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Background Info
Name Alice Célestine
Alias Angel of Death, The Maid of Scarlet, Sentry.
Origin Spectrum
Occupation Former Researcher and current servant.
Appearance (Check image)

Alice is a laid-back but composed lady, highly focused on protecting and serving her master at all cost, especially those who are close to her. While she avoids conflict at all cost, she can be eerily serious at moments when her life is being threatened. If lost of friend dies from murderer, Alice becomes a deadly and vengeful hunter that won't stop nothing until her friend's killer faced justice. She deeply cares her friends, sympathizing about their troubles and is willingly to stand up for them. Though, she suffers from trust issues due to experiencing alot of betrayal from those she considered to be friend, resulting her in being emotionless and distant but still polite towards strangers.

As former researcher with deep knowledge about psychology, she is observant to her surroundings and knows quite a lot about what type of person she's looking at through expressions alone. Alice is capable of accurately guessing what type of actions they have previously done through looking at them. She technically dislike doing any hard work due to the build up stress of guilt and the many lost of friends she had to experienced.

With depressing view towards life, she sometimes ask herself of her actions has any real effect as her loved ones and herself are being threatened by all corners of anti-monster groups, especially The Inquisition. Despite this, she is willingly to try and stand up for what's right in what she believes, even if things look bleak.

Alignment Lawful Good
Hobby Serving her master, guarding his castle, cleaning.
Goals Convince her master that not all humans and people are bad.
Likes Fashion, hairstyles and nail saloon.
Dislikes Corrupt politicians and evildoers.
Family Unknown
Friends & Allies Alucard Montague (Master)
Enemies The Illuminati
“Nobody can understand how I feel. Knowing that one day, all those I care about are either going to get killed or assassinated. I gave up long ago in defending the people I cared about. Either way, I won't stop until monsters deserve fair treatment even if it results in getting my hands dirty.”


Moon was a former scientist to the The Illuminati before the growing regret of experimenting monsters grew to her, resulting her to leave the organization. She was later rescued and taken in by Alucard after being found injured. Currently, she is serving as his loyal sentry and maid altogether.

Combat Statistics

Tier: 9-A

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Nanotechnology, Regeneration (Low-Mid) (After leaving the organization and joined her master, she later modified her own body to develop abilities in way of protecting herself and the organization by implanting a serum of nanobots within her. This nanobots allows her to regenerate lost limbs and broken organs within seconds, especially fatal wounds. Furthermore increasing her to levels of superhuman physical characteristics.), Space-Time Manipulation, Durability Negation and Thread Manipulation with limited Body Control (Alongside of having the ability to conjure neon-like threads by anywhere from her body, these threads are capable to bend space-time depending on how many wires are engulfed around the area. Wires that are attached around a place allows her to literally teleport of herself and others, including outright stopping time for few seconds. Furthermore, when wires have engulfed a person, she can destroy him/her atoms with flick of wrist, causing the victim to disintegrated. Interesting enough that she preferably goes all out to eliminate her opponent, not wasting any time nor taking any breaks. Her wires are visible to the naked eye.), Body Puppetry with Creation (Able to conjure weapons or replicas of figures that she is capable to control through wires alone.), Analytical Prediction and Information Analysis (Possesses analytical skills that allows to accurately predict her enemies movements and able to tell what type of person she is telling with, especially in able to accurately guess what actions they have previously done.)

Resistance to Disease Manipulation and Illusion Manipulation (Her serum prevents her from getting any natural diseases. With her superhuman analytical abilities, she is capable of sensing what's real and not.)

Attack Potency: Small Building level (Easily slice military vehicles such as helicopters and tanks with her wires alone.), wires ignore durability.

Speed: Supersonic+ (Able to react and dodge hails of bullets.)

Lifting Strength: Superhuman (Able to throw a grown man with her wires alone.)

Striking Strength: Small Building Class (Sliced a military vehicle.)

Durability: Small Building level (Took a shot from tank and miraculous survived but suffered majority of fatal wounds.)

Stamina: Average (While admitting that she is no warrior or fighter but scientist, she is said to capable of fighting her opponents for no more than hour at her peak.)

Range: Tens of meters with her razor wires.

Standard Equipment: Sharp neon-like wires that is from her body.

Intelligence: Genius. (Despite being quite laid-back and lazy, she is genius in terms of figuring out her opponent's motives and created an serum that made her superhuman. Add to the fact that she was former researcher who was responsible for inventing new technologies.)

Weaknesses: Apathetic around her surroundings, refusing to get into conflict unless her job or life is threatened. Even so, this still won't make her fight unless one of them died. Can only stop time for less than five seconds.


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