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Aether is the first half of Chaos. When Chaos split herself in half a little over 3000 years ago, she herself became the story itself. She is every page that is turned and every word read. She is all that is, was, will be, could be, has been, isn't, etc. The only thing she isn’t is anything that simply can't be. Although she only came into existence around 3000 years ago, she also became the embodiment of time and even beings that existed before it, technically making her age impossible to pinpoint.

Aether, when first arriving within this story, quickly "separated" her main self from it, forming a "pseudo narrative" to exist in. She left three of her avatars within the core universe of the world tree, to observe and monitor the happenings within the world egg. Her main goal is to reunite with [] by all means necessary and reform as Chaos. [] is however greatly opposed to this, turning their relationship into a massive game of chess, using the beings that are "part of them" as their chess pieces.

Aether also narrates the majority of arcs within the story.


Aether is a fairly messed up individual. The first time she is introduced, her first avatar used the protagonist's parents' heads as puppets to put on a ventriloquism show. While Hana was completely horrified at the view, Aether narrated it in a way that made it sound like everyone was enjoying it. (As an example, tears of sadness and anger were described as tears of joy). After that she proceeded to throw Hana into a sort of existential crisis, for seemingly no other reasons than her amusement.

Her hobby for ventriloquism is symbolic for her superiority complex and her urge to control things. She sees everyone except for [] as "fake", non important and negligible. Killing someone is to her like losing a pawn in a game of chess. She sometimes does it strategically, sometimes because she feels like it. The most common reason however is to add to her "puppet" collection.

Although she seems fairly evil, that is not necessarily the case. She is actually fairly caring for beings she considers her "equal". The main reason why she acts the way she does, without feeling bad about it, is because she knows she is in a story and none of the characters she kills are "real", making her fairly non caring in that regard. In the end, she sees killing as bad of a thing as an author killing off a character within their story.

Each avatar has their own personality. The first avatar is fairly playful and childish. The second one is more mature, but fairly emotional. The third one is plain crazy and nearly impossible to talk to. The main avatar is seemingly the most mature and rational, but also incredibly condescending.

Combat Statistics:

Tier: At least Low 2-C, likely up to 2-A, higher with creation. | High 1-B | 1-A+ | 0 | 0 | 0

Powers and Abilities:

Absorption (Can absorb all that is made of Aether.), Abstract Existence (Is the avatar of Aether, who exists as the very story and as the "concept" of actualized ideas.), Acausality (Type 2, Aether only exists in the presence, since for her there is no such thing as future and past.), Age Manipulation (Has full control over time and space of all objects and beings made of Aether.), Breaking the Fourth Wall (Knows that she is "just" a story. Can push against the Narrative itself, pushing the letters on the page towards the side.), Conceptual Manipulation (At least Type 2. Can turn the very essence of any being or thing back to Aether.), Cosmic Awareness (Can sense the slightest of change across the multiverse.), Creation (Can create anything from Aether.), Dimensional Travel (Can traverse time and space around her, so that she may appear anywhere in an instant.), Durability Negation (Ignores any kind of durability by turning someone/thing into Aether.), Existence Erasure (Can turn anything into the Aether of "non-existence".), Flight, Higher-Dimensional Existence (All versions of Aether are at least 4-D.), Immortality (Types 1,2,3,4,5,8,9,10) (As the avatar of Aether she can simply be recreated if destroyed. Although a part of Aether, she does have her very own mind. She can simply use her surroundings as material to regenerate her wounds. Her body is just a lump of meat with neither a nervous system nor organs.), Matter Manipulation (Can turn matter into Aether and Aether into matter.), Non-Physical Interaction (Can interact with beings on all different spatial layers.), Plot Manipulation (The embodiment of the story itself. She is every letter written and every page that is turned.) Precognition (Can sense the flow of Aether.), Reality Warping (By changing Aether she can change reality, effectively rewriting the story.), Regeneration (High-Godly. Although she is her very own existence, she can just recreate herself from the true Aether.), Self-Sustenance (Types 1, 2 and 3)

Attack Reflection (Can reflect and bend attacks around her by bending space-time.), Beyond-Dimensional Existence (Type 3 Within her "bubble" is a place outside the confines of dimensionality.) Causality Manipulation (Can remove the effect of any action or make it "appear somewhere else".), Forcefield Creation, (Permanently has a forcefield around her, which bends space time to exclude her physical form from it.), Large Size (At least Type 7, likely far greater. Has stated that she could swipe away the entire Milky Way Galaxy, if she wished to do so. Has likely no restriction for as long as it is a 4-D space.), Size Manipulation (Can change her size at will, although she says that it is space that is getting smaller, instead of her becoming larger.) Space-Time Manipulation (Can bend 4-D space as she sees fit.), Spatial Manipulation (Can bend space as she sees fit. She uses it to travel, attack and defend.), Time Manipulation (Can bend, erase, create, accelerate, stop or decelerate time as she pleases.)

Adaptation (Analyzes her opponent and changes her body structure accordingly.), Aura, (Has a strong, fear inducing aura.), Death Manipulation (Just being grazed by the tip of her spear causes immediate death.), Fear Manipulation (Getting to close to her will invoke fear, causing respiratory problems and the inability to flee.), Martial Arts (One of the greatest spear wielders and hand to hand combatants in the verse.), Pain Manipulation (Her touch makes one's body feel like it is covered in flames.), Weapon Mastery.

Acausality (Type 4 Normal beings can't properly interact with her. The things that happen when fighting her are barely predictable, if predictable at all.), Accelerated Development (Her strength grows vastly during any fight.), Adaptation (Analyzes her opponent and changes her fighting style accordingly.), Aura (Possesses an aura of madness around her.), Berserk Mode (Goes completely wild when pushed enough during a fight, vastly increasing her power.), Durability Negation (Her sword can cut through "anything".), Madness Manipulation (If someone fights her for too long, they will turn mad, unable to think straight or even act. It goes so far that their bodies fail basic tasks like breathing or pumping blood through the body.), Martial Arts (Second greatest fighter in the verse, right after Ares.), Weapon Mastery

All previous and Avatar Creation (Can create slightly weaker avatars of herself.), Law Manipulation (Can create any law she desires and force it upon all beings within the cosmic egg.), Portal Creation (Can create a vast amount of portals connecting to any part in time and space.), Space-Time Manipulation (Can hit you so hard that you feel it in the present, past and future.)

All previous to a far greater degree. Her main body usually doesn't move or even act, so it is hard to tell. She should still possess any previously shown ability. Large Size (Type 11 Holds the cosmic egg within her palms like a grain of dust.)

All previous to a far greater degree and Absolute Zero, Acausality (Types 1,2,3,4 and 5), Acid Manipulation, Afterimage Creation, Air Manipulation, Afterimage Creation, Air Manipulation, Animal Manipulation, Antimatter Manipulation, Astral Manipulation, Astral Projection, Awaken Power, Biological Manipulation, Black Hole Manipulation, Blessed, Blood Manipulation, Body Control, Body Puppetry, Bone Manipulation, Broadway Force, Camouflage, Clairvoyance, Corrosion Inducement, Corruption, Curse Manipulation, Cyborgization, Damage Transferal, Danmaku, Darkness Manipulation, Density Manipulation, Dimensional Storage, Disease Manipulation, Dream Manipulation, Duplication, Earth Manipulation, Ectoplasm Manipulation, Elasticity, Electricity Manipulation, Elemental Manipulation, Empathic Manipulation, Energy Manipulation, Energy Projection, Enhanced Physiology, Enhanced Senses, Explosion Manipulation, Extrasensory Perception, Fate Manipulation, Fire Manipulation, Fungus Manipulation, Fusionism, Genius Intelligence, Gravity ManipulationHacking, Hair ManipulationHealing, Heat Manipulation, Higher-Dimensional Manipulation, Holy Manipulation, Homing Attack, Ice Manipulation, Illusion Manipulation, Immersion, Indomitable Will, Information AnalysisInformation Manipulation, Inorganic Physiology (Types 1 and 2), Insect Manipulation, Instinctive Reaction, Intangibility, Invisibility, Invulnerability, Kinetic Energy Manipulation, Life Manipulation, Light Manipulation, Longevity, Magic, Magma Manipulation, Magnetism Manipulation, Mathematics Manipulation, Memory Manipulation, Metal Manipulation, Mind Manipulation, Morality Manipulation, Music Manipulation, Natural Weaponry, Necromancy, Non-Corporeal, Nonexistent Physiology (Types 1 and 2), Nuclear Manipulation, Omnipresence, Omniscience, Order Manipulation, Paralysis Inducement, Perception Manipulation, Petrification, Physics Manipulation, Plant Manipulation, Plasma Manipulation, Plot Manipulation, Pocket Reality Manipulation, Poison Manipulation, Possession, Power Absorption, Power Bestowal, Power Mimicry, Power Modification, Power Nullification, Pressure Manipulation, Probability Manipulation, Psychometry, Purification, Radiation Manipulation, Rage Power, Reactive Power Level, Resistance Negation, Resurrection, Sand Manipulation, Sealing, Self-Destruction, Sense Manipulation, Shade Physiology, Shapeshifting, Sleep Manipulation, Small Size (Types 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 and 9), Smoke Manipulation, Social Influencing, Soul Manipulation, Sound Manipulation, Statistics Reduction, Status Effect Inducement, Stealth Mastery, Subjective Reality, Summoning, Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Supernatural Luck, Technology Manipulation, Telekinesis, Telepathy, Teleportation, Text Manipulation, Thread Manipulation, Toon Force, Transduality, Transformation, Transmutation, Vector Manipulation, Vehicular Mastery, Vibration Manipulation, Void Manipulation, Water Manipulation, Weapon Creation, Weapon Manipulation, Weather Manipulation, Willpower Manipulation, Zero-Dimensionality (By virtue of Chaos (TNotS) existing.)

Explanation: Due to Chaos existing within the story, she is also part of Aether.

Attack Potency: At least Universe level+, likely up tp Multiverse level+ (Can traverse all of 4-D space. This has only been shown on a universal scale. It is however fair to assume that she can do it throughout a multiversal scale.) | High Hyperverse level (Her punches cause the entire world tree to shake. The world tree is a multiversal structure that encompasses universes of various sizes, reaching all the way up to infinite dimensional structures. It has an infinite amount of universes within its stem. From each universe sprouts a branch in which there are an infinite amount of variations of said universe. From each of these universes forms yet another branch and the loop continues.) | Outerverse level+ (Exists at the boundary between beyond measure and beyond comprehension. The layer beyond measure exists beyond the physical realm. Within this layer only the mind can exist, since it lacks the means to express any physical state, due to its basic superiority over such things. The layer beyond comprehension is the next greatest layer that has to be reached by ascending a limitless amount of steps. Each step fully transcended over the previous one. A step is an "imaginary space" that can be formed by anyone transcending over it, allowing for it to be molded into nearly anything. A single step can be turned into 10 steps or be erased completely. It is even possible to recreate the entire verse, with all of its extensions, within a step. None of this however changes the worth of this step. Transcending it is, in theory, just as hard as before. It does however become harder in practice, since the transcendence is based on one's mental state. Tricking someone into believing that they will have a harder time will thus make it harder. It is similar to a placebo.) | Boundless (An existence unbound from the causality of the cosmic egg and considered the strongest being within it. The cosmic egg is the very structure that encompasses the main and original verse. This structure was created by the original supreme being of the story, before Aether became part of it. Up until that point it marked the very extension of existence. While it used to be its own Narrative, it has now become a Pseudo Narrative. A Narrative is a structure of conveyance. Narrative can not be described in terms of existence or nonexistence, transcendence or hierarchy. It is simply a way to express interaction. It is the very thing that allows for things to be "seen". The simplest way of explaining it would be to compare it to a mirror. If an object creates an image within a mirror, this can be seen as its Narrative. Anyone who wants to interact with this object in reality tries to interact with the image, since this is the only way to perceive the object to begin with. This includes the object itself. Without Narrative not only others would lack the ability to interact or even confirm your existence, but you would lack that ability as well. Anything that can be conveyed is part of the Narrative. This includes things that can't be expressed, since "it can't be expressed" still conveyed its nature of being, even if faulty. This would be equivalent to having a "warped mirror". Whether the image is warped or not does not matter to Narrative, since it will always look for "the next best way" to convey something. Narrative is also something that can't simply be surpassed. Transcending it is just the Narrative of transcending the Narrative. Existing unbound of the Narrative is just the Narrative of existing unbound of the Narrative. A Pseudo Narrative on the other hand is a part of the Narrative that behaves as if it was its very own and separate Narrative.) | Boundless (A massive body within the Pseudo Narrative, namely the Corpse of Chaos or the world above, holding the cosmic egg in her hands like a grain of dust. It is a materialized portion of the Narrative created by Aether trying to fuse with the Narrative) | Boundless (The story itself.)

Speed: Either Stationary or Immeasurable (Within a 4-D space she doesn't move, but instead moves space-time around her. She herself exists within a "bubble" separated from the rest of it. On the rare occasion she actually decides to move herself, she can move any and everywhere in an instant. For beings around her, this technically makes no difference, since it gets her anywhere equally fast.) | Immeasurable (This avatar is "even faster" than the previous one and doesn't bend space around herself anymore, since she considered it a "waste of time".) | Irrelevant (Can move distances beyond space and time. Can appear anywhere at any time within a Low 1-A space and almost seemed "omnipresent" within it.) | Irrelevant (Can cross "distances" within even greater spaces than the previous avatar) | Stationary (Within her own Narrative. Doesn't ever move, since there is no need to.) Omnipresent (Within the cosmic egg.) | Omnipresent (Exists as the story itself, including even herself.)

Lifting Strength: Immeasurable (By virtue of her tier.) | Immeasurable (By virtue of her tier.) | Irrelevant (By virtue of her tier.) | Irrelevant (By virtue of her tier.) | Irrelevant (By virtue of her tier.) | Either Irrelevant or Inapplicable (Due to being the story itself, without any physical body, she can't technically lift anything. Moving anything with her, would be the equivalent to a human raising an arm.)

Striking Strength: At least Universal+, likely up to Multiversal+ (By virtue of her tier.) | High Hyperversal (By virtue of her tier.) | Outerversal+ (By virtue of her tier.) | Boundless (By virtue of her tier.) | Boundless (By virtue of her tier.) | Either Boundless or Unknown (Due to lacking a physical body, she technically can't strike without the use of an avatar of some sorts.)

Durability: At least Universe level+ physically, Multiverse level+ (No 4-D based attack can breach her bubble.) | High Hyperverse level (Scales to her own AP.) | Outerverse level+ (Exists at the boundary between "beyond measure" and "beyond comprehension".) | Boundless (An existence unbound from the causality of the cosmic egg and considered the strongest being within it.) | Boundless (Can't be harmed or even reached, even by beings that exist within the same "pseudo narrative". Trying to reach her is like trying to lift yourself from the ground.) | Boundless (Only beings that exist within a separate "pseudo narrative" can hurt her.)

Stamina: Infinite

Range: At least Universal+, likely up to Multiversal+ (By virtue of her tier.) | High Hyperversal (By virtue of her tier.) | Outerversal+ (By virtue of her tier.) | Boundless (By virtue of her tier.) | Boundless (By virtue of her tier and being omnipresent.) | Boundless (By virtue of her tier and being omnipresent.)

Standard Equipment: None | A lance and armor | Usually none, since not a combat avatar. If she fights, she uses a large katana | None | None | None

Intelligence: All avatars are linked to the original mind, who is nigh omniscient within herself. Nigh omniscient because she can not foresee the meddling of beings within other "pseudo narratives" like []. When it comes to the future, she only knows what would happen, if there was no interference. She is generally very smart and calculating and due to her "being everything and everyone" she has the combined intelligence of almost every being within the verse, which is filled with extraordinary and super geniuses.


Can't predict or influence things that aren't part of her. Arrogant and might overestimate herself. Usually refuses to use her ability to change the story directly, even if it causes her to lose.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

These are the abilities all versions of Aether possess.

  • Narration: Aether is the being that "hijacked" the original story and is now the one narrating it. This ability allows her to tell the story in any which way she pleases. She usually narrates as it happens, but has shown that she can very much change the flow of the story if she wants to. It is like someone reading a story to you, but simply changing parts wherever they see fit. If they do it well, you will believe it's true. The only beings within the story that can break free from her narration are the main character and the other two supreme beings. Anyone else simply accepts the changed story as a new fact.
  • Changing states of Aether: When Aether became the story, everything within the Narrative became a subset of her. To her anything made from Aether is something she can "rewrite". The best comparison between materialized Aether, which would be people, objects, etc. and pure Aether would be the difference between different states of aggregation of substances, like how water can be solid or gaseous. Once something is turned into pure Aether, it can be remodeled into something else.
Note: It is very uncommon and out of character for her to use this ability to directly mess with the story. This is for various reasons, but mostly because the story already goes the way she wants it to, even without her direct interference.
  • Reading the flow of Aether: The flow of time within the story is expressed via rivers of time. Each "thing", no matter how tiny, has its own river of time. Any interaction creates a shared river of time in which the original one is nothing but a droplet. For example, an electron has its own river of time, but forms a shared one with all the other electrons within its respective atom. The Atom has its own river, forming a greater one with all the atoms that form its respective molecule. Usually a river of time comes from the past, exists within the presence and slowly carves its way through the rock of uncertainty into the future. However, a being that exists within an existentially superior river of time may be able to see how the river will flow before it ever does. A river of time is also not to be confused with "timelines" or "time", since a river of time still applies to beings that exist beyond space-time. A river of time also isn't affected by something like time travel. It is more accurate to say that a river of time acts as the archive for Narrative. Aether exists at the very pinnacle of Narratives and thus also of the river of times, with the exclusion of Chaos. Being able to read the flow of Aether is equivalent to reading each and every river of time at once, across all of its extensions and branches.
  • Layer interaction: The ability to interact with all spatial layers. Spatial layers can be compared to layers of existence. If two different things exist on different spatial layers, they can not interact. If one of them exists on both but the other one doesn't the interaction only works in one direction. This is how ghosts can interact with the "physical" world, but not vice versa. There is a limitless amount of such spatial layers and Aether encompasses them all.

Abilities specific to this Avatar

  • Dimensional Bubble: A bubble which exempts her from space-time. Space-time bends around it, allowing her to move "without moving". She can make herself larger or smaller, not by actually changing size, but by changing the size of space time in relation to her. If one tries to hit the bubble, their punch will simply bend around it, appearing on the other side.
    • Effect change: By making space-time bend to her will, she can change the effect of any cause, by for example switching two effects or moving the effect to somewhere else or letting effects cancel each other out.

Abilities specific to this Avatar

  • Adaption: The ability to swiftly change her body to suit her opponent, environment and fighting style. These modifications might be minor ones like better hearing, reflexes or eyesight, moderate ones, like growing extra appendages or major ones like reshaping the entire body.
  • Aura of Fear: Her body is surrounded by an ominous aura which causes various body functions to fail due to severe inducements of fear. This aura is not of supernatural origin, but simply how others perceive her.
  • Spear of Death: Her main weapon is formed from the Aether of death. On contact with other Aether it will change into Aether of death as well, without going through the state of pure Aether.
  • Skin of Fire: An increased effect from her aura. For as long as one is in direct connection with her body, they will feel immense pain. Like the aura this is not of supernatural origin, but a natural reaction from the body, trying to convince the mind to keep distance.

Abilities specific to this Avatar

  • Unboundness: Unlike the first avatar who could "move" the effects of actions, this avatar simply chooses to ignore them all together. Actions will have various, weird effects, if they have any effect at all. Knowing how you will interact with her and vice versa is nearly impossible to tell.
  • Evolution: Unlike the second avatar she doesn't change her physical form, but instead mostly adapts with strength and fighting styles. She can however create new resistances and powers if needed.
  • Aura of Madness: Similar to the second avatars Aura of Fear. In this case its origin does however come from both a supernatural and a normal origin. It is both how people perceive her, but also the aura of madness from the layer beyond comprehension seeping through the boundary layer.
  • State of Madness: In case she enjoys herself too much during a fight, she will enter a state of madness, ridding herself from any self imposed (mostly unconscious) limitations, increasing her strength to an unknown degree. Within this state she is still an amazing fighter, but reduces her analyzation ability by a large amount. This is the main reason for why she isn't used as a fighting type avatar, but as a surveillance one instead. She simply creates too much destruction when fighting, without trying to actually end a fight.
  • Sword of Nonexistence: A sword made from the Aether of nonexistence. It effectively works the same way as the spear from her second avatar. This allows it to cut through basically anything made from solidified Aether.
  • Martial Arts: She does not possess a fixed fighting style, but instead bases her moves on her instincts alone. These instincts are influenced by her ability to analyze her opponents and create the best countermeasure according to that.

Abilities specific to this Avatar

  • Multiplication: An ability that creates various copies of her, generally slightly weaker than the original. This skill is mostly used to help the original take care of all her daily tasks, which is mostly office work.
  • The Word of Aether: By virtue of existing at the peak/outside of the world egg, she is at the highest degree of the world beyond. The world beyond is the highest quantifiable degree achievable within the story, without being empowered by Chaos. Within this layer one's existence becomes "unchangeable", but more importantly, one gains the ability to change others. It is the ability to create universal laws for anyone below oneself. What such a law may be is only limited by one's imagination.
  • Portals: Capable of creating portals all across the cosmic egg. These are usually used to move office materials around her universe, so that she doesn't have to carry them.

The main body is an accumulation of solidified Narrative. It doesn't move nor act otherwise, since there is no need for it. Due to being solidified Narrative it is unreachable. Any step taken towards it results in getting an infinite amount of steps away from it. No matter "how close" it may look, it can't be touched nor interacted with. This body should in theory have all the previous abilities, if not all the abilities of true Aether. What exactly it is capable of is however unclear.

True Aether is the story itself. Because of this she possesses any ability shown, talked about or even simply alluded to. Due to this she also possesses all abilities related to things that exist within the story. For example, she would have fire manipulation because fire exists within the story.

Keys: First Avatar | Second Avatar | Third Avatar | Main Avatar | Main Body | True Aether


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