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"Alone we shall stand, alone we shall prosper."




Influenced and were remembered by Rupert's heroic actions, the foundation began to grow as more racial prejudice escalate when at the time of The Illuminati's expansion and their fear propgranda on the subject of anomalies. They act as humanitarian and charity group focusing on promoting anomaly rights through use of pacifistic practices. While the group are coupled with other supporting organizations for financial support. Together with surging support of various groups and philanthropists, the foundation evolved to point that they rival the budgeting of The Illuminati's financial state. More over, the ACF used beneficial anomalous objects on the intent of cultivating homeless people and the sick to aid their famished plight or providing medicine without recompense. The ACF stands with humanity and anomaly alone, whilst they stand together through mutual understanding, we flourish and thrive as community.

The Another Chance Foundation or ACF for short, are non-governmental organization by the United Nations and currently behave in legal or illegal regions around the world without the U.N.'s authorization. In the process of breaking regulations by both the U.N. and Institution, they are nevertheless free of continuing their ongoing activities, owing to the fact that nearly half of the populace on planet earth approves their movement. But for all that support, the ACE had faced many anti-semtic human groups and being deprived of protection from the cops or the military makes the ACE vulnerable to such attacks.


The Another Chance Foundation is small and weak but growing organization that are supported from various monsters and rare cases, humans. While they are able to sustain themselves from the donation they got, they are nonetheless incredible weak due to the fact that the organization are mostly pacifist who wanted change through peaceful protesting.


The peaceful organization preaches non-violence and diplomacy. Hence why the organization is easily targeted by the rest of the organizations to be bullied and manipulated.


The Foundation set up charities for the purpose of fighting in equal rights and helping monsters that are living in horrible conditions, including humans as well. They also use anomalous items for healing the sick and injure rather than use for warfare.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Varies, monsters and humans can physically range from 10-B to 8-C, Miscellaneous vehicles and arsenal range from at least 9-C to 7-B,far higher with anomalous weapons and abilities,possibly 3-A with high tier reality bending powers,likely far higher.

Civilization Tier: Post-Industrial Civilization

Name: The Another Chance Foundation,The ACF,The Anomaly Rights Activist.

Origin: Spectrum

Classification: A world wide resistance group with the goal of revolutionizing the world.

Kardashev Level: Type 0

Age: Unknown,likely around the early creation of The Illuminati.

Population: Unknown

Territory: Earth.


Varied,Reality Warping and Superhuman Physical Characteristics (Every monster have different anomalous properties that affects reality and ignores the law of physics.),Weapon Mastery, Stealth Mastery, Vehicular Mastery, Explosion Manipulation, Acid Manipulation,Fire Manipulation (Some members have knowledge in varied human tactics and weaponry.),Magic,Dream Manipulation,Probability Manipulation,Purification,Precognition, Astral Manipulation, Healing,Resurrection,Durability Negation,Summoning, Blood Manipulation,Preparation (Some are aware the usage of magic.),etc.

Attack Potency: Varies, monsters and humans range from Human level to Small Building level with sheer physical strength,far higher with anomalous properties,Street level (With conventional weaponry),likely Universe level (With high tier reality bending powers.),Unknown with average reality warping.

Range: Completely varies from Stand Melee Range to Universe level with high levels of reality bending powers.

Power Source: Unknown

Military Prowess: None,they are pacifist group.