Aeriana "Aeria" Vyridia is the Female Protagonist of Existence Key, and a vital player in the verse as a whole.



Personal Statistics

NAME: Aeriana Vyridia

GENDER: Female | Genderless as a singular deity

AGE: 12 (BoS) | 14 (Mid Era) | 16 (Current)

HEIGHT: 5'4" ft

WEIGHT: Variable

ORIGIN: Existence Key

SPECIES: Half-Viritian, Half-Spirit | Empress of the Endra

PERSONALITY: Aeria is very dark and highly superstitious, but retains a surprisingly strong moral character and a willingness to help others if necessary.

APPEARANCE: She has black, Gothic hair with side swept bangs, red eyes (slanted pupils) with glowing red plasma trailing from them, and pale skin. Her body structure is very feminine and defined, and she wears Gothic attire. (A black Trench Coat, with a traditional Gothic jacket underneath, Black Miniskirt, Red Leggings with horizontal black stripes, Combat Boots). She has an hourglass figure.

ALIGNMENT: Likely Chaotic Neutral

LIKES: Metal Music, Learning, Wildlife, Rocks and Minerals, Dark Clothing, Black and Red, Legends and Mythology, Dragons, Spirits, Relaxing, Soda, Pizza and Video Games.

DISLIKES: Being Annoyed (whatever annoys her can often vary), Tasteless Food, Incompetence, Anything blocking her path that she doesn't deem absolutely necessary.

Detailed Appearance


Detailed Personality


Edgy, Gritty, and possibly just downright Scary, Aeria is of an extremely hardened character with an impenetrable psychological shell. Despite this, she is capable of suppressing her inherent darkness and self-servitude in order to assist those she has connected herself to --such as her family and close friends. An astute example of this would be when she rescued Exonus from himself --by projecting herself into the unknowable abstractions of his very being and tearing out the Anti God Singularity that had been attempting, yet continuously failing to corrupt him.

Usually finding herself at the forefront of the supernatural and the metaphysical, Aeria's personality best represents the all-too-thin boundary between "good" and "evil" just as Exonus represents the boundary between "law" and "chaos," meaning that she herself is a catalyst for existential events that could very well occur within all levels of causality. She is very difficult for most beings to understand or tolerate --most would just wish she'd never existed at all, but that would alter the scales of balance in such a way that none would be able to achieve their goals or find a gray area in between the black and white; much like Exonus, she is important on the grandest of scales --and vastly transcends them altogether.

Early on in life, long before she'd met Exonus Everian or his family, Aeria was a nomadic traveler and first daughter of the Vyridia Clan --the Overlords of Viritium and of the Spirit Realm. During this phase of her life, Aeria was highly naive and prone to impulsivity --aside from this, she was far different from Exonus, and instead of creating and sharing her creations with others, she would isolate herself from everyone outside of her immediate family; due to this extreme introversion, Aeria was unable to, or rather, she didn't care to make friends or form close ties with peers her age.

Living in the shadows, the Vyridia Clan's inherent reclusivity was a major influence on young Aeria's psyche; she detested socialization with those from the material realm, much preferring the company of the spirit world. Perhaps the most influential person in Aeria's life at the time was her father, Aryax, who was very doting and acted as her guide-- instilling the passion of learning within her --a passion that she grew to love more and more as she developed as an individual.

Another influential figure in the life of Aeria was the one who taught her how to fight: her elder brother, Searis, whom she would look up to and attempt follow in his footsteps. Despite his calm and seemingly caring exterior, Searis was often violent and highly abusive towards his sister, manipulating her to become more aggressive and spiteful as she grew older and wiser. Regardless of his abuse, Aeria would always stand up for herself and even fight back against her brother's excessive "discipline," which would eventually lead him to his own end as she became more powerful over the years. Both of them knew that he couldn't control her.

Much to the chagrin of a somewhat-racist majority of Cobaltions, and like many other Viritians, Aeria was able to completely master all forms of Azuranian Energy (although Viritians, much like Cobaltions, still require both natural skill and intensive practice to master more than one form of energy) from an extremely young age (she was biologically four years of age when she realized how easy it was for her) -- this is due to Energy's simplicity (although Energy's power is far from simple, but it's far easier to manifest if one is touched by its influence) when compared to the various Viritian Magics and of course the power of the Spirit Realm.

Like Exonus, Aeria shares the desire to learn all powers both within and outside the confines of Existence. Her motives are similar to his in that she genuinely enjoys learning new abilities and dedicates herself to doing so, but different in that she intends to oppose and conquer enemies with her powers, rather than liberate others and make friends with them. Her greatest asset is her imagination --but unlike that of Exonus, the manifestations of her imagination are the the stark opposite of his --they represent the darker side of thoughts and concepts, expressing hidden traumas and perils within all things both grotesque and pulchritudinous.

Combat Statistics



ABILITIES: Can control Wraiths and Spirits, Skilled at Close Combat, Sharp Fangs, Close connection with the Spirit World, Spirit Form enhances her powers and gives her 3 foot long claws, Superheated Plasma Blasts, Emits Plasma Beams from eyes, Telekinesis, Psychokinesis, Umbrakinesis, Pyrokinesis, Pressure Exertion (opponents nearby feel great pressure when in battle with her), Shadowbeams, Armageddon Field (opponents feel pressure so great that they may possibly implode), Intangibility, Extreme Regeneration, Terraformation, Soul Manipulation, Can contain her abilities depending on her environment, Telepathy, Immunity to Diseases and Corruption, Power Absorption, Transparent/X-Ray Vision, Cosmokinesis, Infinite Strength with Spirit and Armageddon Forms, Immunity to Dream Manipulation, Attack and Durability Negation via Ancestral Power, Pain Immunity, Illusion Creation and Manipulation, Hallucination Creation and Manipulation, Organ Manipulation, Bone Manipulation, DNA and Cell Manipulation, Forcefield, Willpower Negation, Dimensionless Existence (Type 3). Extreme Resistance to all of these techniques.


SPEED: Immeasurable | at least Immeasurable | at least Immeasurable (much higher than before) | Irrelevant with Existential Power | Irrelevant without Power Focus Gauntlets





Note: I'm watering this version of Aeria down to fit the FC/OC tiering system.

Attack Techniques

Antiexis Scythe: Aeria uses her Scythe to fight her opponents. She attacks by swinging the blades at the enemy, often tearing holes through existence in the process.

Pain Aura: With this ability active, Aeria's very presence can cause a large percentage of opponents to feel extreme, utterly unbearable pain when in combat with her.

Fear Pressure: Aeria's passive pressure creates an Aura of Fear around her, causing mass paranoia and confusion among most of her opponents. Lower willed foes may be tempted to self-harm and/or commit suicide out of fear.

Shadow Tendrils: Using her Umbrakinesis, Aeria manipulates tendrils that can stab and impale most opponents with ease. They have a practically infinite range and can be sent through portals and rifts.

Firewall: Aeria uses her Pyrokinesis to surround herself in an unquenchable ball of flames, using it as an offensive and defensive weapon.

Shadow Armor: Aeria uses her Umbrakinesis to create an impenetrable body armor of unknown origin.

Altumn Carna: A Viritian Darkspell that allows Aeria to alter the "flesh" of an opponent in every conceivable manner --and every inconceivable manner. This spell is a blanket spell containing an endless variety of subspells.

Altumn Skella: A Viritian Darkspell that allows Aeria to alter the very "frame" of an opponent in every conceivable manner --and every inconceivable manner. This spell is a blanket spell containing an endless variety of subspells.

Armageddon Field: Pressure around Aeria increases to an infinite degree -- possibly beyond, causing most opponents to instantly implode. Once enabled, this ability is passive and can casually erase beings from existence on a conceptual level.

Note: Similar to those of Exonus, all of Aeria's abilities affect herself, her allies, and her opponents on an at least-conceptual level --meaning that when they hit or are enabled, they are guaranteed to rend an opponent's totality asunder either instantly or piece-by-piece.

Common Loadout

Antiexis Armor: TBA

Power Focus Gauntlets: These gauntlets help Aeria control her power, and focus it to better avail. Without them, she would destroy an untold number of infinite dimensional existences via a massive power surge.

Triblade Scythestaff / Omnicide: This is Aeria's most prized possession. It is a staff with three large scythe blades on either end of it facing either direction, allowing for windmill attacks and flight, among many other unique abilities. It has the ability to completely negate resistances, however extreme, and to shred away any and all analogous concepts. The scythe itself is not made of any known matter, but something else beyond comprehension. Even Aeria herself does not know its composition. Of course, she wouldn't try to dismantle it considering its value to her. If utilized properly, Aeria can use the scythe to erase an opponent's existence on a level far beyond conception. The phrase "And All Things Will End" is inscribed on the body of the weapon in the Vyridian familial language.

Key of Existence: TBA

Weaknesses: Lacking Social Ability, Has a hard time completely trusting most others | None notable.



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