baroness Sirin - Victory
    • VS. Donna Moreau - Victory
    • VS. Lubius - Victory
    • VS. Arata cinder - Victory
    • VS. Nero - Victory
    • Assault on Beelzebub's Factory - Successful
    • VS. Julius Tepes - Interrupted by Kriemhild
    • VS. Dagon - Draw
    • VS. Corella - Victory
    • VS. Rusalka - Victory
    • VS. Mammon - Victory
    • Liberation of Mikado - Successful
    • VS. Blanc and Noir - Victory
    • VS. Eligor - Victory
    • VS. Waplurgisnacht Guardian Beast - Victory
    • VS. Molled - Victory
    • VS. Beelzebub - Victory
    • VS. Astaroth (With Dragon Festival Participants) - Victory
    • VS. Annis - Defeat
    • VS. Astaroth and Annis (With Elias, Nicholas, Aprillis, and Gawain) - Victory
    • VS. Whitts - Victory