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Ainz Grimoire is both a minor antagonist and minor protagonist in Tales of the Red Wings.

Born as the third child of Ashtar and Lilith Grimoire, Ainz possessed the greatest innate magical power of any of his siblings. However, he was also born with an exceedingly weak body and low life force, confining him to a wheelchair for his entire life and rendering him unable to take advantage of his magic, causing him to be seen as the weakest of the Grimoire children. Instead of focusing on physical and magical arts, Ainz instead developed his naturally genius mind, becoming a pioneer in Kabbalah, a type of magic dealing in the creation of Golems, Familiars and Automata.

Ainz was first introduced in the Abyssal Assault arc, where he and his siblings kidnapped their younger brother, Jay Grimoire, to bring him back to the realm of demons. At the time, Ainz was introduced as a tall, dignified figure clad entirely in armor and a mask. However, this appearance was later revealed to be a golem that the real Ainz was controlling remotely, deep within the confines of the Adamantine Castle.

Personal Statistics

Origin: Astiria

Name: Ainz Zwei Grimoire

Classification: Demon Prince, Incubus, Golem Maker, Machinist


Alignment: True Neutral

Gender: Male

Age: 16 | 19

Date of Birth: June 7th

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 103 lbs. 

Likes: Peace and Quiet, Snow, Food 

Dislikes: Gale 

Affiliation: Red Wings Guild



Ainz is incredibly antisocial and reclusive, spending almost his entire time shut off deep within the castle's alchemy laboratories. He rarely makes public appearances, and when he must do so, he always sends out a Golem, meaning very few people have seen his actual face. His mother and sisters make regular forays into the castle's depths to visit him, but Ainz always acts distant towards them. His time is almost entirely dedicated to Golems and Automata, as he is constantly upgrading and tinkering with his many, varied constructs. Ainz has been known to stay awake for days at a time, working himself to near-death in an attempt to keep improving his designs.

Ainz tends to show little emotion when speaking, talking in a voice without inflection even to his mother. He speaks somewhat slowly and always watches the person he's talking to very intently. However, despite this initial attitude, he also shows a tendency to have emotional outbursts depending on the situation. He cried when first seeing his little brother, as well as when he was defeated by the Red Wings. When speaking about how he wanted Jay to stay at the castle, he grew angry when Zephyr said he had plans to take them back, and threatened to kill him and the rest of the guild

Despite his attitude, Ainz cares deeply for his family, constantly keeping an eye on them and the castle itself to make sure they're safe. Though he doesn't have a good relationship with his father, they respect eachother nonetheless. Ainz burst into tears upon seeing Jay in person for the first time, and immediately moved to hug him (Despite Lilith mentioning that hugs and physical contact were something he greatly disliked). He was desperate not to let Jay leave the castle again and reacted angrily when confronting the Red Wings during their attempted rescue.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 10-C, High 6-A with Magic | At least 7-B | High 6-A

Powers and Abilities: Genius Intelligence, Immortality (Types 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6), Self-Sustenance (Type 1), Chaos Manipulation (Type 2. Demons, as the chosen faction of vale, passively spread chaos to their surroundings unless they actively rein it in), Madness Manipulation (The presence of demons causes enhanced aggression and unreasonable behavior), Regeneration (High-Mid, Low-Godly over time. Demons can reform themselves in seconds, unless their essence is destroyed in which case it will be far more difficult to reform), Can survive as a soul, Possession, Corruption (Demon cores can possess human vessels and turn them into demons over time), Fusionism (Demons can mix their demon essence with another to fuse), Psychic Wavelength Manipulation, Telepathy (Ainz is an esper), Magic (Capable of manipulating Mana), Curse Manipulation (Demons are naturally adept at curses, and Ainz has shown this through golems), Gravity Manipulation (Via Gravity Seed, which creates a glyph that pulls targets above it downwards to restrain them), Chain Manipulation and Absorption (Via phantasmal chains, which summons chains of mana to rapidly drain the magic of those they mind), Transmutation and Earth Manipulation (Noted to use Alchemy, transmuted an earthen wall to attack Jay with), Void Manipulation, Existence Erasure, and Durability Negation (Via Void Blade, which creates a primitive void gate that can be used as a weapon), Light Manipulation, Homing Attack (Via Light Chaser), Electricity Manipulation, Metal Manipulation, Forcefield Creation, Magnetism Manipulation (Via Polaric Shield), Precognition (Possesses superior precognition to Tyrant's Eye), Death Manipulation (Can perform Death Magic in his Thanatos body) Enhanced Senses (like all magic eyes, Ainz's should vastly increase his sight, allowing him to see cellular structure and mana particles in the air), Curse Manipulation (Demons have a natural affinity for Curse elemental magic, making it more difficult to harm them with it), Chaos Manipulation, Madness Manipulation, Possession, Corruption (Demons resist the powers of other demons), Empathic Manipulation (Incubi are heavily resistant to their own Pheromones), Precognition (Precognitives can cancel out other precognitives' abilities), Mind Manipulation, Telepathy (Espers are naturally resistant to ESP), and Various abilities through Saving Throws. Golems possess Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Inorganic Physiology (Type 2), as well as Immunity to Mind Manipulation, Soul Manipulation, and Biological Manipulation

Attack Potency: Below Average Human Level (Is confined to a wheelchair, and noted to be extremely physically weak), Multi-Continent Level with magic (His magic should be comparable to his siblings) | At least City Level (Stood as among the strongest fighters in the Championship, far above Victor) | Multi-Continent Level (Thanatos is comparable to Carmilla and Eliza)

Speed: Below Average Human Level (Is confined to a wheelchair) | At least Supersonic+ with at least Massively Hypersonic+ reactions and combat speed (He should be superior to Flare Highwind, and is comparable to Yang Chien) | At least High Hypersonic with at least FTL reactions and combat speed (Comparable to his two sisters)

Lifting Strength: Below Average Human Level

Durability: Below Average Human Level, Multi-Continent Level with magic shields | At least City Level (Tanked multiple hits from Yang) | Multi-Continent Level (Thanatos' durability is superior to Eliza's and Carmilla's.

Stamina: High (Despite his appearance, can stay awake for several days without rest) 

Range: Standard Melee on his own, up to Hundreds of Meters with Golems and Automata

Standard Equipment: His Wheelchair, Various Golems and Automata. Thanatos wields a sword and a suit of armor.

Intelligence: Genius. Ainz is a master Golemancer and scientist and has made technological advances far beyond what the mortal world ever achieved, even during the greatest ages of technology.

Weaknesses: On his own, he is exceedingly weak and wheelchair-bound. Vulnerable to Holy Weapons. Babel cannot perform Saving Throws or Sparking.

Key: By himself | Babel | Thanatos

Notable Attacks and Techniques

Incubus: Like all incubi, Ainz began his life as an Imp, a small, lowly species of demon that many start out as. As such, he possesses the natural biological abilities that all imps do. He later ascended to an incubus, gaining their abilities.

  • Demon Cell Manipulation: Like all demons, in lieu of a normal cell system, Ainz's body is composed of Demon Cells, sometimes known as Demon Essence. Demon Cells are a homogenous cell type that are quite different from normal ones. Though there is a biological component to them, each individual cell is filled with curse mana, making them superhumanly durable compared to humans.
    • High-Speed Regeneration: In a sense, Demon Cells could be compared to Stem cells. They're all-purpose building blocks that can shape into any type of cell that the demon needs. This allows them to adapt to extreme environments such as the abyss's immense heat and cold. More notably, Demon Cells can regenerate incredibly quickly, duplicating and repairing wounds. It is worth noting, however, that destroying their cells with certain methods, such as burning or freezing, can slow and even temporarily stop this regeneration.
    • Immortality: Demons are essentially immortal thanks to regenerating Demon Cells. As their body is essentially one big collection of identical cells, they can survive lethal wounds like decapitation, severe brain damage, and being blown to pieces. Holy Magic can bypass this immortality, however.
    • Abyssal Regeneration: A more advanced regeneration technique. When regenerating cells isn't enough to heal from damage (Whether it be by complete incineration or other techniques), Demons are capable of gathering mana in the environment and cursing it, forming it into a new. As such, Demons can persist after their body is destroyed without passing into the afterlife.
      • It's worth noting that, unless the fight takes place in the abyss, this technique is inapplicable in combat.
    • Fusionism: Demons can fuse with other demons by merging their essence together, giving them both control over a singular body with multiple abilities.
  • Curse Affinity: Ainz has a natural affinity for curse magic. Though this gives him a weakness to holy attacks, it lets him resist curses and demonic attacks.
  • Pheromones: Incubi and Succubi alike are capable of releasing pheromones, chemical trails that act similarly to an aphrodisiac. It makes opponents hard to focus, and makes it even easier for Ainz to manipulate others to get what he wants.
  • Possession: In lieu of creating a new body, Ainz can potentially send signals from his soul and mind into another body, be it a spare or another person, and possessing them.
  • Precognition: Ainz possesses powerful precognition, to the point where he was able to cancel out the effects of Tyrant's Eye.

Magic: Magic refers to the manipulation of mana particles in the environment or the human body. Most races possess a Magic Index, a special organ that stores mana, as well as Magic Circuits, a pseudo-nervous system that connects the brain, the Index, and most parts of the body. Demons, however, are essentially composed entirely of magic circuits built inside a shell of mana, which lends to their incredibly hard-to-kill nature. Mana comes in many different types and elements, and its usage is different across different people. Magic manifests magical circles when being cast, a "program" that tells mana what to do in any given situation.

  • Sparking: When a Mage is reduced to near-death, or put into an incredibly stressful or emotional situation, their mana can undergo a shift known as Sparking. True to its name, Sparking causes the user's mana to rapidly glow and crackle until a burst of energy emits that blasts away anything that was previously restraining them like mind control. Sparking bestows new abilities upon the user in accordance with what was putting them in near-death in the first place. For example, when Jay was being stabbed, he developed the ability to steal things, allowing him to remove the weapon. Sparking also tends to highly increase the user's power and physicality.
  • Saving Throws: It is important to note that, while the damage of a spell (Be it a fireball, a lightning bolt, or what have you) can be easily blocked or tanked without issue, the effect of it, due to the higher-dimensional nature of mana, is far deadlier. Even if one is immune to fire, they can still be burned. One immune to ice can be frozen, one immune to electricity can still be shocked beyond repair, et cetera. To combat this, mages are capable of Saving against these effects, shrugging off what would otherwise be deadly blows. A list of things confirmed to be resisted with Saving Throws can be found (On The Cosmology Blog)
  • Phantasmal Chains: This spell summons blueish chains made of mana, that rapidly bind and immobilize the target before draining their mana, sending it back to Ainz's true body.
  • Void Blade: This spell forms a crude blade made of the Void, which allows it to erase what it touches from existence and cut what cannot normally be cut.
  • Light Chaser: A small orb of light is fired from the caster, which quickly homes in on the opponent.
  • Alchemy: Ainz is noted to be a skilled Alchemist, a type of mage who manipulates non-magic materials to perform various chemical reactions through magic. Using this, he was able to transmute the ground around him and form spikes from the earth.
  • Polaric Shield: Ainz creates a shield of magnetism around him that was able to block several of Ryn's exploding clones. The power of this shield is so great that it was able to pull metal filaments from the earth to use as a weapon.
  • Death Magic: Ainz is capable of manifesting death magic in his Thanatos golem, as well as using all his other abilities. This death magic takes the form of pure black flame and can be focused around weapons and spells, as well as be formed into an aura and a projectile.

Kabbalah: The art of using Magic to create constructs such as Golems and Automata. Due to his weak body, this is how Ainz prefers to fight instead of battling directly, as by his own admission he wouldn't stand a chance in a direct confrontation against any mage worth their salt. As such, he substitutes that for fighting with various artificial bodies and creations. His automatons can be given remote orders, while his golems must be operated directly.

  • Babel: His strongest and most advanced golem, which takes the form of an ornately-dressed mage whose face is covered by a metal mask. It is his main golem, made of Mythril with Orium cores and emitters to effectively cast magic. However, it cannot perform Sparking or Saving Throws.
  • Thanatos: A three-year project created not long after Babel was destroyed in the Astirian Annual Championship. Thanatos, even compared to Babel, is a technological model, as it appears to be entirely human, resembling an older form of Ainz. Ainz was actually prepared to fully transfer his mind and soul into Thanatos, and first ran test runs on it against the Red Wings when they ventured to the abyss to rescue Jay. Thanatos is capable of performing Saving Throws and Sparking, making it a far deadlier foe than Babel.

Esper Physiology: Ainz is capable of using ESP, the manipulation of the Cognita plane, giving him access to powerful psychic abilities.

  • Psychic Wavelength Manipulation: Ainz can manipulate Psychic Wavelengths like all espers. Psychic Wavelengths are rays of pure mental power radiated by conscious minds. By tapping into these wavelengths, Ainz can influence the perceptions of those around him and form energy blasts and barriers.
  • Telepathy: Ainz can sense the locations of people across long distances, as long as he knows who he's looking for. He is also capable of controlling minds and contacting people remotely.


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