Landing a Final Blow


This is Alex Teeson.Who is he?Depends who you ask.The General and his armies will tell you he is a threat,The Resistance will tell you he is an authority figure,a violent family man and a dictator ,Planet Sakurair will dub him an exiled mercenary for hire and The Universe 12ASD reality will say he is that one guy who blew up the universe's west coast.What is he really? He is the main protagonist of the Genocidal Warfare-verse.Fighting for freedom,money and revenge.

Alex's backstory is disturbing to say the least.He lived a pretty average life till Earth's Genocide happened.To those who aren't ever,if your planet is to be genocided,you have one of three fates.You are either taken as a regularly abused slave,have your limbs torn apart for entertainment or have your biomass extracted for energy.It was the latter for Alex's region.He managed to discover his strength before being shut in his containment pod full of neurotoxins.However,he went through a slow descent into insanity while he starved in his shelter hiding from the armies.He gathered his family's corpses to play with hoping it would help him stay sane.Couple that with the constant exposure to hallucinogens he contemplated suicide charging the General's armies hoping to take as many lives as possible.He was subsequently captured and left in his containment pod awaiting extraction for three years.


Tier:7B/6B/5B/4A currently

Origin:Genocidal Warfare

Powers and abilities:Fire Manipulation,Flight,Regeneration(Low-High),Black Hole Creation,Superhuman Strength,Speed and Durability and Reality Warping And Time Travel Negation,Disease Immunity,Immune To Energy Absorption

Name:Alex Teeson/Our Saviour/The Forbidden Mercenary

Age:13 at time of genocide/15 at time of escape/32 currently

Attack Potency:High 4A/Low 3C

Striking Strength:4B

Lifting Strength:Unknown


Durability:High 4A/Low 3C physically/1A against hax/reality warping /time travel,etc

Intelligence:Above Average


"One man's head is another man's treasure...........on his wall"

"My arms are the key!"

"An occasion!Ain't nobody got time for that!"

"Your turn."

"Get a life,a solar system destroying powerhouse and seven octillion dough in your bank account,and then come talk to me."

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