Quiver, mortal. You are in the home of the one true Death.
~ Acererak
Why be a god when I can be so much more... a creator of the gods themselves. A tormentor of the highest degree.
~ Acererak


Acererak is a demilich that fought Xavier Nightchild ages ago, managing to capture and kill most of his party, holding them as trophies. Decades later, Xavier enlisted the help of a party of a dozen adventurers to incapacitate Acererak, and take back his fallen allies.

In life, Acererak spent his days traveling the multiverse, searching for relics of great power to lure adventurers to their death. He did this for entertainment, and to defy the gods themselves.


Acererak was, in life, a tall, intimidating figure, with magic flowing from him like water. Now, in death, Acererak maintains a look of a man with skin hanging tightly to his ancient bones. His eyes burn blue with the power of his magic.


Acererak is, by and large, cruel. He is known for designing dungeons with insurmountable obstacles specifically to kill adventurers attempting to get the treasure he has within. His motives are ultimately unknown, for even though he has the potency to ascend to godhood (as well as a fair slice of followers), he refuses to do so.

Personal Statistics

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Name: Acererak the Demilich

Origin: D&D Homebrew

Gender: Male

Age: Many millennia

Classification: Evil Demilich

Date of Birth: Unknown

Birthplace: Unknown, likely Oerth

Weight: Unknown

Height: 205.74 cm

Likes: Tormenting Adventurers, Having Power Over the Powerful

Dislikes: Gods

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: None

Hobbies: Placing relics at the bottom of impossible dungeons, watching adventurers die getting them

Values: Enjoyment, Magic

Martial Status: ???

Status: Deceased, Active

Affiliation: NA

Previous Affiliation: NA

Themes: ???

Combat Statistics

Tier: 7-B, 6-B with magic

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Dimensional Travel, Magic, Magic Nullification (Any magic that interacts with him has a chance to be passively nullified), Immunity to Death and Poison Manipulation (Is already dead and lacks the capacity to be poisoned), Invulnerability to All Mundane Damage (Weapons that do not possess supernatural traits do no damage to him), Truesight, Enhanced Resistance to Status Effects, Damage Reduction vs Cold and Electricity, Extrasensory Perception, Probability Manipulation, Resurrection, Non-Corporeal, Immortality (Types 1, 4, 7, and 8; dependent upon his Phylactery to grant him a new body), Telekinesis, Electricity Manipulation, Ice Manipulation, Forcefield Creation, Disease Manipulation, Opening/Closing, Necromancy, Power Nullification, Life Drain, Death Manipulation, Illusion Manipulation, Fear Manipulation, Poison Manipulation, Matter Manipulation, One Hit Kill, Teleportation, BFR, Mind Manipulation, Time Manipulation, Petrification, Curse Manipulation, Regeneration Negation (Up to High), Void Manipulation, Aura, Soul Manipulation, Statistics Amplification, Explosion Manipulation, Limited Absorption, Spatial Manipulation, Non-Physical Interaction (Magic can effect spirits and even Abstract devils), Standard D&D Resistances

Attack Potency: City level (Can harm beings like Mogar and Balin with physical strikes), Country level (Slew the Nine False Gods, each of which should have been at least as powerful as those prepared to ascend to godhood; created the Tomb of Annihilation, an ever changing labyrinth of death traps. Comparable to Deathwing, who caused crustal movements and collapsed the area around Grim Batol)

Speed: High Hypersonic (Laughably superior to low-level rogues, who can dodge the explosions of Melf's Minute Meteors)

Lifting Strength: Class 50 (His magic managed to lift an enormous boulder)

Striking Strength: City Class (His weak melee strikes can harm Mogar of the Yeomanry), Country Class with magic

Durability: At least Country level via magic (Could fight evenly with a pre-ascension Xavier Nightchild)

Stamina: Infinite

Range: Kilometers via magic

Standard Equipment: Staff of the Forgotten One, Crown of Acererak's Ascension, Sphere of Annihilation

Intelligence: Super Genius, rivals lesser gods of magic in their expertise and is considered a threat to the entire continent he inhabits

Weaknesses: None notable


  • Sucked out the souls of three party members
  • Temporarily resisted the effects of a Wish
  • Defeated Xavier Nightchild's party
  • Killed the Nine False Gods
  • Slew Artus Climber

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Acererak's Protection: Acererak protects the Tomb of Annihilation, changing the space within it occasionally. Within this tomb and around Acererak, certain abilities are passively nullified until Acererak is incapacitated. Put simply, this includes abilities that would attempt to escape the tomb- teleportation and dimensional travel being obvious choices.
  • Power Word: Kill Acererak choose one entity and that entity dies through intense death manipulation.
  • Time Stop: Acererak halts all progression of time for a brief period.
  • Maze: Acererak channels the powers of the Lady of Pain, transporting a foe to an extra-dimensional maze, keeping them within until they manage to escape. This does not work on Minotaurs or Demons.
  • Cloudkill: Acererak emits a cloud of lethal poison, slowly killing all within it.
  • Soul Drain: Acererak's skull drains the soul of an opponent, absorbing it into his being. With enough souls, Acererak will ascend to godhood. Upon the party finding them, Acererak needed only twelve souls.
  • Sphere of Annihilation: A small sphere is controlled by Acererak, and is a frightful object. The sphere is a perfect void, lacking in all substance and destroys whatever it touches in totality- if a small piece of a person is touched, that piece is ripped into its most basic elements, and cast into the void, never to be seen again.
  • Legendary Resistance: Acererak can undo a mistake he just made, making what was once a failure into a success.
  • Mind Blank: Acererak can wipe his own mind, making it as if it does not exist- this effectively makes him immune to mind-affecting attacks.
  • Teleport: Acererak can teleport without error to any point in the same universe he knows.
  • Frightening Gaze: Acererak can manually make it so his eye contact causes enemies to become so afraid they are unable to act.
  • Inflict Curse: Acererak points at a foe and, assuming they do not resist, they no longer can regain physical health in any way, and are weak to necrotic damage (i.e., that which relates to death)
  • Paralyzing Touch: Acererak's touch leaves enemies frozen in place for several minutes.
  • Disrupt Life: All living things within six meters of Acererak feel their life force being drained.
  • Phantasmal Killer: Acererak chooses one target. That target's worst fears become alive near them as an illusion that only they can see. This causes near-insanity levels of fear.
  • Chain Lightning: Acererak sets off an electric spark that surges through all life forms within close proximity of each other.
  • Truesight: Acererak's vision naturally sees through all magical illusions or enhancements- for example, if a creature is shapeshifted into a bear, he will see the original creature. Acererak's sight sees things as they truly are.
  • Rejuvenation: Upon "death", Acererak is reduced to a pile of dust. Some time later (several hours), Acererak rejuvenates, either regenerating from this dust or taking on a new body altogether.
  • Wall of Force: Simply put, a wall of pure physical force covers an area of Acererak's choosing.
  • Plane Shift: Acererak can change his plane of existence at will.
  • Ray of Disease: Very simply, a ray shoots from Acererak, causing sickness in the target.

Note: Acererak's key for godhood is not included as he did not get the chance to achieve that level of existence. Should it occur within a battle, assume Acererak takes on an at least Low 2-C AP and several other notable abilities (Mid-Godly Regen, Precognition, etc etc).


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