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Alice is one of the main character in Runerds, being the main goal of many characters during the existence of the "first part" of it, and being the creator of Twisted World, initiating the "second part" of the story, meaning the birth of a whole new world.


Despite her young age, Alice relased her word unconsciously back a few years, however since it wasn't that strong due to barely being awoken her influence on reality was minor. During her growth, her powers became more powerful, starting to change the whole town she lived in, ultimately leading to the destruction of it.

After this she was adopted by Yuri Akuto and wandered accross the world with him, limiting the effect of her powers and nullifying them (by "sending them elsewhere") when it could be too dangerous. She quickly became to be know as the "wish-granting girl", despite her powers not allowing such a thing. Most of her interaction with the others characters are very limited, being for some hours while not knowing each other or being protective like with the members of The Alliance, which protect her for the one seeking for having their wishes granted.

After the death of Yuri by T.D, Alice's mind broke. All the effects that he canceled start to happened, and Alice's power now out of control, the world start to collapse, and then change, resulting of a complete rebirth, killing everyone and leading to the creation of a new reality: the Twisted World.

Alice's current state and localisation are unknown, but it is believed that she's still alive, because of the constant change of the actual world.


Alice has apricot-colored eyes and long dark red hair decorated with a yellow headband with bows at the ends. She wears a very simple dress of coppery color, her power is supposed to keep her clean, explaining that she doesn't need more clothes. She occasionally wears another dress, blue with some flower when she go to a city.


Alice is usually a very innocent and simple person, being more passive than active about everything, like the disparition of her family and town, and even when everyone in The Alliance was fighting for her. Talking in a very childish manner and always be enjoyed, she doesn't seems to realize when something is scary or dangerous, acting as for any situation. After the death of Yuri, her current state of mind is unknow, she's believed to have becoming mad and hiding from everyone.

Personal Statistics

Alignment: True Neutral

Name: Alice, "wish granting-girl", "the strongest word user" 

Origin: Runerds 

Gender: Female 

Age: In her 10's 

Classification: Human, Word User, Creator of the Twisted World 

Likes: Yuri Akuto, sugar

Dislikes: T.D

Marital Status: Alone

Status: Missing, however she's believed to be actually alive

Affiliation: Unknown

Previous Affiliation: Yuri Akuto, The Alliance

Combat Statistics

Tier: 10-B physically, 1-A with her power

Powers and Abilities: Reality Warping and Conceptual Manipulation (Everything that she believes becomes true, based on her vision of what/how things are) her power showed the following effects: Plot Manipulation (T.D wasn't able to enter the real world and gain a full control over the narrative because of her power. Twisted World weakened the difference between the fiction and reality, making characters more related to the plot itself), Information Manipulation (The Game World was nearly entirely destroyed and merged at the Creation of the Twisted World, only leaving a few part of the unhackable part), Law Manipulation (Reshape the world with whole new laws) Memory Manipulation (Jack and Lana were able to remember things before the Twisted World. Make someone forget about her by believing that she never met him), Life Creation (Monsters and creature continuously come to life in Twisted World,has unconsciously created yUri akUto from just her memories) Existence Erasure (Able to erase a legend from all of history, ignoring their regeneration), Probability Manipulation (Make Yuri win a hasard game because she wanted a plush), Fate Manipulation and Pseudo-Summoning (Make in sort that Yuri will always come save her regardless of what happen) Mind Manipulation (Jeanne's personnality totally changed after the Creation of Twisted World, the constant change of Twisted World represent her unstable mind state), Resistance Negation (Bypass all kind of resistances, including T.D transduality, imposing her vision to the world itself), Resistance to Power Absorption, Power Mimicry (A word is unique, as such, a word can't be absorbed or copied as long as the word user "alive"), Power Nullification (Her word can exist regardless of her belief in it), technically have a countless amount of possibilities depending of what she believes

Attack Potency: Human level physically (She's a young child), Outerverse level with her power (Can impose her will to the world itself and to the "real world" beyond it. Runerds' world was said to be "beyond all physics and comprehension", being based on the theory of everything, however instead of finding a real answer, all theories exist at the same time, balancing and opposing each other while influencing different part of the world. Her power is so powerful that no one can resist it, even a serious T.D, which transcended all form of duality to the point of being is own singularity without any form of opposition within the world, wasn't able to slow it even a bit.)  

Speed: Normal Human 

Striking Strength: Human Class

Durability: Human level (She's a young child), however her word and Yuri's protections make her very hard to deal with.  

Stamina: Above Average (Despite her being a normal child, she can travel long distances for hours without being tired)

Range: Melee Range physically, Outerversal with her powers 

Standard Equipment: None  

Intelligence: She's a innocent child who doesn't know basic things like bad and evil or what's dangerous. Her power however seems to have some unconscious nigh-omniscience, being able to remade everyone in the first Runerds with some changes.  

Weaknesses: Only things that she believes can happen, doesn't know about her power.

Note: Given the non-linear nature of Runerds' stories, new feats can appear in each key at anytime.

Notable Attacks and Techniques

Belief: Considered the most powerful word, Alice was gifted by the word "belief", which allows to everything she believe to become true. Her power is simple, yet powerful, with no way to be counter: you can't cancel it and its effect, trying to resist it is futile, however Yuri is able to prevent them for directly happening by "sending them to latter. Even tough she doesn't know or believe that she have any kind of power, it seems that it exist regardless of this for unknown reason.


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If Alice should be associated with a theme/music, it would be Reverie, after the death of Yuri, it would be Power Fantasy.

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