Alchemy is a special staff, created by the Elder God Uran and used by many people throughout time, altough, relatively speaking, it was used rarely.

It appears to be a simple, but beautiful wooden baton; Described to be as tall as a regular adult, but lighter than even small tree branches, it is very easy to use. Altough it seems to be made of good oak (Wwith some gold and ruby details at the ends of the staff), it is very, VERY durable.


Tier: At least 8-A, but has no clear limits. (The air pressure of swinging Alchemy can devastate city blocks; By shapeshifting God Morlaaý magic field into air, it literally disintegrated it instantly. On the right hands, it has no real limit upon impact).

Name: Alchemy. A.K.A: The morphing weapon.

Origin: Legend of Lords.

Type: Baton

Destructive Capacity/Attack Potency: Multi-City Block+. (Destroyed many city blocks just by the air pressure of swinging it; Easily harmed a Stone Dragon).

Wielder(s): Uran, many unnamed people, Janos Rythrall (Present).

Material or Element: Heavenwood, Thundergold and Eyes of Chaos (Morphed to seem like wood, gold and rubies, respectively).

Powers/Capacities: Shapeshifting anything upon impact, extremly lightweight, massive strength and durability.

Needed perquisite for use: Having done a great deed, no matter if it is good or evil, or if it only benefits you or the entire world. As long as it is a great deed, one is worthy of wielding Alchemy.

Other: Alchemy can, curiously, shapeshift itself as well and the user too, but the original materials of Alchemy, no matter what, won't change (Unless wielded by someone that has greater power than Uran's himself).