[ ] is a very mysterious character in the story, since she can't be seen nor be heard by anyone within the story. The only exception to this is the main character, who can see a vague image of her. Her exact motives are unknown and reasons are unknown, but she seems like an overall nice and friendly character, who greatly values and treasures life.

She is the second half of chaos and symbolizes ideas that nobody ever had. Officially she is "everything that simply can't be". If a written page were actualized ideas and an empty page were non-actualized ideas, she would be the lack of a page. Her only way to appear within the story is through Aether or to be more precise, a lack thereof, like a hole in a page. The issue with this is that the mere "appearance" of her drives most character insane.

During the story it is discovered that the protagonist always has her embodiment within them. After Aether pushes Hana far enough the shell keeping her locked up slowly starts to crack and finally shatter, giving Hana access to [ ] powers.


Since the only character who can even vaguely see her is Hana, there exists only a rough description of her looks. She supposedly looks like a child around 10-12 years of age, wearing a short dress. Her entire appearance is dark blue and almost ghost like. Her eyes are roughly half covered by her straight bangs. She has massive bags under her eyes, as if she didn't sleep for a week straight. Her straight, dark blue, basically black hair is so long it almost reaches the ground. She tends to float around, with her feet barely above the ground and her arms hanging straight down. The weirdest part is that her entire body seems as if chopped up, with single bits and pieces flying away from her main body. Sometimes it looks like her body is covered in radio noise instead. When she is not just floating around she tends to strike all kinds of poses, as if to communicate.


Although [ ] may seem creepy, she is seemingly a very kind person, always out to help. She is Aethers greatest adversary and tries to stop the reunification by all means possible. Other than that not much is known about her, since she has no actual means of communication.

Combat Statistics:

Tier: Unknown, effectively Varies from at least 5-A to up to High 3-A | Unknown, effectively at least Low 1-A | Unknown, effectively 0

Powers and Abilities: Abstract Existence (Type 1), Acausality (Types 1, 2 and 4), Immortality (Types 1, 5, 9, 10 Exists eternally on a comparable level to Aether.), Existence Erasure (Can move objects from Aether over to her. The ability works by creating a sphere around the user. Anything entering the sphere will be erased. Reality itself is so scared of it, that it starts bending around it, making it particularly hard to use, unless forced into it.), Power Bestowal (Grants her powers to Hana.), Nonexistent Physiology (Type 2), Beyond-Dimensional Existence (Type 0) | All previous to a far greater degree. Possession (Possessed Hana to fight Aether's avatars.) | All previous to a far greater degree and Acausality (Type 5 Utterly non-affected by nearly any being within the verse.), likely Omnipresence (Should exist everywhere within her)

Attack Potency: Unknown, effectively Varies from at least Large Planet level to High Universe level (Her actual strength is unknown. When lending her strength to Hana, she can reach levels reaching from obliterating planets to threatening the structural integrity of the universe) | Unknown, effectively at least Low Outerverse level (Hana defeated Aether's second avatar with [ ]'s power) | Unknown, effectively Boundless (Stated to be a being comparable to Aether.)

Speed: Unknown, possibly Irrelevant (Her way of traveling is described as completely unique. She is apparently entering and existing Aether, allowing her to outpace any being within Aether that isn't omnipresent or nigh-omnipresent.) | Unknown, possibly Irrelevant | Unknown, possibly Irrelevant, likely Omnipresent within herself.

Lifting Strength: Unknown (Neither [ ], nor Hana empowered by [ ] have ever demonstrated any lifting feats worth of notice.) | Unknown | Unknown

Striking Strength: Unknown ,effectively Varies from at least Large Planet Class to High Universal (Since Hana almost exclusively fights with her fists, this should scale to the previous AP.) | Unknown, effectively at least Low Outerversal (Hana defeated Aether's second avatar with [ ]'s power.) | Unknown, effectively Boundless (Stated to be a being comparable to Aether.)

Durability: Unknown ,effectively Varies from at least Large Planet level to High Universe level (Should scale to Hana's punches.) | Unknown, effectively at least Low Outerverse level (Casually took hits from Aether's second avatar. Should scale to own strength.) | Unknown, effectively Boundless (Stated to be a being comparable to Aether.)

Stamina: Unknown, likely infinite.

Range: Below Standard Melee Range (Still sealed within Hana.), greater with Existence Erasure. | Standard Melee Range greater with Existence Erasure. | Unknown, likely Boundless

Standard Equipment: None

Intelligence: Unknown

Weaknesses: Unknown

Note: The "effective" strength is based on the strength Hana gained from being empowered by [ ].

Keys: Cracked Sealing within Hana | Manifestation of "nothingness" | "True Form"

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