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I don't care if you're Sephira's daughter or not! You've toyed with our lives enough and it's time we send you to Hell!
~ Adrian to Yaldabaoth

Adrian Mariner is the main protagonist of the Clockverse series. He is the son of the Archangel Lucifer and now deceased most powerful exorcist in the world, Richard Mariner. He is the best friend and love interest of the deuteragonist, Ruby Erenod, and the former love interest of the tritagonist, Claire Silvers.


Adrian Mariner was born on August 8, 1993 to the Richard Mariner and an Angel named Mastema in the small New England town of Shrubbley, Massachusetts. He was the middle child of the family with his older sister, Lilith, and his younger sister, Natalia Mariner. His younger sister was born when he turned three, making him three years older than her. On his fifth birthday, the Seraphim of Heaven discovered his and his younger sister's existence and amassed a flight to come down and exterminate him. He was taken by his older sister and they ran as their parents fought to hold off the Angels. In the end, the last thing Adrian saw before he fell unconscious was his father being beheaded and his mother being stabbed through the heart as her body began to crumble into black ash. Adrian and Natalia lived with their older sister and her husband for four years of his life, beginning his hunter training and participating in minor hunts such as hauntings and robberies. When he was 9, the Seraphim found them again this time sealing his sister, Lilith, into Hell. His cousins, Cain and Avan, volunteered to look after him and his sister in the wake of Lilith's disappearance. His brother-in-law, Hephaestus, visited him every day, bringing the boy some measure of comfort.

During his time with Cain and Avan, he became introverted and displayed virtually no emotion. His best friend, Ruby, tried to get him to open up but he refused any interaction or showed no emotion. He was forced to accompany her into the forest just outside of Lamplight, Missouri. There, they were attacked by a pack of wolves and Ruby was hurt trying to protect him. This forced Adrian to react and saved her. From there on, the two vowed to protect and be there for each other and became blood siblings

In 2002, Adrian and Ruby started hunting with permission from their parents. They met a girl named Claire Silvers, who was being chased by a werewolf. After killing the werewolf, Claire begged them to take her with them. Adrian and Ruby accepted and took her with them. A few months later, Adrian, Ruby, and Claire decided to round up their other friends/cousins. Together, they formed a hunting group called Eden Squad. The seven friends began hunting together rapidly building up a reputation as the youngest hunting group with the most successful cases. Aside from being the seven smartest students in school and the most reputable hunters of their generation, they were all social outcasts having skipped a few grades.

A year after the formation of Eden Squad, Adrian found a case in a small West Virginia town called Crescent. There, he notices signs of demonic omens. The Squad takes the case and arrives in Crescent. After a few days of inactivity and investigating the orphanage, Adrian and the others encounter a demon with yellow eyes. The Yellow-Eyed Demon captures Claire and Adrian and the others go to rescue her. They find him force-feeding her a goblet of blood and attack him. In retaliation, The Demon destroys Crescent and kills Claire in the process leaving Eden Squad heartbroken.


Adrian is a fairly tall young man, standing at a height of around 6'3 and weighs about 175 lbs. He has shaggy brown hair and piercing green eyes. His hair color and eyes are inherited from his father, Richard. Those that knew him such as members of the Blacklight Organization states that Adrian is like a carbon copy of the late hunter. Adrian's face shape is similar to that of Lucifer's and bears the same crooked smile that she does. He possesses slightly sharper canines than that of the average human, possibly inherited from his mother. His choice of colors is rather odd and is the color scheme one thinks of when they think of Lucifer's son. Adrian favors the color grey, preferring to wear light and dark shades of grey. He is primarily seen wearing a grey zip-up jacket with a faded North Face Logo. He wears a dark pair of denim jeans which are black or navy blue. His shoes are often times battered up during hunts and contracts so he frequently replaces them. Like the rest of his clothing, Adrian's shoes tend to be dark in color.

In his true appearance where his power leaks out, Adrian's hair bleeds colors and becomes the whitest of whites. His hair gleams when light strikes it giving off a glow similar to that of an angel's halo. His eyes become red like rubies and he manifests a pair of pitch black, translucent misty wings that he can use for flight purposes.


Described to be rude and sarcastic with the ability to piss off everyone he meets, Adrian is funny, mischievous, and extremely immature. He is in complete contrast to his best friend and adoptive sister, Ruby. His personality makes him great with children and is described as fun and not uptight by children he encounters in his travels. He is an avid fan of anime and has at one point, admitted to watching hentai.

Despite being raised to be a warrior and a killer by his sister, and later his cousins, Adrian doesn't resent it and in fact, prefers this life over a normal one. He even once commented on how boring teenagers were at their school. Following the failed Apocalypse, Adrian has expressed to his girlfriend in private at how he longed to settle down and leave their lives behind forever but knows he can't due to his heritage.

Like his mother, Adrian is very insecure about confessing his feelings as seen with Claire when he tried to confess a second time but felt that he wasn’t worthy enough and that he would be rejected, leading him to stutter and blush intensely. Overall, Adrian is not one to show very much of his emotions preferring to show his true self when he needs to or when he is alone with friends and family. A trait that Michael has mused is very similar to his sister. This trait of Adrian has also frustrated Ruby, who often encourages him to open up more to others. While the trait may be genetic, Adrian’s hiding of his emotions has stemmed from several emotional moments in his life such as the supposed death of Claire and the sight of Cassandra cheating on him.

Adrian is also very intelligent and cunning. He is able to formulate split-second strategies based on observations of his environment or his opponents even in the heat of battle. Adrian was able to outplay Ruby in one of their chess matches. Like Ruby and the other members of Eden Squad, Adrian has skipped several grade levels graduating high school at 15 and entering graduate school at 17. He excelled in math and science, primarily chemistry. Adrian is also extremely adept at computer technology, once demonstrating the ability to hack into the NSA database virtually undetected and siphon their information on the Supernatural. Despite his very high intelligence, Adrian does have his moments. When he met The Alpha Werewolf, Azura, he did not know who she was despite reading lore about her and being given very obvious hints.

Adrian can also be wrathful like his mother and father as to when he mercilessly slaughtered ten men that were about to violate Helen when they first met. There were other times Adrian showcased his wrath such as when Beelzebub destroyed Crescent and he nearly wiped the state of Massachusetts and large portions of the surrounding states off the map.

During his time bearing the First Curse, Adrian’s negative aspects were amplified such as his malice and wrath. Adrian became merciless and his soul and grace became dark versions of themselves. He became merciless, often toying with and taking great pleasure in the suffering of his opponents. After the First Curse was removed, Adrian was constantly haunted by his actions stating himself to be no better than the very beings he hunts and protects others from.

After he went to Hell, and later Purgatory, Adrian has had several episodes of PTSD and panic attacks. The constant torture left visible marks in his mind. It had gotten to the point where Adrian went to make a deal with Death to suppress his memories. The dam broke and the visions became worse so he checked himself into a mental institution. This was later removed when Cassiel took the memories from him.

Combat Statistics

Tier: 7-B | 7-A with Full Power | 6-C, higher with Oblivion Wing | 6-A | 5-C | 5-B | 4-C | 1-B while temporarily wielding Maveth's Blessing | 4-A, will eventually become 2-A with the First Curse | 4-C, likely higher'

Classification: Nephilim, Monster Hunter | Vessel of Ayin

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Enhanced Senses, Immortality (Types 1, 2, and 3), Regeneration (Low-High over time; While minor wounds and some more severe injuries heal over the course of a few seconds, Nephilim and Cambion are capable of reforming from a single cell.), Extrasensory Perception (Supernatural Being or beings with supernatural abilities are capable of seeing and perceiving events, beings, and phenomena that are normally invisible to the naked eye.), Magic, Accelerated Development via Training, Soul Manipulation via MagiTech and Shevirat Ha-Kelim (His MagiTech Sword is capable of severing the soul upon contact with a "fatal" area on the body. His power of Shevirat Ha-Kelim also allows him to inflict damage upon the soul.), Light Manipulation (As the son of the Morning Star and a Nephilim, Adrian can control light to an extremely high degree, matching some Seraphs. He is able to create constructs of pure light, vaporize his opponents, and even melt organic life forms with the sheer intensity of the light itself.), Darkness Manipulation (As the Son of Lucifer, Adrian is capable of manipulating Darkness.), Flight, Information Analysis (Can scan his opponents and the environment for information no matter how small and base his strategies off them. Constantly adapts new information that is presented to his plans, forming an ever-evolving plan that constantly adapts to the changing foe or environment.), Precognition and Instinctive Reaction (Due to his years of brutal training, Adrian has honed his senses to the point where he can automatically dodge should danger present itself.), Statistics Amplification via Magic and Grace, Genius Intelligence, Social Influencing (Is charming and charismatic when he needs to be and can lie his way into crime scenes as well as gather information from the opposite sex.), Body Control (Has control over his own cells though not to Ruby's degree. Adrian can control each and every part of his body individually, allowing him great feats of strength and speed.) Telekinesis, BFR via Teleportation and Abolishment Sigils (Sent Helen away from the battlefield. Abolishment Sigils can banish Angels and Demons), Status Effect Inducement via Sigils (Sigils can produce a variety of effects such as paralyzing foes and cursing them), Absorption via Attenuare, Attack Reflection and Power Nullification via Counter Cursing, Limited Creation (He has not mastered the Shevirat Ha-Kelim to the point where he can create from nothing. He can only create inorganic objects.), Teleportation (Can teleport to places he's been to.), Density Manipulation, Gravity Manipulation, and Speed Enhancement with Space-Time Tuning Circle, Fire Manipulation (Can control the black flames of Hell which corrode the souls of his foes.), Limited Reality Warping, Portal Creation via Gate Sigils, Void Manipulation via the Shevirat Ha-Kelim (Can control the -1 of Nonexistence and Void, bringing the unbound and transcendent void from the Ein Sof and use it against his foes, destroying them so utterly that it would require a Primordial Being to bring them back.), Chaos Manipulation via the Shevirat Ha-Kelim (Using Shevirat Ha-Kelim, Adrian can convert |0| into the concept of Chaos, controlling it and is capable of using it to harm beings such as Nature.), Aura, Memory Manipulation (Wiped the memories of a police patrol that spotted him with his wings out.), Astral Projection (Can project his image to any location; Not Combat Applicable), Immortal Killing and Invincibility Negation via the Colt Revolver and the Yesod Shard (The Colt Revolver can force the concept of Death on Type 1, 2, 3, and 4 Immortal Beings while the Yesod Shard crafted by Adam contains the power of both the Dunsanyans and Abyss and can kill beings with Type 9 Immortality.), Self-Sustenance (Type 1; Is capable of breathing in the vaccuum of space), Non-Physical Interaction, Master Hand to Hand Combatant (Adrian trained under Taki, one of the most powerful people to ever exist, and uses his martial arts style, which involves using the opponent's attacks against them, analysis and prediction, and the use of quick attacks to various pressure points to end the fight.) Master Swordsman (Taught by Taki, Adrian is knowledgeable in the Oborozuki Ryuu as well as Itto Ryu and Niten Ichi Ryu.), Hacking (Adrian is adept at hacking. He is capable of breaking into the NSA Database with little effort, putting him as a Nation-State Level Hacker. He claimed that he could recreate the Morris Worm and modify it to fit today's standards.)

All previous powers increased to an unfathomable degree, Space-Time Manipulation (Is capable of easily warping space and time.), Life and Death Manipulation (With power over the boundless, ineffable cycle of Life and Death, Adrian is capable of killing beings that are considered immortal. When observing the battle, Infinity claimed that Adrian now had the power to permanently kill Cosmic Gods, who embody their concepts and are weaved into the Infinite Dimensional A"K and permeate all of the Lower Subgradients.), Time Manipulation (Can stop time temporarily), Age Manipulation (Adrian, while wielding this power, is capable of aging supposedly ageless beings.), Immortality Negation (Types 1, 2, 3, 4, and 7; Adrian can kill deities, demons, and angels, who are immortal.), Enhanced Soul Manipulation, Immunity to Angelic Weaknesses (Can no longer be affected by the weaknesses of Angels such as Holy Fire and Enochian Magic.)

All previous powers enhanced immensely, Immortality (Types 4, 8 and 9; Will continue to exist so long as the Curse is active and will continuously come back to life.), Resurrection (The First Curse will continuously resurrect Adrian so long as he bears it.), Curse Transferral (Adrian can transfer the First Curse to others.), Acausality (Type 5; Bearers of the First Curse are considered to be truly free from the shackles of Destiny, no longer bound or affected by laws or constraints.), Regeneration (High-Godly), Demonization (Upon death, Bearers of the First Curse become Demons regardless of whatever they were before.), Reactive Evolution and Reactive Power Level (Bearers of the First Curse will constantly adapt to whatever power is thrown at them until they are so resistant to said power that they display seeming immunity to it. They also grow constantly more powerful with each passing day.), Nigh-Indestructibility (Bearers of the First Curse become immune to virtually every power and being in Creation. However, Tablet Wielders have been shown to harm them as Ruby was able to fight on par with Adrian and Metatron killed him.), Resistance to Telekinesis (Abaddon's telekinesis was no longer able to pin him down.), Darkness Manipulation (Walked through several blasts of dark energy completely unscathed.), Existence Erasure (As long as the Mark exists, Adrian will continuously return even if he has been erased from all existence.), Law Manipulation (Exists beyond physical laws and has transcended them.)

Magic (Angels and Nephilim have a naturally higher resistance to Magic than other species such as humans.), Darkness Manipulation and Angelic Banishment (His human blood curbs his Angelic weakness to demonic powers, making him more resistant to them than others.), BFR (Cannot be banished by Angel Banishing Spells.), Fire Manipulation (Adrian has shown to be able to walk through Holy Fire thanks to his human blood.), Power Nullification (Only beings much stronger than he is can nullify his powers.), Disease Manipulation (Supernatural Beings are immune to diseases that are not created by Supernatural Beings.), Poison Manipulation (Supernatural beings are immune to natural poisons, however, Adrian's human blood curbs this resistance both ways as he can be affected by mundane poisons slightly and has a higher resistance to specific supernatural poisons.), Paralysis Inducement (Due to his human side, Adrian cannot be restrained by Divine Sigils, which are meant to trap and imprison Angels.), Possession (Due to his extraordinary willpower, Adrian is capable of fighting off beings that try and possess him and expell them from his body.), Biological Manipulation, Blood Manipulation, and Body Puppetry (Adrian possesses control over his own cells and cannot be affected by attacks that target his biology except if it is by a being who is considerably more powerful than he is as Zadkiel was able to remove his lungs.), Precognition and Instinctive Reaction (His chaotic way of fighting makes it nearly impossible to predict where he will strike next.)

Attack Potency: City Level, but can ignore Durability with certain spells and weapons (Equal to Ruby. Is capable of taking down powerful monsters such as Mature Wendigos which are capable of leveling entire cities if they are allowed in their vicinity. Can stalemate Ruby who is capable of doing this.) | Mountain Level (At his full power, Adrian is stronger than the combined might of the some of the strongest demigods of their generation. Easily destroyed a massive Earth Golem summoned by Aria, the daughter of Poseidon, as well as Ashvattaman, a Hindu Demigod.) | Island Level, higher with Oblivion Wing (Stronger than before. Fought a suppressed Sitri. Destroyed an island off the coast of Hawaii.) | Multi-Continent Level (While out hunting on his own, Adrian fought and encountered Gremory once more. Was able to harm her while she was at the full power of her base form. Destroyed the Behemoth she summoned to fight against him.) | Moon Level (Punched a hole through Alastor. Blew up one of the Moons in the Fifth Level of Hell.) | Planet Level (Fought and killed one of Daniel's Four Beasts which was summoned by the Seraph Azrael in order to annihilate a group of demons without any regards to the other beings living nearby.) | Star Level (Can combat most major deities as well as the Cherubim. Fought a controlled Cassiel and defeated her. During the battle of Tel Megiddo, Adrian fought the rogue God Loki and killed him.) | Hyperverse Level while wielding Maveth's Blessing (Can affect the infinite-dimensional structures with his new level of power. He was able to stalemate a still recovering Lucifer alongside Ruby.) | Solar System Level but will gradually become Multiverse Level+ with the First Curse (While wielding the First Curse, Adrian became powerful enough to challenge the Seraphim and Chief Gods by himself. His duel was accepted by Indra and ended in Indra's death with Adrian scattering his body parts across all fourteen Iokas while severely wounding Agni in the process. Fought against Metatron. After his power evolved following his purification, Adrian was able to match and beat Ruby, who wielded a Divine Key.) | Star Level, likely Higher (Stronger than his pre-curse self. Should be equal if not slightly stronger than Ruby, who is capable of accessing her Qliphoth Mode)

Speed: Massively Hypersonic (Blitzed Alastor during their battle. Was able to dodge an attack from Gremory at point-blank range.) | Sub-Relativistic (Can keep up with Powers such as Malachai.). Higher with Miasma and Magic | Sub-Relativistic, Higher with Swift Foot and Instanaeous Acceleration. Speed of Light with Space-Time Tuning Circle: Gravity Waves | FTL (Faster than before) | Immeasurable | FTL (Much faster than his initial self. Is capable of contending with his sister in sparring matches.) Higher with Magic, Space-Time Tuning Circle, and Tachyon Propagation

Lifting Strength: Class T| Immeasurable| Class Z

Striking Strength: Small Town Class| Mountain Class| Island Class| Multi-Continent Class| Moon Class| Planet Class|Star Class|Hyperversal|Multiversal+

Durability: Small Town Level| Mountain Level| Island Level| Multi-Continent Level| Moon Level| Planet Level|Star Level|Hyperverse Level|Multiverse Level+

Stamina: Extremely High (Due to his training and supernatural heritage, Adrian is capable of fighting for days, even weeks on end without needing to rest. The longest he has gone was when he was in Purgatory where he went three months without stopping to rest, just wanting to escape until Cassiel knocked him out to get him some rest.)

Range: Extended Melee Range | Several Kilometers with Attacks and Spells | Planetary, possibly Low Multiversal with Teleportation and Portal Creation

Standard Equipment:

  • MagiTech: Dark Midnight
  • Sigils
  • Magically Enhanced Glock .9 mm Pistol and other firearms
  • Bow and Arrow (Received from Artemis)
  • Yesod Shard (Formerly)
  • Colt Revolver (Formerly)
  • Armillary Sphere

Intelligence: Extremely High. Adrian is a highly intelligent person and is considered a genius by his peers. While in school and despite his lazy attitude, Adrian was able to skate through, skipping several grades and graduated high school fairly early. He excels in Math and Chemistry and is a computer wiz on par with Nation-State Level Hackers. At one point in his life on a dare from his sister, Adrian hacked into the NSA and stoled copious amounts of state secrets while doing it completely undetected. While not completely on the same level as Ruby, Adrian possesses an immense knowledge of the Supernatural as well as impeccable planning skills. His plans are considered to be unorthodox and sometimes alive, constantly adapting to the situation to the point where Zadkiel considered him a threat alongside Ruby for possessing a mind that he considered was brilliant for an ape. With prep-time, Adrian is extremely dangerous, having defeated far more powerful opponents such as Mana Yood Sushai via a combination of luck and careful planning.

Weaknesses: While Adrian can be a genius, he can be hotheaded at times and that affects his train of rational thought. He is self-sacrificing, being able to throw himself in harm's way if a friend or loved one is in danger. Despite his brilliance, he can be outwitted. An example was the Dunsanyan, Hoodrazai, was able to psychologically outsmart him, leading to a large loss of life in an entire town which he still feels guilty about. | While under the influence of the First Curse, Adrian was prone to rampages. | Nephilim possess all the weaknesses of angels to a lesser degree and can be killed with Divine and Profane Weaponry.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Magic: Magic refers to the ability to affect the world and change it via supernatural means. It is a force that pervades throughout the entirety of the worlds as well as the higher worlds but to a lesser degree. All beings are capable of casting magic through sufficient research and practice. Adrian is capable of using magic and is considered to be adept unlike his sister, who is far more skilled than he is.

  • Mana Burst: A standard magical ability that all beings learn when they begin to delve into magic. Mana Bursts are often used to measure one's magical worth and skill. Adrian can unleash magical bursts capable of creating localized spasms and melting the cement around him.
    • Attenuare: An ancient spell developed by Avan. In Sumerian, it means "diminish". The spell creates an energy tether between the target and the user and drains the target's energy.
  • Exorcisms: Exorcisms are a magical art that banishes Demons, Angels, Ghosts, and Gods. Higher-level beings may require multiple high-level beings performing exorcisms at the same time. Exorcisms can also be used in the form of sigils that can be triggered.
    • Abolishment Sigil: A standard class exorcism sigil. The sigil can be triggered via magical channeling and can banish spirits and the average demon.
    • Divine Abolishment Sigils: A specialized form of sigils developed by Blacklight to target Gods and Angels. Angels such as Malakim and Bene Elohim can be banished by the standard Divine Abolishment Sigil but beings such as Gods require high grade sigils to banish.
  • Sigils: Sigils are magical inscriptions that are used to store spells and produce a variety of effects. The most common use for sigils are spell storage and exorcisms. Hunters also rely on sigils for trapping spirits and demons. The more complex the sigils work, the more power it can pack. Multiple spells can also be stored into sigils.
    • Profane Sigil: Profane Sigils are used to trap demons and dampen their powers.
    • Divine Sigil: Divine Sigils are used to trap angels and gods and dampen their powers.
    • Sigil Release: Full Moon Ecliptic Nova: A high powered spell stored within a highly complex sigil with runeworks of both Enochian and Norse. This sigil contains an extremely destructive spell packed with enough strength to rival the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs. It is used for emergencies only.
    • Gate Sigils: Gate Sigils are sigils used to access different locations that are marked with responding sigils.
  • Counter Cursing: A branch of magic designed in deflecting and countering curses. Curses can be countered with a specific anti-curse that is designed specifically for the curse that is being cast. The anti-curse can have a varied range of effects from simply nullifying the curse to reflecting the curse's effects on the caster of the curse.
    • Anti-Hex: An anti-curse designed to nullify hexes.
      • Anti-Hex Formula: CD8+: A spell developed by Claire after studying Envierna's CdTB curse. The curse is designed to systematically send energized particles of magical energy to seek out all effects of the curse and destroy them utterly. It was taught to Adrian by Claire.
  • Enhancement Magic: Enhancement magic is magic that can enhance the physical and magical capabilities of the user to higher levels. Enhancement magic does not need any form of chanting and can be instantly cast by the user prior to combat or even in the heat of it.
    • Swift Foot: A basic speed enhancement spell that can boost the user's speed to six times that of their normal speed.
      • Instantaneous Acceleration: A more advanced speed enhancement spell that can boost the user's speed to 10 to 100 times their normal speed depending on how much power they expend into it.
    • Diamond Wall: A defense enhancement spell that tightens and enhances the skin, bones, and organs of the user.
    • Saigan Shi-Shi: An onmyou spell from Japan used by their mages. Saigan Shi-Shi doubles her strength.
    • Rasai Senkan: (来災先観らいわざわいさきかん

Raifuzafuisakan, Lit. Meaning Foresight of Coming Calamities) Adrian uses a talisman to cast a spell, improving his kinetic vision in combat.

  • Space-Time Tuning Circle: The Mariner Family Magic. Space-Time Tuning Circle is a special form of magic that boosts the physical attributes of its caster. It is fundamentally different from Enhancement Magic as it provides an all-across the board enhancement rather than applying different forms of enhancement magic. One can increase their durability by increasing their density as well as their physical strength. They can also increase their speed to new levels by making themselves lighter. The real secret of the Space-Time Tuning Circle is its ability to generate gravitational waves that the caster can use to move at the speed of light.
    • Gravitational Wave Generation: The true power of the Space-Time Tuning Circle. It allows users to warp the fabric of space and time to generate gravitational waves that propagate outward in a specific direction instantly at the speed of light.
      • Tachyon Propagation: Tachyon Propagation is a special technique developed by Richard Mariner to be used with the Space-Time Tuning Circle. It is based on the tachyon, a hypothetical particle that is capable of moving at an unknown degree faster than light itself.

Escape Artist and Criminal Acts Expert: A set of skills he picked up being contracted by his brother-in-law to observe the unrest within the Greco-Roman Pantheon prior to the start of the series. Utilizing the lock picking as well as various ways of breaking and entering undetected, Adrian is capable of picking any mortal lock that requires a key and can crack safes given enough time. In addition, Adrian can hotwire vehicles, making him skilled at stealing cars. Even while being bound by restraints, Adrian can escape with sufficient time and patience.

  • Forgery of Important Documents and IDs: Adrian can create near-perfect copies of important documents and ID cards which can fool even ID scanners.
  • Hacking: Adrian is adept at hacking. He is capable of breaking into the NSA Database with little effort, putting him as a Nation-State Level Hacker. He claimed that he could recreate the Morris Worm and modify it to fit today's standards.

Metallurgy: Learned from his brother-in-law, Hephaestus, while staying in the Greco-Roman Pantheon, Adrian is capable of forging weapons and bullets as well as know the right ratio to create the perfect steel. He also knows how to create Damascus Steel, the only known man-made steel that can harm supernatural beings. Adrian reforged his sword, Dark Midnight, while in his brother's pantheon.

Marksmanship: Ultimately inferior to his younger sister, Adrian is an adept marksman who possesses knowledge on the working of various firearms. Preferring something light such as pistols, Adrian stated that he can take things down with enough of the right type of bullet. He has a deadly aim and great accuracy, rarely missing ever missing his intended target. Even in the heat of combat, Adrian can fight purely by dual-wielding pistols while fighting several dozen enemies at once. Adrian is also proficient with a bow as he was trained by his sister-in-law, Artemis, in the art of archery making him the second male to be able to do so other than the Hunter Orion.

Master Hand to Hand Combatant: Adrian is extremely skilled in unarmed combat as well as fighting with short-bladed weapons. In certain situations, Adrian is capable of subduing a number of human assailants numbering in several dozens with relative ease. Taking advantage of the physical strength he's granted due to his heritage, Adrian is capable of besting beings that are physically more powerful than he is such as older monsters, demons, and angels due to the sheer amount of skill that he possesses. Adrian will exploit any weak point in the body such as the head, neck, and legs and will not hesitate to strike sensitive pressure points across the body in order to defeat his foe. He is capable of holding his own against more powerful fighters such as fellow hunters such as the former Blacklight hunter, Asteria, and the Blacklight Chapter Head of Japan, Taki, albeit the latter holds back during their fights. Between the two, Ruby can easily admit that Adrian is slightly better than her but in turn, Adrian can also admit that she's slightly faster than he is. To him, he sees this as sort of leveling out the field. However, despite this, Adrian currently does not have the lead in their record of spar victories with the score being 756-755 in Ruby's favor.

Master Swordsman: Having trained in wielding the blade his entire life by several different people, Adrian is no doubt one of the most powerful swordsman of his generation. More skilled than even the best Greco-Roman Demigods that are his age and even older, Adrian has very few challengers and rivals within their generation. Preferring fast and strong strikes due to his favor of wielding a two-handed longsword and can swing it with a single arm. His skill with knives can be considered greater than that of Ruby's as he can hit a target from a far distance and impale them in a fatal area with a knife strike. He has trained with Taki Adashino in the art of the blade which, combined with his rivalry with Ruby has pushed him to greater lengths. Sadly, Adrian does not have the body type required to learn Taki's techniques however knows Lilith's techniques rather well. His sword style is derived from her notes and from memory which employs quick powerful strikes. For the defensive aspect of this sword style, Adrian employs the use of counters which shift the opponent's weight back at them and staggers them. Adrian has utilized this tactic in quite a number of fights in order to gain the upper hand on physically stronger opponents.

Disguise Expert: All thanks to Ruby's extensive knowledge of several US and International Law Enforcement and Investigation Agencies, Adrian is capable of impersonating one, evading capture and arrest from them, and tracking their next moves.

Nephilim Physiology: Nephilim are half-angel, half-human hybrids born with powers greater than that of the average human and monster. They are considered the demigods of the Biblical Pantheon alongside their demonic counterparts, Cambion. Nephilim are unique beings that are born with both a human soul and grace, both of which are fused together and power the being. Nephilim start off weak and are often the target of other supernatural races due to their inability to hide their power. Thus, very few Nephilim make it to a mature age.

  • Psionic Powers: Nephilim possess an inherent psychic ability that allows them to possess a host of powers. The most basic powers that a Nephilim can possess include telekinesis and telepathy. More mature Nephilims have more powers.
    • Telekinesis: Nephilim can impart kinetic energy via pure mental will, allowing them to manipulate physical matter without the need for contact.
  • Photokinesis: Like angels, Nephilim have a tendency to lean towards more light-based powers. They are capable of controlling light in a manner similar to angels, allowing them to create weaponry, disorient opponents, or even create vast levels of environmental destruction.
  • Invulnerability: Nephilim are highly resistant to conventional weaponry. They can take absurd levels of trauma from mortal weapons and recover rather easily as well as survive. Due to their human heritage, Nephilim can also withstand supernatural weaponry designed to take out angels to some degree.
  • Rapid Regeneration: Nephilim possess high regeneration powers inherited from their sires. Nephilim are capable of restoring themselves from extreme levels of trauma such as having their heads severed or even being reduced to a mess of cells. The true power of a Nephilim that reaches complete maturity is rumored to be able to restore themselves from nothing but their grace.
  • Supernatural Perception: Nephilim can perceive paranormal events and beings that would normally be invisible to the naked eye of humans.
  • Flight: Nephilim can manifest translucent energy wings to fly.

Shevirat Ha-Kelim: (שבירת הכלים Lit. meaning: Shattering of the Vessels of Chaos) The inherent power of Adrian inherited from his mother, the Archangel Lucifer. The power allows one to control and manipulate「」, a mysterious source that is stated to exist within the Ein Sof, the source of all stories, concepts, and possibilities. It is rumored to have the power to create matter and energy from nothing as well as highly destructive powers. It is rumored that the abilities wielded by the Princes of Hell are derived from the Shevirat Ha-Kelim itself.

  • Final Element: A highly corrosive and destructive power. It allows the user access to a highly destructive form of energy that can corrode beings at a sub-atomic level as well as cause spiritual degradation that can lead to the erasure of the soul forever.
    • Deep Red Spiral: Adrian creates a swirling orb of red and black energy. The size of the orb can shift in size. The swirling energy of the orb grinds away at the very flesh of its target, leaving absolutely nothing behind.
    • Oblivion Wing: One of Adrian's penultimate techniques. Adrian pools red and black energy in front of him using his hands and wings and fires it as a blast of highly destructive energy that can destroy large traces of land.
  • OlamHaTohu: (עוֹלָם הַתֹּ֫הוּ Lit. meaning World of Chaos) OlamHaTohu is the manipulation of the Void of Ein Sof and the manipulation of the concept of Chaos. Users achieve this by converting their「」to -1 which represents the unbound void of the Ein Sof. Master users of Tohu can bypass the durability of beings such as Gods and Angels and induce absolute conceptual destruction on all levels of existence. The void of the Ein Sof can also be volatile and can destroy large swathes of the dimension they are on if they aren't careful.
  • Khav: The creative power of the Shevirat Ha-Kelim. It allows one to create matter and energy from nothing. Adrian is no master with this power, preferring offensive powers like Final Element and Tohu but he has not neglected his training with this. Adrian can create ammo and objects from nothing so long as he has seen their form and memorized their composition.

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