See?! Even your little servant over here knows better than you do!
~ 'God' arguing with the King

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Abomination, I will wipe your stain off of this wretched ground.
~ 'God' speaking to 'Lich'

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'God' is apparently a God-like being that claims to be able to send souls to the afterlife. So far, he has shown such power to do so. Wielding powers to wipe out entire armies and be a threat to every single kingdom at once, he truly is something else. His true name is Entity, but hides his true name under many layers.


'God' takes on the appearance of what appears to be a prepubescent teen in a white robe, a light blue sash hanging from his right shoulder that is tied on the left hip, having platinum hair and red eyes. He also has multiple necklaces around his neck with one hanging lower than the others, having a blue gem hanging from it. When being serious, his red eyes flare up and his arms are lit up with red energy, which excite the magicules in the air to the point of creating near anything.


Despite how he looks, 'God' is a consistently prideful being, getting bored easily. He is also very rash and prone to anger, such as his anger to the king for not killing the Scions. Despite this, he is also a very charismatic person, very easily swaying others to his side.

Personal Statistics

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Name: Entity

Origin: Axis

Gender: Male

Age: At least 1000 years old (Watched civilizations grow from the moment they were born. Has claimed to be this old.)

Classification: 'God', Seeker

Date of Birth: May 10

  • Zodiac/Horoscope: Taurus

Birthplace: Earth, Santaniel

Weight: 80 pounds or 36 kilograms

Height: 4'8

Likes: Sweet food, jewelry, subservient people, jesters

Dislikes: Scions, salty food, sand, 'Lich'

Eye Color: Red

Hair Color: Platinum

Hobbies: Eat sweets, watching jesters

Values: The destruction of the 'Lich' and Scions

Marital Status: Single

Status: Alive

Affiliation: The Kingdom of Horus (Is in good relations with its king)

Previous Affiliations: 'Lich' (Tried to coexist together, didn't work out)

Themes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bzPuK1vib_c

Combat Statistics

Tier: 6-A | At least 6-A, possibly High 6-A

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Immortality (Types 1, 2, 3, and 5: An ageless being, is able to shrugs off wounds that would normally kill others and simply regenerate from it. Is barred from death itself.), Regeneration (Low-Godly: If his physical aspect were to ever be killed, he will simply regenerate from just his consciousness), Holy Manipulation (Blasted 'Lich' back with a blast of holy light), Energy Manipulation (Controls energy), Telekinesis (Lifted entire mountain ranges casually with his mind), Aura (Can unleash an aura so great that it pushes others back due to the sheer pressure), Magic, Law Manipulation (Can manipulate the laws of the world to how he sees fit. Whether how the magic system works or not), Matter Manipulation (Molecular: When going serious, a red light ignites in his arms that excites the magicules in the air. From here he is able to manipulate these to create whatever he likes), Elemental Manipulation (From the magicules in the air, he can forcibly produce water, air, fire, and earth), Immortality Negation (Types 1, 2, 3 and 5: Was able to grievously wound 'Lich' to the point where he was near-death. Even though he has the immortality as him), Soul Manipulation (Is able to send souls to the afterlife), Dimensional Travel (Sends souls to the afterlife, which exists as a Train travelling across universes), Precognition (Is able to view time as if it was a video, saw ahead into the future), Probability Manipulation (His grasp on magic always makes it work, even though magicules are random), Fear Manipulation (The pressure of his aura frightens anyone within a 5 meter vicinity), Space Manipulation (When going serious, his mere footsteps bend space), BFR (Through sending souls to the afterlife), Invulnerability (Conventional weaponry made by humanity such as bows, arrows, swords, cannons, and ballistas are unable to harm him. However weapons that are able to excite magicules in the air can harm him), Resistance to Absorption (Resisted the effects of the 'Lich' tying to absorb his life force)

Attack Potency: Continent Level (Has shown himself to be able to turn an entire continent into a desert, said continent being very similar in size to North America.) | At least Continent Level (Far stronger than before), possibly Multi-Continent Level (Stated that he could flood the Earth)

Speed: At least Relativistic+ (Far faster than Titus who was able to see explosions as frozen and even move during that time) | FTL+ (sees lightning as frozen (11c))

Lifting Strength: Unknown, Class T with Telekinesis (Lifted up entire mountain ranges) | Unknown, likely far higher, Class T with Telekinesis

Striking Strength: Continent Level (Was able to damage 'Lich') | At least Continent Level (Far stronger than before), possibly Multi-Continent Level

Durability: Continent Level (Took attacks from 'Lich') | At least Continent Level (Far stronger than before), possibly Multi-Continent Level (Claimed he would be unharmed by him flooding the Earth)

Stamina: Very High (Could go on fighting for days, if not months, on end)

Range: Standard Melee Range, Hundreds of Meters with Telekinesis (Lifted entire mountain ranges even though they were across the continent) | Standard Melee Range, Hundreds of Meters with Telekinesis, possibly Planetary with Powers (Stated he could flood the entire Earth)

Standard Equipment:

  • Necklace: A standard necklace that hangs lower than his other necklaces with a blue gem hanging from it. He holds onto it tightly, as it was a gift given to him that allowed him to send souls to the afterlife.

Intelligence: Above Average (Is smarter than the average man, but has shown no notable intelligence feats)

Weaknesses: Some of his powers do not work on mortals, such as his Immortality Negation as it only works on 'Godly' beings such as the 'Lich'. Is unable to send souls to the afterlife unless their physical body is dead. The Necklace allows him to send others to the afterlife and if stripped away, is unable to.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Aura: Anyone within a five meter radius of him will suddenly feel a sense of dread and will soon begin to push others back. However, if one is capable of feeling no fear or pain, they are able to resist the effects of dread.
  • Big Ass Sword: By exciting the magicules in the air, he is capable of creating various objects from nothing. He usually creates gigantic structures in the form of swords to slam down on his opponents.
  • Away: 'God' is capable of sending those to the afterlife, however it must be on those that are already dead.

Key: Base/Casual | Serious


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  • The same afterlife Entity transports others to is the same Death Train that moves around The Alignment of Stars multiverse. Meaning Axis and The Alignment of Stars share a connected multiverse.
  • Entity got his coverup name by watching the religions of the world.
  • Entity and 'Lich' used to be close friends but he decided to rebel against his creator, leading to the eventual fight against the two.
  • Entity despises Scions as they are able to move through his aura without difficulty.
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