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Adrian Rivera is the titular protagonist of The Alignment of Stars. A girl in her late teens, being drafted to serve as a soldier to fight against the ever growing tide of Dark Matter. But one day changed her entire life when a meteor came crashing down onto the planet she was fighting for. Upon stepping close to the meteor, a parasite came crawling out and attached itself to her clothes. The two merged and at first, Adrian began to freak out about this whole encounter. She tried to get the thing off at first but that proved useless. Then the parasite began to talk to her, and calm her down. It told her its story and how it narrowly escaped from a far-off galaxy in the universe and begged Adrian to bring it back home to help its inhabitants.

Although Adrian refused at first, she eventually agreed to help the symbiote. Along the way to getting the parasite back home, she gained new allies and new enemies as well.


Adrian originally had feathery black hair and green eyes, but with the symbiote change, her hair now has a single red streak on her bangs, and now blue eyes. She once wore the standard power-armor that was given to soldiers in the military, that being a red suit that resembles a diver's wet suit. After the symbiote merged with her however, she now wears a navy blue sailor uniform. However, her clothes can be shapeshifted into something else.


Adrian is a somewhat naïve girl, not knowing much about the ever-expanding universe. Although she can be friendly to many people, she is very wary of everyone. Alongside that, she is prone to outbursts of emotions.

Personal Statistics

Alignment: Neutral Good

Name: Adrian Rivera

Origin: The Alignment of Stars

Gender: Female

Age: 21

Classification: Human, Parasitic Host, Soldier

Date of Birth: July 4, 4500 (Going by Earth years)

  • Zodiac/Horoscope: Cancer

Birthplace: Affuth

Weight: 170 lbs/77 kg

Height: 5"3'

Likes: Sweet foods, dull objects, things making sense, the cold

Dislikes: Sour foods, sharp objects, things that don't make sense, the heat

Eye Color: Green eyes | Blue eyes

Hair color: Black | Black with a singular red bang

Hobbies: Seeing new places, flying around, doing nothing

Values: Her family, her friends, the lives of fellow humans and allies

Marital Status: Single

Status: Alive

Affiliation: Hope (Soldier), Ctharxian (Friends), Robin Carse (Friends), CHIME (Friends), Newman (Host)

Previous Affiliation: The Aimion (Slave)

Combat Statistics

Tier: 8-B | 7-B | High 5-A, possibly 4-A

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical CharacteristicsSurface ScalingAcrobatics, Enhanced Senses, Shapeshifting, Elasticity, Weapon Creation, Weapon Mastery, Flight, Regeneration (High-Mid: Was capable of regenerating from being blown to pieces), Immortality (Type 3), Reactive Evolution, Afterimage Creation, Non-Physical Interaction, Self-Sustenance (Types 1, 2, and 3: Since merging with the Parasite, Adrian no longer needs to eat, drink, sleep, or breathe), Corruption (Type 2: Can place pieces of the Parasite onto a being, which begins to corrupt them to listen to her), Mind Manipulation (Via Corruption), Resistance to Radiation Manipulation, Ice Manipulation (Can fly through space)

All abilities enhanced plus, Immortality (Type 8: Is dependent on the God of Parasites to revive her upon death), Regeneration (Low-Godly: Can regenerate from total cell annihilation and from just her consciousness) Duplication, Teleportation, Absorption (Is capable of absorbing energy, matter, and life), Power Mimicry (Via Absorption), Aura (Possesses an aura that inspires fear in others and slightly manipulates probability), Probability Manipulation (Via aura, energy blasts and bullets are turned away at the last moment, blades fail to strike home, and sometimes even powers cut off short), Power Nullification (Via aura),Transmutation (The Parasite God gifted her the ability of transmutation), Acausality (Type 2: Was unharmed by a Dark Matter time traveling into the past to kill her before she got the parasite), Limited Spatial Manipulation (Was capable of bending space with a punch so that it struck instantly despite being kilometers away)

Attack Potency: City Block Level (Was capable of powering through a Staggerus' telekinesis which was capable of doing this) | City Level (With the symbiote, she was able to beat a Dark Matter who did this) | Dwarf Star Level (Was able to hurt and defeat a Dark Matter who survived a sun being split in half), possibly Multi-Solar System Level (Should be comparable to other Parasites touched by the Parasite God, who were capable of swallowing multiple solar systems) 

Speed: Hypersonic (Should be comparable to other power armor users, which are capable of swatting away hypersonic projectiles and moving at hypersonic speeds) | Sub-Relativistic (Was capable of moving around an Earth-sized planet in about 5 seconds) | Massively FTL+ (Moved to another galaxy with ease)

Lifting StrengthClass 5 (Should be comparable to other power armor users who have lifted small trucks) | Class 25 (Was able to hold up a gigantic stone pillar that was said to be comparable to a motorboat) | At least Class 25

Striking StrengthCity Block Class City Class | Dwarf Star Level (Was able to hurt and defeat a Dark Matter who survived the sun being split in half])

DurabilityCity Block Level | City Level | Dwarf Star Level

StaminaVery High (With Parasite, was capable of fighting a tide of Dark Matter for days on end) 

Range: At least dozens of meters with energy blasts | Standard Melee Range, at least tens of meters with tendrils | Standard Melee Range, at least tens of meters with tendrils, possibly Interstellar

Standard Equipment: Combat Knife (Edge is a blade of energy capable of slicing through most things without much issue)

Intelligence: Although being quite naïve, Adrian is capable of switching techniques during mid-combat and adapt to her opponent's fighting styles, though this does take a bit of time. 

Weaknesses: Adrian can be quite naïve and as such, will often lower her guard at times. This results in many surprise attacks. While wearing her parasite, it's weaknesses are transferred over to her, which means amplifying the weakness of sound and liquid.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Merged Bodies-Adrian and the parasite are fused together, which results in them sharing common abilities, this includes:
    • Tendril Attacks-Adrian is capable of forming tendrils from her body which allows her to attack oncoming foes. 
    • Fired Tendrils-With this, Adrian is capable of firing off sharpened tendrils, from which are capable of cutting a wound and controlling a victim from there. 
    • Truth-Using the parasite's posession abilities, Adrian is capable of mind controlling someone to tell the truth. 
  • Speedblitz-Using her immense speed, Adrian is capable of sidestepping fast to create after-images of herself. This results in her being able to confuse many of her opponents. 
  • Sound Punch-With this, Adrian is capable of infusing her punches with her speed, breaking the sound barrier multiple times over to deliver a punch that sends out intense winds. 
  • Mach Kick Barrage-Adrian uses this attack via sending out a barrage of fast kicks, that just like the sound punch, break the sound barrier, sending out multiple air pressurized attacks. 
  • Instant Punch-One of the last in Adrian's evergrowing arsenal, she bends space around the fist so that it instantly hits the opposing foe from distances away. 

Key: Power Armor | With Parasite Awakened Parasite


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