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AbyssTale Sans is a alternate version of Sans from the Abysstale Universe. His home reality destroyed via unknown reasons, he has set out to find objects that would allow him to create A.U's and re-create his home reality.

Powers and Stats

AbyssTale Sans.png

Tier: 9-A normally . At least Low 2-C, likely 2-B or Low 1-C with Powers l Likely Low 1-C

Name: AbyssTale Sans

Origin: AbyssTale


Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics , Enhanced Senses (His coat can move on it's own and attack and defend from attacks) , True Flight (With the coat, he has shown to be able to do this) , Telekenesis , Intangibility (This scan) , Resistance to Soul Manipulation (This scan) , BFR (Can create portals even to escape the Anti-Void and other realities/dimensions)

Attack Potency:  Small Building Level normally  (Should be at least comparable to the likes of regular Sans) . At least Universal Level+ , likely Multiverse Level or Low Complex Multiverse Level (Easily fought on par with Error Sans . Created thousands of pillars, in which regular Error Sans cannot even destroy one in the span of a hour of constantly hitting it , which would likely include his maximum abilities and even the Anti-Void, seeing as they were within the Anti-Void when this occurred . Error Sans referred to him as comparable to his adversary, perhaps even greater , than Ink Sans )l Likely Low Complex Multiverse Level (Controls a realm of a higher-dimension than even the Anti-Void)

Speed: At least Massively Hypersonic Level+ attack speed, likely Immeasurable reaction speed ( At least comparable to regular Sans. Kept up with Error Sans in and out in Anti-Void )

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Striking Strength: Unknown l Unknown  

Durability: Building Level (Comparable to his other self) .

Stamina: Average (Comparable to his average self)

Range:  Several Kilometers ahead of him. Far Higher , to a unknown extent, with Magic and Teleportation.

Standard Equipment:  

Intelligence:  Genius (Extremely intelligent. Outsmarted Error Sans at every turn, and even Nightmare Sans)

Weaknesses:  Similar weaknesses to that of the original Sans l None notable