Alice Masters was a close friend of James Ryan, who was (for a time unbeknowst to her) a werewolf. When she was attacked by a vampire who was targeting James's friends and family, he was forced to reveal himself. Alice, far from being disgusted, terrified, or disbeleiving, was actually extremely exited at the prospect of her friend having superhuman abilities, and insisted on coming with him on his hunts for dangerous vampires. Natrually, this put her into great danger, and the evil Count Plauguis tried to make her his slave, but was killed by James, freeing Alice, but not curing her. It was at this point that James and Alice became the first ever allied vampire and werewolf. She became a vampire slayer, even as a vampire herself, hunting down those who killed more than was neccecary. (You see, a Vampire needs only drink blood once a week, and even then it can still get it from a blood bag or an animal.) See James Ryan (Unnatrual) for information about the werepyre chroichles. She is ranked a tier B supernatrual threat by the BSC (Board for Supernatrual Control)

Powers and Stats

Tier: 7-B+ | 7-A+ to 6-C as lycanpyre. Much lower near garlic or in sunlight.

Name: Alice Masters, Count Masters

Gender: Female

Age: In her 20s

Origin: Unnatrual

Classification: Human, Vampire, Lycanpyre

Attack Potency: City level+ | Large Mountain+ to Small Island level

Speed: Supersonic at least. Teleportation through shadow. Possibly FTL to lightspeed reaction speed, at least relativistic.

Lifting Strength: Hundreds of tons. Perhaps in the 300 range.

Striking Strength: Class PJ, can harm foes with much higher durability than that with fangs and claws.

Durability: City Level+, can survive anything other than brain destruction, and will heal from wounds incredibly quickly, even beheading and lost limbs. Can be killed by a wooden stake through the heart, a good splash of holy water, ingesting too much garlic, or beheading or heart destruction in direct sunlight.

Stamina: Infinite. No need for stanima as an undead being.

Range: Human.

Standard Equipment: Originally carried vampire killing weapons, but stopped for obvious reasons when she became one. Her cloak, which can protect her from sunlight, holy water, or any other vampire-killing weapons, can be used to cast a shadow, which can make her invisible or teleport, is almost indestructable, and can whip a foe pretty hard. However, holy water or being peirced by wooden weapons ignites it.

Intelligence: Above average as human and low-class vampire. Perhaps genius level as a Count.

Weaknesses: Vulnerable without cloak. All steryotipical vampire weaknesses. Inexperianced.

Powers and Abilities:

Notable Attacks and Techniques:

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