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== '''6-A: 5-A with Arm of Merlin''' ==
== '''6-A: 5-A with Arm of Merlin''' ==
'''Name''': Albus Blackwood
'''Name''': Albus Blackwood
[[File:Anime boy-1.jpg|thumb|231x231px]]
'''Gender''': Male
'''Gender''': Male

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6-A: 5-A with Arm of Merlin

Name: Albus Blackwood

Anime boy-1.jpg

Gender: Male

Age: Fifteen nearing sixteen

Classification: Human/Magician

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Strength, Speed, Durability, Stamina, skilled in hand to hand combat, master of Rune Magic (allows for such things as; elemental manipulation, can create bindings strong enough to subdue superhuman foes, can induce sleep among other things, allows him to massively enhance his physical statistics with preparation), can activate the "Arm of Merlin" for a massive enhancement to his magic power, physical attributes, and intelligence.

Weakness: Silver cuts through, and repels his magic with a potency, that is surprising. Even a small amount is able to repel, some of his stronger rune-sequences. This extends to the magic that naturally reinforces his body as well, meaning objects that are silver are able to harm him as if he were a normal person. Iron has a similar but less effect.

Destructive Capacity: Multi-cityblock casually (managed to level several city blocks with an offhand sequence of runes); Country-level with prep (managed to blow a hole straight through the planet); Large-Planet level when using the Arm of Merlin (managed to match and even overwhelm the charge of a dragon who destroyed a object the size of Jupiter by simply flying through it; also managed to overwhelm its fiery breath which is described as being "stronger than the physical might of the beast").

Range: A few hundred meters normally; Hundreds of kilometers with prep; planetary when using the Arm of Merlin.

Speed: Hypersonic normally (managed to dodge an arrow which was able to cross ten kilometers in a second); Massively Hypersonic when enhanced by runes (managed to dodge a second arrow which traveled the same distance in a tenth of the time); Sub-Relativistic when using the Arm of Merlin (Is able to react to and outpace projectiles which are able to circle around the planet seven times in thirty seconds)

Lifting Strength: Class 5 normally (is able to lift and toss smaller sized dragons); Class M when enhanced by Runes (is able to lift and toss large structures multiple kilometers); Class T when using the Arm of Merlin (is the physical superior to a dragon who was able to support the weight of a city-sized object casually)

Striking Strength: Superhuman normally (is able to snap a tree trunk in half after three hits); Class TJ when enhanced by Runes (is able to outright destroy cityblocks with his blows); Class XMJ when using the Arm of Merlin (is able to physically overpower a being who can destroy a Jupiter-sized object with physical might)

Durability: Superhuman normally (is able to fall from distances of up to twenty meters with no harm, and is essentially invulnerable to arrows); City-level when enhanced by Runes (is able to survive multiple spells that are able to reduce a mountain to rubble with little damage); Large Planet level when using the Arm of Merlin (is able to survive multiple hits from a dragon that could destroy an object the size of Jupiter through physical might, and is able to survive said dragon's fiery breath which is superior to its physical power)

Stamina: Superhuman normally (is able to function for twelve hours before he beings to be impaired by fatigue); Massively Superhuman when enhanced by Runes (is able to enhance his stamina to be three times that of normal); Still Massively Superhuman when using the Arm of Merlin (higher than when enhanced by Runes but to what extent is unknown)

Standard Equipment: Nothing notable.

Intelligence: Above average. Albus' theoretical knowledge concerning magic is impressive, and he has an above-average learning rate when compared to most. He has the mental capacity to utilize rune-magic in the midst of battle, and think up various combinations (something that most are incapable of doing). When utilizing the Arm of Merlin, it is massively enhanced allowing him to pick up and master entirely new things (such as languages, certain styles of fighting, etc) within minutes. He also is able to think up rune-sequences within moments that would normally take him multiple hours to think up.

Notable Attacks/Techniques: 

Rune Magic: Runes are a type of magic created by Albus' grandfather. They are symbols that once inscribed automatically realize mysteries accordingly with the meaning that they represent. To cast an attack with Runes, one must inscribe the exact specifics of the attack with a certain combination.

Arm of Merlin: The arm of the greatest magician in history, Merlin grafted upon Albus in preparation for his fight against the Dragon that would bring about the end of the world. Its power is usually kept sealed, requiring a command of Albus to be broken and its power used. When in use, the Arm massively enhances both his physical and magical prowess, as well as his mental capabilities.

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