Alana Heartilly is a supporting protagonist in Tales of the Red Wings. She is the princess of the Heartilly family and a close friend to Zephyr, having met him during one of her usual sneaking forays out of the castle.

 Personal Statistics

Origin: Tales of the Red Wings

Name: Alana Heartilly

Classification: Anubis, Mage, Princess


Alignment: Lawful Good

Gender: Female

Mana Signature Symbol:

Age: 13 | 15

Date of Birth: July 4th, 1868

Height: 5'

Weight: 99 lbs.

Likes: Sneaking out, Reading, Exploration

Dislikes: Royalty, Staying at home

Affiliation: Heartilly Family, Red Wings Guild


Power Level: 4520

Powers and Stats

Tier: 8-A, Unknown with Anubis Avatar, High 3-A with Prep Time | Low 7-C, 7-B with Anubis Avatar, High 3-A with Prep Time | 7-B, Higher with Anubis Avatar, likely 7-A inside her Nexus | 6-C | High 6-C

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman physical characteristics, Enhanced Senses, Transformation (Is a Lycanthrope), Magic, Non-Physical Interaction (Magic can harm non-physical entities such as ghosts and elementals), Reality Warping and Information Manipulation (In essence, the art of magic allows the user to enforce their will onto reality, altering the world and its information), Forcefield Creation and Power Nullification (Mages can nullify each other's spells through Saving Throws, preventing abilities that would instantly kill a non-magic user), Reactive Evolution, Regeneration (Mid-Low), and Reactive Power Level via Second Wind (Second Winds, activated during near-death states or a traumatizing experience, heals the mage of wounds and can unlock new power and abilities), Electricity Manipulation (via Electric Mine), Spatial Manipulation and Pocket Reality Manipulation (Created a Dimensional Nexus, evolved from a simple Pocket Dimension), Portal Manipulation (Can enter her Pocket Dimension by opening portals), Earth Manipulation, Wind Manipulation (She has not shown these directly, but they are the two elements combined to create sand magic), Sand Manipulation, Ice Manipulation, Summoning (Capable of summoning an Avatar of the first King of the Desert), Creation (Can create familiars made out of her elements), Resistance to Extreme Heat | Same as before, plus Energy Manipulation (The Anubis Avatar fired out a massive blast of energy to defeat Seraph), | Same as before, plus Forcefield Creation (Can use Anubis Avatar as a shield), Space-Time Manipulation (Can create rifts in space-time to access her Nexus), BFR, Dimensional Travel (Nexuses are infinite mana supplies lying between dimensions), and Resistance to Madness Manipulation (Type 3; Was able to peer into the abstract, the space between dimensions, without losing her sanity) | Same as before, plus Homing Attack (with Giant Snowflakes) | Same as before, but enhanced. Gained Fire Manipulation, Flight by using fire as a rocket, Water Manipulation, Direct usage of Wind Magic, Information Analysis with Rongo Rongo

Reality Warping (Can control the interior of her Nexus for combat purposes), Water Manipulation (Created a tsunami), Cloth Manipulation (Wrapped Aldriot in dozens of threads made from the sheets and clothes she stored within her Nexus), Weather Manipulation (Can change the Weather), Law Manipulation, Physics Manipulation (Controls the Laws inside her Nexus, including Time), Gravity Manipulation (Changed the Gravity with a wave of her hand), Matter Manipulation, Creation (Created a group of buildings to attack Aldriot with), Weapon Creation (Can create solid mana constructs as weapons), Accelerated Development (Constantly growing stronger while inside her nexus, though this resets quickly when she leaves it), Sealing (Sealed Aldriot inside the ground, using a magical seal to do so), Power Nullification (Her sealing and threads both prevent the target from using magic), Sleep Manipulation (Aldriot is in a permanent unconscious state until Alana lets her out), Time Manipulation (Can control and stop the time of her Nexus), and Absorption (Passively absorbs mana from her nexus)

Attack Potency: Multi-City Block Level (Defeated Swan alongside Aida), Higher with Anubis Avatar (It is implied to be incredibly strong; however, Alana cannot yet sustain it), High Universe Level with Prep Time (Created a Dimensional Nexus over a period of two years) | Small Town Level (Stronger than before, defeated Seraph Almasy and clashed with Deedee), City Level with Anubis Avatar (though she can only summon its limbs and, for a brief period, its top half, it's considered to be strength on par with Augustus' runes and Deedee's Deluxe Destruction) | City Level (Comparable to Zephyr and Jay), higher with Anubis Avatar, likely Mountain Level inside her Nexus (Stated that she was "dozens of times stronger" inside it) | Island Level+ (Comparable to Deedee) | Large Island Level (Has been training in magic for over two years)

Speed: Supersonic (Kept up with Swan) | At least Supersonic+ (Kept up with a casual Shana) | Massively Hypersonic+ (Comparable to Jay and Ryn), Higher inside her Nexus (Outsped Aldriot) | At least Massively Hypersonic+ | At least Massively Hypersonic+

Durability: Multi-City Block Level (Took hits from Swan) | Small Town Level (Took hits from Deedee), City level with Anubis Avatar (It was able to withstand strikes from Deedee at Deluxe Destruction mode) | City Level, higher with Anubis Avatar, likely Mountain Level inside her Nexus | Island Level+ | Large Island Level

Lifting Strength: Normal Human, Higher with Anubis Avatar (Its arm was able to pick up and launch a large pillar

Stamina: High (Can run around and climb in desert heat). Possesses an infinite magic supply through her Nexus.

Intelligence: Despite her young age, Alana is considered a magic prodigy and very well-educated, though her childish nature doesn't make it obvious. She's a skilled enough mage that she's nearly mastered chaincasting at the age of 12, and was able to create a Dimensional Nexus by 13. Inside this Nexus, she defeated the dragon Aldriot.

Range: Melee, Kilometers with magic (Can lay down long-lasting glyph traps), Infinite within her Nexus, Low Multiversal via Nexus Portals

Standard Equipment: None Notable | None Notable | None Notable | None Notable | Rongo Rongo, an etronian book which provides information on whatever she asks about.

Weaknesses: Childish. Anubis Avatar rapidly drains her | Can only summon the arms of Anubis Avatar without getting drained | Same as before. Her Nexus can kill her and turn her into a niffin if she overuses its magic.

Key: Vandole Arc/Expedition Arc | Astirian Annual Championship | Dragon Civil War | Return of the Empire | Volume II

Notable attacks and Techniques

Anubis Physiology: Alana is an Anubis, a species of beastkin that possesses features similar to that of a Jackal, a type of wild dog that lives in arid environments. Nost notably, she possesses a tail that gives her great balance and large, pointed ears that give her enhanced hearing.

Lycanthropy: Unbeknownst to Alana for much of her life, her mother Rosa was infected with Lycanthropy as a child. This means that, under the light of the full moon, Alana transforms into a werewolf, granting her increased strength, speed, and senses.

Magic: The art of bending Mana to one's Will. There are many methods of casting magic, through items, spells, natural talent, or even drawing upon the powers of gods. They are divided into several subsets depending on the user and the function. The art of magic can harm even those whom physical attacks will not touch. Alana is a skilled magus for her age, due in no part to her royal blood.

  • Second Wind: When a Mage is reduced to near-death, or put into an incredibly stressful or emotional situation, their soul can undergo a shift known as a Second Wind. Second Winds typically grant the user new abilities, unlocking latent power and increasing the total amount of magic and aura that they possess. Contrary to the name, a mage can undergo multiple Second Winds during their lifetime.
  • Saving Throw: In a battle of magic, many mages possess abilities that could instantly end the life of hundreds of people through heinous methods like sucking them into a dimensional rift, attacking their soul, or destroying them with solar heat. Against such powerful spells, Saving Throws prevent battles from being over in seconds. This natural defense mechanism of magic, accentuated by willpower, protects against enemy magic, saving the body from harm that natural durability simply can't defend against.
  • Chaincasting: By forming a long-lasting magic circle, a mage can cast multiple spells of the same element in quick succession by rapidly changing the makeup of the magic circle. This can be combined with doublecasting if the mage in question is skilled enough.

Electric Mine: Alana places a magic circle on a wall, which explodes in a burst of electricity when somebody gets in close proximity to it.

Ice Magic: The creation and manipulation of ice, formed by Cyri Magicite and light blue in color. Ice magic is capable of freezing targets solid, and is one of the wider-used magic elements. Alana favors this element above all others.

  • Ice Daggers: Alana forms a series of ice daggers, before launching them out at the intended target. The spell is difficult to directly parry, but the individual knives aren't incredibly strong and can be blocked with a good shield.
  • Ice Bird: A bird-shaped construct made of ice, that Alana creates to act as a familiar. It can transfer messages for her, as well as explode to freeze anything around it.
  • Flash Freeze: A blast of mana that freezes things solid. Alana can dispel the freezing at will, and can use this to freeze large swaths of land or even her foes.
  • Giant Snowflakes: Alana forms a pair of massive snowflake blades that she can throw like boomerangs and home in on enemies.
  • Ice Steps: Alana forms a group of icy platforms that she can run up to get elevation on enemies.
  • Ice Skates: Alana forms a pair of ice blades under her legs. They not only allow her to skate across the ground but can be used offensively by kicking and extending the blades outward.
  • Ice Arsenal: Alana is capable of creating various massive weapons from ice instantly for use in melee combat. More notably, she can hide bits of other elements inside. Such weapons include:
    • A massive hammer
    • A large lance
    • Colossal gauntlets over each arm
    • A great bow with a spear-sized arrow
  • Ice Armor: Alana coats her body from the neck down in hyper-durable ice, adding a second layer of defense.
  • Ice Tree: Alana forms a massive tree made of ice on the ground, which rapidly sprouts up and fires branches out in all directions. It can also form icy leaves that home in on targets.

Wind Magic: The creation and manipulation of wind, formed by Ventus Magicite and light green in color. Wind magic is known for giving the user incredible mobility and is one of the fastest magic types in terms of how long it takes to cast.

Fire Magic: The creation and manipulation of fire, formed by Pyra Magicite and orange in color. Fire Magic is among the most common branches of Magic due to its ease of use, though it is also dangerous, and must be controlled precisely.

Water Magic: The creation and manipulation of water, formed by Zoua Magicite and blue in color. Water magic is among the easiest magic types to use thanks to its natural flow and versatility and can be shaped into many states of matter by the user.

Earth Magic: The creation and manipulation of earth, formed by Korr Magicite and brown in color. Earth magic is difficult to shape and control, limiting the average user to basic shapes, but it is incredibly rigid and tough.

Sand Magic: The creation and manipulation of Sand, and the combination of Earth and Wind magic. Alana claims this to be one of her two main elements, and can project and manipulate large quantities of sand at will, shooting waves of it out and creating miniature deserts. Her usage of this has lessened over time.

  • Sandy Snake: Alana forms sand into a large snake, that lunges at foes and coils around them, imprisoning them. Alana can control the path of this snake at will, including having it latch onto foes and slam them around like a whip.
  • Sand Daggers: Alana forms a pair of sand daggers that she uses as melee weapons.

Dimensional Nexus: Among the most difficult spells to successfully cast due to the risk involved with altering the fabric of reality, as well as the requirement to master space and time magic. Alana is able to create a Dimensional Nexus, an advanced form of a Pocket Dimension that is constantly expanding to fit the user's current needs. From here, Alana has an essentially infinite supply of mana to draw from, allowing her to perform all manner of powerful spells, including dimensional travel which can be used to cross vast distances. However, this is risky, and can accidentally expose Alana to horrors beyond mortal comprehension... so it's a good thing she's careful.

Magic Crest - Anubis Avatar: Alana possesses a magic crest, taking the form of a crook and fail and located on her right thigh. It allows her to manifest a large, golden magic circle behind her, from which an avatar of the first King of the Desert is summoned, taking the form of a massive translucent Anubis statue, made of golden light and wielding a crook and flail. This crest has been passed down through her family line for generations, and is said to grow stronger with each successive appearance.

  • Energy manipulation: The Anubis Avatar can fire off a massive beam of energy from its hands that was enough to one-shot Seraph.
  • Shields: Alana can manifest the top half of the Anubis Avatar, hiding inside its body, which then acts as a shield that protects her from harmful magic.


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